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    by Dr. Wesley A. Swift 6-30-60

    We turn this afternoon, to our subject “When Mortal puts on Immortality” with the realization that one of the greatest problems that besets me is the understanding of spiritual law and physical law. The understanding of this realization of the day and the hour. And how it changes everything which proceeded it. There are certain things which abide forever and one of those things is God’s plan and purpose. For what God ...
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    by Dr. Wesley A. Swift 8-0-57

    What is to transpire, and what is next to happen? Things happen so fast you don’t know what is going on in the other side of the world while you stand and watch the passing of time. But you are here and you are on the perimeter of one of the most important events in history. The only thing that you have to do is to maintain full consciousness, continual conception of what God has said. There is nothing as important to you as what God has said.---As ...
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    by Wesley A. Swift 4-10-55

    (Tape not clear)
    The prophet Joel was writing carefully when he was writing about the end of an age. And as he referred to the great forces and the spiritual power that would take place, he says that it will be the great ‘Latter Reign’ movement and power that will descend upon God’s Kingdom. He said it would come when he saw the umbrella of fire and the smoke portraying the atomic age, climaxing a time ...
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    by Dr. Wesley A. Swift 4-2-55

    You of this race have a very marked pattern which marks you different from anyone else. And there is probably more effect coming out on the world from your Faith than the world has any idea of. You remember that there is nothing more important than your identity with your Faith, as White men, as descendants of the Adamic household, with ONE GOD and ONE FAITH, which you have always held. We have just passed the ...
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    by Dr. Wesley A. Swift 6-10-54

    Now, there are certain things which God Almighty has promised us. There certain things which have been promised to our civilization, that no weapon that is formed against you shall prosper.
    Now, among the people who constitute the Israel in this Book, remember that it was the House of Joseph which ...
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    by Dr. Wesley A. Swift
    1955 (00-00-55)

    Tonight we turn to a subject of the restoration of the Kingdom economy. How it could be accomplished. We are faced with one of the most crucial hours in history. The one thing that you can be sure, we will continue to do is that we will continue to tell you what transpires, as we see it, regardless of the circumstances that are involved and who is effects.
    There is no doubt that this is the most crucial hour in the history of this great nation of God’s Kingdom. Among all the nations of the Kingdom of God, America stands out foremost both by designation prophetically from the lips of the prophets and the identification given unto it by Christ in the book of Revelation when He spoke to John. It is the only great nation, today in Christendom whose emblem is the outstretched wings of an Eagle. It is the leadership of such a nation that the nations of Christian civilization were told they must flock. And under the protective wings of the Great Eagle, the great resistance was to be made in this climatic hour of time against the forces of Communism and the great patterns of evil and corruption that would come like a flood out of ...
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    5-10-54 By Dr. Wesley A. Swift

    This afternoon, we spoke on the subject of ‘God’s Army.’ And tonight we are speaking on the subject of ‘Jerusalem--Old and New.’ It would be impossible to have covered the subject of Jerusalem and the conditions that relate to the prophecy of this hour with a single message. But there are some things we must make clear as to the understanding of the situations that exist in the world today. No understanding of this can take place until you know who the nations which constitute God’s Kingdom are. It is impossible to interpret prophecy, or to understand to whom the promises were made, with whom the Covenants were made, to whom they are directed, or what they contain unless you know these facts. Thus it is that anything which relates to world conditions must be studied and viewed looking ...
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    OUR DECISION------1954-----

    (Lots of current events---Joe McCarthy censured---Eisenhower Presidency---The difference between Democrats and Republicans disappeared 20 years ago.)
    The second side of the tape:--
    A preacher said that no one can understand the book of Revelation. And he gave some scriptures he said proved this. But then said:--'If anyone preaches ...
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