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Thread: "Pastor" William Raymond Finck & Christogenos

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    Re: Satannic D-g Calls A Sicilian Sephardic Melungeon Baal-Priest Clifton Emahiser

    I pray people start to listen before it's too late:

    [Because he, and his cult members can’t stop attacking my friends and I]:

    It is also a little over a year since an incident took place at the home of William ‘Bill’ Finck, a person I thought to be a personal friend. Bill Finck is a self-taught Bible historian and a sort of ‘internet theologian’. The incident was the catalyst for my permanent separation from Bill. This was an incident that BEGAN with his wife, Melissa, hollering AT BILL (NOT me), cussing him (NOT me), and the such. Bill Finck likes to put forth the air of a moral, truthful, Godly ‘man of Yahweh’, a man against vice, and against Feminism, a man who has his house in order and a happily married husband to a submissive and Godly wife. But he is none of these things.

    Understand, my INITIAL separation was NOT over theology, or some doctrinal disagreement, it was personal. The separation was initiated by the drunken tirade of his wife, Melissa, that took place Saturday night, November 18, 2017. A tirade that BEGAN with Melissa hollering at Bill (NOT at me) and cussing him out, repeatedly. Why? What had he done? Nothing really. She overheard him simply telling me about his continued problems with her worsening behavior, and her heavier drinking, even telling me concerning her increased drinking: “she’s hiding it from me”.

    Bill had initiated this discussion, he on his own, brought up his wife’s deteriorating attitude, worsening behavior and heavier drinking, as well as her lack of helping him with his internet ‘ministry’ work and websites. I didn’t bring the topic of Melissa and her behavior up, he did. As he talked, I sat mostly quiet, only once speaking saying: “I’ve tried to talk to her and help her in the past. I had hoped she was doing better” to which he responded with a very somber “No”.

    Bill told me that he “gave her all of [his] passwords” to all of his social site pages and emails to answer messages and emails for him to lighten his work load. He said that all she does is check them to see if there are any illicit messages to or from women, but does nothing else, when she does bother to check his messages or emails.

    Right before he began to tell me of his most recent marital woes he told me she was “passed out” drunk in their bedroom. As he talked and I listened (with Samantha quietly sitting next to me), Melissa, unknown to him and I, was outside the door, which was slightly open, of the room quietly eavesdropping as he was talking. We don’t know how long she had been there. Suddenly she began to holler at HIM, cussing HIM, and subsequently making her presence right outside, but beside, the slightly open door very well known.

    This part Bill Finck conveniently has left out every time he speaks on social media or his website about Melissa cussing me and Samantha out. Melissa initially was cussing her husband, Bill, out for telling people (Samantha and I) about her worsening attitude, her lack of being a Help Meet for her man, and her increased consumption of alcohol. Instead Bill Finck has presented the incident as Melissa cussing me and Samantha as a result of some sort of act of ‘Righteous Indignation’ on her part that we brought on ourselves.

    The TRUTH of the matter is it was BILL that Melissa was enraged with that night. I, nor Samantha, did ANYTHING wrong anytime during our visit that day, previous to Melissa’s temper tantrum. It was BILL that Melissa initially was cussing out. Bill has since tried to throw out distractions in posts he’s made on Facebook and his website’s forum attempting to cover up the fact that Melissa was actually angry at him and began cussing him.

    He has tried to distract from this fact via directing counter accusations at Samantha and I, such as we are just mad because Melissa cussed, which is laughable. Those of you that know me know that I don’t believe there is such a thing as a “bad word”. But there IS such a thing as saying terms, words, in a BAD, and HATEFUL, context.

    Melissa was angry and hollering and cussing Bill but then she turned her rage and cussing towards us saying “F**k Ryan!” and “F**k Sam!”. Why was she cussing us? Neither Sam nor I said anything bad about her, or to her. She cussed us because she was angry, NOT at us, but at her husband who was telling me (certainly not for the first time mind you) of his exasperation with his wife’s perpetual and daily contentiousness, ever worsening attitude, her continued lack of being a help to him and his work, and her increased drinking.

