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Just Sets of Weights and Measures

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by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 3-27-64

As we turn tonight to this subject ‘Just weights and measures,’ it is with the realization that the problems which beset the world tonight, that the administration of the areas of exchange and the manipulation of areas of value and the powers to create depressions or prosperity, is a tremendous power welded by a few. And because of surrendering of such an authority to their power, has been a particular operation of super-confidence of men in the world horizon. When I speak to you tonight, we tell you that the Bible clearly marks a period of great danger. For this interprets the words in their minds. When we are told that the love of money is the root of all evil, it is when men worship money for the sake of money, and the power which it will produce, and seeks to buy men and their lives and their civilizations in order that they might acquire this substance. And they go mad with Satan's design. And under this instance, here comes this great area of error. There are those who have cited that money itself is the error. But it is not. It is the ‘love’ of money which outweighs principal and direction, that is the root of all evil, that is in the world at this hour.

You may say that the powers of darkness are not guided by the love of money. But I point out to you that the life flow of the goods necessary for survival are a part of the strategy of the enemy. And by beholding what they believe to be the very blood stream of commerce and trade, and industry and enumeration they seek to design the world from the point of servitude. This is one of the remaining principals for gaining control of the earth---the fact that no man will be able to do business, nor buy, nor sell, except he give assent to their program and assume the obligation of supporting their way of life. And thus takes the mark in the seat of his intellect and places it upon his hand. This is alluded to by The Christ as the very heart of the Beast system. And the very mark of the Beast is this assent to the programs of darkness and to the gaining of such power over people.

There has been promised to those who would serve the program of the Beast, even among nations of God's kingdom, that their authority will be increased and their influence will be increased, and that they can rule over this system under the dominions of this power. Thus they will be above their brethren and the household from whence they come, if they will serve this gigantic octopus of evil.

Now tonight we are fully aware that nothing takes place that God does not know about. We are also aware that the fate of this great nation which had its start by the Faith of our fathers, swearing with the Declaration of Independence, our independence from all of the governments of the world which seek to entrap it, and being persuaded that we founded a constitution that was going to provide thru out all of our future, if we followed thru carefully a proper sense of value, in the bartering and in the developing and in the creation of the medium of exchange in our society. We empowered our representatives and we had so known that only Congress would possess the knowledge and the right to coin and mint the money of these United States, and to establish the value thereof. And that we were going to have a just set of weights and measures. And they would be permanent in the standard of value. This was the intent and the discussion of our founding fathers.

I point out to you that this was not new; that it had an Israelitish origin. And since you are the people of the Book, then you also have a similar origin with the views that you have carried down thru the history of your tradition. I would point out to you in the book of Deuteronomy, when the MOST HIGH GOD talks about how you are to establish that society, and HE says, “thou therefore shall not have in thy bag divers weights great and small (meaning by this that in those areas of exchange and of barter that this exchange of the barter would be determined by just sets of weights.) Most of these weights would be set up in their hour. There was not one that had the same number upon it, but a different set of weights. Thus in weighing out the goods in exchange for it that they could be weighed long or short--Or that there would be two standards of value so that a man would find himself in this instance defrauded by the one handling this exchange.---The scripture calls for one set of weights and measures. HE says that they were determined to set the weights and measures and they would not alter. We note therefore that the most HIGH GOD NOT ONLY CALLED OUT FOR THIS ATTENTION, BUT SAID, “IN ALL OF THE THINGS THAT YOU DO, REMEMBER THAT YOU SHALL HAVE A PERFECT SET OF WEIGHTS AND MEASURES---A PERFECT MEASURE, THUS THOU SHALT HAVE. And thy days shall be lengthened in the land which the LORD thy God shall give thee. All that thou do in righteousness, and all that do unrighteousness art an abomination unto the LORD thy God--and do not forget, saith the LORD thy God, about these weights and measures, do not forget the Amalakites. For they will sneak up behind you, for they thought that you were feeble. But remember this. For what Amalak tried to do unto thee and all that was associated with him, remember this---the LORD THY GOD shall give thee rest from those round about in this land which the LORD thy God shall give thee for thy inheritance and thou shall possess it. And thou shalt blot out the name of Amalak from under heaven, but thou shalt not forget it.”

Now I am going to tell you what is the matter. We in this land, which in prophecy was given unto us, in fact when God promised David that prosperity would come upon you, HE told him about a land that HE was going to give him out in the future---A new land, a great land, of prosperity and blessing, which would descend upon the people of our race. And I want you to know that when HE was talking to David, that he was already standing in Jerusalem where he had been crowned. So HE was NOT talking about Palestine. HE was talking about a great nation, one which Isaiah points to. And we see here in this land under the outstretched wings of an Eagle, a land which God has given us, and which has prospered by the fertility of the soil. And by the amount of the rivers which watered the land. A land of greatness and of blessing. And here God was going to gather HIS Household, and here HE would lift up HIS Standard. And concerning this in prophecy, it is also referred to in Jeremiah. And the promises which God has bestowed upon it. And it calls for us to remember these lands. Obviously HE had been preparing this land for our occupation. Remember that in all of your dealings as HE gathered the things for your production, that it was to be with a just set of weights and a perfect set of measurers. And remember these Amalakites, for I shall not forget how they sought to treat thee, and how they function and how they operate. And remember that as far as God is concerned, HE said, “I shall blot out these Amalakites from under heaven.”

Now HE said, “I have a war with the Amalakites in every generation.” Now we know that the Hittites, the Amalakites all represented as seductive force. The Cainanites came out of the seduction of Eve and produced Cain. And the Amalakites came out of the house of Amalak, from this supportive line of Satanic children. I point out to you today that the Amalakites are tied right in with this warning about just weights and measures. And today we are used to these Amalakites all over our nation and thru out the nations of God's kingdom. And tho God has protected us from our enemies and we have grown up to be a great nation, we have not paid attention to the word and the laws of God. We have permitted the Amalakites to come in and set up different sets of weights and measures and have different standards of exchange. In fact we have even let them grow to a certain position and power wherein they manipulate most of the money of these United States, and of the other nations of God's kingdom with this manipulation.

