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  1. Re: How could other white people be so weak

    isn't the job of the prophet one of covenant prosecutor to the 'will' of the testator of the better covenant (heb 1)?
    if there was a change in priesthood (from levitical to melchizedek) does...
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    Re: War in Scripture

    if one is called to be a peacemaker, as an adopted son of abba in heaven (matt 6), then what is the concern re war? if we define "peace" correctly it is the 'end of all resistance'. so waging...
  3. Beauty of America Before Multi-culturalism & Pro-life song by The Deplorable Choir

    :applouse: :onthego: :angel+: :victorious: a two-fer, double-slam wake up call... get out, get into the day-to-day action...

    Beauty of America Before Multi-culturalism
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    Re: Charles Weisman 1954-2016 Rest In Peace

    did this happen? any contact info for this church? is this it: ?

    seems a shame to see his work just disappear. after trying to locate a source to re-acquire...
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    Re: War in Scripture

    A Handbook of Bible Law - Warfare and military laws
    Copyright 1991 by Charles A. Weisman
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    Re: Sermon on the Mount

    one of the best commentaries I ever heard on this was by the late RJ Rushdoony:
    . . . can listen (free) to entire series here:
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    Re: Memes and Pics

    The Star of Remphan Jul 11, 2003
  8. Re: Yahweh's rainbow has 7 colors while the fag flag has 6

    sort of like the the communist "peace" symbol uses a germanic death rune:

    whereas the celtic peace...
  9. Re: Catholic priest and parishioners defy their Chicago Archdiocese to BURN rainbow f

    this story reminds me of a story I half-remember of a pot calling kettle black. :-) if a whore defies his/her pimp to perform an act of fornication without charging..., does that absolve the whore...
  10. Re: PA Family Sues Govt. After Being Ordered to Stop Holding Bible Studies

    "... My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.." (... understanding, and wisdom).
    The solution to this would simply be to "come out" of "her" (babylon) my people... but who cares enough...
  11. Book: Missing in Action - Vanishing Manhood in America, by Weldon Hardenbrook

    I finally tracked down one of the books I read 25+ years ago.
    a real classic:

    Missing in Actions: Vanishing Manhood in America
    PDF downloaf --


    review from...
  12. Re: Book: Obedience Training, by B. A. Hunter (Jack Mohr?)

    yea, it was a useful book to share with new people after "conversion" into the kingdom. "sheep-training" is difficult for those 'stiff-necked' people in the "way" of their "shepherd"/savior/king...
  13. Book: Obedience Training, by B. A. Hunter (Jack Mohr?)

    I've been trying to find this book in PDF (or print to scan to PDF) for couple years now.
    does anyone know where one can get a copy, or does anyone have it in PDF already?

    Rumor was that...
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    Re: volunteery humanity

    a "human" = "hu"(hue)+"man"(adam)... no longer just man, but a hued man.
    legal definition of "human being" = "monster"
    maybe the code of "legal system in control" (the "occupier" over those in...
  15. Re: a new "deep work" ministry: set-apart way-shower missions of Hosp. Fellowship

    when one is "purchased" by so great a price (by the sacrificial blood of the Lamb), does one have "liberty" to become slaves of men and their empty (bankrupt) traditions?
    if the world is judged by...
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    Re: What's in a Name?

    knowing the purpose of names is the beginning.
    could a sequel be on how names are used (i.e. do's and don'ts)?
    e.g. "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength." Phil. 4:13
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    Re: Thought of the day thread

    so much time wasted on reacting to symptoms, when the source of the problem is covenant disobedience.
    so many examples in the "faith hall of fame" (Hebrews 11):
    "Now faith is the reality of...
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    Re: Trumpwatch! Donald John Trump Thread

    when the trump era is over what will the critics be saying?
    when will we ever wake up there is no salvation thru politics?
    has one ever considered the alternative to both "left" and "right"...
  19. Re: a new "deep work" ministry: set-apart way-shower missions of Hosp. Fellowship

    couldn't most do better, when more decide to come into wellness? if not now, then when should one start?
    isn't the way to "overcome" always been defined in "the word" as "love" - i.e. what...
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    Re: Revelation is a victory service of the Conquering Sovereign

    why would anyone assume things literal? wasn't this the failing of the pharisees? they couldn't see, much less enter the kingdom, because they couldn't get past their literal (physical)...
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    Re: Pastor Peter J. Peters & Scriptures For America

    it isn't so dark as all of that. being put to the test, is actually a covenant spanking rod punishing a disobedient people. such have forsaken the "purchase" that redeemed them out of "hell"...
  22. Re: a new "deep work" ministry: set-apart way-shower missions of Hosp. Fellowship

    um... ok... whatever floats your boat. may you reap the rewards that are merited by the works you put out.

    for anyone tired of the pissing contests and more concerned about their own...
  23. a new "deep work" ministry: set-apart way-shower missions of Hosp. Fellowship

    ... and now for something completely different...

    a rare few may remember this author's early internet days putting SFA online in the 1990s (FTP site + Usenet posts), then later publishing...
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    Re: Pastor Peter J. Peters & Scriptures For America

    what if it goes farther than that? where is the "trust" in co-heirship with the 'redeemer'? the understanding has fallen considerably since the late 80s-90s, and the substance has become so scarce...
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    Re: Is Jesus God?

    why not "the son of man"? spirit (of yahuwah) + man = new creation (the 2nd adam)?
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