    This certainly was not the first time he had done so between January 2015, when I first moved to Florida, to November 2017. Many times has Bill told me of the stress Melissa puts on him with her bitching, complaining and negative attitude. Many times I have personally witnessed her stressing him. Nor was this the first time I had personally witnessed her going into a drunken tirade. I had witnessed a few of those tirades between January 2015 till then. The very first night I spent in Florida was January 11th, 2015, and it was in their home in a spare bedroom. I was awakened in the middle of the night, around 1:30am by the hollering and cussing of Melissa, and her slamming doors, repeatedly. She was hollering and cussing at Bill, but he never raised his voice. THAT was my introduction to the dysfunctional marriage of Bill and Melissa, and their drinking issues. Talk about a ‘rude awakening’.

    So Melissa hollering and cussing at Bill the evening of November 18, 2017 was no shock to me, but, it was the first time Melissa had ever cussed me. I have NEVER cussed anyone I call “friend”, I RESPECT my friends, and I would never respect a friend that cussed me, nor consider them any longer a friend.

    We left their home within minutes of her directing her rage and cussing at us. We had done nothing and did not deserve her disrespecting us. Initially I was not mad at her husband, just disgusted with his wife, so I shook Bill’s hand and told him ‘good night’.

    Though I was disappointed in his continued lack of control of his wife (it was certainly not news to me) I was not yet done with him, but I was definitely done with her.

    I had already known the couple personally for well over 2 ˝ years. And thus I have been personal witness to many of their arguments, some while they were drinking, others while they were sober. I also know that physicality between the two during some of these arguments has been a factor.

    For example in 2015 I witnessed Melissa, in a angry fit, spitefully knock a computer monitor off it’s desk top, and Bill immediately had to get up and physically control her, wrestling her out the door of his office as she fought him and down the hall to their bedroom. Bill has told me he has had to hold Melissa down on the ground when she became out of control drunk and throwing a fit. Melissa once texted me to tell me of a black eye she got from Bill, but saying he gave it to her by accident, saying he bumped her eye as they slept.

    On more than one occasion Bill has messaged me frustrated with his wife’s contentiousness. He has even messaged me in the middle of the night (around 1 am), while they were on an out-of-town trip (supposedly spreading the “Truth of Yahweh”), complaining about her bitchiness, threatening to “leave her ass here” -to leave her where they were. So their marital dysfunction was nothing new to me. But her turning on me, and directing her hatefulness onto me was.

    A few days later I confided in a (at the time) mutual friend of Bill’s and mine, Michael Brandenburg, telling him of the incident and informing him that as far as for me and Samantha, we would not be joining him and his wife in any future get-togethers with Bill and Melissa (as was our general monthly practice). I told Michael that it was NOT Bill, but Melissa, that I was disgusted with, but that I was greatly disappointed in his lack of control over his wife.

    After waiting for Bill Finck to make this right, and after Michael’s conversation with Bill to try to help find reconciliation, I realized there was no point in any further hope, on my behalf, of associating with Bill. It was right then that I made the decision that I was done, not with just Melissa, but Bill as well. As a result I announced a fresh new start for myself and my family as far as my Christian walk and spiritual path was concerned in my videos.

    Bill continues to make excuses and seeks to JUSTIFY his wife’s cussing of Samantha and I. It wasn’t just Bill trying to justify Melissa’s hateful cussing of us, he says that we actually deserved it! Bill claims that Melissa was mad at Samantha and I (never addressing the fact that she was mad at HIM that night, not us) citing bizarre (and obviously made-up-after-the-fact) reasons. Bull**** reasons such as Samantha would not talk to Melissa during our visit, which is a boldfaced lie. Samantha tried to spend time with Melissa, but his alcoholic wife spent most of the time in her bedroom. When she wasn’t in the bedroom she was trying to get Samantha to drink with her. Samantha is not anti-alcohol, she just had no desire to drink that day.

