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By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 6-14-70

We are thinking of the patterns of Revelation---thinking of the day the angel came to John and said:----"Come John and I will show you the great whore who sitteth upon many waters. And with whom the kings of the earth have committed their many fornications." And John discussed this very thoroughly and he says:------"He carried me away in the spirit, and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet colored beast, full of names of Blasphemy, having 7 heads, and 10 horns." (Rev. 17:4) And this is Mystery Babylon the Great----and "I saw the woman, and she was full of the blood of the Saints (believing offspring) and with the blood of the Martyrs of Jesus the Christ, and when I saw her I wondered about her."-----"And the Angel said unto me, wherefore didst thou marvel?---I will tell thee the mystery of the woman."------The seven heads are 7 kingdoms, on which the woman sitteth. There are 7 kings, 5 are fallen, one is, and one is yet to come; and when he cometh he must continue a short space. Then the 8th., is to come out of the 7th., And he talks about how these 10 horns are 10 kings who have no kingdom as yet, but will rule with the beast system for one hour, in the attack of the Beast upon God's Kingdom. And then comes the end of the age.

But in these circumstances as this was spoken of----here this woman---mystery Babylon---you are speaking symbolically of something which is inside the Kingdom of God. And we have also inside the Kingdom of God a status of society which is called----"The New Jerusalem", and this New Jerusalem is the Great city of God. It descended down out of heaven, down thru Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and on down to our time. Our own book of Revelation tells us that the New Jerusalem is made up of the people of the 12 tribes of the children of Israel. Then we have the Satanic beast or the "City of Lucifer----Mystery Babylon the great, the mother of Harlots, and the abominations of earth." (Rev. 17:5)

As the city of the Living God is made up of His offspring, His household who are Elohim, or the children of YAHWEH----so also is the power and the majesty of the Luciferian city of mystery Babylon made up of the offspring of Lucifer, and the powers of their viciousness, their evil, and their corruption is well seen. Therefor we have the ONE---the city of God, and the Other, is the city of the Devil.

It makes one think again of the book of John in which the enemies of Jesus were arguing with Jesus and they were trying to modify Christ's approach to identifying who they are, and they said:----Look, we have one father, even God, so we are brothers to you. But the Christ said:---Now, if God were your father, ye would love me, but ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He said, you can't even understand my speech because you have no spiritual capacity for understanding. You are full of this area of destruction from your father.

So we look at this again:----7 kings, 5 are fallen, one is and one is yet to come. The power of the beast (world order) is two fold, it is not only ecclesiastical with all the power of darkness, and all the forces of evil which is anchored of course from ages past, even before your race came to earth. The patterns of Buddhism, Hinduism, the backgrounds of all the patterns of darkness, of Yogism----that we see sweeping out of the portions of Asia, and as we go down thru the powers of darkness and the forces of evil, we find the devil worshipers of Africa. all these powers are a part of Babylonianism, false religions and pagan philosophies. And these pagan philosophies, with their false patterns of immorality, degeneration, and depravity, all of this is the process of the children of evil, and the background of the household of evil. After all---the program of Lucifer's Kingdom is a world order, and this is a program against the program of God's Kingdom. There is then---the program of God's Kingdom---and the program or world order of Lucifer's Kingdom----and the sum total of the world order is totally in opposition to God's Kingdom.

Again the word sin----sin is a violation of Divine law, and Lucifer operated under the violation of Divine law. Therefore as we turn to this Mystery Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots, and abominations of earth, it says she is guilty of all the blood of the Saints, and all the martyrs who have been slain in Christendom upon the face of the earth. And so we turn back to the scriptures and we find that these 7 mountains are 7 nations or kingdoms-----1. Egypt, 2. Assyria 3. Babylon, 4. Medo-Persia, 5. Greece, 6. Rome. At the time of the revelation to John, then Rome was still in existence, so 5 had fallen, and one is---was 6, Rome. And then the 7th., was yet to come, and the 8th., would come out of the 7th.,

Now:-----the taking over by chicanery, and the movement into the structure of society, and the control of these Empires was a part of the riding of the Beast. And the Beast system is a deceitful program seeking to take over the nations of the world, and in their program seeking to taking over the nations of the world, and in their program for the world, at the same time to level all of the assault and all of their attacks upon the program of God's Kingdom. So the 7th., would come out with a great attack upon the program of God's Kingdom. This would be in the time of the migrations of the tribes and their settling into their allotted places in Europe. And thus this would be the hoards that came with Genghis Khan. They conquered the areas of Samarkand and the areas of China, and then brought him across thru Persia, and hurled the hoards into the attack against the hour of Israel, in Europe. They were basically attempting to destroy Christian civilization and the treasures of Christendom. And they were doing all of this in league with the powers and forces of darkness. Organized Jewry was the power that opened the doors of Europe for Genghis Khan, and his hoards. Again---organized Jewry---and the sons of Babylon are ONE AND THE SAME. We want you to realize that, as God leaves this so well marked. The hoards of Genghis Khan almost conquered the white race, and their civilization but this wound to the Beast system upon which the woman rode was the striking down of Genghis Khan----by Our Father, and this ended that try, as they carried this fallen warrior back to Lassa to be buried. And it appeared for a while that there was no Beast system that Jewry----Mystery Babylon rode upon, but still the 8th., was to come out of the 7th. And the 8th., is world communism, and thus world communism actually took over the areas of the Russia out of which Genghis Khan and his hoards came---out of that area which they once possessed, and communism took over and spread out to control all that area once again. Then----it seriously moves into the nations of the world, and into the Christian nations seeking its program of conquest. It remains as the 8th., and last Empire upon which the woman---these powers of darkness, and the forces of evil ride, or seed to move with areas of great power.

