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    Am I an Israelite?
    by Philip D. Le Bus

    We plead with you to ask yourself this question with an open mind, pushing aside all prejudice and do as Almighty God tells all of us Christians to do and, ...
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    The Effects of the Talmud on Judeo-Christianity
    By Col. Jack Mohr, USA, Ret.


    From the time He was a mere infant until His death, our Redeemer and Savior, Jesus the Christ, was hated by the Jews. Herod, the Edomite king of Judea, attempted to kill Him by ordering all children to be killed who were up to two years of age who lived in Bethlehem and the surrounding country. (Matthew 2:16) On different occasions the Jews attempted to trap Him by their questioning, hoping He would violate some point of Law. They demanded His execution before Pilate. The New Testament bears witness to their undeniable hatred.

    Once the Christ began preaching of the Kingdom of God, most of the people who heard Him were indifferent. A mere handful believed Him. In Acts 1:15, we find only 120 people were gathered together when Peter addressed them. Even today, while millions gather in His name, most are indifferent. Few there are who are willing to meet the requirements He set forth in order to qualify as being His brothers and sisters. (Matthew 12:50; John 15:14)

    Yet in spite of their indifference and lukewarm condition, these people don't hate Jesus enough to want Him killed; they just don't love Him enough to follow His instructions. (John 14:15)

    During the Christ's ministry, His most ardent and vehement opposition came from the Pharisees and their companions, the lawyers (scribes)! These people were known as JEWS, or more correctly JUDEANS. It was these JUDEAN Pharisees and scribes who sought to kill the Christ (Luke 22:2; John 5:18). It is recorded that the conspiracy became so intense that Jesus would not walk in JEWRY (JUDEA) because the Jews sought to kill Him (John 7:1).

    The people we know today as JEWS are descendants of those ancient enemies of Christ, the JUDEANS. Whether or not they are racial descendants of those Pharisees is irrelevant, just as whether they are racial descendants of Abraham is irrelevant. The point is, these modern-day lawyers and Pharisees, who say they are JEWS, are the SPIRITUAL descendants of the ancient Jews who sought to kill Jesus.

    The evidence presented by Brother Mohr in this book establishes this hatred by quoting from their own "holy book," The Babylonian Talmud. Brother Mohr lays out the facts for all to see. I believe it is inevitable that indifferent Christians will do all they can to distort the evidence brother Mohr presents and attempt to discredit him. Additionally, those who call themselves Jews today will be angered by it and will increase their assaults upon him and against the King he serves. Brother Mohr and I expect this, so let it come! We are ready.

    This book deserves and requires more than a mere reading by Christians. It should be thoroughly studied, and where possible, shared with brainwashed brothers in the Christian churches.

    Before you turn to page one, let me give you a starting point from THE WORD of our King. Turn to John 15 and read very carefully, beginning with verse 18 through verse 21. Then continue on through verse four of Chapter 16.

    Harry L. Werner, Jr.

    Assistant Editor—Christian Patriot Crusader

    June 26, 1991

    Lighting a Candle

    This book is about the Jewish Talmud which is to the Jewish world what the Bible is to the Christian world. In the words of Jewish author Herman Wouk, it is the "heart's blood of the Jewish religion."

    The purpose of this book is not to downgrade the Jewish people, or stir up resentment against them. Its purpose is to explain, often in their own words, how they feel about you, the "goyim" (a Yiddish word meaning "non-Jew animal"), and about your religion, Christianity. It is written as a means of protecting ourselves from the greatest threat to ever face Christianity in our two thousand years of history. We cannot, we dare not, over look this threat if we are to survive as a free people.

    Someone has said, "It is better to light one candle than to sit in darkness." For over twenty-five years I have attempted to light many candles. Where I may have failed during this period of time, I hope to see the day when one of these candles of truth will burst into flame and, like a long smoldering spark, start a conflagration which will sweep across America like a prairie fire and illuminate vast areas with truth for the first time.

    It has been contended for centuries that in the end, truth will always prevail. We know that "truth in action can prove itself a dynamic force of unlimited power." But, truth has never been a self-starter. Truth has never been able to get off dead-center, and unless its apostle is willing to give it the necessary push to overcome inertia, "truth will die a-borning!"

    On the other hand, truth has often been blacked-out by repeated, contradictory and conflicting misinformation. The world's history provides many examples of this sobering fact. Treason toward truth is treachery to mankind.