    Another “reason” and lame ‘justification’ he gives was that I (allegedly) never complimented Melissa on her new Jeep, and that I was (supposedly) jealous of her new vehicle. That is another lie. I did compliment Melissa on getting the new Jeep, standing on their front porch, earlier that day.

    I have always liked to see people do and get the things they want in life. What they get or do has no bearings on what I do or acquire in my life. But Bill and Melissa had to come up with reasons for her cussing us, and to make it like Melissa was mad at Samantha and I and not Bill. Bill has tried to hide the REAL reason Melissa got angry, and who she initially was angry at.

    Bill also throws up that I had spoke of my own vehicle’s mechanical issues (that I was having at the time), and tries to claim I wasn’t expressing the Faith I speak of and teach. Bill and Melissa had told me of their vehicle woes more times than I can count. My vehicle issues (there were two) were recent (at that time) and so I spoke of them, but so what? That doesn’t mean I didn’t/don’t have the Faith I teach and speak of, or that I was jealous of someone else.

    Bill also tried to claim that I was wanting money from him to fix my vehicle. That is a boldfaced lie. I never asked Bill for money, nor implied or hinted that I wanted money from him for vehicle repair money. The thought never occurred to me to seek money from him but if I had wanted to borrow money from him, or anybody, I would have asked.

    By the way, both of those vehicle issues (one was with brakes the other with a window) got fixed and I never had to borrow money or beg anyone to help me get them fixed! Both were taken care of in one day, within a couple of hours, with little money and little effort.

    Another one of Bill’s silly justifications for his wife’s cussing of Samantha and I was based on a claim Melissa told him (after that day) that she wasn’t thanked for the food we ate there that day. Samantha and her son had indeed thanked her when they got their plates.

    It was Bill’s mother and a house guest from the west coast who did most of the food preparation anyway. I could have thanked Melissa for the food as I left that evening (as is sometimes my, and other peoples, custom) if we hadn’t of had to leave under the circumstances we did.

    Bill and his wife’s lame attempts at justification for her cussing me and Samantha show a lack of respect for us, as well as poor character on their part. Not to mention are Bearing False Witness, a violation of one of the “Laws of Yahweh” Bill likes to talk so much about in his podcasts.

    By the way the young house guest, a young man (Cory) in his 20’s, who had come to spend time with Bill, witnessed Melissa’s drunken rage and cussing out of Bill, Samantha and me that night. He was in the room next to Bill’s office talking with Samantha’s son, Jake. This young man, who is still in regular contact with Jake, immediately broke contact with Bill after he traveled back home to the west coast. He was disgusted by not just what he witnessed that night, but during the weeks he stayed with Bill and Melissa. He once admired and looked up to Bill Finck, believing him to be a “Man of God”, but after having stayed with him and Melissa and seeing much non-christian and questionable, and drunken behavior, he broke off contact with Bill. Bill and Melissa both have since attacked this young Christian man’s character, slandering him. On the other hand that gentleman has NEVER said anything publicly against them.

    After this spilt, Bill also began to and still mocks what I teach concerning Faith, spirituality and the Bible. Something he NEVER did before, or in my presence, during all of the many previous get-togethers we had. Bill talks a tough anti-Feminist game in his podcasts but has allowed a woman, his own wife, to manipulate him, instead of him being a man, and the husband of their marriage.

    Bill told me during his talk to me about Melissa (before Melissa interrupted with her hollering and cussing) that he “don’t know what to do” about Melissa. Bill drinks everyday, and he knows he can’t drink and tell Melissa she can’t. His supposed vast knowledge of the Bible and ministry do not even have the power to help his own wife make the necessary changes to improve her own life. His way of theology is base, only appealing to one’s race, but doing nothing to help people to walk spiritually and truly in Faith.

    We are not going to argue or debate, nor spend much time pointing out all the errors, assumptions, and false accusations made about us by Bill and some of his blind followers of his cult. There is much about Bill Finck that others know about him, that has yet to come out publicly. And there is MUCH evil that Bill has sown, not just towards us but other individuals, that he has yet to reap the fruits of.

    I am Ryan Brennan and all that I have stated here is the truth, may the True God judge between William Finck and I, and may the world see the results of His judgment.