I point out to you, that you are a perfect Christian if you have a war with Amalakite in every generation. I am proposing that it is time for Christian America to wake up and take back her economy, and let’s have a constitutional money system and let the congress of the United States under the people that they represent establish a ‘just set of weights and measures,’ a monetary program, minted and coined and evaluated. And not be in the hands of our enemies. I point out to you that the process of these Amalakites were not to be duplicated by your race. If thou lend money to any of thy people that are poor, thou shalt not be unto him as a usury, and thou shalt not lay upon him usuary. God also gave unto your race instructions that you should charge no man usury. And this system of compounding of interest as used today is an extortion used in our land, which God says, is an abomination unto HIM. What happens if a poor person is in trouble today? What happens if they find themselves faced with a necessity or faced with the need of a sum of money which they do not have? Well, there are plenty of places which say, yes, you can get money from us if you have plenty of security. In fact if you have the security for the things you need, then you wouldn't need the money.

Now you find as you move into such a position, that they will be making money upon that provision that you need money. This is something which they are in business for. Let me tell you of something. Right here in California there are hundreds of rogue agencies and I could list names one after the other. And what they are charging is usury, my friends, and the poor person who is caught without finance, finds that he is weighted down with a juggernaut of trouble after he gets assistance from them. Thus it is that they enslaved the poor by the conformation of the MOST HIGH GOD--and this is not the policy for God's kingdom. Thus it is that this not only affects our nation, but it effects the world in the same way.

Now we are aware tonight that under this process of darkness, the forces of evil are supposed to demonstrate that they have gained control and they have followed thru on their blueprint out of the areas of darkness, of their economic and monetary systems of the world. Under these instances you say, “we are free here in these United States.” And I am going to say that you will never be free until you have abolished the money control of this nation and over the money which is from your creating and your working--and have taken it out of the hands of financial manipulators, who have contributed nothing to it, but live as parasites upon your society.

Now let me point this out to you. There is no more dangerous area of discussion in these United States, or anywhere else in the world, than to discuss the powers behind the scenes who try to manipulate the currency and the money of the nation. We are told that they are all doing this in the best interest of the nation. But they are doing it only to secure for themselves power to rule over men, and to reduce them to slavery, and to enhance their own power under Lucifer. They have no god but Satan, and gold whom they serve. And I tell you tonight that this is the key to Satan's power. That you as a society will only become free when you have broken free from these who manipulate the life blood of your exchange. That it is essential this setting of a just set of weights and measures, and that you properly evaluate the value of labor. And laboring in their production which men in their creative ability have established must be enumerated with just sets of weights and measures. I point out to you today that in such areas of manipulation, it is not unions that we need under demagogues in America. It is a just monetary system with a just measure and a proper exchange set up and regulated as God ordained that it should be---with ‘just sets of weights and just measures and just standards of gold and silver.’ Not necessarily evaluated, but evaluated in an area of exchange based on production which has a set value.

In this period in which you and I live, we have watched even the standards with which to back currency destroyed in our midst. You know, back in early times, one of the things which was known among men to be relative scarce was gold. But also it was the most lasting substance on the face of the earth. And it did not deteriorate over the years. Thus, it became the symbol of the highest standard of value. And silver also became of a high standard of value. Altho it oxidates to some extent, but it would take years before it would deteriorate until not of any value. But gold and silver were used by men to buy things of value that they thought they wanted. And they would beautify this and use it for all areas of adornment. So they used it in crowns and in jewels and in bars as the standards of wealth. And all over, in the history of the earth, and every since your race has been here, men have been using gold, scarce as a commodity, but as the highest areas of value that they based areas of exchange. The word money comes from the word ‘Moheta’ which is also used as a passage of exchange. Thus, money does not have to be gold. It can be anything that moves goods. Thus we point out that in this instance men could not carry around all of the things which they produce in a modern world, in a world whether it be in the areas of agriculture, or in industry, where there is a great amount of goods produced. Men did not want to build great storehouses in which to store the goods. And they wanted to put them into use, especially in the areas of Agriculture. And if that production was high, there had to be a process of enumeration. So warehouses thru out the various nations and thru out the various exchange market places generally tendered something of value. Sometimes it was an exchange in goods that would be used or consumed by the person who produced it. Or it might be exchanged by them for what men considered of value. If the value was to them to be considered of value, then whether gold or silver, or jewels, considered of value then they received it. Thus in the whole history of your race, it was considered that there must be a system of just weights and measures. Under some of the kings of Israel and even in earlier periods, they had a value upon a measure of wheat. And that measure of wheat was not to change. And they measured other things which were staffs of life and the production goods of men. But in all of these instances the scripture says that the laborer is worthy of his hire. But there are all kinds of productions today in all areas of our society. And no two areas produce two items of specification. Under this process, also the instructors inside of your schools are producing an area of labor, and therefore must have their enumeration which cannot be exchanged in goods, but it must be exchanged in services. And it must in this exchange of services, have a right to a certain amount of goods. And it must be evaluated. So we make a monetary evaluation, or a salary for these teachers. The same is true in every area of professional life and in the areas of management. Altho they are a part of the production in this same plant. All of these same things are the monetary technology of your society. And they challenge you to find a solution to every problem that would give you freedom and liberty, instead of slavery and manipulation upon these measures.

There had always been a provision in the House of God for God had demanded a tithe of HIS people. The Tithe would support the activities of the people who performed the work of the temple and for the instructors in the areas of the MOST HIGH GOD.

Today from the standpoint of the development of God's kingdom in the areas of responsibilities, the Tithe of God would not only take care of these areas, but there would not be anything to worry about in how it was to be carried out. In those days when there was not as compact a society and the tremendous metropolitan areas we have today did not exist, a large part of this tithe was actually paid in goods and in crops, and was put into temple warehouses and then was dispersed back out when necessary, to secure the necessary exchange of the carrying out of

the work of the service of God. This was also carried out in the provision for the State and carried out as a provision for the defense of society. Thus it was that the whole society of your race, and of the nations of the earth as well, became developed. However we have an international society that developed and took over Emperors and kings, and made up of a group of false Baal priests and international money changers. Every one of them looked just like hock shop proprietors in your time. And it is as tho related to the same society. Their design was to manipulate and to control all of the monetary exchange of the world and to seek the gold and most of the silver, and only give unto men temporary checks to do business with.

We point out to you that in this instance that under the days of Daniel, that he taught the prophecies for the nations. And he said, “Babylon thou art this head of Gold.” And in the vision of Nebuchadnezzar, he saw the world powers that were going to rise up in opposition to God's kingdom. And in the interpretation of it, he said, “Babylon, thou art this head of Gold.” Symbolically this manipulation of money and currency is referred to from Old Testament to New, as the Babylonian manipulation of the international money changers of Lucifer's own household. Do you know what one of the world’s greatest crimes is today? It is that the international money changers in the world tonight. And if you dare touch on that subject, you become enemy No. 1 to the world government. And all you have to do in America tonight is to determine what we have in the United States --world government or God's kingdom. If you become a defender of God's kingdom, you become enemy No. 1 to the world government.

