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I Will Do All Of My Pleasure, 5-31-70

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by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 5-31-70

Turn to the book of Isaiah chapter 45 where God speaks out to Israel and says:--Remember me. There is no God beside me. There is no savior beside me. I am the ONE, the only one. Chapter 46: There is none like unto me, I shall do all of my pleasure (vs:l0).

Thus to the house of Israel he says --Remember these things. Remember them from ancient times. And remember that I alone am God.

Of course God speaks thus to the house of Israel because they were a people who were with him in the heavens above before the world was framed. And he refers to the fact that your names were written in the Lamb's Book of Life before the foundation of the world. That we stood by and saw the creation of this earth, and the latter creation of this earth.

And then God brought his spiritual children down to earth and brought them thru the Adamic race. Then raised upon unto them his prophets and his ministers to declare unto his people his purpose and his plan, and all of his household. And now he is saying: Remember these things. Remember them these things of old, for I am YAHWEH, The Eternal God. And down thru all of these years that have passed, I alone am God, thus there is no God to the right or to the left for I alone am God.

God speaks out unto Israel, for the nations in the world have been led astray by the powers of darkness, these forces of Lucifer who were cast out of the heavens, and into the earth. And as we point out these things we want to stress that in no detail was God not able to determine the course of events that are coming to pass. We are not only assured of this by Enoch, that one of our race who was carried away on a great ship, and into the heavens, and there shown the mysteries of this kingdom of Heaven, which are outlined in the Star Bible, and explain the mysteries of the Star Bible.

He instructed Enoch as to his coming embodiment and how it would be received in the world. And HE showed him how by the method of the scientists that they should watch and wait for that certain sign in the heavens. Actually the Star of Bethlehem, that great star in its movement across the sky, as it came out of the sign of Aquila and moved thru the head of Virgo, had its start 124,000 years, even before the prophecies were given unto Enoch. And the sign now would be the curve of that famous star. In other years, there was 124,000 years in its coming out and there would be 124,000 years in its going back. And it was 5000 years before it would be coming out of the head of Aquila, when God told Enoch that this would be the sign of the birth of Messiah, the coming of the king.

When one recognizes that then that is almost a half million years as he talked to Enoch about this coming, but the star had to be started so many thousands of years before this telling to Enoch. Remember the exactness, the details of these things. