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Best of Dr. Wesley Swift

The Encircled Kingdom

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by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 2-2-64

We turn tonight in our subject ‘The encircled kingdom.’ We view things that are in stark reality and to the conditions that relate to each one of us and the conditions in the nation in which we live at this hour. There is no doubt that we have been taught to pray ‘Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.’ We have been taught to pray for the ultimate achievement in victory in earth in the empowerment of God and HIS household. We must not be confused. For God is still the master of HIS universe and HE holds all things in the hollow of HIS hand. And thru out the pattern of HIS creation and thru out the things which HE has ordained, the Luciferian upsets, the battles and wars have never gotten outside of God's control. The measures of the 'time' of God is not as short as we would like to make them sometimes, or the normal life span in earth. We must recognize that in the purposes of God which HE has ordained, that HE did all things well and wisely. In this course in comparison with the antiquities of the earth and the situations, and the happenings in past history, your race has not been here very long. 7400 years of history will consummate the White man in earth. It starts with his Adamic origin and it ends with the White nations of Christendom which exist in the world today. It is a story of achievement and a story of progress which started out with a catastrophe of a fall, and with the visitation of God as our Father, and HIS restoration, the guidance of HIS wisdom, the lifting up of Divine standards and the guidance of patriarchs and prophets, and the fullness of God's own embodiment with our race. This is the story of a people who had the capacity to be guided by the thoughts of God. This is a story of a people who reached out to the earth with its knowledge of agriculture. This was before this had ever happened in the existence of the earth at any time before you had arrived. But here you came, the children of the ‘green thumb,’ the household of the Most High God. And God started you out when HE planted a garden.

In the instance of this, you were not only God's progeny, HIS household transplanted into earth, but the purpose of the Father was to acknowledge you so that the world would know who you are. The purpose of God was to establish HIS kingdom in earth with this, HIS family. And from this one family, they would increase and multiply. And by vision and inspiration, they would create culture and civilization. They would adapt the resources of earth to their use all under the guidance of spirit. All of this was the evidence of a people motivated by the spirit of God. It called for their strength so that the kingdom of God would expand from one end to the other.

I want you to recognize that the taking over of the earth is by a divine plan, a divine purpose of the MOST HIGH. When we make these statements, we want you to recognize that the universe with its trillions and trillions of sidereal systems was affected in 1/3 of the Milky Way by this rebellion of Lucifer. And of course this also involved the earth and the people within it from the earlier creations. We point out to you that God did not cast them aside indefinitely into the hands of Lucifer, but HE planned a program in which the earth would be retaken again and the powers of darkness which had been driven to earth would be brought into submission. This is not only historic, but this is what the 12th chapter of Revelation tells us about the defeat of Lucifer and his hosts by the Archangel Michael and his hosts. And it tells us how these great space fleets were earth-bound and how Lucifer then established his power in the earth. And here in earth, he made his last stand. And I want you to know tonight that even tho it looks like he has the balance of power, still, Satan is making his last stand. The powers of darkness were defeated in outer space . . . thru out the universe also defeated. But here in earth they are making their last stand. The significant thing is that the powers of darkness at the present time control more things than the powers of righteousness. This is quite understandable for this race from which you come even tho it has been increasing is still only 1/6 of the worlds population. Therefore, you have no possibility of becoming the balance of power by the sheer strength of numbers before the climax of the age. The patterns of divine measure and their realizations bring you this picture . . . that altho you have made great strides in leading the world to greater knowledge and understanding, but the tremendous area of knowledge, technology, guidance and inspiration in the last centuries have definitely been emerging out of your race. Go back thru the preceding millenniums and you will discover that this is also true. So it is that we face the fact tonight that we face the powers of darkness. And we recognize that there is one thing that all of their evil hoards cannot compete with. They cannot compete with the guidance, wisdom, understanding and technology of the Household of God. This is not only evident by their strategies, but their design is therefore to not permit you to continually extend. Their design is to find some policy by which to destroy you.

Now I am not worried about the ability of the darkness to destroy the Light. For it cannot do that. Nor do I think that the forces of darkness can destroy the White race so I am a pessimist tonight. But I am also aware that during the years of your ascendence, and now this great nation of which you are a part, starting on July 4, 1776, as a new nation founded and built by those who came out of the White race, and whose family background demonstrated that this is the household of Adam, were fulfilling a great new leap ahead. Thus, this nation was formed. Here we were watching a nation being formed of a people gathered together out of the great strong lines of the White race, from the western world, and here under the leadership of divine destiny, an emblem of prophecy, thus we watched this nation grow. It is then safe to say that this history from 1776 to 1964, has shown us also that there is a strange strategy at work here and in all of the great nations of the kingdom of God. The British Empire and Germany and Scandinavia, and all of the nations that comprise the White race and all of the forces thru out the last 200 years have established that they are a force of developing Civilization. And they have established this with knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Their colonies extended from one end of the earth to the other. And we know tonight that the colonies of the White man brought with it knowledge, wisdom and civilization. Brought advancement to areas of superstition and darkness.

We do not ask tonight of those who worship pagan gods for truth. We do not ask tonight of the areas of Africa that have been backwards in their abilities to manage the earth itself, or to conquer its secrets, or even to provide for themselves with sufficient food, or to come up with the proper levels of nutrition.

