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Thread: Ghosts, haunted houses, demonic activity

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    Ghosts, haunted houses, demonic activity

    In the Christian world. Prayer is not practiced much. At least the right kind of prayer. Finding truth is harder to find. Are things like Ghosts, haunted houses and demonic activity be a sign of the last days. For example the fallen sons of men polluting the DNA of the Sons of God.

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    Re: Ghosts, haunted houses, demonic activity

    I am not on meds, but I have encountered many times that I have seen what looked like a ghost, both times at my job.

    There was a man who died at work, this happened about 20 years ago, about 5 or 6 other employee's saw the saw the same person in the plant. In fact, one employee after seeing this ghost...quit his job on the spot and left and never came back.

    I could give you more stories about this subject, but I'll keep it short and sweet, I think ghosts are real, there forms of energy that remain earthbound. You can also ask the ghost " yes or no " questions with a dowsing rod or a pendulum.

    Have you frey89 seen a ghost before? I can give you other stories if you like..

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    Re: Ghosts, haunted houses, demonic activity

    The way I look at it is we can't believe in the Holy Spirit without denying "ghosts" exist. These guys who claim to be Christian but deny the spiritual realm crack me up.

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