Now:---this 8th., beast and the woman on the back of this world system move with false doctrines, and pagan attack upon the true religion, and they are also economically involved as well. For economy had been one of the great weapons of Mystery Babylon the Great, and thus is economic as well as religious in the attack upon the program of God's Kingdom. So under these circumstances----again----the spirit of god speaks to John and said:---Now, take a good look at this woman, for she has become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and every unclean bird upon the face of the earth.

Now:---we know that the Jews are devils because Jesus said they were. We know that Mystery Babylon is their habitation, and they are in the economic field as well. And Jesus said to you:---"Come out of her, O' My people, lest ye be partakers of her evil deeds and her sins."----Now the kings of the world have not only partaken of her sins, but even economically they have partaken of her power. And then he goes ahead and explains the design, and the control of Mystery Babylon the Great. This is the organization of every trade, the organization of every trade union, every business they can absorb, the policy of establishing control of all money systems, with control of the use of gold and silver and jewelry,. And at the same time the harnessing of practically all the production in the whole world. At the same time they move out economically to dominate and to gain control of all the world.

We have the words of John in his second Epistle to the Elect Lady and her children, for he says these people who deny Jesus is the Christ---they are Anti-Christ. So you don't let them in or they will take away all that you have wrought. Don't let them in or they will take away as spoil all the things which would normally be your reward. I want you to realize that you have permitted these people to come into the United States, you have permitted them citizenship, you have permitted them to move into areas of importance in your society, until they have taken over your economy. You don't have any gold or silver left as they have taken away your treasury. They ran with the gold and the silver to Switzerland, and then to Israeli, and you have no gold or silver left in your resources.

But this is just a part of the strategy of Mystery Babylon. This week we saw a rather new, and unique development, for in Switzerland the people who are true Swiss decided they must band together and put out of their society these people who just come in to operate the banks and the businesses, or they operate in the areas of false economy. And then when the money is loaned out and the money is all used up, they move out, not leaving any of the basic supply of money that apparently had been utilized. So, under these circumstances the House of Rothschild became one of the biggest areas of discussion this week inside the land of Switzerland. And they said the Jews were going to have to get out as they were not going to let them ruin their banks anymore. Because they have been running from Switzerland with the gold and silver, the Tel Aviv, so before Switzerland goes absolutely broke she has to return the structure of her economy back into the hands of the Swiss people. So you see again the same thing moving on this Christian nation, for if you do no keep out these people, they will take away all the things that are yours under this pattern of Babylonianism economy.

We are under the strange pattern of this Babylonian economy alright because Mr. Nixon was told the other day by a committee which was studying what to do, that if he did not come out with a program of complete relief for all the cities there would be chaos. Just yesterday Mayor Lindsey of New York City, and some others of the big cities who were in this council that if Mr. Nixon did not come out and supply all the patterns of relief and all the money and all the development of housing and so forth for the cities, that the cities will have revolutions, with mobs running in the streets, and burning of buildings, and looting. And then they actually had the nerve to say you will be earning these things if you do not come up with the money somehow.

The pattern remains that the money is long since gone, and we have now extended our debt limit to 395 Billion dollars. This is what we owe, but we don't have the money anymore for the gold and silver is gone, the private banks which continue to operate anymore, are basing their operation on your production. Therefore they can loan money on production, and they have to take the money back out of the areas of production. But the Federal Reserve Banks will not loan the money unless they get high interest rates. And so we are in areas of serious problems in America.

Now:---the United States government has to go to the Federal Reserve Banks which are a part of Mystery Babylon the Great, they are the private Banking system of Organized Jewry, and they have to borrow money from them to finance all the operations being voted for in the congress. And therefore the U.S. has nothing left in her treasury, so she has to borrow from the Federal Reserve system to have money in her treasury for operation. And now they even threaten the President every day, saying, if you don't go along with this scheme, and this one, then you are in for revolution, and rioting in the streets, for all this blood mess---you deserved, unless you do all these things.

But the scriptures tell us that we are about to see some strange situations, some strange things happening here in our land. The people of God are getting angry about this situation, and John said that:---"A mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea."----And thus the program of God's Kingdom is going to take a hold of mystery Babylon, and drop her into the sea. And when she drops Mystery Babylon with her economic system of theft and her desire for usury, and all the programs of exploitation into the sea, then it says that the noise of the harpers, musicians, and pipers---all the trades, and craftsman, and all the programs of trade they operated, and exploited under the program of Mystery Babylon the Great---will fall.