Strangely enough that which extends all over the world of the darkness is their inability to provide the necessary substances of earth for what would be their own best interest. All of this because of the darkness in which they live. We point out to you therefore that the Satanic kingdoms have long had a design for the rule of the earth from the days of ancient civilization of the Akkad people, as they extended over the areas of Mesopotamia and southward into Africa and all over the east and below the high mountain peaks of the Himalayas, as well as the far Steppes on the other side. Also, the great tundra lands of Tibet and Mongolia, and down into the plains of India, we see behind it those who are no gods, and pagan policies. Everywhere behind the scene you see the signs of the worship of Lucifer and the devil and the powers of Dragons and of Serpents and all of the superstitions that go with it. And then with the prophetic vision we see the fact that the sons of Lucifer were selling their evil control. They were controlling false religions and exploiting men. And with a cunning, they designed to keep this power. But the entrance about 7400 years ago, was a challenge to institute a change and of course, to curtail this power. The worship then of the Living God, the monotheism, the return of the knowledge of YAHWEH, and the return of YAHWEH as YAHSHUA the Messiah, and the great sweeping force of a people built around these people and their God. All of this is the panorama of a race sent here for a purpose. Let’s then be clear about that purpose tonight. For there is under this program of God's kingdom, a plan for the defeat of all of the enemies of the kingdom on the face of the earth.

You may have today, people at the head of your government that tell you that you must get along with everyone. Oppose no one. In fact, what they do tell us today is that we must embrace everyone and mold everything into one solid ball and make it one unit. This, Lucifer and his people would like very much. He would like to see the kingdom of God absorbed. He would like to see this nation, integrated, and intermarried and then this nation would no longer be existing. For it would have been absorbed into one great world government program. If that could be accomplished, then Lucifer could say, “I can rule the world forever.”

Now this is not new. But there is something which has been instilled deep inside of your race. And that is the ever growing love of liberty and freedom. And that love of freedom and of liberty, and the love of a people to be free if the powers of darkness was one of the spiritually developed forces inside of your society. That is why Christianity is engendered Freedom. And that is not freedom alone from the forces of darkness and the powers of evil and the areas of fear, but it is the freedom to carry out the objectives that God inspired in the hearts of men with a freedom that is not controlling their areas of enterprise, or any area of their economy or even any area of their right to live alone if they so desire.

You as a people, have a tremendous responsibility upon you. The great nations of God's kingdom are carrying their last wave of light of civilization and culture in our time. And yet, in the midst of our nation, we have forces and powers that are seeking to erase all images and things that God has inspired us to develop.

But in this significant pattern, we take a look at the scriptures. And in the book of Ezekiel, we discover that out of the Russias and out of the areas of Asia, and out of the outer steppes and down out of Africa, these forces will be stirred in these latter days by the forces of evil. The forces of Satanic influence are to raise up their Witchdoctors and to raise up their strange politics and their strange politics of evil. And these people are to carry out the policies of their satanic masters, which for a complete encirclement of the kingdom of God. A gradual closing of that circle then until they believe that have encircled every individual nation, so as they will not be able to assist one another raising their influence from the four corners of the earth and then move down upon you to take a spoil. So as to take from you the things that you have been inspired to create and to produce. So not think for one moment that the design of your enemy today is to share with you your knowledge so that they by their own initiative and enterprise can produced something comparable as to what you have. The design today is to take what you have produced while they continue to enslave you to produce it and hold it among themselves, and to hold the people with spiritual guidance and capacity in slavery. They strive to make them think that they will never regain their freedom by eliminating their faith in their religion. And absorbing them into a mass of a total enslaved society.

In fact, if you were to follow the blueprint of the Soviet society at this time it calls for the residue of any residency of the western world which makes up the block of what is called Capitalist economy to be partially utilized and developed in the manufacturing of such goods as the entire workers world needs. So they talk about the fact that the Soviet system alone can disperse these goods or carry out these objectives. They decided if we would not accept the Soviet world, then we would accept the United Nations world. And in looking over the blue prints for this coming year concerning the world's problems, it has taken what the Soviets have set as its course and dispersed of its goods and in the name of conquering poverty and illiteracy; and in redistributing the wealth of the world, assume this by committee and doesn't call this the Soviet anymore. It just calls it a great plan to eliminate suffering and poverty and strife. And so by this committee it confiscates from you, first by an area of increasing taxation and confiscating the goods that you produce. It sends it out to be distributed all over the world. And it tells you this. And so by the manipulations and control being continued, it is making a profit on the areas of your production. But in dispersing your goods, it is weakening you. And by dispersing the taxation over you, they carry this out to disperse your wealth all over the world. Altho not all of yours alone, but America carries almost 60% of this economic burden tonight. We point out this strategy that is involved in this, that the building up of manpower inside of Red China and thru out Asia, and thru out all of Africa, tonight, which is being stirred up, and then directing this against White Christian civilization and the colonial world that the White man has been forced to retreat from by the United Nations. This is drawing the circle closer while inflaming these areas against you. And then we are told that unless we meet these requirements, the demand that the world has for equivalent economy and the equivalent personal goods, the same type of houses and substance which you and I possess, then there will be a war that there is no solution to. In fact, from Washington last week came the message that unless America sees that Africa and Asia has all of the consumer goods that we have, and find a way to give it to them and to raise their standards and to house them even as we are housed, then they will engulf us and wipe us all out. So he said that these masses are foaming against us because they think that somehow they have been cheated out of the better things of life by the White man. Actually they did not know there were better things in life until the White man came along and made them.

Now having discovered that these things are in your possession, each time you bring some of them from a foreign country and they travel thru our country and then go back and report on how America lives and what it possesses, what the western world possesses, then they increase their design to obtain it. They are stirred by communist leadership as they tell them that you have denied them their property and that they are rightfully entitled now as world citizens in the United Nations, to an equivalent share of what anyone produces or possesses. So we have one committee now trying to step up the distribution. While one committee is talking of subsidizing, of the building of factories, and the sending over of factories and technicians, and the development in Asia and in Africa of all of the necessary commodities and things that you might possess, we are being told that unless we finance this, unless we make it work, they are going to swarm down upon us. This is a type of blackmail. For we are just to accept this as a sort of normal demand. And out of the fulfillment and the good will in our hearts, so they tell us, that we so love the world then we shall develop this thru the United Nations. And if we do not do this, then we are to be broken and defeated.

