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    The Abrahamic Covenant and Baptism
    by The Revelator

    The subject of the covenant and promise that God swore by himself to uphold, and gave to our fleshly father Abraham is a very interesting subject indeed. Throughout the Bible, starting with Abraham, this covenant is carefully "woven and threaded" from book to book; especially in the new testament, as this booklet will explain. This booklet will not agree with the accepted theory that the world°s churches have concerning the Abrahamic covenant, and this booklet will also not agree with what is accepted and believed about what is called "baptism" in the new testament. The modern-day churches have completely discarded this covenant, and are under the false belief that the Abrahamic covenant could never be the basis of the modern-day Christian faith. The fact is, this covenant is without a doubt the purpose of the death of Christ; and is at the heart and core of the Christianity of the Bible, as we shall see. Generally if sincere Christians are asked if their belief is based on what God promised to Abraham, they would without hesitation deny that this covenant has anything to do with their belief. It is a shame that sincere people are not aware that according to the Bible, it is the physical descendants of Abraham that are promised to inherit the new testament promises through Jesus Christ. This fact and truth will be explained later.

    The vast majority of well-meaning Christians have been deceived to believe that God has discarded this covenant, in spite of the fact that God swore by himself to keep what he had promised to Abraham and the descendants of Abraham! See Heb. 6:13.

    Hebrews 6:13 For when God made promise to Abraham, because he could swear by no greater, he sware by himself, (KJV)

    To understand who the people are that are in line to inherit these promises, it is a must that you read my booklet entitled "Lost Israel and the Gentiles". It is very important for sincere truth-seeking people to reject the commonly accepted theory that the world's churches have concerning the Abrahamic covenant. It is time we look at this subject from God's point of view and begin to believe the Bible, which explains in detail what the faith was that founded the new testament Church. It is also important to understand how this very important covenant given to a man called Abraham, is the foundation and basis of why a symbolic "ceremonial work" known as baptism was called for in the new testament.

    Baptism is a subject that is on the minds of many sincere Christian people. What is baptism all about, and why is the example of baptism of such profound importance in the new testament? This is a very interesting subject, and the new testament is certainly not silent when it comes to talking about this very important ceremonial "washing" called baptism. It is interesting to note that baptism is not mentioned in the old testament, and there is a very important reason for this as we shall see. What is baptism supposed to accomplish for Christians? For that matter, what is the spiritual harm for Christians not to be baptized? The Bible is the only source of knowledge and information ...
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    Lost Israel and the Gentiles
    by The Revelator

    This booklet was formally entitled "Who Are the Gentiles?". It has been rewritten and more information has been added, and it covers this subject more in detail. The subject of "lost" Israel and who are the "Gentiles" is a very interesting and challenging study. It is my desire to allow the Holy Bible to explain and expose the truth concerning this very important subject. The Bible must be the final authority in determining the answer to the very important question of who are the Gentiles. This booklet will explain what happened to the Israelites that were taken captive, and if they truly became "lost". This booklet will also show a complete different exclamation of who are the Gentiles, than what is commonly accepted and taught by the modern churches. Who are these people that are mentioned so many times in the scriptures, and what does the word "Gentiles" really mean? This booklet will attempt to explain and answer these questions, or I should say, the Bible will answer these questions!

    Most of us in our early years have been told by the modern churches who the Gentiles are. We were told that these people were "non-Jewish" (whatever that means). This booklet will also address and attempt to explain the reason for the Biblical use of the word "Jew(s)". We were also told that since the death of Christ, the believing "Gentiles" automatically have salvation and the blessings of God. This "reasoning" goes something like this.... it's good that the Jews rejected Christ, otherwise the Gentiles would not have a chance for salvation. We were also told that anyone that is a "non-Jew" can be "adopted" into the Christian family. I will get to the word "adoption" later and show how this word is Biblically interpreted, and it might surprise some to learn who and what people this word is applied to. It is also accepted by our "spiritually enlightened" Christian world that what is left of the Israelites of old are now the people known as what we call today the "Jews". The strange thing is most of us never questioned these theories! I want to show from the Bible that these theories are not correct! We were also told that the Gentiles could become "spiritual Israelites" or "spiritual seed of Abraham". Never mind that these phrases are nowhere found in the Bible. For many years I have accepted these theories as being valid and truthful, not realizing that our "learned" Bible authorities could be wrong!

    We have got to understand that we live in a deceived world, and the Bible is no longer regarded as determining what is truth and what is not truth. Most believing Christians simply do not care, or they "reason" that it does not matter who the Gentiles are. This booklet will show that it matters very much who the Gentiles are, because this understanding is directly linked to the death and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

    The problem people seem to have is with the meaning of the word "Gentiles" in scripture. Words have meanings, and it is very important to know why God has chosen certain words that are Biblically used to explain a certain meaning. The word "Gentiles" is found one hundred twenty one times in the Bible, and it is always plural except in two scriptures; which is interesting. In the old testament the word "Gentiles" (gowy) is no. 01471 in Strong's Lexicon.