Let me put up to you this pattern tonight, that in this conspiracy that we face tonight, the design has come to break great Christian nations of God's kingdom by economically destroying them, and financially reducing them to a point of slavery under an international pattern of order. For instance instead of the government of these United States continuing to establish the value of its currency in areas of monetary exchange, or even of metallic coinage. We have watched in the history of these United States, the withdrawing of our monetary market, and the areas of exchange of the coins of gold, which used to be in distribution. Why did we abandon gold coins? Why was it that the American government took away your right to have gold, when they keep on giving gold to anyone in the world who comes up with an American dollar and asks for it? And they wanted to take away from you this storehouse of gold. For this is an opportunity to manipulate your economy and to determine how much money they could withdraw in areas of exchange

in these United States.

Now we do not give a lot of approbation to the Saturday Evening Post, but it gives itself away in this article on the Yankee dollar. --'How long can we pay for the crack of doom?’ And so it says that in a big vault three blocks north of Wall Street, where all of the teletype machines are at work, is the central money man, ‘The Federal Reserve,’ a central bank, the central money man of the United States. And they are in contact with these teletypes of some 80 nations. And there is a constant check on the price of gold and on foreign currency. And there is buying and selling even by the Federal Government itself, of the money that you possess. “The United States Treasury and the Bank of England and all of the treasuries of the world, belong to this little money ring of ours.”--- This is the statement made by Robert Moses. They say that down in the basement is 13 billion dollars of gold bars, well guarded. The largest gold catch in any one place. But it does not belong to the United States anymore. It belongs to all of these various nations that are manipulating on this exchange. And then he goes on to tell us what we have to do according to all of our problems, because the gold is slipping. He tells us in this article that we have not only lost the gold, but we continue to lose two to three billion dollars annually. And it got up to the rate once last year of five billion dollars. And our own gold reserve is not sufficient to back up our own commitment to maintain our own money.

On top of this, by not gaining because of manipulation of the money of these United States in the gold area, they have demoted the value of the United States dollar to the area of its silver value, until the U.S. dollar no longer has a silver certificate, redeemable in silver. It just says this is a Federal Reserve Note. And it does not tell you what you can redeem it in--but paper and Jew promises.

Now let me point out something to you tonight. I am reading from the record of the honorable Louis McFadden, who used to be chairman of the banking committee, and he made these statements way back in 1932. It seems that the Federal Reserve has usurped all of the government of these United States. It controls everything here and all of our foreign relations. It makes and breaks governments at will. And no governments and no body of men is more entrenched in power and more arrogant than this credit monopoly of the world which operates the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Bank. This was back then the head of banking, this Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Bank.

I also want to point out something else which I think is quite significant. In this record, for it was in 1932 when speaking before the Congress, that McFadden claimed that money had been drained wholesale out of the United States for the purpose of financing Russia by loans by certain financiers such as Kuhn Loeb and Co. And he goes on to name a whole group of them. I have a list here of the Warburgs and Kuhn Loeb and Company, and a great number of these bankers who are here now who helped to set up the program of the Soviet Union. And James C. Warburg was one of the most ardent supporters of the program of world government today. Well, this long preparation of documents by Mr. McFadden even when the Red Revolution had not gained the size and power it has tonight. He called for at that time, an investigation by the committee of the Judiciary, calling for an investigation into the official conduct of the Federal Reserve Board. And he wanted them to make this an investigation and interrogation as to what to do for the salvaging of our American society.

Now the resolution concerning these crimes against the United States was introduced on the floor for this investigation. Then following this, Congressman McFadden had heart failure and sudden death on October 1936. But this was not a dose of intestinal flu, as was stated, but the results of a poisoning which was successful. No sooner had he called for this investigation at this dinner then he was poisoned. And had his doctor not been present and immediately used a stomach-pump on him, this head of the banking Judiciary, would have died right then and there. But they made it. And then after several attempts to poison him, he died in 1936, because he dared to call for, and was fighting for an investigation into one of the greatest conspiracies of all times.

Now when I refer to the fact that international Jewry, from the days of Hiram Solomon, when the New Amsterdam Mercantile establishment of the House of Rothchild become involved in the revolution by trying to tie up your economy at that time, and dealt with both sides on down to that set of monetary manipulations, and thought to deny you in the earliest years of your nation, the monetary relationship that your congress called for.

So down here in our time, we find that we have not paid off the debt of the Revolution, as small as it was, according to the amount of money that we dispersed, because of their power to manipulate and their refusal to accept the principal. Thus, letting the interest accrue to a great holding power.

I point out to you that when the Federal Reserve System was put in, a Jewish fink that was close to President Wilson, was working on the leaders of our Senate. This was Col. House. And it was this man that manipulated and maneuvered the entire program which created the entire area of Federal Reserve support by the Senate and thus created the Federal Reserve Bank. I only mention this because there is only one way to get to the bottom of our problems. And that is to realize that we have been slipping since that world revolution and we have been slipping in the areas of controlling our own society, even before we realized it. A great number of Senators who stood firm for a strong monetary policy ended by the creation of this Federal Reserve Bank. Actually, my friends, the Federal Reserve Bank is not a government bank it is a privately owned bank, owned and controlled by a group of International Bankers. German bankers who were Jews and American bankers who were Jews, predominately controlled this. After this manipulation and the selling of Senators and the carrying out of these objectives, Jacob Schiff sent a special communication to Col. House, saying, “Because you have been so loyal to thy mother’s people, and because you turned over the monetary system of the United States, we want to show our appreciation by giving you a ‘Carte Blanc’ check that will be honored thru out your life anywhere in the world. Anything that you want, we will see that you have it. For we will supply it. You never have to worry, for we will back you up in everything for giving up the monetary system of the United States.”

Now people think that the Federal Reserve Bank belongs to the Government, just because it is called Federal. But it does not belong to the government any more than does the National Council of Churches back before they changed their name from the Federal Council of Churches. It was just as devilish as it is now. It does not belong to the government, but it does belong to the devil.

