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    The United States and Russia in Prophecy
    ... and the Red Horse of the Apocalypse

    by Gerald B. Winrod

    "And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given him that sat thereon to TAKE PEACE FROM THE EARTH, and there was given unto him a great Sword."—Revelation 6:4.
    Universal Turmoil

    This is a catastrophic period in the world's history. Everyone knows that civilization is breaking up. Let us resolve to face stubborn facts courageously. Everything has been thrown into a state of unrest and confusion. Society is in convulsions. Every nation is in process of change. The map of the world is being revised. Governments are tottering. Economic structures are falling. Another world war looms on the horizon. Moral foundations are being dynamited. Spiritual forces have become hopelessly weakened by apostasy. A revolution is not coming; it is already here. Back of these conditions there must be an adequate cause.

    Fascism and Communism, both in principle and practice, are fighting for world supremacy. These are the two great camps into which all nations are certain to be divided. Both are founded upon the doctrine of dictatorship. As if anticipating a radical change in the government of the United States not unlike that which has taken place in most European countries, Colonel House, the gentleman who was so close to President Wilson ...
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    The Truth about the Protocols
    by Gerald B. Winrod, editor of The Defender

    After observing the title of this book, some will accuse me of being anti-Semitic. If by this they mean that I am opposed to the Jews as a race or as a religion, I deny the allegation. But if they mean that I am opposed to a coterie of international Jewish bankers ruling the Gentile world by the power of gold, if they mean that I am opposed to international Jewish Communism, then I plead guilty to the charge.

    The Book

    On the shelves of the British Museum in the city of London there is a book in the Russian language, by Sergius A. Nilus, called the Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion. It contains twenty-four documents which purport to reveal the inner workings of a plot by certain international Jewish leaders to enslave the world through a dictatorship based upon the power of gold.

    Next to the Bible, this volume, translated into various languages, is perhaps the most widely read book in existence. The superintendent of the library told me that he constantly receives inquiries about it from all parts of the world. Its catalogue mark in the library is C 37.C.31. This book was received by the Museum August 10, 1906. It was purchased through regular trade channels and there was nothing extraordinary about the manner in which it reached England's greatest library.

    The first translation from the Russian into English was published by Eyre and Spottiswoode, official printers of the British government, in 1920. Victor E. Marsden, who had previously represented a London newspaper in Russia, made another translation about the same time.

    Because Mr. Marsden was a master in both languages, his work is generally regarded as being thoroughly accurate and dependable: He lived through the Russian revolution and was forced to spend considerable time in a Bolshevik prison. Injuries thus sustained, impaired his health and sent him back home a broken man.

    Later he accompanied the Prince of Wales on his tour of the British Empire but died suddenly afterwards. Nilus first published the Protocols in 1905, although they had come into his hands four years before. He regarded it a patriotic and religious duty to give them the widest possible circulation.

    From the beginning of the century, down to the present hour, the plot which these documents disclose has been fulfilled step by step. In them we see an advance unfoldment of the economic and political history of the nations. If the Protocols are forgeries, as some Jews assert, then it is a paradox, ...
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    The Protocols and The Coming Superman
    by Gerald B. Winrod; (1933)

    "And this is that spirit of Antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world."—1 John 4:3.

    The Chosen People

    I am not an enemy of the Jews. For many years my written and spoken utterances have abounded with such phrases as, "There is a very real sense in which the Jews are God's Chosen People. Taken as a whole they are the most remarkable race of people in the world. They have retained their existence as a separate and distinct people in spite of hundreds of years of persecution. The most ingenious methods have been used by other nations in seeking their destruction but they have weathered every storm. In the coming world crisis the Jew will play an important part in the drama of fulfilled Bible prophecy. And, let it be remembered that Jesus Christ came to earth dressed in the garb of a Jew."