    01471 gowy {go'-ee} rarely (shortened) goy {go'-ee} apparently from the same root as 01465; TWOT - 326e AV - nation 374, heathen 143, Gentiles 30, people 11; 558 n m

    1) nation, people 1a) nation, ...
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    Life and Death
    by The Revelator

    If there is a subject that is on our minds more than anything else, it is the subject of life and death. I might add also, it is no doubt the most important since this subject directly and personally involves everyone of us. We all have to face what is called life, and there will come a day when we must all lay down these bodies and face what is called death. Life and death go hand in hand, and it is assumed that they are total opposites. It is also assumed one cannot exist without the other. The Bible is the only authority that we can go to and learn the correct understanding of what is called life and what is called death. Because of it's simplicity and pureness, the Bible is perhaps the most misunderstood book of the twentieth century! We live in a world that treats the Bible as certainly not a "book of truth". For this reason it is extremely difficult for sincere people to except and believe the simple and plain teachings of the Bible. The truth of the Bible is carefully "designed" to be accepted only by those that have the child like humility to simply believe what it says and then to respond to it! The truth of God is very precious, and it will only be revealed and understood to those that are found "worthy", if you know what I mean.

    The common accepted view on life and death most non-religious people seem to have is that we live out our lives, and when this life is over we die or cease to exist. Most of us are familiar with what is called physical life and what is called physical death. However the Bible also talks about another kind of life and death, which I want to explore and attempt to explain in this booklet. There have been many countless books and literature published throughout the years with each author claiming to know some truth on this subject. However there is very little information on the fact that the creation of Adam-kind is much different than the creation of "kind after it's kind" mentioned ten times in the first chapter of Genesis. I do not by any means understand and know everything that I ought to know about this subject called life and death. Neither do I want to pretend that I understand this subject, and I have just as many questions as anyone else does. I am only interested in the Bible definition of what is called life and what is called death as it applies to Adam-kind. The Adam-kind creation was after the image and likeness of the God kind, and was of a spiritual nature. Therefore the "life and death" of Adam-kind is much different in one aspect than that of the non-Adamic living creations. The Bible does indeed make this distinction and difference.

    The "Death" of Adam

    Adam was created to live forever, and when Adam sinned a dying process started and Adam's body began to break down. However it took a very long time for this process to finally bring about the death of Adam's body. Adam lived for nine hundred and thirty years (Gen. 5:5).

    Genesis 5:5 And all the days that Adam lived were nine hundred and thirty years: and he died. (KJV)

    The Bible records that several men of Adam-kind lived to be the age of over nine hundred years. You could say, in a sense, that these men inherited a "slight touch" of the life of God from their father Adam. They had this "life" lingering in their bodies which prolonged their physical lives. However it is very important to ...
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    The Kingdom of God
    by The Revelator

    The subject known as the "kingdom of God" is talked about and found in the Bible more than any other doctrine or theological truth, especially in the new testament. The kingdom of God that will restore righteousness on the earth is the general theme of the writings of all the prophets. This is very important to understand! The book that we call the Bible has the words "Holy Bible" printed across the cover, however if there were a title or a theme given to the Bible, it would have to be entitled the "kingdom of God". Jesus Christ instructed us in the model prayer that we should always pray for God's kingdom to come so that his will can be done on earth as it is done in heaven (Matt. 6:10).

    Matthew 6:10 Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as [it is] in heaven. (KJV)

    This present evil world is in desperate need for the kingdom of God, and tragically this is the last thing the governments of this world would sincerely request and prayer for. Christ asked believers to prayer for God's kingdom, which proves that the kingdom of God is future, and a type of government that will come on the earth to restore true righteousness. However this is not to say that the powers of this kingdom can not felt and "tasted" in the heart and mind of an overcoming believer in Christ. This will be explained later.

    It could be said that the Bible had to be written to reveal truth and to give a correct understanding of what is known as government. This is very important to understand! The entire creation as we know it and this present evil world has to be governed, ordered and maintained by some power and authority; whether it be good or evil. It is indeed very obvious that this present evil world, by God's permission, is given over to forces and powers of deception and wickedness. The history of human self-governments is a record of bloodshed, war, misery, and deception. Deception and false gods is perhaps the very cause of the evil that nations experience, and it is indeed very strange that governments never question or examine their system of belief and worship. However along with a history of evil is also a history of temporary peace, good and prosperity for certain nations. The governments of this world are not aware that they are being used as pawns behind the scenes for control and direction by invisible wicked powers. The following is one definition of the word "government" found in the Noah Webster Dictionary.

    3. The exerise of authority; direction and restraint exercised over the actions of men in communities, societies or states.

    The nations of this world are very much aware of the importance and the need for proper government and restraint to maintain civil order ...
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