Well, in the midst of this situation, there are many people in the U.S. who are talking about throwing away our arms and demonstrating that we are going to take the road to peace so we share everything we have with the rest of the world. Thus it is, that with abandonment at Geneva, we are talking every day of destroying the necessary means to defend ourselves. And gradually seeking to not remember that we are a great nation of God's kingdom, and that there are other nations of God's kingdom, and that we are under attack by those that cannot compare to us that do not have the knowhow or the ingenuity. And therefore are going to conquer us unless we give it to them. We are told that the solution to this situation is to surrender our arms so there will not be any war and then divide everything up.

Now the enemy is skillfully building the straights of encirclement. They are even making sure that they can get thru. As we told you last Friday night, that one of the reasons why the President wants a nuclear test ban is that altho we would save some for defense, still we would have to appeal to Mr. Uthant before we could use them, within 30 days if they attack tonight. This would make it possible for these avenues of encirclement to become more effective. They could cross the Bering Strait into Alaska, and you could not use nuclear weapons on them along that great ice roadway across Siberia and into the Bering Strait and on into your country. The Soviet Empire has always depended upon foreign manpower to fight her battles. And in this instance she can do this. The hoards of world Communism are still at work and you are watching the corridors of Peace shrink day by day. It is true that this week the Secretary of State did refuse to accept an ultimatum to destroy all of the American bombers all at once. This is what Russia wanted this week at Geneva. We are to destroy all of our bombers and all of our conveyers of nuclear weapons. And they are just destroying a few at a time. But the end results are the same. We destroy them one at a time or all at once . . . and then you would not have any bombers. You wouldn't have any equipment. You have already surrendered the right to use your own nuclear weapons. And tonight you are a part of a world organization that is part of that entrapment. There is no doubt that the hoards are building up, and actually there is no design for true peace. You will discover that the surprises will begin to break after June by the measures set for you, in no small way. In fact the military stance of the Soviet Union is suddenly going to rise up, and the stretched out hand of Communism is going to become more militant than it has ever been before. And all of these Peace strategies and all of these who bear this folly of names, which is trying to take us down the road to destruction, is going to explode with all of the indignation rising up as the world's picture changes on the outside.

I point out to you that in this instance we have watched the shooting down of another unarmed plane with American boys on board. And we should be ashamed that we do not have enough courage to stand and tell these people that not only is this enough, but take your Ambassadors and go home. There is no change in doing business with you. For your Peace is phoney. Your claims are phoney. And from now on out we will decide what the world is going to do. There is no doubt that each step being taken tonight in the direction of disarmament is only a key in the program of encirclement. Your enemy has encircled you all around the world. It is not only gathering manpower and gathering hoards, and in its operation is trying to close in a little closer all of the time. In their anticipation they plan on taking Latin America at any time and make of this a Communist society . . . is also a part of the master strategy. In fact in the last few weeks the evidence is now brought out that this is in progress. For even for the State of Panama to even question, or for the government of the U.S. to even participate in making any decisions concerning the sovereignty of our land that Panama Canal is ours. It belongs to us by agreement. And it is our sovereign territory forever. This is not a point of discussion for Panama or the OAS. But the Communist revolution moves right along and stirs it up. In fact I have looked at so many reports and read so many reports over the last few months that I am furious over the treatment of American citizens. American soldiers can't fight. American's dead. American's shot down murdered. And the cry of those people of whom we have been their benefactors, now ones whom the Communists have stirred into violence. And now they have the facts that Soviet Russia and Mr. Castro's Cuba are the ones behind this stirred up violence. And now they have the pictures . . . right now . . . that prove that they are the ones who supplied the material. The Herald Examiner had the pictures of three top Communists leading the mobs stirred up in Panama. Some of them had been agitators not only with Castro, but right here in the United States. These communists are the creator of the havoc and the catastrophe as Lucifer uses this political philosophy to close the ring. Just remember that it was a Communist that assassinated Mr. Kennedy and was shooting our troops in Panama. And it is about time that we liquidated the Communist in these United States. This thing---togetherness---which is being preached to us---they are trying to tell us that it is too dangerous, for the world will go up in smoke if we resist. And the only way we can guarantee Peace, is to surrender.

Now the truth of the matter is that the armies are gathering, that the hoards are gathering. And they are counting on our voluntary submission of all of our weapons into the hands of the United Nations. We think this is the most active area of the plot. This is to influence areas of government, to get them to acquiesce to the demands of arbitration thru the hands of the United Nations. To surrender all arms into the hands of the United Nations, while the Soviet block controls the United Nations. As we have cited to you in the past and bring to your attention now, the strategy of the United Nations tonight, is too secure the placing of your weapons in the hands of the United Nations. And up unto this time, the United Nations has always let America win in their voting, or let the nations that are on our side come out ahead, while 16 or 17 countries abstain. And the vote is almost balance. But they let the U.S. win and there is almost no contest. Suppose I tell you that Soviet Russia is calling those signals. Suppose I tell you that the Red Revolution wants it to appear that the United Nations is a workable institution. That altho you are outnumbered by all of these countries, still America and Britain and Germany come out just a little bit ahead. There are enough African and Asian nations that vote with the Soviet, but they let it happen so that this will appear that the West comes out ahead. --- Why? This is the story they present:--that the working of the U.N. will always come out this way because if they cut off the areas of finance for the United Nations, it will not operate. So we do not have anything to worry about. We are just to go along and trust this great peaceful organization.

