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    Re: Thought of the day thread

    Synagogue of Satan from the divine book of Revelations! Can't get more obvious than that!
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    Re: Students burn Latina authors book

    Good it's about time whites and white kids understand we are a tribe and we look after our own. Don't wait for the jewish newspaper to judge you. They are our mortal enemies. Well done.
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    Re: Thought of the day thread

    Lefties are sad miserable bastards trying to make the world as retarded as they are.
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    Re: White man dies proposing to negress

    How sad.
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    Re: You might be in a redneck cult if...

    I love Jesus! Here are some bad cults;

    No king but Yeshua.
  6. Re: Wedding Venue Refuses Interracial Couple

    Good job, who needs these demons among us.
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    Re: Thought of the day thread

    I was just listening to Jeromy on Mary's gospel. I know it was from 2017 but he mentioned stamp collecting. Thought I would share one of my own, this one is a UK stamp:
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    Re: Native Americans are not white people

    Crossman said nothing wrong.. Why the contention. I don't think he is an infiltrator. I have heard the term Adamite, if it is not relevant, maybe he is just showing a slight mistake in using the...
  9. Re: Communists Throw Burning US Flag on Secret Service Officer in Front of White Hous

    It is good to see these horrible godless people getting some of what they deserve. May Yahweh see Trump safely into power for a second term. He is not perfect but he is the best worldly option we...
  10. Re: Flashback: When Democrats Deployed Tanks on American Soil, Americans Got Killed

    The liberals know they are morally reprehensible and do not care. Those that are traitors to their kind are twice the children of hell as those who are born tares. Divinely inspired comparison...
  11. Re: Is using prepping to avoid the destruction of the white man a way out???

    The yellow vests are already largely in this mode now. Going home after the street skirmishes may result in doorstep arrest. So they will have to and already have been building camps. During a time...
  12. Re: Anti fasist freaks using medical positions

    There was a jewish doctor called Harold Shipman, he killed more than a hundred. It was all over the media but they kept his ethnicity quiet. As we can see from the Georgia Guidestones and television...
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    Re: Alien Deception

    It is possible that when the anti-christ arrives it will be in the guise of a fake alien invasion. Also at this time the mark of the beast will be in full effect. Indeed if this does happen the...
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    Re: Alien Deception

    I believe the aliens are actually demons. Other than that I would not get too involved. As Pastor Visser has said debating whether the earth is flat or round means we do not edify ourselves...
  15. Re: Is using prepping to avoid the destruction of the white man a way out???

    I think it would be wise to have some sort of plan. If you want to survive the end of the world. Although it does say that some of us will be killed during the apocalypse. If you want to stay alive...
  16. Re: Anti fasist freaks using medical positions

    This is very possible. Targetted individuals is real and those paid to go around doing these things are often in well paid jobs.
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    The church of god exists in the hearts of the believers, not the phonies. Not the establishment places that may be nice buildings. But run by crypto-jews, to turn them into a love and peace den of...
  18. Re: Old Clip of Dick "the slimeball" Caviatt (Lester Lennox former governer of Atlant

    Yes a good man and the show is Animal House, two dishonest clowns and a decent christian man. Mods... I spelt the name wrong!

    Yeah that does not surprise me at all. The great irony is that blacks...
  19. Old Clip of Dick "the slimeball" Caviatt (Lester Lennox former governer of Atlanta)

    Notice how when the dumb black starts to lose the argument he goes straight to threats saying Lennox has a security guard with him. It is more or less...
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    Re: Environment

    Agreed, well said brother in Christ!
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    Re: We cried out to God for help

    God is merciful and kind to good honest men. A good piece of news for once!
  22. St Columba who landed in Scotland & The book of Kells

    Interesting story of a 12th century saint. The book of Kells is mentioned. I wonder if pastor Visser has heard of this tome? It was smuggled out by monks when vikings were raiding, along with...
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    Re: Notre Dame Cathedral on Fire

    Terrible.. may yahweh vent his anger on the globalist scum involved in this arson. It is a sad symbol of the times we live in.
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    Re: Christian Music Thread?

    They do mainly hard-rock style, but with older instruments! I find them to be.. Epic!


    Same band, along with German SS action:
  25. Re: How could other white people be so weak

    Tares in the wheat. Not all racial Israelites are chosen of god. However even the worst of these can repent if they want to. Most won't.
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