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  1. Lessons to be Learned from the Plight of Edgar Steele

    Some days ago, I posted the following at the Khazar Jew Goldblatt’s CI Forum. Since I just posted the above on holding gold and silver and currencies, I thought it was prudent for me to repeat this...
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    Big Financial Trouble Seems on the Horizon

    Moon worship Monday saw a giant Khazar Jew broker firm file bankruptcy. It turns out that illegally the firm, MF Global, used client money to invest in speculative EU debt markets. News said that...
  3. Khazar Jew Bankers Manipulated the Yen for big Profits Yesterday

    Yesterday, the Japanese intervened by about $90 billion to sell yen to lower it against the dollar. When the Khazar Jew money changers push currencies around they do it for huge profits and geo...
  4. Comments on why My Focus on the Yen and the Nippon Nuke Crisis

    Here is some commentary that I have just supplied to subscribers today at I will share these comments with you for information in case you are interested.

    Comment: Let me...
  5. Re: Federal/ADL/SPLC entrapping specialists present in the Christian right wing Movem

    A note and answer to Green Ghost, another person operating in secret, clandestinely with alias/ pseudonym.

    The answer is NO. Arthur and Randy were close friends and Arthur was a dead man and in...
  6. Re: Federal/ADL/SPLC entrapping specialists present in the Christian right wing Movem

    Obadiah 1:18, operating in secret and clandestinely with an alias/pseudonym, referred to email messages with the administrator of Christian Identity Forum and me. Since this correspondence was...
  7. Re: Help Wanted on Dual-Seedline, Christian Identity Groups in the Deep South

    Thanks for the suggestion. My son is in Kansas so i like Kansas. But it is too far west with too much radiation poisoning. To be in the US, i will want to be as far east as possible and away from...
  8. Federal/ADL/SPLC entrapping specialists present in the Christian right wing Movement

    Around the year 1988, I was visiting a friend of mine named Arthur Briggs in Naples, Idaho. Arthur and his wife were neighbors of Randy and Vicky Weaver near Naples. So Arthur wanted me to meet...
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    Re: Pastor Eli James &

    In the usual sense, I am not much on entering conflicts between different parties, as may be the case here on Emaheiser’s comments on James. But because James has turned out to be a major leader in...
  10. Will Greece Default on its Debt and What Will it Mean for the World?

    The Rothschild-Khazar Jew media has had a barrage of stories the past several weeks suggesting that Greece will default on her sovereign debt to bring enormous repercussions on the world. My take on...
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    The Role of Khazar Jews in the Age-End

    Many Christian Identity people and indeed even right wingers in general are very apocalyptic and beginning to believe that the age-end is almost on us. The Scriptural signs are falling into place to...
  12. The Murder of JFK and the Nesher Network that Coordinates/Controls the US Government

    One of the problems in accepting and believing in a Khazar Jew run US government is to appreciate how its many diverse agencies, people and activities can be coordinated and controlled to accomplish...
  13. How the Khazar Jew Banker Created Inflation Destroys Us

    In this forum, I have already recounted how the Khazar Jew bankers create alternating periods of inflation and deflation (depression) to rip us off and steal gobs of money from our economy. This...
  14. Khazar Jew Banker Manipulations Brought on the German Hyperinflation of the 1920s

    Some of the more informed people of our time have come to understand that the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are a story of real history and an accurate forecaster of future history. Many...
  15. Help Wanted on Dual-Seedline, Christian Identity Groups in the Deep South

    When the nuke problem at Fukushima happened on Mar 11, 2011, the four reactors there entered a melt down phase and commenced belching out deadly radiation poisoning the land, sea and air. Much of...
  16. Reuben H. Sawyer, Trailblazer for Israel Identity

    It’s too bad, but Christian Identity historians have failed to give due notice to the work of a Disciples of Christ minister in Portland, Oregon, just after WWI; when he began a motion which would...
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    Was Adolf Hitler an Evil German?

    In fact, was Adolf German anything (other than his use of the German language)?

    In the vein of being perhaps the most evil man in world history (as the Khazar Jew controlled media, entertainment...
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    Gold and/or Silver Confiscation

    Details on Gold Confiscation

    With both gold and silver on a roll right now, many financial market gurus are full of happiness and joy with its frequent moves up. But with the popularity in both...
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    Re: Iceland's On-going Revolution

    Follow-up on Iceland

    Few people are aware of how serious the situation has been in Iceland, which is one of the few largely White nations in the world that has not yet completely surrendered to...
  20. Backdrop on Why the Dual Seedline Focus on the Evils of the Khazar Jews

    Backdrop on Why the Dual Seedline Focus on the Evils of the Khazar Jews

    It looks like the Ashkenazi Khazar Jew led Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and its sister coconspirator of hate against...
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