I talked to a professor the other day who said, "Now, Dr. Swift, don't you know that we have never really lost one round in the United Nations? Oh, Russia has vetoed a few times, but never have we been defeated.” I said, “Do not be a naive. The reason is that we have not surrendered our armament as of yet.” The moment that they have our armament and we cannot defend ourselves, the moment that they confiscate our money, or our power, that is the last day that you will ever win a vote in the United Nations. The shots are now being very carefully called. The cunning of Lucifer is trying to trick us with Peace when there is no Peace. They are trying to get us to go along with those things that are in direct conflict with the laws of God and the standards, or blueprints of the Kingdom.

Now let’s make no mistake about this matter. For while we are being politically involved in an area that is hard to extricate ourselves from, the leaders of our government have been encircled as well. But we are not going to break and keep back any of the facts. Mr. Kennedy was the most human encircled President that we ever had. Even more so than Mr. Roosevelt, Mr. Truman, or Mr. Eisenhower. And there has not been a president who was good for America for five administrations.

Now you may not want to clap for that because you will say but we won a few wars. But did You? You paid the price. You came out a victor in the military conquest and then lost the territory afterward. And lost the war economically, and lost the war politically. As W.W.II started, we were told that the greatest menace to the world was Germany, when it was communism. And when the war was over, we had destroyed the only area which had blocked Communism from taking over Europe. Yes, you won. You defeated Germany. And you left no obstacle in the path of Communism. More than this, you joined the worst enemy of your society and your race to do this. And you had accomplished the objective of all of the Jews in America and in Europe.

Now I am going to cite to you tonight that the strategy has not changed. Presidents have been encircled and leaders of government have been encircled, brainwashed and maybe lobotomies committed upon them. Who knows what happens to them? For something very, very serious must transpire. And if some of these men are not guilty of treason then they must be the most naive of all, for they have been handing America over with its power, to the enemy. For some time the forces of darkness had sought to gain control of the economy. They had manipulated every design they could to control the money of the United States. And in the days of Mr. Wilson, they encircled your economy when they established the Federal Reserve System.

I tell you tonight that this is when they encircled your money. And they have been playing with your money and creating depressions and then prosperity when they wanted a war. Then depressions when they wanted to make some profit off of you. And in this instance, as they manipulate your economy, now they will not even let you have the silver. It is only backed by a paper dollar. So now they give you only paper. You say, “But Dr. Swift, I don't like to think about this.” Well, then let’s change it so we don't have to. As I mentioned this afternoon, there are some people who have filed a case against the President, against the treasury, and against the Federal Reserve Bank, because they want the money . . . American money, real money. And they are being bilked on their transactions. This is now before the Court. And they are refusing to accept the Federal Reserve note because that is not American money. That is just a private bank paper note.

Someone said, “But all of our money is now Federal Reserve money.” Well then, we just admit that the Jews have taken us over. All we are using is Jew money, paper money. Not government money, just Federal Reserve money. The quicker we can deport all of the Jews out of America the quicker we will get good money. You can't seem to pay them off with those notes.

Someone said, “You cannot distrust the United States money.” This, my friends, is not the bonafide monetary system of the United States government. This is the Serpent encircled system. The money is the established steps of the United States Government. And they set the value and the coinage to demonstrate that these assets are on deposit or they are backed by bonafide assets that assets that the money is there. This, my friends, is just another area. And they are trying to encircle your mind. All you have to do today is take a good look at the text books in your schools today to see how they have encircled your mind. And not only that, but they have pulled the rope up tight. There is no design here of a great Patriotism and a desire for independence, or the program for the preservation of our nation. But the design is to dissolve this continuity in the minds of the youth and make them a part of a world government and a world society, an operating socialist state, directed and guided by superior minds at the top who decide how everything is to be dispersed, how it is to be handled, and upon whom they are taught to be dependent upon from the cradle to the grave. I looked the other day at a text book, a history book we use now in the schools today. And they talk about what a backward society we were before the days of Mr. Roosevelt. But this is about the most prosperous backward society that you ever saw. And then they began to talk about the fact that we did not take care of the old people. That as they became old, they suddenly had no choice but the poor house or the grave. But after Mr. Roosevelt, they had social security, independence and freedom. Nothing to worry about as to where the money would come from. But the fact is that before Mr. Roosevelt, there used to be such a thing as family pride and a respect for parents, and a responsibility felt by children as to their parents. And there used to be in those days, thrift and intelligence, and the intelligence to invest and properly save. And most parents could take care of themselves. I don't know how parents could today save very much. Because today after the government gets thru, there is not room to save very much. Instead of being told that we have moved into the great area of prosperity, we have moved into the area of slave dependence upon the State. So we point out that this is just a part of the encirclement. Thus they have encircled your purse and they will encircle it some more if they can. The kingdom of God, they intend to encircle. And they intend to press in more and more as time goes on. And then they moved in to encircle your faith. And the sad part of this is that they moved into theological seminaries to do this. And they intend to remove even from the theologian, the faith that inspired him to go to that Bible college to begin with, as he felt a call to the ministry.

Now they are telling him that there is no spiritual power; there is no spiritual force. And there is no pattern of deity involved in this. You will just get a good training in pastorale psychiatry and know how to meet these answers which modern sociology provides.

I tell you that this may be the most dangerous area of all for when we have an encircled religion, and it is encircled on the inside to destroy its vitality and then dictated to on the outside by those who intend to destroy it. Then, my friends, you have little opportunity to evaluate some of the problems of your time. While we are talking about these peaceful people who want to have togetherness with us, the Soviet Union has lifted up a campaign against you from one end of the Soviet Union to the other. And it will eventually call for liquidation. Before you have reached the end of this year, the Soviet military will be in full march, and Khrushev will go with them or be removed. If you think that you are going to move into a great peaceful era, I am going to tell you that the Bible says no. For God knows what is in the hearts of these people who are tricking you.

