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There Were Indeed Giants In Those Days

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Judgment Day Perspectives Newsletter
May 3, 2010
There Were Indeed Giants In Those Days

Special Item: Video series on Ron Wyatt's discovery of Noah's Ark. Why has this information been suppressed by the Orwellian Establishment?

Note: My guest this Sunday will be archeologist, Jonathan Gray. We will be talking about Ron Wyatt's amazing archeological discoveries.

Pastor Eli James

The Establsihment wants us to believe that the Bible's report about giants is a fairy tale. What the mainstream press does not reveal is that scientists know that these stories are true, but they suppress the evidence so that their pet fable, the "theory" of evolution, is not challenged publicly. Rest assured that there were giants in those days!!!

Item #1: Giants of the southwest

Item #2: Academia Verus Truth

Item #3: The "Experts" of Evolutionism Suppress the Evidence

Item #4: Which side do you believe: The thousands of individuals who accidentally dug up the bones of these giants or the Evolutionary Religion that is suppressing all of this evidence?

Item #5: The Creationists are just as bad!!!

Item #6: Many students of Judaism are beginning to understand that the International Struggle Between Finance Capitalism and Totalitarian Communism has been staged by the Rothschilds and their Jewish Banking Mafia. I have, in other places, documented the secret realtionships between Jewish bankers and Jewish revolutionaries, such as Marx and Engels, Schiff and Trotsky, Stalin and Rothschild. The Jewish Bankers hire a "revolutionary army," and while secretly financing the "revolution," pretend to know nothing about it, the non-Jewish society gets burned to the ground, while the Jewish bankers, with their own mercenary armies, make sure that their own property is kept safe or only minially damaged. It is a well-known fact that many rabbis have hired shills to deface their own synagogues. They do this to keep the Jewish faithful terrified about the dreaded, imminent Nazi uprising. Such incidents guarantee a large attendance at the next Shabbat service and larger donations as well. This is called the Hegelian Dialectic. "If there is no enemy, we must invent one." The Power Group achieves its objectives by secretly inventing and controlling the "opposition." This is true of the fictitious "terrorist" group, Al Qaeda. The public is clueless about the deception. Reality is an Orwellian Matrix of Deception: a real life stage on whjich real blood is shed, lives ruined, fortunes lost by the losers and transferred to the winners, all for the benefit of the Iluminati Elite.

I have long suspected that the False Dichotomy Between Creationsism and Evolutionism is also being staged by Talmudic Jews. Although the author of this article argues for the so-called "fixed-earth" idea, he shows the Kabbalistic foundations of the Fable of Evolution. There is no doubt that the secular side of the Creationist-Evolutionist Dialectic is also run by Jews. Here is the proof, straight from the Cabala:

Item #7: Giants video

Item #8: $xposing the False Dichotomy: The Bible does not contradict Natural History; but both the Evolutionists and the Creationsits stage an on-going, tortured debate that ignores True History and True Scripture:
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    That's a valid concern, seedliner. I'm not sure Yahweh wants us to find Noah's Ark.