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    Cultural Reconstruction
    by Allen F. Truitt, CJCC-AN, Texas

    The Law
    "The Court must be living in another world. Day by day, case by case, it is busy designing a Constitution for a country I do not recognize."—Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, dissenting in Board of County Commissioners, Wabaunsee County, Kansas v. Umbehr, 1996.
    Some years ago I read an interesting article on Racial Abnegation Dementia, or "RAD," a term that was the sole invention of the author but no less real, in an issue of The Way newsletter, a publication of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian-Aryan Nations. The author, who I can no longer name, coined the phrase "RAD" tongue in cheek, and while I recognized that, he also quite precisely defined a very real problem among our Folk. Racial Abnegation Dementia is real.

    "Abnegation" is defined by Random House Webster's Dictionary as: "denying oneself rights or comforts; to renounce."

    "Dementia" is defined from the same sources as: "severely impaired memory or reasoning ability; crazy, insane ...."

    As the author of RAD pointed out, Racial Abnegation Dementia is the renunciation of one's own race through an impaired or damaged reasoning ability. RAD infects individuals. Such individuals typically choose to grant favor to those of another race while denying those same favors, or comforts, as their own. A White RAD patient, for example, may hire other races while denying jobs to his own racial kinsmen. He may choose to give to a charity of African children while children of his own race starve in America or South Africa. He might give credit to the negro on test scores while simultaneously demanding an ever-higher standard from fellow Whites. An individual with a terminal case of RAD would marry outside his or her own race, or go half way around the world to adopt a child of another race. For cases such as this, there is only one solution.

    Cultural Abnegators

    The 20th Century was the century that brought us what I have taken the liberty of calling Cultural Abnegation Dementia, or CAD. Whereas RAD infected individuals—and RAD is no doubt the predecessor of CAD—we found CAD infecting groups of people, such as congregations, organizations, political groups, even the racial nation as a whole. Such groups should be called "CADs," though, if you prefer to pronounce it, you can call them Demented Cultural Abnegators. It has a certain effect, doesn't it?

    CADs have materialized all across our land, inexplicably declaring war on their own Culture and way of life. Organizations bearing all manner of acronyms have sprung up, whose sole purpose is to, quite literally, demonize and erase the cultural memory and pride of the very people who made this a great nation. Their dementia is so great that, in doing so, they are bringing about their own demise and that of future generations of beautiful White children. What's more, if you were to tell them that, they would without the lease crease of anxiety declare, "It's about time!"

    Who knows what causes a race of people to give up on itself to such an extent that such groups are created and, for that matter, allowed? It is unnatural. Let's take a look at how our society is influenced by CADs and explore along the way some definitions associated with this phenomenon.

    What is Culture?

    Culture is a set of values, beliefs, rules and institutions held by a race of people. A "National Culture" is displayed in monuments or even museums which are built to celebrate important events in the national history, or to celebrate heroes. Within a national culture is also found "Aesthetics" which includes art, music, painting, dance, drama, and architecture. This, by extension, includes colors, symbolism and even expressions.

    Additionally, culture includes "Values," which are ideas, beliefs and customs to which a people are accustomed and emotionally attached. An example of a cultural value would be the religious belief of a people.

    There are two other ...
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    A Biblical Approach to Miscegenation
    by Pastor Allen Truitt

    All too often these days when the issue of Biblical law, morals, or ethics comes up, we are rewarded with a response bordering on the supercilious (patronizing). If the issue becomes one of immigration. intermarriage, or miscegenation (race mixing), words like "bigot," "racist," or "supremacist" rear their ugly heads. Such is to be expected in a country which in the last 70 years has abandoned its Christian heritage and gone the way of social communism.

    This article is written with a common sense approach for those few Christians extant in our demoralized society who feel that they are not getting an honest opinion from their Pastors and who long to return to a morality borne of Biblical principles and who seek honest answers to serious questions. In this case: Is miscegenation or racial intermixture forbidden by the Bible?

    This is an important question and it seems now, in the dawn of the 21st century, it needs an answer more than ever. Indeed, this question is at the root of almost every problem ailing our nation today.

    Christians who have been around long enough to see America just 30 or 40 years ago remember a far better place, a safer place, where America was 80% White, the economy was stable, crime rates were much lower, and our communities were Christian. With the rapidly dropping birthrates of White Americans and a wide open immigration policy, the Christian landscape has changed drastically. The country is no longer majority White in some southern states, nor is it anything but nominally Christian.

    Even more disturbing is the fact that our children seem, more often than not, to be ...
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