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Thread: "Pastor" William Raymond Finck & Christogenos

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    Re: "Pastor" William Raymond Finck & Christogenos

    Quote Originally Posted by K-2 View Post
    Two whiny beta bitches pretending to be alpha violating Yahweh's Law by attacking one another.

    Both those poseurs make me sick.
    Not surprising is both of these clowns were introduced by the excommunicated Eli James/Joe November so neither have ever been Christian Identity. It's hilarious watching them "violate all the Law and Prophets (Galatians 5:14)" when we've never even sanctioned them, lulz. Keep pretending never-been Aryan Nations fakes.
    “The righteous mother of the seven children spake also as follows to her offspring: I was a pure virgin, and went not beyond my father’s house; but I took care of the built-up rib. No destroyer of the desert, or ravisher of the plain, injured me; nor did the destructive, deceitful, snake, make spoil of my chaste virginity; and I remained with my husband during the period of my prime.” (4 Maccabees 18:7-8)

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    Re: "Pastor" William Raymond Finck & Christogenos

    Yeah, David James [-sic] is likely worse than Eli James [-sic] as Eli just likes really bad white music while David played cuckold to nogs claiming "da blues" was somehow Caucasian. Failed R&B musicians and murderers like Rat Finck are precisely what I'd expect Joe Putz would unleash on a Christian Identity it's never been a part of.

    It just fits the jews' agenda and gives them something to rightfully point to, mate. Filthy degenerates, the whole lot.

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