"Keep fighting the good fight" keep praying!!!!!

  1. Unitedskinalliance
    we must come together as one nation like the Bible says and keep the word of Yahweh in our hearts. it is so sickening of the masked majority of people blinded by the disgusting way of life of a kike.keep praying...... our race will prevail and Rise To The Top and live in eternal life with Yahweh it is in our blood.
  2. Unitedskinalliance
    is anyone near the Space Coast Area in Florida?Looking to start a Bible study please message if interested
  3. Unitedskinalliance
    Paul wrote In Timothy I was once a blasphemer a persecutor and a violent man but I was shown Mercy due to ignorance and unbelief....Paul wrote it lived it and died with it our race can also....
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