When I point out to you that there is a way that the powers of darkness can be broken, that one has been taught that the design of a Red Revolution, was to deny all personal power, personal ownership, to collectively own goods inside of Socialists nations and disperse to the people who produce the goods, and to all people in a world distribution, there is nothing more fallacious than this anyhow. For the workers have never received any distribution, with the high elite that dominate Communist society that live at the expense of people living at slave standards, while refusing to the people the lack of currency and the ability to buy goods, which they do not give them the time to create. They cite that right now they are engaged in a tremendous crusade to liberate all of the world into the same kind of slavery they possess. Therefore you have to tighten your belt and wait until we have broken the power of Capitalist countries, especially Christian nations. And after we have gathered up all of these things, we are going to disperse them to you, so you will have coming to you a little later on for the tightening of your belt today. And for helping to stimulate the Red Revolution, or backing the program of a Red Army in the conquest of the world. So the Devil cons its own army. The people of the Soviet countries are fools in the hands of Satan taking the promises of a liar that never paid off, in all time of history. God says that you are liars you that run this system and you that run this household. And your father was a liar and the truth was not in him. So never count on the word of a Jewish money lender, a Jewish banker, or anyone behind the Red Revolution, or behind the New Frontier Socialism in America, either.

We point out to you that the Red Revolution was the work of International bankers . . . Jewish bankers with allegiance to no nation, except by choice, as they select one to reside in. Having put over this Revolution, don't cease to think that this was not a Bankers Revolution, for it was still in the hands of World International money changers who had held back, even in their own lands, the waver of the worker. Thus it is that we find that in these instances, we find that these strategies have been extended to all nations. How a great society like ours with technological know-how and intellectual genius would have developed this nation from its colonial life to a great nation from coast to coast with a development in every field of its life, how would they gain control of it? They could not come out and take land away from people who had it by direct revolution, and they could not deny them their property rights and still believed their senators and their constitution and were sitting on this land. The only answer was GAIN CONTROL OF THEIR MONEY. And I tell you that when the Federal Reserve System came in the forces of darkness gained control of our money. And from that time on there was no just set of ‘Weights and Measures.’ And altho Congress thought that they had coined the money and established its value, the only money not manipulatable were the coins that were in your pocket.

But not satisfied with that one of the great schemes was to create and manipulate with their great control system the economy of a nation so as to create a depression. They could pull out the credit under great industries now dependent upon these areas of credit which they used to operate and bankrupt these industries while they crashed on the market and those working with them grabbed up these shares so as to control American industry. This was a part of the strategies they employed at that time. When we talk about areas of such manipulation, we point out, that this was Mystery Babylon the Great, trying to get control of the nation, while saying that they would take care of all of the nations if they would accept their demagogues ruling and controlling their areas of organization.

Today we have Mystery Babylon at the top, and then we have the Internationalist money changers controlling the outlets of money thru out the world. And we have them also controlling labor and making them angry and upsetting industry and threatening to strike while they inflate the value of their goods, only in status of money.

Now I am going to tell you something. Do you know that you cannot make a pair of shoes more valuable than a pair of shoes? You say, “We are going to inflate the value of these shoes.” But it is still just a pair of shoes. And I want you to know that money is not the status of value. It is the things which you produce which you exchange with money that has a value. And when people discover this, one of these days, they will discover that a just set of Weights and measures calls for establishing the just value of labor. One of these days, you will establish the value of labor. And one of these days you will establish a ‘just’ set of weights and measures, and you will discover that which people have gathered by thrift and by wisdom in the areas of their exchange, or in their production in their lives, is not suddenly going to disintegrate and disappear by the process of inflation that robs them in their aging years. One of the great devices of these money changers is to manipulate currency and to manipulate money. The whole world revolution is a part of their design to gain control of the whole world and reduce everybody to slavery. And to do this they have to suppress a religion which is guided by God and challenges vision, which keeps stirring them up for victory. Christianity makes men strive for liberty and freedom. It makes them hold up the standards for liberty. So Christianity is the only religion which does not create a Priestcraft that has the authority to blackmail its people and make them think they must submit to them. And therefore the religion of Christianity and its function does not have to and is not supposed to support the Babylonian policies and influence of evil. The say if we can just crush Christianity and make men agnostic, there will be no way for them to find their sense of values and overthrow our policies. Christianity, they say, is always the enemy of our god, because this is the working religious philosophy of the children of God's kingdom, and thus Lucifer's failing.

Now under this instance of their past performance, the programs of darkness wish to suppress all of the proper standards of the process of money, rob people and live as parasites on them. So here in these United States, we found ourselves in a great Depression. And I tell you that this Depression we went into, and so did other parts of the world, was 100% of International bankers money changers pulling credit suddenly out from under industry, which was now trading on credit.

Now actually, with this trading on the process of credit, they had a set of values which were international, or nationally accepted. And in this exchange and in the areas of exchange, the paper that they used was based on the set of values that they were producing and men were not robbed of usury as God ordained that they should not be. In this case, there would not have been a Depression. But if you could cut off this area of exchange . . . for even this paper of credit was money as long as it was moving goods and as long as the process paid men for producing, for it gave profits to the industrialists and rewarded the farmers, moved their goods and exchanged their work for the things that men desire . . . but the moment that you say that there is no money for you today, and you cannot make your payroll, and we will have to shut down next week, then you can create a Depression. And they did create this Depression. And they aimed to control it and hold the world by it. So what ended the depression? Suppose I tell you that the Third Reich ended that Depression? You might not believe that, but the Third Reich ended that Depression and I can prove it to you. Because these international money changers who had sat in from the time of the Versailles Treaty on down, and these world bankers set up treaties in all areas. They precipitated wars and sought the destruction of Christian nations and then enhanced themselves and became richer while Christian nation fought Christian nation. But inside of Germany bankers who were not a part of this world conspiracy, suddenly realized that this world conspiracy was so entrenched inside of their society, that the people who received the benefit out of it were those that were the investors in the International banking houses. In Germany, the brothels, the dope trade, the vice, the corruption, of all immorality were in the hands of these International money changers. And the same is here to. But everything destructive was there. And a German farmer, or some poor widow woman had need of some money for her children. So she goes down to a loan house and that is not 6%, it is about 30%. And then suddenly the people said, “do you know who is running Germany?” It is the Jews. And I will tell you a little secret tonight. Do you know who is running the United States? It is the Jews. But do you know who is going to run the United States? GOD.

