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Thread: "Pastor" William Raymond Finck & Christogenos

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    Pastor Bill

    Re: Guess the pothead!

    Quote Originally Posted by Obadiah 1:18 View Post
    The CannabisCanSaveUs debacle prompted a number of Identists, me included, to part company with Bill's forum -- Yahweh only knows how many prospective Identists it scared off. Bill and Ott threatened to ban me for objecting to that idiot's username, although my criticisms of Pastor Amy's pornographic diatribes and passion for slandering saints was probably more of a contributing factor where Bill was concerned.

    I couldn't believe it when I heard Bill say that Marty had (and has) a good heart. Maybe Marty has two hearts, and Bill was looking at the wrong one, because somebody who condones rape, torture, and cannibalism, entailing white children being fed by Marty to their parents, does not have what any reasonable person would characterize as a good heart.

    By the way, CannabisCanSaveUs has been very quiet of late. Does he still post on Bill's forum, or did he decide to move on after causing all of the damage he could there?
    I once had a great deal of respect for Bill Finck, until he become a supporter of the rape, torture and murder of whites, because if he associates with Lindstink that is exactly what he is doing.

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    Obadiah 1:18

    Re: Guess the pothead!

    I'd like to add that now I've aired the aforementioned grievances, it's back to Yahweh's work for me. I'm not going to let a root of bitterness turn my disappointment over what happened on Bill's forum into a personal crusade against him or any others there -- with the possible exception of Matt Ott, whose desire to elicit personal information from Identists ought to have everybody's alarm bells ringing. None of us is perfect. We've all sinned, and we're all bound to offend fellow servants of Yashua by doing or saying something thoughtless or unbiblical sooner or later. But if we forgive others their trespasses, Yahweh will forgive ours. So let's forgive and move on.

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    Re: Pastor William Finck & Christogenos

    Seedline In The New Testament is a long-running series by Pastors Eli James and William Finck proving the New Covenant is no less racially-exclusive than the "Old" Covenant. Ever wonder what the difference between DSL and OSL is? This segment features Bill Finck interviewing Pastor Visser to discuss the numerous references to the "children of the devil" as taught by Christ and His disciples.

    (mp3 / 12.2 mb)

    Satan: Fact Or Fiction? exposes many faces of God's literal adversary and the imposter "tares" that protect the devil by preaching against a defacto tempter. Contrary to what false prophets teach - Satan is NOT our flesh! Part of the Christogenos program, this lengthy broadcast features Pastor Visser discussing the reality of Lucifer followed by an hour of Q&A with prayer and fellowship.

    (mp3 / 17.1 mb)

    The "999" Jubilee Event was a 12-hour Christian Identity marathon (dedicated to fasting and prayer) hosted by Pastors Eli James and William Finck on September 9th, 2009. This specific two-hour segment contains all three Bible teachers discussing the importance of forgiveness and personal repentance in today's apostasy. If you missed this crucial CI event, be sure to download the audio now!

    (mp3 / 16.9 mb)

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    Red face Re: Pastor William Finck & Christogenos

    Just as predicated, the Christolaos show returns to

    Quote Originally Posted by mauipatricia
    Just a heads up to let you know that the July 20th Christolaos will be at Talkshoe again.

    Jerel is welcoming fellow Southerner and Celtic music expert Frank Walsh. I'm hoping Frank will rosin up his bow.

    Frank says "The 12th Louisiana Regimental String Band started out as a few re-enactor/musicians enjoying themselves around a campfire. Sometimes a crowd would gather and eventually a desperate entertainment committee hired us to play for a dance and thus we became a 'band'. While researching authentic songs for our 1860’s repertoire we soon realized that traditional Southern music is mostly from the Scottish Lowlands, as are most of the Southern people."

    Tune in for some tunes. See y'all then!

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    Re: Pastor William Finck & Christogenos

    Quote Originally Posted by Solomon View Post
    Just as predicated, the Christolaos show returns to

    I'm still holding my breath for Marty's DSL "network."

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    Obadiah 1:18

    Re: Pastor William Finck & Christogenos

    Quote Originally Posted by seedliner View Post

    I'm still holding my breath for Marty's DSL "network."
    DSL network? Is the Pope of CI planning to start his own radio network?

    All he has to do is get his sockpuppets to do a podcast each and he'll have 500 shows. Unbeatable!

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    Re: Pastor William Finck & Christogenos

    Quote Originally Posted by Solomon View Post
    Just as predicated, the Christolaos show returns to

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    Re: Pastor William Finck & Christogenos

    Bill Finck has a Mein Kampf site:

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    Re: Pastor William Finck & Christogenos

    Hitler on Germanic Paganism

    Submitted by wmfinck on Mon, 08/31/2009 - 10:51

    The following text is from pages 204 & 205 of Mein Kampf. The comments are in brackets and are made by William Finck,

    At that time it was very difficult to make the people understand that every movement is a party as long as it has not brought its ideals to final triumph and thus achieved its purpose. It is a party even if it give itself a thousand different names.

