The Esther-kikess & Dichter Von Frankenwhigger

  1. Amy Rose
    Amy Rose
    jews are the spawn of Satan, derived from Satan having sex with Eve and spawning Cain, the world's first jew. Occasionally I like repeating to both jews and niggers the Willie Martin heresy that Satan disguised itzself as a nigger and then that was 'the apple' that Eve 'ate.'

    I have no doubt that if the producer or director of this film would have been Dual-Seedline, or even One-Seedline, Christian Identity, the film would have ended up differently, perhaps with the Sarabeth Esther-kikess stuffed in the oven after a kosher slaughter and fed out as charity long-pig barbeque to hungry niggers and Samoans during a sort of inverse Purimfest after the Nazsti-Nazty-Hybernigger Whigger from the Brian Boru SS Reserve Division had his way with this Esther-kikess.
  2. Solomon
    What, are you high?

    You say the kikes are "children of the devil" yet use a jewish movie to prove that point?

    You're insane, Pasturd Amy!
  3. Pastor Bill
    Pastor Bill
    On what planet was there a Brian Boru SS unit? that would mean Irishmen since Boru was a High King of Ireland nearly 1,000 years ago and no Irish would join the nazis since they had the Irish free state and were working towards independance.
  4. Red Ryder
    Red Ryder
    That dude Lindstedt is a a very sick man.
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