So Do You Think Marty Molested That Boy?

  1. Prakazrel
    My vote is YES.
  2. Pastor Bill
    Pastor Bill
    Yes I do, Marty is an insane lunatic and I am sure he believed that he was only showing that poor boy "special love" by what he did to him, but he is still a low life child molestor who needs to be put out of his misery. I only wish that this were 50 years ago when vile scum like him were "killed while escaping" on the way to the station and no one cared.
  3. Red Ryder
    Red Ryder
    I never really paid Marty any attention before he went off on us on the old forums.:bitching:

    Based on the way he's behaved the last several months I'd say it's more likely than not.
  4. Amy Rose
    Amy Rose
    Martin did it!!!
  5. 6KILLER
    I don't believe that Marty molested the boy, that said Marty is guilty of lewd & lascivious conduct, to which he proudly proclaimed to all when he bragged of bathing with Roxie's grandchildren.
  6. Adherent
    I believe that he did what he was accused of, kissing the boy in inappropriate places, which is all he was ever accused of, not rape. Under Mo law statutory sodomy covers everything that is illegal to do with a child that falls short of actual rape. Simply exposing himself to those kids, like when taking a nude bath is covered under statutory sodomy, anything like anal intercourse or forced oral sex is rape of a child under 12 which can get one a life (with parole) sentence here. The charges that he faced would have gotten him no more than a few years and what he admits to, taking nude baths would have gotten him probation with lifetime sex offender registration. He was never facing any serious time and would not have done what time he might have gotten in maximum security, he would have been in a protective unit in a special prison reserved for sex offenders, that is how it has worked in Mo since the late 80s.
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