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Thread: Last Whites of the East End

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    Last Whites of the East End

    Last Whites of the East End: BBC documentary reveals cockneys are becoming a dying breed

    May 14, 2016

    "The film, the Last Whites of the East End, claims that white British people are leaving the borough in such numbers that 73 per cent of the local population is now made up of black and minority ethnic people.

    The borough, in the shadow of the Olympic Park was historically almost all white working class, home mostly to dockworkers who moved in during the 1800s."

    ". . . Newham is now the most multicultural place in the UK, with 147 languages spoken across the borough."

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    Re: Last Whites of the East End

    These invaders push and push until they get what they want. Whitley is purely on the defense all the time.
    I liked what they said about children seeing no religion or color. The social justice gang stalkers use children to get up in the face of folks they consider White Racist.

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