    Given that Michael has now released a video with his side of the story, I wanted to give my account as a bystander in all of this. For context, I’m the one who set up the Identity Faith website and have been working with Michael and been in contact with Michael since December 2017.

    I’d been posting on Christogenea since around 2012 and later in my time there I was made a moderator and then an admin. I’d been in contact with Bill over the years and built up enough of a relationship that he entrusted me with being an admin on his forum. I had the name “Nayto” on that forum and you could probably still see my posts there. Bill encouraged me to get into writing and starting a website or possibly writing for Saxon Messenger, but I just didn’t feel led to do so.

    I always found it odd how Bill approached matters of drama surrounding the website. Bill’s way of doing things can always be broken down into one of two courses of action:

    1. If someone is involved in drama who is not specifically accusing Bill of anything, Bill would treat that person and the entire drama with indifference and deflection. Even in wordy responses or entreating others to cease the drama, he would fail to say anything of much substance pertaining to the situation.
    2. If someone is involved in drama who specifically is accusing Bill of something, no matter the magnitude, he will come after that person and do all within his power to ruin that person’s life.

    I had witnessed this for many years in my time at Christogenea and this modus operandi had begun to wear on me. This was a big point of contention in my mind, because on the one hand, Bill had done so much good, but on the other hand, he displayed character flaws which caused pain in those around him. Because of the good I saw him doing, I hunkered down.

    I want to diverge quickly to explain a lesson I feel many men need to learn out of this debacle. Two witnesses establish a matter and if one witness contents with another, both sides of the story must be taken into account. To take one side of the story at face value is a grievous error in judgement.

    When I first watched Ryan’s video, “Belief Burns Boats”, I had watched it with little context of his and Bill’s relationship. Something struck home with me in the video in that I could see a man who was tired of dealing with cruelty in his life. I saw those signs in Ryan because I’d seen them in my own life with other relationships. I felt led to contact Ryan and ask his side of the story candidly. He, despite not knowing me, explained in part the drama which took place between Bill and himself and that alcohol was involved (I see now Ryan even exercised restraint in the account he gave to me).

    I’ve known Bill for years and if there is one thing those who know Bill are familiar with, it’s his love of beer. I know full well through conversations with Bill that alcohol flows freely in that house. Bill has even admitted to me that he drinks before his podcasts to loosen his tongue. Point being that I had this character reference of Bill and his behaviour with alcohol already due to my experiences with him, such I had no reason to disbelieve Ryan’s story. As an anecdote, I remember Bill thanking my wife for supporting his article on feminism because no other woman would (which I later realised was a dig at his own wife, Melissa). What struck home for me and this goes back to my earlier point: Ryan had witnesses for this event, all of whom I have come to know and who corroborate his story. Interestingly, as soon as this issue started, Bill started to have issues with the doctrine of Ryan’s teachings. Seems like a pattern here, right? Let us consider the modus operandi in the two points I highlighted earlier. Until Ryan accused Bill, Bill had no problem with Ryan’s doctrine. Bill knew Ryan better than most of us, given that they knew each other in person, so Bill was the best person to point out the faults in Ryan’s teaching long before the drama ensued.

    Consider that Bill hosts the late Mark Downey’s website also, who disagrees with Bill on some doctrinal issues. Even though there was drama on the forums between members about Mark’s work, Bill refused to partake in any kind of specificity because no one had criticised Bill or Christogenea per se. I imagine if Mark had accused Bill of anything, Bill would have come down on Mark’s teachings like a ten ton hammer.

    I thought to shelf the issue with Ryan for the time being, as at the time I was dealing with some of the issues already mentioned on the forum. During that time, Staropramen approached me about a forum member named “Martin”, who Staro suspected of being a mongrel. Rest assured, initially that matter was handled with the utmost respect by all involved. Unfortunately things got out of hand due to Bill and Melissa’s drunken antics. This spilled over into the forum and certain members were subsequently banned without the opportunity to defend themselves. I felt it my duty to contact them personally and get the full story. I wasn’t actually there when it happened, but multiple witnesses corroborated the story. The full details of that specific story can be told at another time. I’ll quickly take the time to mention that I’ve known Staropramen for 10 years and he has always been kind and honest in his dealings. He was always open with his past sins and we all rejoiced in his resolve to do the right thing each time. Ironically, none of what Bill accused him of was news to many of us. Sadly, when the prodigal son returns, the elder son is embittered.