Now it is quite obvious that when God comes in to rule, then something has to go out. Then something to break the power, to get something out, is to break the power of they who live as parasites on you. We have no brief for some of the terminology that were used in the Revolution. But I point out to you that Germans everywhere were told that if we could establish a banking system that was German here like the Constitution provides for America, if they ever practice it, and set up a system of permanent values and set up areas of exchange for goods, and if we set up a system here, for instance, a government bank and loaned money interest free for every area of worthy production . . . if we would get out of this gold and silver kick we are on and decide that money is to be established for the movement of goods on the basis of goods produced and things created, this will back money just as well as any amount of gold or silver in our treasury. While setting this value of gold and silver that can be moved or manipulated anywhere we want to go, lets us establish an interest free bank. Well, it was not long before they were talking this up all over Germany. And wherever they met, they talked this up. And they had those who were their assistants who were well versed in such an economy. Men like Krupp, also understood that such an economy would soon free a nation from manipulation of international money changers who could control or pull the strings from the United States, or Britain, or from Switzerland, and not be for the interest of any country. That is why, my friends, when they called for a vote on a new money system, a Reich Bank that would come into being and loan money interest free, that the Jews burned down the Reichstag.

Now they have been trying to say that the Reichstag fire was the fault of the Nazi thru out all of these years of propaganda. But the fact remains---why would they burn down an institution that they had already stole? The next day, altho they met in another chamber, they almost unanimously gave their approval to the creation of a Reich Bank. And it was only a few days after this when President Von Hindenberg called Adolph Hitler and said, “come on in, for I want to make you Chancellor of the government under me, to carry out the activities of this new bank and this new policy.” He said, “I want to win this by an election.” And he said, “I want to run for this office.” And this is always forgotten. But the very moment that a bank was created that would loan money interest free for every worthy cause and backing that with money, all of the Jew money lenders started to run to Poland, to Austria, and other places just as fast as they could go. And they were saying, “they just killed us in Germany.” And actually they had. For anytime you take the economy out of the hands of the Jews and give it back to the people ---they are dead. It was not long before other nations began to see this and wonder when they could be set free from under the Jewish economic system. And Europe was excited. For they saw a chance to get out from under the International money lenders.

Now I am not going to stand in defense of the principals and processes of the Third Reich. For I am an American. And there were many areas of their government that have no appeal unto me, because of the concept of the particular freedom in which we have been raised. But I am aware that they copied a principal that is to be found in our Constitution which we have not had the benefit of or the appreciation of since the Federal Reserve System took over. I am also aware of something else. That the moment that they created a Reich Bank which loaned money interest free, that the enemy left. And I am also interested in success stories. And the very moment that you can find a program where you could free our economy and free America from the enemies of Christianity, I think you better think about it.

You say, “How could you do this?” The other day I had a professor say, “Dr. Swift, would you just tell me how you can say that this was a success? What happened to Germany as they went under dictatorship?” I said, “No, just a moment. I am talking about the economy, the banking system.” And he said, “But look at the terrible war we had.” But whose war was it? Why was it fought and what was behind it? Let me tell you something. The moment they broke the power of the Jew to manipulate the economy of Germany, then as the Reich expanded, it was broken in Austria and in Sudaten. The result as this power was broken? Then the Jews immediately gathered the world to crush this one threat to their power. They precipitated crisis in Poland and in Germany. So let me point this out. We are not going to talk about areas of justification and we are not going to enter into battles over a war. I can just say that the Jew was gathering something that he wanted very badly. And that was for Christian nation to fight Christian nation, to crush economic areas of discovery that were being used to break his power. I want to point out something to you that you will have to recognize. That the economy and the production of the Third Reich came up so strong, thus they were able to fight a war as long as they did against almost all of the world. You cannot say that it was not economically successful. For during that period of time, and you may check with people who were in Germany during that period of time, and they were able to acquire more things, they possessed more, and they received new advantages inside of their country. And everything they wanted to buy, they had the money to buy because they were creating wealth. And the worker had an adequate exchange to get his part of it. So their money was like your money, only they were out of a Depression while you were still in one. They had sent the money changers out. And they were buying new refrigerators and radios and better automobiles. And they were for the first time starting to free themselves from the bondage of the manipulators. But you were still in a Depression. So do you know how you got out of a Depression? Finally, the Jews were so worried that this would catch on thru out the world, that they precipitated the conditions that led to a war while propagandizing you, that this system had to be destroyed. And actually by your going into the war, the Depression ended. In fact you found just before the war that all of this money which was no longer available was suddenly turned loose.

Credit was suddenly here for factories to create weapons and you would be asked to crush this thing which had not permitted them to continue with their monetary control. And I know that there are people across the United States who will not understand the impact of what I am trying to tell you. They will say that we support the areas of the Third Reich, or that we support parts of the Nazi government. NO. These are just things under discussion. This war was actually created by design. And the essential pattern of it was created by International Jewry and the economic money changers. Because they had lost the economic strength of Central Europe.

And I point out that this ended your Depression. For one day factories were closed and the next day they were open and money was flowing. And it was everywhere. But where had it been all of this time?

In the first place, we hear today how the Federal Reserve System loans money to the government for all kinds of projects. Suddenly money was loaned out of this system for all kinds of industry while they created areas for all of these war goods and materials. I am going to tell you something. The Federal Reserve System never loaned the U.S. government any money. You say, “where do they get it?” Well, you print it. And this is money that comes off of the printing presses of the U.S. And then you give this money to the various banks and they in turn then order and buy various bank notes ten times the amount allotted to them by access of capitalization. And then they have this certain amount of money. So then they can loan it back to our government at such amounts of interest that they can make money on this paper that they just bought from the government, which the government allotted them to lend back. So the Jew rides on your back. And when you are thru with this policy, your taxes pay him back his interest, and he gets back 30% more than you gave him to loan back to you. And before you get to the principal, he has you always involved in this manipulation. I want to cite to you that in all of this manipulation, no money of these banks is involved. It is your paper and your credit that is honored.

You say, “But what backs this credit?” It is the things that you produce. It is the wheat that you grow. It’s the ore that you mine. It’s the automobiles that you produce. It is the sinews of your industry that is the wealth that you are creating. Someone said, “What is the solution unto this?” If you want to get free from this deadly entanglements, if you want to see the world free, then the Christian nations better wake up. Someone said, “You cannot get out of this Federal Reserve System. It is to firmly entrenched.” I know that it is firmly entrenched and I know that it controls areas of finance. I know that it can bankrupt companies by withdrawing its credit and I know that they will seek to destroy anyone who tries to point these things out. But there is one thing that they cannot get thru. And that is this wall of fire that God puts around HIS people. I am going to tell you just how it can be done. When the people of these United States reaffirm the commandments of God, when they call for a ‘just’ set of Weights and Measures, when they decide that they are not going to finance all of this phony international monetary system, but decide that they will create a U.S. Bank in accordance with the Constitution of the United States and put Congress back in the policy of coining money and in printing the type of money that could be used to move goods, and can set up areas of warehousing for the salvaging of the assets that we created recognizing that these assets are more valuable than the paper, and that the paper in the areas of exchange is a permanent assurance of the right to the amount of goods which it represents. Someone says, “That means that we must have a pricing facility.” Well, every intelligent civilization should have one. But it should not be priced to the situation of those who would seek to defraud some, while they enhance for themselves riches with two sets of divers weights.

