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    Re: Mastercard to cut off right wingers

    I have a conversational opinion. I got this theory from a you tube blog. Here it goes.
    A horse is a very very strong animal in compared to a person. The man keeps the horse under command by a...
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    Native Americans are not white people

    My thoughts on the subject are beware of folks who are not us. A white man or woman can be fooled or isolated from other kinsmen by not being aware of this fact.
    Lot of anti white so called hate...
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    Another thought comes to mind on the subject. for example ANTIFA style violence against our people have been happening for years. Its not just fear of being broke financially; its not being...
  4. Re: Christian School Kicked Out of Voucher Program for Biblical Views on Sexuality

    My thoughts on the subject is put in one word. Induced chaos. Same sex marriage similarly interracial marriage, desegregation of races, gender conflict on work places. ect...
    Less Christian...
  5. Re: Flashback: When Democrats Deployed Tanks on American Soil, Americans Got Killed

    Good point made. My thoughts on the subject is we are subject to authority. If leaders are not good, people under that rules based dictatorship suffer. Oh;;; the suffering of the oppressed who are...
  6. Re: Communists Throw Burning US Flag on Secret Service Officer in Front of White Hous

    My thoughts on the subject is two sided. Trump promotes Christianity and threatens Jew power in the world. The communists are the Jews. Their behind indued chaos on our people. The politics of...
  7. Re: The Truth about White Johannesburg- South Africans Live in a Dangerous Gated Wor

    I listened to the video. A broader picture of public safety of our racial people goes to my mind being form the USA. As long as personal wealth goes unchecked( Raw capitalism for example; where...
  8. Is honest legal work in a corrupt society worth the risk

    By experience and personal passion. In my opinion. A society anywhere you live is defined by the laws or rules. Being outside the narrative of desegregation of white civilization. A man will be...
  9. Domestic violence for protection of women manipulated

    Real hard not to notice that non whites in law enforcement have clearly become white knights ( pretending to protect women and children) to isolate white men and women from each other. Occupation is...
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    Re: Brotherly Disputes

    The Bible references where great. Makes a lot of sense. Our ideas shared ; helps the body of Christ
    a thought of my own comes to mind. A sinner with self respect should respect the godly.
  11. Re: Orthodox Crescent Of Instability - Further Fragmentation of the Church

    I watched the video and it inspired me to think about all issues concerning having public churches to gather for our racial people. The more divided churches are==the more easier the ZOG anti Christ...
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    Re: Trumpwatch! Donald John Trump

    You are perfectly right about Trump Erik. My thoughts on the issue is about having Trump being elected to feel less intimidated by this rules based dictatorship. The system can not be repaired; ...
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    Re: Alien Deception

    Good point made. Seeking Alien life is secondary to how great our creator Yahweh is!! Being Christian I write that with no reservations.
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    Re: New Testament Apocrypha I and II

    very interesting. The Gospel of Yahweh is a big subject. Believers have a lot to understand and study to be respectful of our lord Jesus Christ.
  15. Is using prepping to avoid the destruction of the white man a way out???

    Really are and have we always been glorified hobos as a people (white people) since freedom of association was clearly denied us. After all hobos stay were they can stay for free as long as they can...
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    Re: Thought of the day thread

    The mass desegregation of white schools that started back from the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s by the Johnson/ Kennedy Administrations dictatorial powers then used By the USA government;; was...
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    Re: Thought of the day thread

    To live a life of sin is one thing. To share the sins of others is another matter.
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    10 commandments meaning

    In the society I grew up in. Thou shall not steal was a main commandment. Then the other 9 commandments got second guessed until others stop thinking about. Why is interpretation of Gods law ...
  19. Thread: Mind Control

    by frey#89

    Re: Mind Control

    The subject is interesting. I figure that the longer a man walks on pins and needles, eggshells. He is afraid to think. The entity he is afraid of controls what is said thoughtfully.
    The man...
  20. Anti fasist freaks using medical positions

    When I was new to the truth movement. I always respected Professionals in the USA. Now the untouchable profession as far as criticism is noticed by me. Pharmacies are now issuing wrong...
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    Re: Thought of the day thread

    Happy birthday Pastor Vissor. Great work the past years.
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    Re: Jewish Role in LGBT Civil Rights Movement

    My life experience and thoughts are that when the rules based dictatorship's police get forceful and brutal. Afterwards; black on white crime and its many forms increase in that area. The 911...
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    Re: Taking Credit For Youtube Crackdown

    Good point made. My thoughts on the YOUTUBE crackdown is projection. Over the time of many years ;; The more organized Jewry control of our society the less free speech exists.
    I understand...
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    In my opinion its demographics, demographics demographics. I will explain. Their are simply less white people in the USA. The persons the police work besides are alien to the ways of Israelites. ...
  25. Re: Crack down on racially motivated 911 calls...

    Absolutely great heads up information for all our people .
    These organized anti white haters will go to great lengths to manipulate facts to make life hell for white people. These pigs are down...
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