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Thread: SPLC investigator and fake Klansman William " Billy Morris " outed

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    SPLC investigator and fake Klansman William " Billy Morris " outed

    SPLC investigator and fake Klansman William " Billy Morris " outed

    Today after a long investigation into a false front Klan known as the International Knights and its fake Klan Father and Son duo known as The Morris Family the truth was set free. Our investigator said quote

    "My brethren in the Lodge have done a little digging and came up with his petition. He works for the SPLC. He listed this openly on his petition to the blue lodge and stated that his job title was private investigator. Then his red lodge petition he wrote that he is self employed, but for his job title he still listed that he was a private investigator. His black lodge petition was the very same. He makes a large donation to the black lodge every year, last year it was 10k. He has a lot of pull in that lodge."

    This agent provocateur is a member of Birmingham Masonic Lodge #188 a former member of the Southern Alliance of Klans and his own fake SPLC Klan they call The " International Knights" where he lists himself as Imperial Klaliff. I have alot more on his personal lifestyle but it is really irrelevant now as he is a proven SPLC Private Investigator by his own handwriting on his petition to the Masonic Blue Lodge.

    I will make our Investigator available to any Imperial Wizard at our lodge or Klavern who has been fooled by this man. He is also a master Mason like Mr Morris. This proof is indisputable evidence of this Chameleon that I have repeatedly warned others about! This Chameleon had many fooled and is the Quarterback of SPLC rats within our movement. Today he was sacked.

    This man openly threatened me on the pro white forum " Stormfront" and was banned by the mods. I immediately became suspicious of him after he contacted me out of the blue being nosy passing himself as a very knowledgeable Klansman. He had fooled most Imperial Wizards within the Southern Alliance so being they gave him the ok I was somewhat sceptical of my criticism of him but always trust your gut brothers.

    Today after a long investigation the truth was finally set free on this agent of the Jews sent from the Southern Poverty Law Center Palace, revealing my gut instinct was correct. It was really pretty simple, this Chameleon had advertised openly on Stormfront but the Jew never listed him on his famous " Hate map" thus drawing the all seeing eye of the " Real" Klan upon him. This along with many other tidbits started a long investigation on our part into this family of agents.

    One must know the true history of this family of imposters to know the present, this scumbag is the Grandson of former Klansman turned traitor " William Hugh Morris" his Metapedia page is all of a sudden coincidentally not working, hmm..

    This turncoat gave testimony to the House Unamerican Activity's Committee, turned in JB Stoner and was a informant for Birmingham Police Chief Bull Conner, all public knowledge easily found online.

    Well it looks like the Apple did not fall far from the tree, has this family of Jewish SPLC Prostitutes been on the payroll since Grandad? One would have to think so. My Father was a Mason and one truly has to wonder why a lodge in Birmingham would knowingly accept as a brother a man whose job title was known to them, and this job of his is one of Slander, Lies, Threats and Imposter.

    I call on the Masons of Birmingham Lodge # 188 to cast this man out! Do they not know the 10k he donates each year is Jewish blood money sent to end the white race and the groups who lead the way? Has the Lodge much like our politics become corrupted to the dollar? Did Jesus not cast the money changers out of the Temple I ask you? Many, many groups that Masons are also members of, are listed by the SPLC.

    You in the interest of this man's dirty money have knowingly accepted as a brother a man who works for an organization that persecutes them. He then used his Masonic Membership to fool Many within our movement. Last night a new Documentary came out " White Supremacy going undercover" in it they showed how they set up a fake group called the White Reich, they were after the Aryan National Front leader Bill Riccio.

    They had shirts and stuff made with the " White Reich" logo, and fooled many of the Skinheads.They finally got Riccio with this tactic. Well looks like the International Knights are the Klan version and Morris is the agent. We have yet to identify the father who is usually seen with agent Morris, but no doubt hes just another Prostitute for zog and the NWO.

    Mr Morris sounds very similar to outed spook Kenny King, who was recently caught building a false Klan website and Blog, they are most likely the same fellow. Morris Is different from past spooks, as he uses his real name and address on letters. His knowledge of the Klan is far superior to most fakes today.

    He went by GDofAl on white forums, and often used the email " invisibleempireofAL" He immediately challenges any Klan that steps into Alabama and ran many off. The MWK and other members of the Southern Alliance were completely fooled by this man, but not me, I kept feeding his nosy questions bull crap and lies, while warning others who would not listen to the Chameleon.

    Why was this man so easily allowed to waltz into other groups rallys and events? Simple his knowledge of our noble order that he was able to learn from Grandad and SPLC confiscated Klan books. Being a Mason was brilliant as it gave him additional cover. Known Klan history of groups passed down by my ancestors are what truly got him busted, as I knew they were illigitamite.

    Mr Morris has been one of those driving wedges in our Movement for years, hes one of the main dividing factors between Traditionalist Klans and Conservative groups like ours. He has practiced his craft on Stormfront for quite some time.

    I ask all who claim to be legitimate members of the pro white movement to do a security and a gut check. We must cut the heads off these snakes and drive them out. I warn others to be aware of this new trick of starting a new pro white group or Klan, it's actually not new as this fraud " International Knights" have been around at least a decade.

    Now we will see if SPLC money can wipe Mr William Morris job title SPLC Investigator in his own handwriting from the petition at the masonic blue lodge #188 in Birmingham Alabama, but I forwarn them we are waiting and watching for just that. He should probably thank us as no doubt he will get more SPLC money to take a long vacation away from Dixie to hide.

    How many damn times do we have to say it? Background check these people folks. Beware what you join as you may be singing kumbaya with Negros and saying yes sir to SPLC agents.

    As always the United Dixie White Knights will leave the light on for those who imposter our noble order, untill the day comes that we drive the spear of truth through their lying cold black hearts and cast them into the ocean to swim to their Masters, keep your eyes open and your powder dry.

    Death before dishonor

    IW Waller
    “The righteous mother of the seven children spake also as follows to her offspring: I was a pure virgin, and went not beyond my father’s house; but I took care of the built-up rib. No destroyer of the desert, or ravisher of the plain, injured me; nor did the destructive, deceitful, snake, make spoil of my chaste virginity; and I remained with my husband during the period of my prime.” (4 Maccabees 18:7-8)

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    Re: SPLC investigator and fake Klansman William " Billy Morris " outed

    In my little knowledge. Knowledge I copy from wise men. Lot of white people in the USA see white organizations as fronts for a FBI investigation or a hell filled court trail. Going to get a education, trade, work skills, socialist prison welfare schemes, socialist crime prevention schemes, schemes to avoid the uncertainty of getting fired from a job has replaced political or community solutions for our people. Afterward white flight to a wealthy suburb.
    The money Jews having power if elected (over our kind of prison country) is the greatest goal our people can wrap their minds around presently.
    I figure they ( our prison rulers) do not need Judas Goats anymore.
    The books of Yahweh reads a wisely lived life is far better than having strangers rule over you. No reason to worry since God is in control.

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