    Any person who tries to carry into practice an original idea whose realization would be for the benefit of his fellow men will first have to look for disciples who are ready to fight for the ends he has in view. And if these ends did not go beyond the destruction of the party system and therewith put a stop to the process of disintegration, then all those who come forward as protagonists and apostles of such an ideal are a party in themselves as long as their final goal is reached. It is only hair-splitting and playing with words when these antiquated theorists, whose practical success is in reverse ratio to their wisdom, presume to think they can change the character of a movement which is at the same time a party, by merely changing its name.

    On the contrary, it is entirely out of harmony with the spirit of the nation to keep harping on that far-off and forgotten nomenclature which belongs to the ancient Germanic times and does not awaken any distinct association in our age. This habit of borrowing words from the dead past tends to mislead the people into thinking that the external trappings of its vocabulary are the important feature of a movement. It is really a mischievous habit; but it is quite prevalent nowadays.

    [Here in the above paragraph it is clearly shown that Hitler considered any revival of Germanic paganism in modern times to be illusory and vain. The people today who claim that Hitler was a pagan of any sort are following propaganda of the catholics and jews, both of whom despise Hitler. It is clear from his writing that Hitler was a Christian, and that Christian ideas and principles permeated his thoughts.]

    At that time, and subsequently, I had to warn followers repeatedly against these wandering scholars who were peddling Germanic folk-lore and who never accomplished anything positive or practical, except to cultivate their own superabundant self-conceit. The new movement must guard itself against an influx of people whose only recommendation is their own statement that they have been fighting for these very same ideals during the last thirty or forty years.

    [Hitler despised the pagans of his time, and much of this is applicable to the majority of pagans of our own time. While they claim to be founded in ancient Germanic lore and principles, most of them bear no visible fruit in society today.]

    Now if somebody has fought for forty years to carry into effect what he calls an idea, and if these alleged efforts not only show no positive results but have not even been able to hinder the success of the opposing party, then the story of those forty years of futile effort furnishes sufficient proof for the incompetence of such a protagonist. People of that kind are specially dangerous because they do not want to participate in the movement as ordinary members. They talk rather of the leading positions which would be the only fitting posts for them, in view of their past work and also so that they might be enabled to carry on that work further. But woe to a young movement if the conduct of it should fall into the hands of such people. A business man who has been in charge of a great firm for forty years and who has completely ruined it through his mismanagement is not the kind of person one would recommend for the founding of a new firm. And it is just the same with a new national movement. Nobody of common sense would appoint to a leading post in such a movement some Teutonic Methuselah who had been ineffectively preaching some idea for a period of forty years, until himself and his idea had entered the stage of senile decay.

    Furthermore, only a very small percentage of such people join a new movement with the intention of serving its end unselfishly and helping in the spread of its principles. In most cases they come because they think that, under the aegis of the new movement, it will be possible for them to promulgate their old ideas to the misfortune of their new listeners. Anyhow, nobody ever seems able to describe what exactly these ideas are.

    [Well, the mead is usually good, the bloats are fun, and the girls think the tattoos, talismans and the runes are cool!]

    It is typical of such persons that they rant about ancient Teutonic heroes of the dim and distant ages, stone axes, battle spears and shields, whereas in reality they themselves are the woefullest poltroons imaginable. For those very same people who brandish Teutonic tin swords that have been fashioned carefully according to ancient models and wear padded bear-skins, with the horns of oxen mounted over their bearded faces, proclaim that all contemporary conflicts must be decided by the weapons of the mind alone. And thus they skedaddle when the first communist cudgel appears. Posterity will have little occasion to write a new epic on these heroic gladiators.

    [Here Hitler describes the pagans of his time as useless cowards. He continues his diatribe in the paragraph which follows. How do pagans today claim Hitler was a pagan of any sort? He clearly despised the pagans of his own time! Now, how do most pagans of today differ? What have they actually done to help save White civilization? They spend much of their time griping and attacking White Christians instead, and the other half is spent at drinking parties and sex-fests. Here is my challenge to pagans: Rather than attacking Christians, do something to help awaken your race out of its stupor, and lift it back onto its feet! Do something edifying and constructive, and then perhaps the value of your beliefs would be respected.]

    I have seen too much of that kind of people not to feel a profound contempt for their miserable play-acting. To the masses of the nation they are just an object of ridicule; but the Jew finds it to his own interest to treat these folk-lore comedians with respect and to prefer them to real men who are fighting to establish a German State. And yet these comedians are extremely proud of themselves. Notwithstanding their complete fecklessness, which is an established fact, they pretend to know everything better than other people; so much so that they make themselves a veritable nuisance to all sincere and honest patriots, to whom not only the heroism of the past is worthy of honour but who also feel bound to leave examples of their own work for the inspiration of the coming generation.

