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Thread: Mass shooting of Dallas police:

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    Mass shooting of Dallas police:

    Personally I wouldn't rule out another False Flag Attack to further gun control in the near future, but this is what the Health Ranger thinks at

    Hate spewing leftist media complicit in the mass shooting of Dallas police: Health Ranger issues statement in defense of police

    Friday, July 08, 2016
    by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

    (NaturalNews) STATEMENT FROM NATURAL NEWS PUBLISHER MIKE ADAMS: I realize this statement has nothing to do with natural health, nutrition or GMOs. But as a Texan, a firearms owner and a long-time supporter of local law enforcement, I am appalled, disgusted and nauseated by the mass shooting of law enforcement officers in Dallas that took place this evening. I feel compelled to issue this statement and ask the all-important question, Where did all this hatred for police really come from?

    The honest, politically incorrect answer is that it came from the leftist, liberal media which has, for the last several years, deliberately worked to maliciously paint all police officers as bigoted, racist murderers and executioners. Through this sort of vitriol, hate-spewing online publishers like the Huffington Post practically painted bulls eyes on the backs of police officers, riling up the very kind of hatred that has now turned to acts of extreme violence against our men and women in blue. (Four Dallas police officers now dead, according to reports, with many more critically injured...)

    The leftist media encouraged and elicited the hatred that led to this violence
    Under the false guide of "tolerance," the leftist media has engaged in extremely irresponsible journalistic malpractice by directly encouraging mass hatred directed toward police officers all across this nation. It was only a matter of time before this mass distribution of lies and hatred toward law enforcement ended in real world violence.

    Guns alone did not kill these police... the weapons were deliberately used by angry, hate-filled individuals whose minds have been filled with intolerance and vitriol spewed by the leftist media. This violence deliberately targeted police officers, not just random people on the street. The people who carried this out clearly sought to inflict extreme pain, suffering and death of uniformed peace officers. Plans to engage in such carefully selected violence do not come into being out of nowhere... they must be elicited, encouraged and even invoked by the HATE MEDIA of the left.

    By pursuing their editorial policies of hate, leftist publishers like the Washington Post have, in effect, unleashed open street warfare against police officers, putting all our lives at extreme risk. They have created nationwide conditions of extreme hatred and division, then they poured gasoline on the tinder box, knowing it would set the nation aflame. Their deliberate campaign of hatred and destruction against America has now been horrifyingly realized in pain, blood, chaos and racial division. This is what the left seeks!

    Why I fully support local law enforcement
    I have a long, established history with local law enforcement. I was granted a citizens' award by the Chief of Police of Tucson, Arizona, and I served two years on the board of directors of the Tucson Police Foundation. I'm also trained in tactical handgun combat and long-range target shooting. As a friend of local police and a firearms owner, I can tell you from extensive firsthand experience that nearly all the police are trying as hard as they can to do their jobs and protect public safety.

    What the leftist media never tells you is that police operate under near-impossible conditions of extreme risk and horrible pay, and over the last several years, they've now had to deal with the extreme risk of being targeted by hate-filled individuals who have been "programmed" by the leftist media to seek out and threaten (or even assault) officers of the law.

    Have no illusions that the leftist media is complicit in this violence against police officers, and they revel in the ratings they are able to achieve by covering the very shootings they have elicited in the first place.

    Of no coincidence, this same leftist media is simultaneously doing everything in its power to see a traitorous, anti-American criminal elected to the White House. There is no crime that goes too far for the leftist media that routinely engages in defamatory, slanderous and violence-invoking hate speech directed at not just police officers but also people like Donald Trump, a man who, despite his faults, is maligned hourly by a vicious, deceitful leftist media that exists solely to advance an anti-America, leftist political agenda.

    As a law-abiding American, I am sickened by the way in which the political left is systematically destroying this nation from within while aiding and abetting mass murderers and war criminals.

    As influential publishers, we must all call for community peace and the respect of local police
    It's time for all of us who are influential publishers to call out the complicity of the hate-spewing leftist media. Their extreme hatred and elicitation of violence has gone on for far too long; and even in covering this violence that they caused, they will dishonestly blame guns rather than pointing the finger at themselves for eliciting the hatred that inspired these extreme acts of violence.

    The kind of "journalism" practiced by the left is beyond reprehensible... it is complicit in acts of mass murder. Simply stated, the leftist media as it exists today is the propaganda arm of anti-American mass murderers who are now deliberately targeting those who carry out law and order in America. The goal, it seems, is to destroy not just the fabric of law at the highest levels, but also to decimate those who carry out law enforcement in our communities.

    Tonight, there is blood on the hands of the leftist media, which includes the Huffington Post, New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, CNN, MSNBC and all the other sources of intolerant, hate-based, anti-American and anti-police media outlets that are now ripping this nation to shreds from the inside out.

    America cannot survive the left's insidious, destructive and deliberate intention to unleash mass violence across our cities in the false name of "social justice." We the People must take a firm stand against their unrelenting lawlessness and their total abandonment of the rule of law in America. It is time to restore law, defend our communities against leftist violence, and expose the real agenda of extreme radical leftist bloggers, journalists and publishers who revel in the very idea of destroying America from within.

    As the publisher of Natural News, I will be loudly and repeatedly calling for citizen support of local law enforcement. As the same time, I am going to be calling out the hate-spewing publishers, bloggers and "journalists" who have contributed to the hatred and vitriol that has now led to heartbreaking bloodshed in Dallas. At the same time, my own firearms will be locked and loaded, not only in my own self defense but also in the defense of law enforcement officers who may need citizens' aid to survive ambushes that have been all but staged by the left.

    These deaths did not happen in a vacuum. There are reasons for this violence, and an investigation of those reasons leads directly to the left's extreme hatred for America, hatred for police and hatred for the respect of law (as witnessed all the way up to the top presidential candidate of the left). It is time to call out this leftist hatred of America and start defending our nation against the "journalistic terrorism" of the leftist media.

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    Re: Mass shooting of Dallas police:

    A nation without gods law is a nation without order.
    lot of folks are not humane and mature as they should. Inmature persons do not know the value of law and order.
    Getting though the day peacefully has not value to the godless.

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