Someone said, “What do you think about the President of the United States?” Well, I think he is determined to be President, if he can. And he thinks that he will get more money out of these do-gooders than he will get out of the Conservative South. I think if the South trusts him, they will be making a great mistake. For I think he will betray the south. And I think he will also betray the White man. He is pushing all of these civil rights and integration projects which are Socialist objectives because as he says, this will make him popular with the One World outfit. I think he is committed to what he believes is a One world government which will find America a committed state under the United Nations. I am going to tell you that he is doomed to a great disappointment. There are several who are aspiring to run on the Vice President ticket. And all over the liberal circles, they talk about how the most important position is going to be the Vice President position. Why? I think that maybe they have learned a pattern.

The encirclement, my friends, affects education. And it affects your economy. And now they are seeking to also effect your property by determining that you do not have any property rights that are not determined by the state and by the federal government. And that these rights are subject to regulation and change to meet, what they call, the general good of the brilliant understanding of the executive leadership and the justice departments leadership. You have a great document, tonight, which is called the Bill of Rights. But they are trying to encircle that tonight with what they call Civil Rights legislation. I listened to a clergyman over TV the other day, and he said, “How could anyone be opposed to Civil rights legislation? What would be more precious and valuable to freedom loving Americans than 'civil rights?” What he did not say would be that these are not civil rights. They are wrong for the majority and it deprives them of the preservation of their race, the integrity of their society and stimulates the position that will produce clash and trouble. But I tell you tonight, that these legislation that they are taking out of committee now in the next couple of days and they plan

to have them on the floor next week. These are to deprive you of your property rights, the control of your business, control of your enterprise. And they are would-be dictators who want to rule their hour with the beast. That is what I mean when I say an encircled kingdom. Serpent encircled and serpent encircled on the inside.

Now as we say, this is a sad picture. Then some would say that it looks like the last days of these United States, as they at one time talked about the last days of Rome, or the last days of other great empires. So this must be the last days of the United States. Look at the western world. The British Empire is folding up and Germany is being cut into pieces. So America is about done. The demands to be made inside of Europe are going to call for surrender to Red demands. And trouble will start up in East and West Germany. And all over it looks as tho the White race is in a bad spot.

Well, this is the way it looks. And the enemy intends to manipulate it, and he intends to bring you thru fear to your knees. We got the double-cross from DeGaule. But that was to be respected. Mr. DeGaule ran with the communist before W.W.II. And he participated actively as a well-trained soldier in W.W.II. Then afterwards was against Mr. Petain. Remember that Marshall Petain had tremendous experience in background and knew what was best for France under the circumstances. And one thing about Petain. He was in strong opposition to the programs of communism. When DeGaule seized power, then remember the man advising him was a Jew out of the house of Rothchild. And this French Jew is one of the major conspirators for the Rothchilds. It is he who calls the signals whether in the case of Algeria or not enough in the time of Asia. This week we see the great betrayal. Headstrong and desiring to build for himself power.---And I want to say tonight that no country has proven itself to be less of a strength in battle than France has in the last 50 years. Someone said, “But they were outnumbered and outmaneuvered.” But no, my friends. Not necessarily. They did not even fight their own battles. They did not meet with resistance which men should stand up with. All we can tell you is that their wine-sodden twisted minds do not have what it takes to resist at the right time. What has happened in the last few weeks is a demonstration of this. Communism is rampant in France. Frenchmen have been sold out in Algeria; have been sold out by the DeGaule regime. And in the developing of an economy which was going to be a development of goods, to increase and enhance their welfare without so many tariff barriers, and under a different economy backed by goods then France would not budge and go along. And without Britain inside of a market block inside of Europe, they do not have one. They wanted the United States to come in, but they would charge us to do business there and put us at a disadvantage there. Whenever we go into a market, wherein they have the veto power over the movement of our own goods, then we are very foolish. Well, last week then France let us know that she was going to be the leader in Asia and she then recognized Red China.

Now it is true that Mr. Johnson said we are against this. And Mr. Rusk said we are against it. That it is totally impossible that anyone who was opposed to Communism would not be opposed to this move by France. The recognition of Red China will mean a lot of Asiatic neutrals will move into the Red Camp. Even Japan is going to step up its operations and do business with Red China. After all, France has taken a strong position in recognizing Red China and is pushing for the recognition of Red China in the United Nations. This means tonight, that we have been double-crossed by France. And France's warriors, the best of the flowers of the French army, as well as some of the best of the German army, laid their lives down fighting communism. And they have also been double-crossed. For they died fighting communism. And it is rampant tonight in France. Probably no defense or bravery was marked more noticeably than the French at Dien Bien Phu . . . when Dien Bien Phu fell after wall after wall of Red Chinese warriors swept down, again and again against this French outpost. We stood back and watched, altho we were against Communism, as the Red Chinese killed the French soldiers. And now announces that she wants to neutralize all of Asia. But that neutralization actually hands all of Asia over to Red China. Johnson said yesterday, that altho we do not agree with Mr. DeGaule, but we just go along. For we agree that he has a right to do these things. And we might consider the neutralization of the Vietnam. Do you know what that means? It means that where your boys have been dying fighting the Vietnam communist government, after having lost Laos, after having lost in every area we were engaged in, after having put a coalition government together, it ended up Red. And now Mr. Johnson said that we might consider neutralizing the Vietcong area. So you neutralize Vietnam and the government and the Communist will have it in thirty days. I sometimes wonder what they dope these men up with for they seem to have lost all memory of past experience which the average citizen still remembers tonight. As this follows out, we will find it much harder to win now with the movement of Red China and the loss of all those other areas such as Cambodia and others.

