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Additional Topics - Members Only!

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For the time being, the Additional Topics section (which includes PURGATORY and HELL) has been made viewable only by registered users. This means that you must have an account to respond or view these threads.

For the Kingdom,



  1. Solomon's Avatar
    It looks much cleaner from the outside now.
  2. Gabriel's Avatar
    This was a really good idea.

    I can't thank you guys enough!
  3. Pastor Bill's Avatar
    And traffic seems to continue to be growing.
  4. Richard's Avatar
    Very wise, very wise. "He-who-cannot-be-named" has a way of destroying any board he visits. This makes you look like the better man because he's really not worth your time. "He-who-cannot-be-named" rails against the biggest names in the movement but only focuses on those that respond. Best to leave that troublemaker alone. "They're blind leading the blind."

    Feed the sheep.
  5. admin's Avatar
    Addition: We also require twenty (20) posts to view this section.
  6. Solomon's Avatar
    lol, that will drive Amy Rose nuts!
  7. Amy Rose's Avatar
    Not fair! Big meanies.