    There are no degrees of truth. Truth is absolute! It can never be relative! Truth either exists, or it does not. There is no such thing as a half-truth, any more than there can be a person who is half-honest, or half-loyal. In their attempts to do an ounce of good in one direction, many well-intentioned people have done a ton of harm in another direction.

    Regardless of what anyone says to the contrary, Christian faith stands today with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. It is distasteful to admit it, but it is true. While Christian churches have been increasing their membership rolls, Americans have been on a downhill, degenerate slide to ruin. Morally, we are in the sewer, and the churches have been unable to stop the destruction. In fact, they seem bent on greasing the slide. They offer "Christian rock," a contradiction in terms if there ever was one. They offer Bingo in the basement and live lavishly on other peoples' money. The exposure (pun intended) of the TV pulpiteers indicates the moral climate of this country. And what is the reason behind this degeneracy? There is a reason, and this book will reveal that reason. What is the hidden power which has such a powerful effect on the Christian world in 1991? What is the anti-Christ force which has turned the twentieth-century church into the Laodicean church of Revelation 3:14-18; a church which knows it is rich and influential and yet which cannot, or will not, see that it is "wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked?" What can bring this wretched church back to its place of greatness where it can carry out Christ's plan of salvation?

    Today, the Christian church stands at the crossroads of destiny. The divine and sacred mission of the Christian faith faces a danger at this juncture in history which is greater than any it has faced in 2,000 years. If the day ever comes when Christians cannot profess their faith as they do today in America, then we will see the beginning of the end.

    The history of the world for the past several centuries, and current events at home and abroad confirm to the intelligent person that there is indeed a conspiracy afoot to destroy Christian civilization. The world-wide plot of these diabolical conspirators has been instituted while most Christians have been asleep in front of their pulpits and their TV's. For the most part, the Christian clergy, who should have been in the forefront of exposing this danger, have been indifferent or ignorant and have been the ones who assisted the enemies of Christ in their efforts to destroy us. This ignorance and indifference have dealt a blow to the Christian faith from which many will never recover.

    Today, more than ever before, Christians need a "spiritual Paul Revere" who will ride across this land, warning that the enemy is closing in on them. This book is such an effort.

    Recognizing the Enemy

    It is important for a soldier in time of war to be able to identify his enemy. He cannot be successful in his efforts to conquer his opponent unless he readily recognizes him. Today, the souls of millions of Christians are uneasy about the state of the Christian faith. The minds of thousands ...
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    Know Your Enemies!
    An in-depth look at the Jewish and Israel Identity Question from a Scriptural and Historical perspective.

    by Col. Gordon "Jack" Mohr, U.S. Army, Ret.; Author—Evangelist—Lecturer

    Also I set watchmen over you, saying, Hearken to the sound of the trumpet. But they said, We will not hearken. (Jeremiah 6:17.) Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?" (The Apostle Paul—Galatians 4:16.)

    The transitional epoch in history, in which we are now living, is incalculably influenced by the wide extent of the artful, sometimes insidious, deception of pernicious propaganda, comprising a body of distortions and half-truths which bias the judgment of the individual in every area of daily life. At a time when truth is so needed, error was never more prevalent. In fact, truth is often maligned as actually subversive and this is nowhere more evident than in the religious sphere where, beyond a degree of unanimity, more or less, in regard to the necessity to accept our Lord Jesus Christ as personal Saviour, theological chaos abounds.

    We are today in the midst of a period of great apostasy under church leaders who, according to Paul, have "a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof" (II Timothy 3:5). They were anciently designated as false prophets or false teachers, but they had—and they now have—the ear of the people. In their studies, they only embrace a superficial theology and this is especially apparent in the failure to comprehend the scope of the story the Bible tells or identify the people of the Book who were to become a nation, a company of nations and a great people, which the Jews are not, nor never can or will be. Because of the lack of this knowledge and understanding in this age which prides itself upon its modern progress and enlightenment, the Divine appraisal is most applicable: "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" (Hosea 4:6).

    Politicians, who advocate all-out support for the Zionist State in Palestine, are following in the footsteps of theologians, pastors and evangelists, who wrongly uphold the Jews as God's chosen people. They all ignore the fact that, by refusing to receive Jesus Christ as their Messiah, Jewry is under Divine condemnation. It is prophetically foretold that the Jews would do so and the verdict of the Lord was rendered in advance centuries ago.

    Our Lord Jesus confirmed the accuracy of this prophecy when He informed the Jews, who had rejected Him, that the Kingdom would be taken from them and given to a nation (not a church) that would bring forth Kingdom fruit (Matthew 21:43).

