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Pastor Visser

Fear God - Selected Sermons

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FEAR GOD is a compilation of sermons written and preached by Pastor J. John Visser of Covenant People’s Ministry between 2005 and 2008. Each chapter is a specific topic dealing with all manner of subjects pertinent to the Christian walk. Admittedly, it’s what’s considered a “duel-seedline” Christian Identity book and specifically addresses the descendants of Issac’s sons today known as Saxons. These are they who truly fear Yahweh!

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  1. Gabriel's Avatar
    I have yet to order this book but noticed a "bad review" for the Adobe pdf by our race-mixing friend, Dave.

    Reviewer: CrossReach - March 22, 2010
    Subject: Vile Racist Filth
    What more can be said
  2. Archivist's Avatar