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    Where Do the Food Laws Fit into Christian Doctrine?
    by Jason Blaha

    In these Latter Days of Jacob's Troubles, we hear much talk, even from the clergy, of the food laws of the Old Testament being "taken back" or "nailed to the cross" (whatever that means). However, this is a false teaching that is brought about by either misinterpretation or ignorance of the Scriptures. In order to assess the truth of the matter we must not only look at what the Bible says regarding the fact that the food laws cannot be changed, but we must also address the arguments that these well-meaning Christian brothers and sisters use. In addition to this, the Bible verses that they draw their arguments from should be analyzed. As with all of my Bible studies, I use the King James Version of the Holy Bible, but feel free to use any translation you wish. It is also a good idea to acquire a study tool that allows you to find the original Greek and Hebrew words which the English translations were translated from, as well as the various meanings of those words. My preference is a Strong's Concordance.

    First let use look at the actual food laws. They are located in Leviticus chapter 11, and Deuteronomy chapter ...
    by Published on 05-06-2010 12:49 AM
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    "A Beast With a Hand?"
    By Jason Blaha

    Greetings to you in YHVH/Yahshua! In this Bible ...
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