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    by Published on 08-15-2013 01:00 AM
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    Race Mixing Is Anti-Christian
    by David K. Stacey

    My Christian ministry is anti-Jew, anti-Negro! I won't try to hide the fact.

    My Christian ministry, the Israel Identity Movement, is anti-Jewish and anti-Negro, at least, as far as Jews and Negroes are concerned.

    But I am NOT a "Jew-baiter" or "nigger-hater" on any grounds of blind prejudice. Rather, I oppose them, and the Whites who try to assimilate them into our society, because false Christian doctrine has caused them to believe they have certain rights and status which God has not given them.

    Who is your favorite preacher ? Ralph Abernathy? Billy Graham? Bishop Sheen? Or perhaps some local pastor?

    Whoever he is, he is deceiving you.

    He may be sincere in his preaching, but he ...
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    Pastor Visser

    Re: Paypal

    Anybody? Anyone? Anywhere?

    Perhaps we should clarify we're not inbred hicks on the internet attempting to pervert the Word for the jew (we're trying to be) like our many plagiarizers/parasites.

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    Pastor Visser

    Re: Question about Wickstrom

    Very ironic that Roper's wife was completely accurate. Antichrist deceivers deny the Name of Jesus.

    We publicly apologize for being blinded by loyalty.

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    Re: What does everyone consider the Sabbath day to fall on?

    Light created on the 1st day of Genesis, but
    Light “upon the earth” on the FOURTH day
    (Genesis 1:14-19).

    Sun, Mercury, Venus, EARTH

    The 1st weekly Sabbath
    is day...

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    Re: Apostle's playlists

    Revelation (Complete)


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    Re: Apostle's playlists

    Philippians (Complete)


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