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    Re: CPM Weekly Classic

    CPM Weekly Classic (March 11th, 2020)

    Questions from Revelation [2018] answers eight specific questions presented alongside our Apocalypse series in the ministerial year 2018. Does antichrist come...

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    Zechariah (Part #02)

    Zechariah (Part #02) - Pastor J. Visser @ Covenant People's Ministry

    Zechariah (Part #02) [2020] - NEW!


    MP4 | 2020

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    Re: What does everyone consider the Sabbath day to fall on?

    On this calendar, today was the Passover Preparation/Crucifixion Day
    followed by the Passover Evening Feast.

    See Image:

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    All Fools Sermon

    All Fools' Sermon [2017] is a unique April Fool's Day broadcast examining the topic of fools and foolishness in the Holy scripture. Our hope with this lecture is to aid in stopping the willful...

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    Re: Thought of the day thread

    People give Satan and man too much power.

    God is in full control and nothing happens without him.

    This pestilence in our lands right now comes from God. And our godless Countries deserve it.

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