Understanding what was happening, General Ghan of the Vietnamese army seized power and Diem was killed. For he saw already that the Buddhist Priests were influencing the Vietnam army, and an acknowledgment of Red China and an acknowledgment of neutrality. So he seized control of the army as he saw what was going on. And now you see the President of the United States saying that we might consider a neutral Vietnam. This is a little of what we call encirclement. What do you think the strategy of this is?---I think this strategy is the building up of seeing Red Chinese troops march in North America. I think it calls for the largest Submarine fleet in the world to bombard the coast of the United States. I think it may call for the landing of troops in its central areas, in the mountains. I think that they are planning that this shall be a manpower battle coming in great swarms against us. They say if we talk this way, that we are war mongers. And we are opposing the governments position of working this all out with ‘togetherness.’ The U.S. News this week has made this clear--that our government’s position now is togetherness.

Now I want you to know this. That every American that opposes the United Nations and opposes this acquiescence of this conspiracy and opposes our joining ourselves with our enemy, is now to be considered with whole areas of government--suspects. And you are to be discredited. And this is more dangerous than the Communist party because this is 'golden communism' and you are in resistance to it. This is what I mean by encircled. But there is something else that they do not know. Brainwashed men do not know the make up of the American people. And they do not know the power of God to awaken them and stir them. They do not know the deep-rooted desire to be free, and the intenseness with which they view the interference in their way.

I stood the other day with a group of businessmen discussing the situation. And one of them said, “Do you know what is the matter?” He said, “The only people who care, are we who pay the taxes.” He says that the majority of these people do not pay the taxes. And there are just a few of us who pay most of them. The reason why, is that those who don’t pay the taxes have been promised everything under the sun by government. And they will support this government if they continue to give them something which they do not have to pay for. Therefore whole masses of them are being taken over and they are being brainwashed. And they have been assured that if they just vote the machine in and vote the way the politicians tell them to, that they will continue to be able to take from those who pay the most and give it to those who do not contribute to the area of the promise. I said, “I think that you have overlooked something here. There has always been about 13 to 15 million people who fall into this category. But there is also 145 million Christians in this country. And whether they know it or not, one of these days they will discover that they are the ones who are paying the taxes to keep this government growing, and it is the day that they see thru this encircling program that they rise up and say no more.”

The enemy is setting the stage with great speed. They do not read the heavens. They are just moving with their time table. So they are going to step up here in the United States in the next few months and try to create a race war here in the United States. And there will be a race war all over the cities of the United States, by stirred up savages. And those who are just as deadly as they are in the Congo are going to be marching in the streets of the cities of these United States. And they will be protected by government. So there is going to be more trouble. And strangely enough, as the Negroes rioted, they sent federal officers down there to see that no one bothered them. But if White men riot and march and protect, they arrest them and lock them up. For they have no right to do this. WAKE UP!!! There are 145 million of you. Enough to walk from one end of the country to the other if you wanted to. We happen to know that in May and June, they will make issues of this and will throw it into the campaign. And they may even embarrass politicians by carrying out these objectives. Communists do not really have any obligation to the Democrats or the Republicans. They will let both parties do their work and then destroy both parties when it is to their advantage.

Someone said, “But the Democrat party has more communists.” Well, that is because they have been in power so long and more have crept in. And the Republican party did not weed them out under Mr. Eisenhower. But then he was not a Republican anyhow. It is not a matter of party. It is a matter of men and machine. This, my friends, is what the scripture tells you about when it is talking of these strange and perilous times with this strange area of Beast leadership. The book of Revelation must become the text book of the hour for we must understand that this attempt to war against your nation, your way of life is a reality. And we must be aware of the book of Daniel and of Ezekiel. For we are called to rise up and defeat this. And defeat it we shall!!

Yes, we are encircled. And the only thing that I am not much disturbed about is that I do not see the enemy UP. I see a few sputnik's around, but their’s are getting fewer. And yours are getting more and more in the sky. I am not worried about the technological superiority of the Soviet Union. For they do not have that technological superiority. Someone said, “But they are going to beat us to the moon.” But I don't think that would prove anything if they did. But I point out tonight, that they are very actively engaged in a strategy to take all of the earth under their control. And I think you have people in your government in this administration from the President on down, who are helping them take the world over at a faster degree than can be justified out of inexperience or error. So tonight, I want you to again think a little. Turn inside of II Kings and you can hear the story of the Assyrian king who was warring against ancient Israel. He had them surrounded with his army and one of the servants said, “Oh, my Lord, O king, there is a prophet in Israel and he knows everything that you do and everything that you say.” So the King says, “we will take care of that. We will go get the prophet.’ So they encircled the country and they encircled the land. And they came with a great host and they encompassed the city where the prophet was supposed to be. And when the servant of the man of God arose and saw the chariots and the horses and the hosts surrounding the city, he said, “Oh, my master, what shall we do?” The prophet said, “Fear not, for they that are with us are more than are with them.” And I tell you this tonight, “THEY THAT BE WITH US ARE MORE THAN THEY THAT BE WITH THEM.” And Elijah said, “Oh, YAHWEH, open the eyes of this my servant so that he may see.” And YAHWEH opened the eyes of the young man and he saw in a wavelength that he had never seen before. And there he saw that all of the mountains round about were full of the horses and chariots of the Most High. And there were great space ships of fire. It says here ‘the great fire chariots.’ Remember that Elijah left in one and went all of the way out to the Pleiades. Remember that Enoch had gone out and came back. Remember that Ezekiel saw them passing by in great numbers. Saw the transportation of mighty persons. And even saw the person of God, while on the plains of Shinar when he was given directions. Saw them come and saw them leave.

I am going to tell you this tonight. This is not to throw you down. This is to set you up. This is to tell you to go to it as fast and as hard as you can, for you have help. I want to tell you that they are standing by tonight. So open your eyes and see.

