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    Re: Thought of the day thread

    The mass desegregation of white schools that started back from the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s by the Johnson/ Kennedy Administrations dictatorial powers then used By the USA government;; was...
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    Re: Thought of the day thread

    To live a life of sin is one thing. To share the sins of others is another matter.
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    10 commandments meaning

    In the society I grew up in. Thou shall not steal was a main commandment. Then the other 9 commandments got second guessed until others stop thinking about. Why is interpretation of Gods law ...
  4. Thread: Mind Control

    by frey#89

    Re: Mind Control

    The subject is interesting. I figure that the longer a man walks on pins and needles, eggshells. He is afraid to think. The entity he is afraid of controls what is said thoughtfully.
    The man...
  5. Anti fasist freaks using medical positions

    When I was new to the truth movement. I always respected Professionals in the USA. Now the untouchable profession as far as criticism is noticed by me. Pharmacies are now issuing wrong...
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    Re: Thought of the day thread

    Happy birthday Pastor Vissor. Great work the past years.
  7. Re: Jewish Role in LGBT Civil Rights Movement

    My life experience and thoughts are that when the rules based dictatorship's police get forceful and brutal. Afterwards; black on white crime and its many forms increase in that area. The 911...
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    Re: Taking Credit For Youtube Crackdown

    Good point made. My thoughts on the YOUTUBE crackdown is projection. Over the time of many years ;; The more organized Jewry control of our society the less free speech exists.
    I understand...
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    In my opinion its demographics, demographics demographics. I will explain. Their are simply less white people in the USA. The persons the police work besides are alien to the ways of Israelites. ...
  10. Re: Crack down on racially motivated 911 calls...

    Absolutely great heads up information for all our people .
    These organized anti white haters will go to great lengths to manipulate facts to make life hell for white people. These pigs are down...
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    Re: DHS Releases 7.9K Illegals in 8 Days

    Thanks Erik for the info. I do not have the stats on the sex of the illigals. Though I read though reliable sources that these illegals are mostly military aged men. For all you white guys ; what...
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    Re: Explosive New Report on MLK JR

    My thoughts on MLK are chaos and brutality go hand in hand. The chaos created gave a sense of power to his followers or control freaks. A Legacy that legalized stalking and fear to USA society.
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    Re: Thought of the day thread

    Looking back in time and comparing modern day racial survival talk. One thing is clear in my opinion. The destructive agony involving desegregation of blacks in the USA is watered down and...
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    The Modern day Marine corps in my opinion. Sold out to consumerism and just into racial down sizing. Less white people more space and money for them.
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    Re: Florida "antisemitism" Bill for schools

    I think the situation of defamation is in reverse. Whites are stolen of Identity, privacy and dignity. Organized Jewry and their schemes to give the third or fourth world payoffs to rob steal,...
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    Very true. In my opinion. It's White families coming together for the legal right of keeping narcissistic persons (Jewish or otherwise) away from them along with the right of association. The...
  17. Re: Both Comey And Brennan Voted Communist While Cold War Was Raging

    I read post. What comes to my mind is the words of Jesus. Located in the book of John in the new testament. Jesus told the Pharisees that if they see --sin they are guilty of it. If they were...
  18. Re: The Story of the First Confederate Battle Flag - The Southern Cross

    Very proud of my ancestors who found in the confederacy in the war against northern aggression.
    My thoughts are; With no right of public association for whites in the south . Public...
  19. Re: ((Media)) now blaming Islamic attacks on mental illness, social awkwardness etc..

    Some thoughts about harassment, exhortation ect..of USA citizens abroad. The government thinks its social awkwardness, mental illness ect

    To me. MY interpretation of life here in the USA...
  20. Re: FBI Arrests Leader Of Armed Militia Rounding Up Migrants At Southern Border

    Sad;;; people volunteering their time for free=== to make their country a better place to live for these guys and all other in the USA=== get arrested. Arrested not for stalking, loitering, throwing...
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    My thoughts are that member nations of the EU and its white faced citizens are targets of emotional, physical as well as financial abuse by the black community. Any resistance is faced by a jew...
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    History is written by the conqueror. In my thoughts;;;; details are cancelled out by popular conflicting facts; until the controller of the narrative finally decides the how calendars are used.
  23. Re: St Columba who landed in Scotland & The book of Kells

    I watched the youtube video. Their were always struggles and politics. Viking raids and community wars ect... Appeared to me; the love of Yahweh's word never wavered though. Very devoted...
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    Re: Thought of the day thread

    The Working poor white men of the USA are forgotten and avoided as a subject of getting you followed around or fired from your job sooner or later. Trucking the last labor work that pays something...
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    This article clearly proves to me that open borders combined with the long time existing desegregation is a tool for white genocide. All the while on the way to genocide of our people are driven...
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