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Thread: Books to add to your Library

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    Books to add to your Library

    Pastor Visser's Satanel Fallen Mourning Star :

    and Mrs. Visser's Christian poetry book:

    There is a sale going on until tomorrow - 15% off and free shipping if you order directly from the printer :)
    * Blessings to you all *PIC_5309.JPG
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    Re: Books to add to your Library

    If you are interested in the Book of Enoch check out this thread at CPM :

    You can purchase this book on Amazon at this link -

    Also here are some leather bound Bibles that would make lovely gifts:

    Blessings *

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    Re: Books to add to your Library

    Also be sure to check out this Christian book section of the forum :

    Here are a few I have been enjoying recently on Christian Poetry and the Art of Homemaking:

    I hope that all of us continue to grow in grace and wisdom , peace and joy, and most of all loving hearts and homes.


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