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  1. Re: Anti fasist freaks using medical positions

    This is very possible. Targetted individuals is real and those paid to go around doing these things are often in well paid jobs.
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    The church of god exists in the hearts of the believers, not the phonies. Not the establishment places that may be nice buildings. But run by crypto-jews, to turn them into a love and peace den of...
  3. Re: Old Clip of Dick "the slimeball" Caviatt (Lester Lennox former governer of Atlant

    Yes a good man and the show is Animal House, two dishonest clowns and a decent christian man. Mods... I spelt the name wrong!

    Yeah that does not surprise me at all. The great irony is that blacks...
  4. Old Clip of Dick "the slimeball" Caviatt (Lester Lennox former governer of Atlanta)

    Notice how when the dumb black starts to lose the argument he goes straight to threats saying Lennox has a security guard with him. It is more or less...
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    Re: Environment

    Agreed, well said brother in Christ!
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    Re: We cried out to God for help

    God is merciful and kind to good honest men. A good piece of news for once!
  7. St Columba who landed in Scotland & The book of Kells

    Interesting story of a 12th century saint. The book of Kells is mentioned. I wonder if pastor Visser has heard of this tome? It was smuggled out by monks when vikings were raiding, along with...
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    Re: Notre Dame Cathedral on Fire

    Terrible.. may yahweh vent his anger on the globalist scum involved in this arson. It is a sad symbol of the times we live in.
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    Re: Christian Music Thread?

    They do mainly hard-rock style, but with older instruments! I find them to be.. Epic!


    Same band, along with German SS action:
  10. Re: How could other white people be so weak

    Tares in the wheat. Not all racial Israelites are chosen of god. However even the worst of these can repent if they want to. Most won't.
  11. Yellow Vest Protests are they as they seem?

    Hiya brothers in Christ! I have been watching RT's feeds of the yellow vest protests in France with much excitement as I am sure many here have as well. It seems the indeginous French are actually...
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    Re: Psychic industry has grown 52%

    Sadly when your relatives are gone they are gone, period, of course the soul lives on. Sometimes these people at 'spiritist' churches will give accurate information. Because the information comes...
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    Re: Psychic industry has grown 52%

    Aside from a lot of charlatans some psychics are real. The problem is they are not getting their information from spirit guides with cutesy names. Their information comes from the demons that inhabit...
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    Re: Subject of interest and study

    I know a lot of people were anxious in the 80s about the possibility of a nuke from Russia using Cuba as a base. Some people even built shelters in their back yards.

    Nuclear war is always...
  15. Re: ((Media)) now blaming Islamic attacks on mental illness, social awkwardness etc..

    Yes, you are right. But it is good to use sources like this to show our own how biased they are.
  16. ((Media)) now blaming Islamic attacks on mental illness, social awkwardness etc...

    Seems they have found a way to hide all these ongoing attacks. Even if they are not Islamic terrorists they are still imported trash!

    This guy was not a native Canadian.

    Iranian muslim...
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    Re: Trump signs Bibles

    Never be ashamed of being Christian!
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    Re: Paul Harvey Prophetic Words 1965

    Yeah he is very on point. The holy spirit gives to all men liberally.
  19. Sermons on Big Pharma and street drugs and the effect on the mind?

    I am researching to make a video on the subject of government enabled drug runs (Mexican Cartels). Any sermons on big Pharma or suchlike? Thanks!
  20. Re: More Than Half Of Germans Want To Leave The Country For A "More Stable Political

    Sad to see.
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    Sticky: Re: The Prayer Request Thread

    Much of us are far from rich. But if everyone just gave a little it could help fund the sermons and I am all for that. I found that buying and selling antiques is a brilliant way to supplement...
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    Re: The Hatred of our People

    If people are still hung up on the word racist. A concept invented by mass murdering kike Trotsky, well then they deserve to be wiped out. Never take those buzzwords they call you seriously. They are...
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    Re: The Hatred of our People

    They can call me anything they want, I still ain't half as hated by god as those bastards. I know that is a bold statement but they are godless commies and god only uses them to punish us for not...
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    Re: Favorite Westerns (informal)

    Yes the Spaghetti Westerns were great, The music by Italian composer Ennio Morricone.

    Josey Wales is a cool film. Clint is the first man to do more rugged anti-hero type westerns!
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    Favorite Westerns (informal)

    Was just thinking about some old films on my lunch break. Hope I am not the only one that longs for the days of cowboy movies again! Of course if they do any now it would probably have women and...
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