I point out to you that there is a design now on the part of the forces of darkness to keep you from understanding the principals of exchange that they so cleverly understand. After they had precipitated a Depression like that on in 1929, up until the fateful years of Mr. Roosevelt, the first thing they then said, was, “Now we have a great amount of public debt. The government cannot pay its bills.” They were still printing the money but now we couldn't pay our bills. So they said, “We still have a Depression and people are out of work, and there is no money to start up the factories.”

And do you realize that if there had been money with which to buy goods, then there would not have been a Depression, now would there? This was all Banker managed. Someone said, “Are you against Bankers?” No, I am not against little local bankers. But I am against this operation which does not give us a chance.

Now let me point this out to you. Remember how they said, “Well, we have gold priced down too low, so we will increase the price to $32.00 per ounce.”? Someone says, “Well, maybe gold should be $32.00 per ounce.” But the reason they wanted to do it at that time, was so that they could issue twice as much paper. If they could jump from 20 to 35 that would give them a tremendous amount in the increase of paper. But I will tell you what the International manipulator wanted. He wanted the gold. And by this process, they took from you, your gold coinage and made it a crime if you had any gold, saying it was a crime. If you possessed any gold, you had to turn it in. Even your gold bank notes had to be turned in. But who said this? International bankers. And your Congress fell in line to take away, from you the American people, this right to own gold or silver.

Now I am going to tell you that you have a right to own as much gold or silver, under Divine right, as much as you want to accumulate. For anytime you demonetize the areas of coinage, as the area of your government, it should be as free in trade as peas and beans. But no. In this function, Lucifer had his own design. So suddenly you discovered something. It took just a few years to discover that inflation of the amount of dollars that backed up an ounce of gold was now deflected by the lack of purchasing power in the paper just as soon as the emergency would end. So when we ended the emergency and goods were once more flowing and the war was looming up, you discovered that now you had the realization showing up that your gold was now only worth about half as much as it once had been. And the savings of men and women who were related to this, were now in Federal Reserve notes and paper money had lost half of its purchasing power. And people who had saved for their retirement or the future of their children, now found that their money only purchased half as much. And they came out to start to sell you bonds that would be honored by your government as they developed and created the areas of monetary development, and added to the policies of taxation, the seizure of a large part of your tax. And they said just look--you are going to buy these bonds and they will be worth a lot of money, so we increased your taxes in order to pay for them. Under this situation, the percenters were getting it too. But under this situation, I challenge anyone to show me anyone who bought any bonds that could buy 2/3 as much with a bond when it matured as the purchasing power of the bond when they bought it.

You say, “what happened to this?” Well, the cost of labor has gone up. And the cost of labor was passed on to the cost of goods, plus the profit. And now everything was always being priced higher and higher. What made a change in the value of labor relative to a bushel of wheat or a loaf of bread? You remember when you were children you could buy five cent bread and eight-cent bread? And now you pay 33 cents for the same loaf of bread. And they have robbed out of it all of the nutrition. Then they come back and sell you that in a separate jar for $1.00 at a ‘health food store.’

The scriptures warned you about these people who would break the ‘staff of life. Remember that. This program is tied up with this same branch of Amalakites which God says that HE is not going to forget.

Now let’s take a look at what God declares is required. God requires that you deal justly, that you establish standards. Someone said, “But we do not want gold.” But how do you know we don't need gold? Everybody in the world is trying to get some of it. Someone said, “This is what they need.” But maybe it is what they need. But the fact remains that the enemy, the Satanic faction, want it all.

Now you can say that they are crazy, but they still want it all. And they want to control everything that you earn. So the MOST HIGH GOD has given you the intelligence to understand. You know . . . one of the most powerful Democrats in the areas of money is Patman.

Now I know Rich Patman, and have been in his office a few times. And we have talked about this situation. And Mr. Patman told me that the Federal Reserve System is the most evil, crookedest thing that ever happened to money in the world. And right now, he has flipped a little, because of the powers that be. And this is what he said then, and I can prove this. Col. Greer and I have sat and talked to Mr. Patman. And about 30 years ago, we had about 130 Congressmen who were willing to go for a U.S. Bank. And do you know who followed us around day after day and went into office after office . . . and they called him the old fish monger? It was none other than Barney Baruch, himself. And he would follow us into an office and he would say, “Pay no attention to this crazy money scheme these fellows are talking about.” And he would say this to the Congressman. And this was not anyone but the old boy himself. And you say why? But I will tell you why. It is because they do not want anyone to think about this money scheme. So this is what is wrong with your parties. They have the power and they control who you are going to vote for. Oh, you say, “But we have freedom.” But you do not have any freedom as long as International bankers control the world's monetary funds and control world government, and individual governments.

Someone said, “Dr. Swift, you will get in trouble for this sermon.” Well then, it’s a good one to get in trouble over. Because I am going to tell you that this system of Great Babylon is going to fall into the sea as the cry of the people is going to rise up against it and it will be devoured as a flame until they will never be able to put it together again.

Listen. You say, “How does it work?” Just very simply. If you have to build a great dam or a power supply, or if a private corporation wants to build it, then it doesn't make any difference. Because out of your government comes the money. Out of its presses to produce that great dam, for electrification, and it does not have to belong to the government. It can belong to the people, if they desire it. Because that money is supplied by the government. And this does not say that this is a Federal Reserve Note. And it is redeemable in lawful money, if you can get it. This says a United States Note back by what?--Backed by whatever its denomination is in created wealth.

So you build the dam and suppose it costs ten billion dollars. But you built a dam. Suppose it costs five billion dollars, but you built it. And when you are building it, men are working and the value of the labor was fixed and determined. And men bought the goods, their household goods. But they bought their cars and the money moved. And oh, you say, “but it does not say Federal Reserve System.”--Well, thank God.