    In my investigation I met some new people and received a greater appreciation of some who I already knew. The witnesses attested to everything which had been said and done, but they were discredited and silenced wherever possible. After my investigations, I took the current forum drama I was dealing with to Bill in person for the umpteenth time, as a last ditch effort to do the right thing. I didn’t think it my place to intervene on behalves of others for their drama and wanted to solve the problem at hand which directly involved me. Bill dealt with this with the same impotence as ever, because of course no one had criticised him. Simultaneously, Bill could not stop bad-mouthing those who I had recently discovered were innocent. Bill doing this, along with his impotence in dealing with forum drama, irked me to the point where I couldn’t contain it anymore. I still wonder to myself what I could have done differently or better, but unfortunately I did it the way I did and there is nothing I can do to change that. Bill sort of tolerated my outbursts until I referred readers to hear the accounts of witnesses involved. I was immediately banned from the forum.

    From there I started to spend time with Michael and others in Bible studies and I started to work on a new website to replace Identity Struggle. Interestingly, we predicted that Bill would take down the website long before he did so were already planning the new one. I didn’t know Michael very well, but I was angry enough at the injustice to do the website regardless. Since then, I have gotten to know one of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met (along with others, you know who you are, but now is not the time I guess!) I saw Michael with his back against the wall financially and in terms of his work, so in a sense I think I saw him at his worst. Behind the scenes he urged patience and kindness from all involved. Hence the radio silence on the matter (except for Ryan, who’s warrior spirit could not be quenched). Throughout working with Michael on the website he has been kind, honest and heartfelt. I’m no web developer and he has exercised magnitudes of patience at my technical failings in fulfilling certain requests. He has shown nothing but kindness and love in all of our endeavours.

    I have also been to almost all Bible studies he has hosted since December 2017 and seen all of his work. Let me say without reservation that his work is 100% Scriptural. There is absolutely no influence from outside sources, especially ones coming from our enemies. Take the time to go through everything and you’ll see for yourself. You might not agree with everything, which is fine, but his sources and intentions are nothing but a love for our race. Bill repeatedly refers to it as a prosperity gospel, which is far from the truth. Michael never teaches material gain for its own sake. The core of his message is that we all must work towards being fulfilled spiritually as Christians, that our desires must be in line with God’s will and that those two things necessarily fulfill one another. In my time with Michael I’ve never seen an inkling of material greed.

    With all of this in mind, the Willie Nelson drama seemed alien or almost surreal to me. Michael addressed that sufficiently so I won’t mention any more, but suffice to say that Willie was one witness and many took it at face value. This goes back to my point earlier about witnesses.

    Michael was also doxed, which I should mention must have taken some investigative effort on Bill’s part, in spite of saying that Michael doxed himself. We had multiple domains in the works and there was an administrative error for a very brief time causing Michael’s details to be exposed. I think Michael doesn’t even fully understand the small window of time this error afforded in order to spring into action and dox him. In spite of that error being mine, Michael never even held me accountable for it for which I am humbled. I should mention that this event was providence, because as Michael said, it led to us meeting one of the greatest men we’ve had the privilege of knowing. I don’t know this man personally as well as I’d like to, but judging purely by his actions and the providence in his own life, I can say that truly about his character. The same can be said about others I’ve come to deal with (so I hope they don’t feel left out), but that’s not the point here.

    Over time we’ve worked honestly and collaboratively with one another, appreciating one another in what we do. We’ve put aside the distraction coming from naysayers and God has richly blessed us as a result. This is the point of what Michael teaches (which is supposedly prosperity gospel and Kabbalah), is that men and women are happy and fulfilled in doing God’s work! Never in my time with Christogenea did I feel content given the toxic nature which Bill fosters. I would like to tell you brothers and sisters, that you can do God’s work and be happy, not caring for material things and allowing God to bless you eternally. The love of material things is a thirst which can never be quenched, but to be happy in doing God’s work is to drink water which quenches our thirst completely.