Now I know that there are attempts to discredit the facts of time. And every time someone sees a great ship of space moving by they are told that they did not see it, or it was a weather balloon. I tell you that we have no problem . . . anytime we want to take the time to set up the equipment and look for them . . . at no time do we have problems in seeing the ships of space of our LORD and Master flying around. This is not an hallucination. This is just as mechanical as focusing in.

Last night we watched one of these ships moving around with ease. And it went to the moon and back again as we were watching it. These mechanical wheels within wheels were moving all around the scene. And with the finest equipment you could hardly see the tiny pinprick in the sea of tranquility last night. These objects move into infinity with speed and then move back again. I want you to know that Michael’s army, the hosts of heaven are standing by. And I will tell you something else tonight. If your eyes could be opened to see the great cloud of witnesses standing around you tonight, you would discover that the great invisible hosts of the armies of God surround your civilization, your congregations and your people.

Someone said a man wrote a book called ‘The Neutralizer,’ and he said that is the trouble with so many of these Christians---they put all of their faith in something like this and they don't fight. I did not tell you not to fight. I just told you to fight because you cannot lose. The whole enemy will face consternation and miracle power will be performed by the catalyst of men of God thru out the world. Men of God will speak the word and catastrophe will fall on your enemies. And you will see things that you never thought you would see in the days just ahead. You will meet every one of these situations, even as the young man who wanted Elijah to see. And when the battle started, these forces short-circuited the thinking of the enemy. And before it was over, he was a defeated foe.

I am going to tell you that I think they are defeating themselves right now. Imagine a Jew like Milton San, the head of the ADL, writing a letter to a Bishop and saying, “Because you seek your position, and you are pro-Christian, and because you do not like the plot of the Protocols, because you do not like these things, and now you are speaking out. We are going to destroy you. And if you have a business, we will ruin that. We are going to crush you.” They published this last week in the B’nai B’rith Messenger. And they said, “why would anyone be opposed to the Jews?” I wonder if anyone in here has written to Rabbi Magnum of the May Company, and said, “Look. Because you Jews are trying to block our recognition of Christmas since we are Christians, then we are going to crush you. We are going to ruin you. We will bankrupt you.” But it is still a great idea.

I only point this out because we have arrived at the time when the enemy is very foolish enough to flaunt his will. I think that letters like this should be multiplied and sent out. I think that when the Christian Defense League gets thru educating Americans who are pro-Christian as to what those who are opposed to Christianity are saying, then I think that America will wake up. And then America will one day be all Christian. I think they will convert more people than Billy Graham, and in a hurry. By the way, Billy may run for President if everyone wants him. I don't think he would be any worse than Goldwater. This does not mean that he would be ‘righter,’ that he would tell the truth under pressure. But he would be different. Do you know what the LORD said to you?--- “As the mountains are around Jerusalem, so am I round about you.” I want you to know that as the mountains circled around Jerusalem, so will the strength of the MOST HIGH GOD be around HIS people. And this crushing you by encirclement will be throwing a rope around a giant rock which cannot be moved. For there is one thing which they do not understand.-- The Kingdom is made of enduring stone. It is not going to be destroyed. And it will not be crushed.

You say, “Dr. Swift, what do you think is going to happen?” I think the enemy is going to break out violence in your cities. And I know that you are going to liquidate the enemy when he does it. I know that when these people, inflamed, attack Christian homes, Christian society and Christian communities, that there are not enough law officials to protect you. And if they were to attack the law official tonight, there will not be enough law officers to protect themselves. We are for law enforcement officers, and we are against conspiratorial OGPU'S who are Communist revolutionists displayed under various government agencies world wide. There are thousands of good officers. But then there are a lot of Communist finks who are working for Khrushev even if they do not know it. Let’s make no mistake about it. The battle against Communism is no less practical if it is in the middle of Iowa or over in Vietnam.

Someone said, “They are training troops.” Well, I am glad they are training troops. You say, “They are training troops against insurgency.” Well, it depends on what you mean by insurgency. There are a whole lot of these troops who have no desire to fire on their fellow citizens. And a lot of these troops might put down a revolution on the inside by these communists and stop these masses if they could be freed from the wrong leadership. There are a lot of men in the military tonight, who would use their troops to defend White civilization rather than to destroy it. I have not lost faith in the majority of the officers in the U.S. government inside of our military. But I have lost faith in whole areas of leadership in the State Department and the whole order from the administration. And I have very little faith left in the Supreme Court. When the average citizen has lost an appeal to the High Court for redress, it is wrong. I don't believe that the great bulk of American citizens will be able to preserve their rights by the decisions handed down by the Supreme Court. I think that the enemy who gloats over his victories in these operations and in his material literature written by communists all over the world, are bragging about the influence they now hold over your courts.

Someone said, “Dr. Swift, don't you think that the thing for us to do is to find a hideaway somewhere?” But while you find a hide-a-way they would take over the areas where there is not enough resistance to protect it.

Now I had a very unusual thing happen to me the other day. There was put in my hands, a document that by its content is definitely enemy inspired. This is for another part of the country. It was brought to me by carrier and then taken away. . . so that I might be informed as to what the OGPU planned. It is what the enemies of Christian American freedom planned. You would be surprised, but the enemy has been watching these congregations and patriots everywhere. They had the license numbers and they knew who went to church. And they knew who went to the John Birch Society too. And they knew which ones they had neutralized and which ones they hadn't. And they knew of whole areas which were planning on defending themselves. And they were prepared to do this. They had the names of the defenders. But that was easy to understand since they had the enemy inside of each organization. One of the strangest things was that there were groups of patriots in this congregation, and many of them thought they would be more secure by moving to a far state in a more isolated area and setting up a community. Some of them did this. But the names of those who moved was in the report and the place of their new residence was listed. Not only that, but it would be more simple to take over the small communities who are far out from nowhere. What does this mean? It just means that you have an enemy that circles the country. And he has his eyes open and his ears open. And he plans on taking over America. And by the Grace of God, and as Christian Americans, we are determined that he shall not.

