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Been Building a Website: Update

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Been making quite a bit of progress the past couple of weeks in regards to the functionality of the website and have become more convinced that the technology used to make it is viable. Here's a list of intended features, most of which are only partially implemented and so subject to minor changes:

  • The entire Hebrew bible in several aleph-bets (currently only Modern and Paleo are being worked upon.) Vowel points and cantillation are available, but optional.
  • The entire King James Version of the Bible, with all original apocrypha. All. Nothing less will do.
  • Greek texts, the Septuagint, etc.
  • Also a rather large assortment of other works that are considered 'apocrypha' or 'pseudepigrapha,' some of which will also be in their original languages, etc.
  • customizable interlinear compilations of said bibles.

  • The entire website is one html file that can be downloaded, saved, and used offline.
  • The content is dynamically generated to suit such an endeavor, and also to aid in Scriptural studies
  • As such, there is a custom KJV bible which can be setup by the user to render certain words in different ways (italics can be turned on and off, the Sacred Names can be put back in various forms, etc.)
  • Bibles interlink with one another (when and where they share text, such as the canonical books and their chapters and their verses)
  • Multiple search engines are currently being implemented: (general - for phrases and words you are trying to remember), (verse - for specifics verses), (range - for a range of verses), (exact - for exact words and phrases as they appear in the texts), (regex - custom Regular Expression search engine, extremely powerful but technical)
  • interlinked bibles with word studies, including Strong's Concordance, the Gesenius Lexicon and Grammar books, etc.

  • New נהאלך translations as they are made.
  • Hebrew studies, including lessons, commentaries, etc. as seen on the blog.
  • Eventually, a full-flung Hebrew dictionary that goes beyond the Gesenius and the Strong's
  • various other wiki-like pages and anything else I'm forgetting at the moment.

Whew! Now, as in regards to why other programs/websites are lacking, and thus this one is being made:

In my own experience, I've consistently found that other sources are significantly tainted by the satan-seed. That's pretty much the main drawback to other places which have these same features. The side-effects are enormous, not the least of which is that hardly any of them have the apocrypha available in a similar format to how they have the canonical bible available. Very frustrating considering how the majority of such texts, whether considered to be inspired by the reader or not, requires study to even determine such a conclusion. Also some places make a big issue out of copying their typed text (especially the Hebrew and other old languages) and whatnot.

So, I've been hand-typing everything in and I wish for my brothers and sisters to be able to readily copy it and put it in any format they wish, in order to serve Yahweh and Yahshua.

Also, I hope it will help us all to learn the Scriptures, myself included. I can't think of a better way to translate than having all of these interconnected things so readily available in one html file that is easily copy-able and distributable among the brethren.

However, there are some difficulties in making it this way which have taken up the majority of my time in dealing with, but as I said, I think it's viable and so I will be moving forward. Will let you know when it's time to release the first version of it, which will be in alpha and as a work-in-progress (i.e., not everything is implemented yet, most of the Hebrew and KJV is yet un-typed, much less everything else, but now there is a working infrastructure nearly complete.)

Peace! (שלום)
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