    My name is Sonny Eanes and this is the beginning of my story of spending 2018 with the Fincks.

    July 3, 2017, Bill Finck and his wife Melissa came thru Little Rock and we met and got better acquainted. This was a man I highly respected because of his Biblical, historical studies and his Biblical commentaries. At the time I was homeless and living out of my car. They offered me a room in their home and finally in January 2018, I made the trip to Panama City.

    There were many things that happened in 2018 that may be of interest to Christogenea Followers, but there is only one that I will tell now and with incidents that I will share later will explain why I have lost all respect for Bill Finck.

    This is the beginning of my story, beginning with the day after Hurricane Michael, October 10, 2018.

    The day after the hurricane, Bill and Melissa left to get supplies, headed north on 231. They had to go all the way to Dothan, Alabama, I believe. They arrived back around dark with food, supplies and a generator.

    I helped unload and then held the light for Bill while he set the generator up. After we had power going, I sat down at the table. Melissa had brought several containers of pecan swirls and I had had nothing to eat since early that day, having no food of my own here. Melissa told me to eat all I wanted. I sat there and ate 8 or 9 rolls. I got up and went to the living room in the dark.

    About an hour later Bill questioned me about the rolls. “Did you eat that entire package?” He asked. “Wow,” I thought.

    One comment led to the next, for several comments, such as him being upset about me hand washing the dishes, about me sleeping in his mothers bed, and then he told me that I was questioning his authority as he was the “king of his house.”

    And then out of the blue, he jumped up off the couch and slapped me across my left cheek while I was relaxed in the recliner, hard enough to bend the frame of my glasses. Also, hard enough to raise a bruise on the left side of my face and cheek, by Saturday. The next door neighbor’s friend Phillip asked me about the bruise 3 or 4 days. So then I went and looked in the bathroom mirror and yes, it was still there, since with no electricity it was hard to see on Saturday. The slap also moved my lower denture causing a sore on the lower left side of my denture.

    From Friday morning forward Bill acted as if I didn’t exist. I was having problems walking and was using a walking stick. I am 67 and have had knee problems for 10 years. i couldn’t perform up to Bill’s expectations.

    But I did what I could do. I didn’t sit on my ass and watch them work. I drug what smaller branches I could out to the pile. And basically I was just ignored by Bill Finck over the next week, that has now turned into 4 1/2 months.

    My question is: Does Bill Finck’s actions above show any kind of Christian love for a brother? Is it right for a younger brother to SLAP a 67 year old brother to prove he is “king of his house”, when he can’t even control his own Alcoholic Wife??

    The things that I have seen over the last year in the Finck household, provide a second witness to the things that Ryan Brennan tried to warn me about in December 2017.

    And that still leaves more eye witnesses to the overall atmosphere of the Finck household who have yet to come forth.

    This is Sonny Eanes with my second statement of my time in 2018 with the Fincks.
    On October 9th, the day before the hurricane I took a shower. From October 10th until the first week of December I did not take a shower inside a house, not was I ever offered one by the Finck’s at the “cabin”.
    If I needed a shower I took one on the front porch with a water hose that was connected to the next door neighbor’s well. The next door neighbor, whom I did not meet until the day after the hurricane, offered to let me use his shower the first weekend in December. This man did not even know he was an Israelite until a week after we had met and he had lived next door to Bill for at least a year. This man also gave me several rides to the grocery store, several rides to get gas, and even kind of went out of his way to help me out. Bill never offered.
    This man showed more Christian brotherly love then Bill Fink showed from the time of the hurricane, until February 6th 2019.
    One other thing concerning showers. I arrived in Panama City January 2018. From the time I arrived until Clifton was placed in the hospital in late June where he later passed, I only personally recall Bill giving Clifton two showers. That was in a period of time of six months. The bathroom was right across the hall from my room, so I did not miss much. And I was home most of the day every day. Two showers in six months.