    In a parable, Jesus likened Himself to a nobleman who went into a far country to receive a Kingdom. His citizens (who were the Jews) be-came His enemies (John 7:1) and sent a message after Him saying: "We will not have this man to reign over us" (Luke 19:14).

    Modern "broad-mindedness" overlooks the essential factor that, when the fundamentals of the position of Jewry are examined, it will be found that Jesus Christ is still rejected, with hatred toward all He represents, also with His teachings as found in the New Testament. Included as an object of hatred are not only the followers of our Lord but also their endeavors to inject into our modern civilization the standards and principles of Christian attitude and conduct. It is fortunate, as the present crisis deepens, that Col. Gordon "Jack" Mohr has written this book exposing the enemy within and recording, from their own writings and utterances, their hatred of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, and their determination to destroy our Lord's followers and His church. In Part II of this book is presented the only available antidote to eliminate all such evil machinations, which would thus completely destroy the present effective use by the Jews of the term "anti-Semitic." The remedy is to acknowledge that we are the seed of Abraham, Isaac-sons, the Anglo-Saxon and kindred people, the Israel of God in the world today and then become willing to conform with the terms of the Covenant God made with our forefathers. This would remove the blindfold from our own eyes and then tear the mask from the face of those to whom Jesus declared, "Ye are of your father the devil" (John 8:44), and so obliterate all their evil objectives.
    Howard B. Rand, LL.B. Merrimac, Massachusetts February 28, 1982

    This book is dedicated in Christian love and respect to my friend and kinsman in blood and through Emmanuels's blood, Dr. Howard B. Rand. It is in appreciation for his long years of tireless and curageous defense of the Anglo-Israel Identity. After hundreds of hours in study of his writings, I found them to be consistent with the fundamentals of the apostolic Christian faith. May God grant that his works will be instrumental in leading millions of our Israel people to an understanding of the truth about their identity and to the resulting obligations they incur.
    Gordon "Jack" Mohr Col. U.S. Army, Ret. January 1982
    Biography of the Author

    The author of this book was born in Chicago, January 1, 1916. He entered the army as an enlisted man during the early days of World War II and served during the North African Campaign and later in Korea. He was promoted through the ranks to Lieutenant Colonel.

    While working with the Korean Military Advisory Group in prewar Korea, he was captured by the Communists in an abortive coup, attempted by Communist elements within the South Korean government in October 1948. He was tortured, tried by a People's Court and sentenced to be shot. With the help of a friendly South Korean Sergeant, he was able to escape and ...
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    by Pastor Jeromy John Visser


    Brethren, driving alongside the countryside in the Deep South during this time of year can be breathtaking. The orange and yellow autumn leaves rustling across the roadways during the late-evening sunset are a sight to behold and yet another reminder of the Ever-Living God who is present in all things. October is a month of death and the nippy air is a constant reminder that winter is on the horizon; it’s also the month that Halloween is celebrated and numerous Baal “churches” begin to sell pumpkins or jack-o-lanterns during fundraisers.

    In this morning’s study we’ll be examining the historical roots of the pagan ...
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    by Pastor Jeromy John Visser


    Beloved, this is the final part of The Morning Stars series. While there's literally thousands of additional examples from scripture confirming the reality of the heavenly host, hopefully this lengthy study has shed some additional light on the strategies of those who wish to claim themselves as lowercase "gods" just as Satan suggests (Genesis 3:5). Still, two ...
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    by Pastor Jeromy John Visser


    Beloved, we're nearing the Christmas season so this time of year many Christians will be reading the Biblical story of Jesus' birth. Sadly, very few believers genuinely understand who the Messiah is much less His reasons for coming so this essential topic will be covered in this seventh sermon. We'll probe deeper into the proclamation of Christ's coming and further examine ...
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    by Pastor Jeromy John Visser


    Beloved, in 1864 the French poet Charles Baudelaire warned “My dear brothers, never forget, when you hear the progress of enlightenment vaunted, that the devil's best trick is to persuade you that he doesn't exist!” Sadly, that somber reality is most apparent in this godless age more than any other. Hitchcock's Bible Names lists Satan as “contrary; adversary; enemy; accuser” proving ...
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    by Pastor Jeromy John Visser


    Beloved, the seduction of Eve in Yahweh's garden has been covered and debated by practically every Christian Identity pastor in the movement as this doctrine is either vehemently protected or dismissed by Christian believers. Ironically, when the third chapter of Genesis is read directly in the Hebrew there are no contradictions making the seemingly never-ending barrage of debate lie within man's erroneous translations or inability ...
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