Now you say, “But we have turned loose all of this money, so now what are we going to do with it? For it is not backed up with anything, for there is no gold or silver in our treasury?” There is a big dam out there that backs it up. And it is going to sell power. And a percentage of its profit is returned to retire the debt. It is wealth created without taxation. And it can sell its power for less money, because it had no usuary to meet. You say, “It did not work.” Yes, it did. For it built the Rotterdam project in Europe. Let me tell you that it is created wealth when a farmer expands his silage for the feeding of his cattle. And when industry expands, the farmer does not have to worry whether he is going broke or not or be able to feed his cattle. Because he only has to pay back this U.S. Bank when he has a surplus. He pays it back out of a certain surplus in his production which is already detailed and computed for him for those that handle the exchange of this economy. A United States Bank could negotiate for the people as the private banks are doing it today at this great usury expense. And it takes less than 1/2% and .1 of one-percent on average to handle the exchange and the production of the people of these United States.

Now you say, “What transpires?” It is that you would have more money in production and less debt involved in it, and you would have an equalization of those moneys and the government of the United States would know what the assets were in every bank in these United States, and they would know what it was being backed with. And they would know what that wealth was, and they would have a closing figure every night, and it would not be kicked around in Belgium, or somewhere else on the board, but it would be right here in America. Then you say, “But our congress does not have sense enough to run this.” Well, I will admit that they do not act like it. In fact, they do not act like they have sense enough to run the Congress. For they are trying to give us away to the world and trying to surrender all of our freedoms to the Negroes. And they are trying to take away our Christian society. But one of these days, we will have congressmen who will wake up. And when a United States Bank comes into existence, there will be no one to retard the ability of Americans.

And I am going to tell you something. Those stockpiles of goods, in those areas of exchange will be working for you also. Someone said, “What is the best thing for Americas security?” The best thing is for ownership of production. Whether it is in land or in Factories, the best way this can be done is to become involved in it. And I am going to tell you that all of the things which we call ownership finally has its security in the powers of production and cannot be rested from you by government illegally. And the best way to say that the government cannot do this illegally is to get rid of the parasites that run that kind of a contest.

You know, if America created a United States Bank, and the money that it moved was created by the things that men produced and was retired as it was repaid . . . Someone said, “But a car depreciates in a little while.” Yes, but the money that people paid for that car retired that car for its use. And the money went back into the area which had provided for its production. And nothing was lost. For the money was retired as fast as the car depreciated. But you are always gaining with this system. For there is always more instead of less. We do not have time tonight, to go into all of the facts of this, but this is a better policy of Weights and measurers.

Someone said, “What is the value of gold?” Well, that depends upon where you start. If you were to freeze the value as of our day, some people think this is enhanced, and they say ‘but look at the high wages we have today.’ But look also at the high costs. Go from a six-cent loaf of bread to a 33-cent loaf of bread . . . and you call this progress? (Today it’s over 1 dollar.)

Now I point out to you that in this instance, if you were to freeze it at any level, then you will have to find a comparative value in compensation for gold for what it can buy today and what it bought when it was down at its lower level. Do you know where gold would go to now, if you gave it a value of when the days when the Jews started this manipulation in the days of the depression? Gold would go to about a dollar an ounce and silver would be about two dollars right now, to the ounce. You say, “But that would be inflation.” Well, everything else has been inflated, but this area of coinage. But I point out to you that we are not talking about the prices of gold and silver. But I am going to tell you something. You will see gold go to this level and silver also. And it will happen before this year is over. And therefore, except money . . . and it had better be in industry and in property, and not running around in loose paper . . . because anybody who has paper is going to be hurt.

This is a war against Babylon. There are some men whom God has endowed in this country with a great wisdom which God promised that Israel would have, when there was given such assistance in the days of Jeremiah. There are men who know how to set up very fast a United States Bank with ‘just sets of weights and measures.’ Whereas the warehouses of exchange and the ability of having the proper checks against such goods are set up until you would know each day how much wealth America had and how much it had to disperse, and what it wanted to do with it. Oh, you say, “That is what these money changers do.” But the very day in an hour of need, or in an hour of production, that you can go down to a U. S. Bank and get that money without having to go to a Jew money changer, then that money changer will have to go to work. And you have never seen these people go to work anywhere yet. So they will decide that the best thing to do will be to decide to go somewhere else. And in the interlude, they might go to Palestine. The other day I picked a piece out of the newspaper that talked about the Kibbutzim. And it tells me that Israeli is not anything but a collectivist Socialist economy. And down in Tel Aviv a lot of big kikes like those who live here and run the motion picture industry, live in luxury while a bunch of them are nothing but a bunch of silly slaves. But I am not going to worry about the lot of the children of Satan. Those along the coast are going to be dumped in the sea when God gets thru shaking the earth. And that is Biblical whether people want to agree with it or not. But it is still in the book of Zachariah. So I didn't write it. I am just telling you what is there.

Always, we have the presence of an agent or two in here. And the other night, they went out to report to their newspaper. And when they go out tonight, they will really be writing. When we tell you that W.W.II suddenly put money back into circulation in your country, and if you want to know why, then the Third Reich ended that depression by throwing out Jew money changers and created a German bank, interest free. And the moment they did this, and they could not compete, the moment that they did this, they (Jews) left. And the result was a war. Oh, you say, “Then if we run them out of here there will be a war?” You don't have to run them out. All you have to do is set yourselves free so they cannot live like a bunch of parasites on your body politics and they will go. If you were to go down to Brazil and buy the Brazilian Gazette, you would hear about how these terrible conservatives in America had just put 100,000 of them in Gas ovens. Then you would hear about the terrible torture and the confiscation of their property, and how they lost their businesses and people confiscated them, and how they wouldn't live like this. And there would be not a word of truth in it for they just left because they could no longer live by doing nothing. You say, “Don't you think that people ought to live off money?” I don't think that people should live off money doing nothing. Then you say, “But shouldn't money be a check on their production?” Yes . . . but it should be working. And if your money is in areas of production and creating wealth, and then you have a proper share in what it produces coming to you. This is not usury. But when you get money and then get back money, because of the inconvenience of human need and property, this my friends, is usury. And when you distort standards not acceptable by God and it is by manipulation, then this is the backlog of evil.