(Rev. 18:21,22) And god said that the Saints of the MOST HIGH, the children of the MOST HIGH, will rejoice. And under this program as the corruption and destruction of Mystery Babylon's economic program of this mysterious, invisible earth---merchants, who deceived all the nations---and all of these great men are now charged with all the blood of the righteous who have been slain upon the face of the earth. This you are told in chapter 18 of Revelations.

In the 23rd., chapter of Matthew, we find that Jesus has been talking to these scribes, and Pharisees who are of organized Jewry, and as he describes them he says they are like white washed sepulchers. And he tells them that they have murdered all the prophets God has sent to them, and then Jesus tells them that they have murdered all the prophets God has sent into the world. And Jesus tells them that they are guilty of all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias, killed between the temple and the Altar. Jesus proved as he spoke here in the book of Matthew that Organized Jewry with its Ecclesiastical control and Economic power was guilty of all the martyrdom of all the prophets from Abel, who was killed by Cain, right on down to Zacharias who had just been killed here in the time of Jesus.

Now, therefore, in the 18th., chapter of Revelations the scriptures therefore declare that these people are guilty of the blood of all the righteous people slain. Proving that these people here and the ones Jesus talks about in the Book of Matthew-----are one and the same.------"These are the Babylonian great men, thy merchants, who deceive all nations."

Now:----Babylon is falling and we are facing this situation right now, every community is reaching for money to run their schools, and their other operations. And the strange situation is that this pattern of revolution which turns to vandalism, or burns down the schools, then it costs millions and millions more dollars to run the schools, to rebuild and repair that which is destroyed by this so called revolution. The community then has to turn to the county and the state has to turn to the Federal government to see who is going to pay for all this destruction. The state doesn't want to increase taxation because those officials will be blamed, then the areas of administration would be transferred to others, and the country doesn't want to raise taxes for then the county officials would be blamed. But the revolution burns the schools and then they come back to you by way of the ballot for money to replace the destruction, and the tax payer votes---no. The tax payers aren't going to put up money for bonds which covers them with heavy debt, to have the enemy then turn around and burn it down again.

So now all are running out of money for education, for relief, and they are running out of money for every operation of administration, and the local, and state then call on the Federal Government for help, but the Federal government doesn't have any money except it comes from the people. So the only way the Federal Government can get this money is by some process of taxation, or by extending increased debt, far out into the distant future.

Just as long as Mystery Babylon can see a way of controlling property, just as long as Mystery Babylon can dominate society---which puts you into slavery, they will permit you to pass it on, in debt---which they will support. But now we find that even Mystery Babylon is faced with the fact that since we have reached the debt of 395 Billion dollars, that Mystery Babylon doesn't see a way to make a profit to them, in this. Thus, now the Jews---men like burns are crying, they want us to go into a world bank, to submit completely to her program of HELL, that would control the earth. But I want you to see that we are about to witness the fall of Mystery Babylon the great. And this will not economically hurt you, no more than you have been hurt already. The process of finance is no longer sound as to the background of money, and the people will not starve to death. They have the material that production can produce, and they are about to seize, to take away the power of Babylon to control their economy---ever again. You are going to see one of the greatest programs of deliverance---economically----in America---as God drops Mystery Babylon, like a millstone into the sea."

And the Saints of the Most High God will be rejoicing, and will be glad for the power of Organized Jewry will have been finished.

There can be little question, as we approach the climax of this situation, for we will stand and wonder, as we see these things take place, and we will realize that the hand of God is still upon his household, and upon his people. For God will supply the needs of his people, and he will re-awaken, and return them to the standards of the economy of His Kingdom. So as we see this program of Mystery Babylon the great, we see that it is a Mysterious power, it is a Satanic program. And as a control of darkness, it has turned to its last objective. It can no longer control by economic control, then the design now is to utilize the strength of Military power, and quickly conquer you. Subordination, and taking over, and confiscating by military power, and death and liquidation. This is why Anti-Christ moves into Armageddon at the very Climax at the end of the age.

But this will not be successful either, because God is standing by with Michael the Archangel, and with the hosts of heaven. With the tremendous fleets of heaven, and with ten times then ten thousands, times then thousands of the chariot of fire, to aide the household of His people. He promises you victory, and he calls on you to wake up---to beat your plowshares back into swords, and your pruning hooks into spears, to stand off that northern army. But remember that God has promised us deliverance, and deliverance for our nation.

So you therefore as you look upon the fall of Babylon, let us say:---let her fall. Let us not in ourselves worry to much about the economic problems of Babylon----but let us return to the economic standards of God's Kingdom. Out of the program built around just sets of weights and measures, we will discover that there are statuses of economic immunity to this nation, in the program of the Most High God.

All the patterns of false religion and evil economy stand with Mystery Babylon, the Great under the program of the children of evil.

While the program for the righteousness and truth, stand under the program of---"The New Jerusalem", which descended from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob until your time, and now IS ABOUT TO BE REVEALED.

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