    For nineteen hundred years these strange people have wandered over the earth, like the legend of the Wandering Jew, without a homeland; yet they have retained their race consciousness and are more firmly banded together today ...
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    Adam Weishaupt: A Human Devil
    by Gerald B. Winrod [1935]

    "The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes."—Disraeli.
    Behind the Scenes

    Disorders, revolutions, economic convulsions and political upheavals do not happen. They result from planning. Under the surface, unknown to good people, there are constant plots, schemes, tricks and intrigues.

    Hidden forces continue their subterranean activities until they reach a boiling point, then an explosion takes place on the surface. The rank and file of people are caught off their guard. There comes a devastating outburst in which lives are lost, property is destroyed, and human development is retarded.

    Not until the storm breaks do the sleeping masses awaken, yawn, stir themselves and look about at the wreckage and carnage, after it is too late to help matters. History is replete with examples of this kind.

    International conspirators always find it to their advantage to lull the people to sleep until they can get their plots developed so far that nothing can stop them. A man in a stupor is harmless. The despoilers have a way of keeping the popular mind befuddled and drugged, under the influence of their opiates. It is a rare thing for an awakening to take place in time to avert a crisis.

    Propaganda is a powerful weapon in the hands of wicked men. Yet the thinking of a whole nation may become warped in a comparatively short time, on some particular question, by a bombardment of ideas released from carefully planned and timed sources. By degrees these ideas sink into the mass mind and a community is moulded accordingly. Then the people take the things they have been taught for granted, little suspecting that, parrot-like, they are merely chattering about false notions which have been insinuated into their mental processes.

    Thus designing leaders find it possible to bring wreck and ruin upon a country by pulling wires from behind the scenes. They are able to produce cross currents and create class hatreds, keeping themselves and their ...
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    The Jewish Assault on Christianity
    by Gerald B. Winrod, Editor of The Defender

    "And when it was day, certain of the Jews banded together, and bound themselves under a curse, saying that they would neither eat nor drink till they had killed Paul. And they were more than forty which had made this conspiracy."—Acts 23:12-13.

    The same forces which crucified Christ nineteen hundred years ago are today trying to crucify His Church.

    Many Christian leaders have not yet realized it, but Christianity is in the grip of a life and death struggle at the present time.

    International Jewish Communism, which has already undermined all nations, firmly expects to exterminate all Christians. What the Cause of Christ has endured in Russia the past eighteen years, surpasses its suffering at the hands of bloody Nero.

    One of the purposes of the present treatise is to show that this conspiracy is NOT of recent origin.
    —Gerald B. Winrod.
    The Jewish Assault on Christianity

    Christianity is passing through a crisis the like of which it has never faced before. Whether or not it possesses sufficient moral and spiritual resistance to survive, remains to be seen.

    Paul said the Christian's instruments of battle were not physical: "For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds."

    The same thought is emphasized in the supernaturally inspired words to Zerubbabel: "Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts."

    The strength of the Church is in its ability to influence the hearts and lives of men by the demonstration and proclamation of divine truth. Questions like the following constantly haunt the writer: "Will the Church be able to demonstrate sufficient power to triumph over its foes in the present crisis? Or has it become so weakened by apostasy and pernicious teachings that it will have to be drenched in its own blood before it can be brought to its senses?"

    Persecution has always had a purifying effect upon the Church. Like the individual saints of which it is composed, its "strength is made perfect in weakness."

    Unless the Christian forces of the western nations come under a new baptism of old-time spiritual power, the Church will go down and Soviet Atheism will come up. The Russian Empire was destroyed by the Red hordes, eighteen years ago, because it did not possess sufficient spiritual vitality to resist the onslaught.

    The Greek Orthodox Church, which governed the religious life and thought of Russia, was a cold, dead, pagan institution. It lacked life, emotion and creative energy. Consequently it yielded to the first attack of organized Atheism. Its gorgeous temples have been turned into museums, brothels, and centers of entertainment and vice. Its wealth has been confiscated. Its priests and other leaders have been put to death. Its members have been slaughtered ...
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