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Thread: Obama Travels to Greece – Mass Riots Break Out (Video)

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    Obama Travels to Greece – Mass Riots Break Out (Video)

    Obama Travels to Greece – Mass Riots Break Out (Video)
    15 Nov 2016

    Barack Obama traveled to Greece today.
    He says the world loves him.

    But mass rioting broke out.

    Greece is rioting over Obama's visit which is strange because he told us the whole world loves him

    — Jared Wyand (@JaredWyand) November 15, 2016

    Read more of the story at:

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    Re: Obama Travels to Greece – Mass Riots Break Out (Video)

    In my view and understanding. Just image any leader of a predominately white country on earth criticizing Obama back in the years following 2008 election. Any intelligent critical thought is against any home for white people on the earth.;;; in all mainstream institutions across the planet.. Now it is popular for mainstream media to criticize Trump because he was making speeches slowing illegal migrants. I would have liked it better if protests were earlier back in 2008;;; though God is in control.
    When hardship comes to a man, the quest for ;;;the then what question;; is prioritized better. In other words The word of God states it is better to obey Yahweh than to suffer for sin.

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