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    Praise of Wisdom

    This thread is automatically generated whenever new uploads become available on talkshoe.com - we invite you to discuss this 2021 CPM sermon here.

    Praise of Wisdom (Dellamorte) [2021] is the first...

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    Far Beyond Rubies

    Far Beyond Rubies (Dellamore) completes CPM's two-part audio series on wisdom with the canonized book of Job and his personal replies to the godless skeptics of his time. At a certain point in life...

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    Praise of Wisdom

    Praise of Wisdom (Dellamorte) is the first of CPM's two-part audio series scrutinizing the importance of insight from the Book of Ecclesiasticus or the Wisdom of Sirach. I should have known it - the...

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    Preach the Word

    Preach the Word is the continuation of our previous Wednesday Night Bible Study "Yahweh's Eternal Law" but with more emphasis on the New Testament. Is there a time when the prophets are silent? What...

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    Yahweh's Eternal Law

    Yahweh's Eternal Law is a lengthy Bible study on the longevity of God's Law proving its precepts are still legally binding for Israelites today. As man lives so is he judged - we all reap as we have...

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