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    The Twelfth Chapter of Romans as a Klansman's Law of Life
    by Rev. W. C. Wright

    (This is the substance of a sermon delivered by Rev. W. C. Wright, of Plainview, Texas, on the principles of Klankraft as set forth in this wonderful scripture, and is reprinted from the March 5 issue of the Imperial Night-Hawk.)
    The twelfth chapter of Romans contains more of the fundamental teachings of Christ, and more of the practical rules for Christian living than any other one chapter in the whole Bible. Klansmen have adopted it as their Law of Life because it presents so many of the sacred principles which the Klan seeks to inculcate, and so beautifully portrays the sublime characteristics of our Criterion of Character. ...
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    The Ku Klux Klan Unmasked
    by Rev. W. C. Wright, Waco, Texas


    The purpose of this little folder is to REMOVE THE MASK OF WEIRD SECRECY and LIFT THE DARK VEIL OF MYSTERY from THE KU KLUX KLAN and permit the reader to look into the most secret chambers of the Invisible Empire and learn for himself the inside facts about WHAT IT IS, WHAT IT STANDS FOR, WHO ARE ITS MEMBERS, AND WHO ARE ITS ENEMIES.

    So let's ...

    "Play the Game Fair"

    What do you really KNOW about the Ku Klux Klan? Have you heard both sides aud carefuily considered the facts with impartial fairness and without prejudice? Have you made an HONEST effort to learn the truth? Have you given the Klan a just, fair and impartial trial? Are you "PLAYING THE GAME FAIR?," or have you condemned the Klan on the testimony of its enemies without hearing the other side?

    You cannot learn the truth about men or organizations from their enemies. You cannot form a fair and impartial judgment and give the case justice until you have heard both sides. How would you like to be tried before a court that would hear only your enemies testify, and pass judgment without hearing your friends? Would you consider that a fair trial? "LET'S PLAY THE GAME FAIR."

    What Is the Klan?

    You have heard and read what our enemies SAY the Klan is. Now, be fair and let us tell you ...
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