    [This is every bit as true today. Christian Identity is suppressed by the jew because it is feared. It represents truths that hit home hard when a jew comes across them. Christian Identity exposes the charades of the jews. The jews don't care about Asatru, Odinism, or any of the other variants of Germanic paganism. These are no threat to the jew! 1600 years ago, The jew and the pagan lived happily together. The jew even lived peaceably with the Arian Christian Goths, Lombards and Vandals. The jew cannot tolerate traditional Christianity, and traditional Christianity does not tolerate the jew. Christian Identity is the only true counter to the jewish lies and propaganda which pollute the world today.]

    Among those people there were some whose conduct can be explained by their innate stupidity and incompetence; but there are others who have a definite ulterior purpose in view. Often it is difficult to distinguish between the two classes. The impression which I often get, especially of those so-called religious reformers whose creed is grounded on ancient Germanic customs, is that they are the missionaries and protégés of those forces which do not wish to see a national revival taking place in Germany. All their activities tend to turn the attention of the people away from the necessity of fighting together in a common cause against the common enemy, namely the Jew. Moreover, that kind of preaching induces the people to use up their energies, not in fighting for the common cause, but in absurd and ruinous religious controversies within their own ranks. There are definite grounds that make it absolutely necessary for the movement to be dominated by a strong central force which is embodied in the authoritative leadership. In this way alone is it possible to counteract the activity of such fatal elements. And that is just the reason why these folk-lore Ahasueruses are vigorously hostile to any movement whose members are firmly united under one leader and one discipline. Those people of whom I have spoken hate such a movement because it is capable of putting a stop to their mischief.

    It was not without good reason that when we laid down a clearly defined programme for the new movement we excluded the word völkisch from it. The concept underlying the term völkisch cannot serve as the basis of a movement, because it is too indefinite and general in its application. Therefore, if somebody called himself völkisch such a designation could not be taken as the hall-mark of some definite, party affiliation.

    Because this concept is so indefinite from the practical viewpoint, it gives rise to various interpretations and thus people can appeal to it all the more easily as a sort of personal recommendation. Whenever such a vague concept, which is subject to so many interpretations, is admitted into a political movement it tends to break up the disciplined solidarity of the fighting forces. No such solidarity can be maintained if each individual member be allowed to define for himself what he believes and what he is willing to do.

    One feels it a disgrace when one notices the kind of people who float about nowadays with the völkisch symbol stuck in their buttonholes, and at the same time to notice how many people have various ideas of their own as to the significance of that symbol. A well-known professor in Bavaria, a famous combatant who fights only with the weapons of the mind and who boasts of having marched against Berlin--by shouldering the weapons of the mind, of course--believes that the word völkisch is synonymous with 'monarchical'. But this learned authority has hitherto neglected to explain how our German monarchs of the past can be identified with what we generally mean by the word völkisch to-day. I am afraid he will find himself at a loss if he is asked to give a precise answer. For it would be very difficult indeed to imagine anything less völkisch than most of those German monarchical States were. Had they been otherwise they would not have disappeared; or if they were völkisch, then the fact of their downfall may be taken as evidence that the völkisch outlook on the world (Weltanschauung) is a false outlook.

    Everybody interprets this concept in his own way. But such multifarious opinions cannot be adopted as the basis of a militant political movement. I need not call attention to the absolute lack of worldly wisdom, and especially the failure ...


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    Re: Pastor William Finck & Christogenos

    I found this a few moments ago:

    I looked over the Christogenea translation and find it lacking.

    There are multiple points that I want to point out.

    I know some people like calling Jesus by the name of Yahshua, a transliteration of the Hebrew equivalent, but "translating" the Greek word ιησου is neither translating it nor transliterating it (as is done with a proper noun). However, I would certainly be able to tolerate it if it was done.

    Putting Yahweh in place of κύριος is by far the worst offense, by doing so it is as if the translator thinks he knows better than the original authors of the texts. In fact, the translator's justification for this is: "For if the King James and most other modern translators can render the Hebrew for Yahweh into Lord, and if the Septuagint translators can render the Hebrew Yahweh into κύριος, then it is only fair that κύριος can be rendered Yahweh in the reverse."

    This translation also fails my Matthew 10:5 translation test. I use this passage because in most cases, they get it wrong. I once translated it myself and then searched for a translation that translated it properly and the only one to do so is the Young's Literal Translation.

    The Christogenea reads:
    These twelve Yahshua sent out, commanding to them saying: “You should not depart into the way of the heathens, and you should not enter into a city of Samaritans.

    First thing I raised my eyebrow at is the translation of ἔθνος into heathens. I don't know what inspired the translator to translate it as such, because it is obvious that ethnos means nations.

    The second flaw, which is the test I put forth for a translation, is how they translate: εις οδον εθνων μη απελθητε which literally says,: to the way [road] of the nations, do not go away. The word απελθητε meaning to go away or depart, and μη is a negative particle. If one wanted to make it a bit easier to read, it is saying, don't go away from the nations

    Young's Literal Translation of the passage is:
    These twelve did Jesus send forth, having given command to them, saying, "To the way of the nations go not away, and into a city of the Samaritans go not in."

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