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Thread: Why Doesn’t the RNC Do Something About Voter Fraud

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    Why Doesn’t the RNC Do Something About Voter Fraud

    Here's the real story of why nothing much has been done about Voter Fraud. The Hidden Hand:


    Why Doesn’t the RNC Do Something About Voter Fraud?
    5 Oct 2016
    Bill Stills

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    Re: Why Doesn’t the RNC Do Something About Voter Fraud

    Great info. In my own view. The book White power by Norman Rockwell puts the situation in context. Imagine white Christian Civilization being a large ship. Then the crew and the officers have a mutiny. The ship sinks from the chaos and conflict. The ship robbers would steal the goods floating to the shores and beaches. The crew and officers being those who try to keep order while the Jews cause the chaos and conflict. Ship robbers being the Jews and people who submit to them.
    The GOP Republicans represent Jew controlled capitalism. Free trade, mass third world migration on account of boom economic times. The DNC Democrats represent lawlessness and uncontrollable migration on account of welfare collected from taxes during boom economic times.
    Boom or bust the two political parties work to use the white man and cause white genocide. Voter fraud is the effect of a broad problem.
    The bible reads the ways of God are not the ways of man.

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