There are men who will be listening to this tape across America who will know what I am talking about, because there is among the greatest money minds of America . . . and they are on the tape lists and the correspondence . . . and their hearts will leap among them, for there will be many who will be thinking and talking about freeing ourselves from Satan's peculiar conspiracy. The time has come to challenge responsibility, even this Post article. Even tho it has parts of questionability about it. Because we know they will not tell all of the truth of what is behind it. But they still tell some. But they do end up by saying that we are in a mess, and please write your suggestions as to what to do about it to President Johnson and Secretary Dillon. I am willing to do that, but I know that Mr. Dillon would not like it. Someone said, “But isn't he an Episcopalian?” Well, I heard someone say that he was a 1/2 one the other day. I am going to tell you that if you talked to the President of the United States or to the Secretary of the Treasury and said that we wanted to fold up the International money system, we want to create a United States Bank, we want proper security, and we want to take us out of the Federal Reserve System, out of the Rothchild, Warburg and Jacob Schiff conspiracy, we want to set America free from the International monetary exchange, get the world monetary fund from under the United Nations control, they would cry and scream. They would say everything would go if this goes. Then they would say, “But don't you know that this money is wealth?”

Let me tell you something. It is just a pocket full of paper. That is all that it is. Someone said, “But I couldn't carry around all of the money in gold that I want.” But I would like to try. You would be surprised at how much of it I would pack back and forth if I could get it. I never saw anyone in America crying because Gold was too heavy. Did you? I have heard a lot of people cry because they cannot have any.

Now I am going to tell you something. If gold was as free today as the paper in your pocket, and the certificate that accompanied it says that this certificate says this is exchangeable in gold or silver or in goods, you wouldn't even bother to carry the gold home them. Just so you would know that when you went down there to get it then you would get it. And then you would say, “But I would just as soon have the goods. I can't eat this.” But this is a ‘just set of weights and measures,’ a confidence in government. And when the people know that the government belongs to them and is employed by them to handle their affairs justly and has confidence in them . . . a people, my friends, have piece of mind. Someone said, “You have to get peace of mind from God.” But you do not get the peace of mind in the areas of securities until you do the work of God that HE told you to do. I know a lot of people who have peace of mind and they are not worried about their eternal soul because God has a covenant. So what are you going to do? For they have eternal life. But they are not very satisfied with the world picture. A lot of men are running around telling people what to do with their money. If someone comes round to tell you what to do with it, then you find out what that person knows about what to do with theirs, if they have any. Sometimes the most pertinent advice comes from people who do not own a thing. But I want you to know tonight in what we are talking about, in the salvation of the kingdom, this is authority. For it is "Thus saith the LORD."

And because what we are talking about is a part of God's solution when Babylon goes down a righteous system comes in. You say, “But we won't have to worry about these things in the Millennium.” Well, let me tell you something. In the Millennium you will raise more wheat than you ever did before and you will ship more fruit and vegetables than you ever did before. And you will see the movement of goods and prosperity over the entire earth.

So what do you think you are going to do? Sit down on a hassock and strum a harp in the Millennium? If you have a silly idea that the millennium isn't real, if I even thought it was something like this, I would ask for a transfer. I would rather go out there in the Milky Way and explore a few trout streams that I never saw before, than to sit down here and strum a harp about nothing.

Come out of it be a realist. You were put down here to defeat the powers of darkness, not to hold out your hands and say ‘tie me.’ That is showing your luck. They have tied your hands with little wisps of grass. But when you catch the perception of a world void of an honest relationship between honest labor and production, and an honest relationship between the things that men have created and a true balance for the laws of depreciation, you do not have just sets of weights and measures. You say, “I can't figure this out.” Then put your hand to the wheel of those in God's creation that can figure it out so it does not belong to the enemy. But you can figure it out. You just think that you can't because they told you that you cannot understand money. But the way they manipulate it nobody can understand it.

I am going to tell you that these International bankers run around the world and buy and sell with little bits of paper and nothing moves, but the goods they take with them. And you have just been tricked into thinking that everything they tell you about this paper is true. You say, “I have some men who are in finance and in banking and they do not know this.” But they only know what directives they get from their bosses. They only know what to do with that amount of paper they get within their place.

Someone said, “The ability to move these goods depends upon the honesty of the borrower.” All of that, my friends, depends upon how they feel about that person they are manipulating who will pay them back with their interest, that is all. But as far as honesty, how can there be anything honest? My . . . we can get the G boys out and we can get them across the state lines for he just went out with a sack full of Jew money. And it has taken millions to produce wars and depressions. And then we send the Jew boys out to protect them. I am not so sure of that kidnaping. Are you? Today when you have to deal with the rat-pack, I am not sure of anything. But if that is coded, then I still think there is something real funny going on. I think that we have been sold a bill of goods. But I will tell you this tonight. That you can get out of your troubles and get a just set of weights and measures, a Constitutional money system. First they tell me that the Constitution is not any good. That it invades property rights. It is no good to help states run their schools. It is just not any good anymore. So I suppose they want us to throw out with the Constitution, the only hope we have economically. But I want to tell you something. We are going to keep the Constitution and we are going to liberate our economy. And do you know that this could be done even by a group of people starting out? Even in their exchange they base it on warehouse goods? But they would make a phoney law saying that the paper wasn't legal for they are afraid. And while in the last two months you and I have watched our dollar change with that good old United States seal on it saying, ‘this is a United States note,’ and now it says Federal Reserve Note. And as I looked at it, then it does not say redeemable in anything. But it will be redeemed by a people when they set themselves free.

Some say that it will take blood. But this is just depending on how willing the parasite is to leave. If you take another Depression, you are foolish. But I am going to tell you tonight, that America is not going to take another Depression if there is anyone to tell them who is doing it. I think we have great men in Washington who will follow thru on this and they will take a mandate from the people. They will take the authority of God and deal justly and righteously. They will call for experts to set up for America, a pattern of money which is consistent with the law of God and the Constitution of these United States. And Christian nations will follow. And then you will see the wheels of industry move and employment with increase, except for those individuals who have been on a dole and lack the initiative and do not want to work. And if they will not go to work in the midst of prosperity, then they never did work anyhow. They have always been on the public trough. But they are going to work this time. Because the order which God is going to develop, we are not going to support a bunch of Negro harlots and all of their children at your expense. And we are not going to support a whole lot of people who do not want to do anything but want to live on the public trough. America out of its own great production areas, which do not affect the areas of enterprise. But the assets belong to the people . . . are going to provide an honorary system for their aged and their sick. And it will eliminate the people from these fears of enslavement which has not permitted this generation to accumulate its security.

The one which can make the best promises is not some phoney politician. But the Kingdom of God can make it. Because it can produce. And “except ye follow the promises of God,” you will send a bunch of fellows back in who have never produced. So we urge you to say, “THY KINGDOM COME,” and tell it, tell it, tell it. Remember that you are in the hands of robbers. The kingdom of God has suffered violence and violence has taken it by storm. But now the SAINTS OF THE MOST HIGH GOD ARE GOING TO TAKE IT BACK.

End of message.

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