We will never surrender!

  1. Bruce Howard
    Bruce Howard
    Australia is a white Israelite country. As the racial DNA children of Yahweh, we must defend our soil unto the death, we have no other choices.

    As long as we fear only Yahweh and follow Yahweh's laws, and to repent for our prior sins and pray for our family and friends and help white homeless people with charity. Then Yahweh will grant us his mercy I hope and pray.

    Our spirit is eternal, all the pain and suffering of this fleshly existence is a test of our courage and strength from Yahweh. We must be brave like the prophet Job and try to emulate the strength of Samson through physical training and eat a good diet.

    Praise Yahweh, Amen.

    Check out this inspiring Anti-Communist Australian rock band.
  2. Enola Gay Tibbets
    Enola Gay Tibbets
    amen. yhvh bless you howard.
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