    Hello, my name is Cory. I am a 24 year old young man from Oregon. This is my statement of my experience after having personally been around and stayed with the Fincks on two separate occasions, for a total of six weeks. I only came to help, learn from, and be a blessing to Bill, Melissa, and Clifton in any way I possibly could.

    The idea of actually meeting them all started when I heard Bill explaining in his Teamspeak, how that Clifton Emahiser had fallen and was badly injured in his garage. Bill said he and Melissa would be traveling up to Ohio to take Clifton out of the rest home, and wanted help moving him out of his house to bring him back to live with them in Florida. Of course, I had never personally met the Fincks or Clifton, but because of Christogenea and my utmost respect for Bill and Clifton’s teachings, I offered myself to fly at my own expense to Ohio, to be of assistance in this endeavor. This was the first time I had ever offered my assistance to someone I did not really know. But we went ahead and made the arrangements and I flew to Ohio.

    Upon arrival in mid September 2017, Bill and Melissa picked me up at the airport and we proceeded to Clifton’s house to get busy packing up his possessions which took us 5 days to complete. I did everything I was told to do. After we finally got everything packed and moved, we arrived at Bill’s mother’s place 3 days later in Panama City.

    I met Bill’s mother Laberta for the first time, after having not been given a very good impression of her previously by Bill. After getting to know her however, she was actually a good person and a real blessing to me. We would take trips to the store, and she and I would prepare meals together and take care of Clifton’s needs. She became a friend to me, sort of like having my own mother around. Basically, she turned out to be the one who was the most friendly to me and made me feel the most welcome.

    About 3 days after we arrived, I met Ryan Brennan and his family, Samantha and Jacob. I also met the Brandenburgs days later at a gathering there at the house. It was early in this gathering, just before lunch, when I was soon embarrassed by Bill in front of them. I had simply placed my hat on the kitchen table when I took it off. Enraged, Bill picked up my hat and threw it across the room, raising his voice, saying, “There are no hats or shoes allowed on the table in my house.” Everyone stood for a moment in an awkward silence. He could have simply asked me to not put my hat on the table and I would have done what he said. But instead, he made a scene disrespecting me in front of people I had just met. The reason I mention this is not that it was any huge deal to me, but it is just an example of how quickly Bill can suddenly get so angry over little things and react.

    After the first couple of weeks and helping them get moved and settling Clifton in, being around Bill and Melissa, I began to feel like I was being a burden more than an asset. There are some more things I may mention about my first visit with the Fincks later. So after helping the Fincks move and helping take care of Clifton, I went home.

    A month later, after Bill put me on the spot in front of everyone in Teamspeak, because an event was coming up where Bill wanted to meet up with the League of the South, they wanted me to return and take care of Clifton. When I got there, they were already gone. They were gone for 4 or 5 days. Once Bill got back from the rally with the League of the South, another gathering was planned to take place.

    It just so happens that me being there at this time makes me another first hand witness to Melissa’s outburst and drunken behavior on November 18, 2017 when she cussed out Bill and the Brennans. I completely agree with Ryan’s account above as it is indeed accurate and truthful as he stated it. I was closely by in the next room when I heard Melissa’s yelling, cussing, and slamming of doors. Ultimately Bill would support his wife’s atrocious behavior by trying to cover it up. All of this could have been avoided if they would have just been honest and if Bill had any sense of leadership. This led me to leave Christogenea entirely, no longer (wanting to associate) myself with anyone who goes under the moniker CI, though I still believe everything the Bible teaches about race. Bill has shown disgusting behavior that no decent human being or Christian for that matter should demonstrate. As a young man who admired and looked up to him, I was completely disappointed in how they were, once I was around them and spent time with them.