Someone said, “But these things cannot happen in America.” But they are happening. I got a letter from a minister from the east this week and it tells about congregations harassed by investigators. They tell me that they came into these meetings and they wanted to know what they talked about in the first meeting after Mr. Kennedy was assassinated. Now you know and I know what they talked about. For they talked about the assassination. What did anyone talk about the first time they got together after that happened? And how they felt personally about it down inside is nobody’s business. Sometimes a politician makes more friends in an emotional wave than he makes by his actions while he lives. And I am sure this man gained his halo after he died. The strange thing is that this clergyman told me of three more congregations that were harassed right now. The strange thing is that they wanted to know --‘would you people defend yourselves?’ Well, anytime anyone will not defend himself, he does not belong with a company of God's people. The other day one patriot said, “Dr. Swift, suppose they disarm this country, then what are we going to do?” Well, they have not accomplished this yet. But if these black hoards come down the street to attack us and we have no arms, then we will run them down with automobiles. Let me point out to you, my friends, there are a lot of things just as deadly as a gun and don't forget it. If you think that they are going to disarm the kingdom of God and let a lot of communists inspired savages destroy America and march in U.N. troops to determine America’s destiny, then I am going to tell you that if they march them in during the night they will not he there in the morning.

Every Christian American must serve warning that we are not going to be occupied by the enemy of our faith and our race and this nation. We are still going to uphold the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. And we will do our best to try to elect men who will. The events of this year and next year are going to shape the world. The events of this year and next year are going to bring a tremendous impact to the climax of this situation. It has already been settled. And one of the nations is going to lead all of the nations against the Communist conspiracy. And that nation is Christian America. And it would never accomplish that if it were not for the awakening Christian dynamics which will liberate itself. I think that some people need surprises to wake them up. I do not know what it would take to jar a man like Mr. Johnson from a politician back into a Statesman. I do not know what it will take to make Christian Americans to see that all non-Christians are fired from all of the Cabinet posts. It has almost reached the point where you do not want to see a Liberal removed for they will replace him with a Negro. Every time a Negro takes over, you see misplaced authority demonstrated. God forbid that we send Negro Ambassadors anywhere in the world. I am very opposed to sending White men to Africa, right now, unless we back them up with strength. This is the condition. For they are carrying out the Mau Mau warfare. The Mohammed X paper said this week that Liberty has come to Africa thru the Mau Mau revolution, and it will take a Mau Mau revolution here in this nation.

Thus, we tell you that an encircled kingdom is not a defeated kingdom when it knows that there is a circle around the circle. And one of these days some of these forces are going to know that they are caught in between. For the Kingdom of God has a nucleus at heart of a Divine destiny. And every phase that climaxes from the Old Testament to the New is a description of victory. King of Kings, LORD of LORD'S. This is what the world is waiting for. I just want to make this statement tonight, concerning this problem. I know that a lot of people understand that Communism is a menace. They understand that it is a threat against our way of life. They are even disturbed about the racial aspect of this situation. But they think that you have to separate all truth, and all Christianity out of it. Everyone who I know who thinks that the Bible is a Jew book and it does not contain prophecy, and don't know that this is the story of our race,--every one of those people is defeated down deep in their heart. And I have watched them fail irrespective of what post they carry or what responsibility they look for in office. And every patriot and every American who believes the word of God and trusts in the program of God, is guided even in the areas of disasters, by the spirit of God. And they think that we are going to win. I want you to know tonight, that every precept that is not founded on Christianity and Christianity alone in this Christian nation, is doomed to failure. And I happen to know tonight that these organizations that just want to follow a light somewhere are getting into economic trouble tonight. Their finance is falling off. Their membership is falling off. Their patriotism does not have what is essential to carry on. We are not hunting a vague light. For we are following the LIGHT OF THE WORLD. And I want you to know that these issues are the issues of the hour. If I was to talk to you about morals, you would say, ‘doesn't he think we are moral?’ Thus, we talk about the issues of the hour and how it is more important for you to awake and clean out the parasites who are crushing you. When Christ did not have anything to say about those in HIS time, and said more about Mary Magdalene and her change of heart than HE did about those who were trying to stop HIM, then I do not have anything good to say about them tonight either.

2000 years has come, and we still don't have anything good to say about Jewry. So you do not have to apologize tonight as to how you feel. Just declare it. And then maybe those who do not like it will leave and you will be alone. Oh, blessed aloneness.

Someone said, “Dr. Swift, I am against the United Nations and you spoke out against the United Nations. I am against the Jew controlled money systems and I have heard something about that. I am against integration for I do not want to see the race wiped out.” All right, but always things are developing and these are the facts and we are bringing them to your attention. These are things to talk about. These are the things we want to charge America with. These are things that you with spiritual vision are seeing and which you have an animosity against the evil which Patriotic action can help speak out against. You can sit down here and decide that you will be moral all the rest of your life and do nothing, and all of that moral energy is wasted. But if you desire to wipe out the forces of evil which would destroy your nation, your children, and your heritage, then if you work on this, then it was worth stirring you up. Someone said, “But Dr. Swift, you might get killed doing that.” Let me tell you something. I would rather die in a fight to wipe out Communism than sit here a whole year and do nothing. But I do not think that they can finish the task. I think this round is going to be won by the kingdom. We are going to be here when Jesus comes. Mark those words.

Encircled? Yes. And then encircled again by a greater power. And I would rather be inside of this circle right now than anywhere outside on the perimeter. For when the judgments start to fall, watch it hit the perimeter. This is God's hour. There is no question of the fact that you have arrived at the time of the great shaking of the earth.

End of message

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