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Thread: South Africa: Govt. to “Legally” Seize (white-owned) Land

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    South Africa: Govt. to “Legally” Seize (white-owned) Land

    South Africa: Govt. to “Legally” Seize Land
    June 2, 2016

    "The South African parliament has finally passed the law which will allow the ANC government to legally seize white-owned land and hand it over to nonwhites.

    The new “Expropriation Act” does away with the previous “willing seller, willing buyer” arrangement which was supposed to prevent a Zimbabwe-style land grab.
    The ANC’s aim to “redistribute” land to Africans has proceeded far more slowly than initially planned, mainly because the white owners have almost always been offered payment far below market value and their investment costs.

    In fact, in many instances, the amounts offered have not even been sufficient to clear the outstanding debt on a farm, making a sale impossible because it would leave the white owner homeless, unemployed, unemployable, and with a mountain of debt.

    As long as the “willing seller, willing buyer” principle remained in place, it was not possible to force the whites off the land. However, the new law—which now only awaits signature from the country’s president—stipulates that the government can now force the land owner to accept whatever is offered."

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    Re: South Africa: Govt. to “Legally” Seize (white-owned) Land

    My heart filled prayers are with these persecuted people. I pray yahweh has mercy on them in finding a place on earth to exist

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