    The only other thing I want to mention at this time is concerning Clifton Emahiser’s care. Clifton never had a shower once on both the occasions I was there, again, for a total of six weeks. Clifton ate well while I was there. I cooked him many different meals, making them from scratch. I prepared him the healthiest meals to keep him going throughout the day. He had high blood pressure, so I gave him a lot of garlic in his diet. He had gout, So I made sure to add kale, spinach, and potatoes to what meals I could. He had two major health problems and I wanted to prepare what he needed. Since Bill and Melissa were hardly around, I got to really know Clifton and genuinely wanted to help him. I can’t help but think if he had only got the right attention from a caregiver, he would still be around.

    I have given my account on things that have transpired after feeling the need to do so. I hope this helps anyone who reads it regarding these people. Take care and God bless.
    “The righteous mother of the seven children spake also as follows to her offspring: I was a pure virgin, and went not beyond my father’s house; but I took care of the built-up rib. No destroyer of the desert, or ravisher of the plain, injured me; nor did the destructive, deceitful, snake, make spoil of my chaste virginity; and I remained with my husband during the period of my prime.” (4 Maccabees 18:7-8)

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    Re: Satannic D-g Calls A Sicilian Sephardic Melungeon Baal-Priest Clifton Emahiser

    Now you know why I use the dead Emahiser avatar. What a sick bastard that Rat Fink is to exploit and photograph a dead man for validity in a group he's not accepted within.

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    Re: Satannic D-g Calls A Sicilian Sephardic Melungeon Baal-Priest Clifton Emahiser

    I wish volk would stop referring to Melissa as some type of "wife."

    A vile, drunken, cheating whore living in adultery is more appropriate.

    Her legal husband still posts here for crying out loud.

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    Re: Satannic D-g Calls A Sicilian Sephardic Melungeon Baal-Priest Clifton Emahiser

    Quote Originally Posted by K-2 View Post
    I wish volk would stop referring to Melissa as some type of "wife."

    A vile, drunken, cheating whore living in adultery is more appropriate.

    Her legal husband still posts here for crying out loud.
    I predict in less than one year those cult freaks will be brought up on murder charges and be used as the catalyst to bring down genuine Christian Identity.

    Let's see if I'm wrong, for once. There's a first for everything.
    “The righteous mother of the seven children spake also as follows to her offspring: I was a pure virgin, and went not beyond my father’s house; but I took care of the built-up rib. No destroyer of the desert, or ravisher of the plain, injured me; nor did the destructive, deceitful, snake, make spoil of my chaste virginity; and I remained with my husband during the period of my prime.” (4 Maccabees 18:7-8)

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    Re: Satannic D-g Calls A Sicilian Sephardic Melungeon Baal-Priest Clifton Emahiser

    Those that point outward are the most insecure inward. Wouldn't shock me in the slightest.

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    Re:"Pastor" William Raymond Finck & Christogenos

    Oh, damn. If only there was a place on the internet that could've warned those countless kinsmen and women about Rabbi Finck and his maternal blood relations to Mark Potok.

    Too bad such a forum doesn't exist because then we'd all be obligated to support it like the Holy Bible has always commanded, huh?.
    “The righteous mother of the seven children spake also as follows to her offspring: I was a pure virgin, and went not beyond my father’s house; but I took care of the built-up rib. No destroyer of the desert, or ravisher of the plain, injured me; nor did the destructive, deceitful, snake, make spoil of my chaste virginity; and I remained with my husband during the period of my prime.” (4 Maccabees 18:7-8)

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    Re: "Pastor" William Raymond Finck & Christogenos

    I helped unload and then held the light for Bill while he set the generator up. After we had power going, I sat down at the table. Melissa had brought several containers of pecan swirls and I had had nothing to eat since early that day, having no food of my own here. Melissa told me to eat all I wanted. I sat there and ate 8 or 9 rolls. I got up and went to the living room in the dark.

    About an hour later Bill questioned me about the rolls. “Did you eat that entire package?” He asked. “Wow,” I thought.

    One comment led to the next, for several comments, such as him being upset about me hand washing the dishes, about me sleeping in his mothers bed, and then he told me that I was questioning his authority as he was the “king of his house.”
    lol @ pecan swirls. More proof that all God's creatures like them.

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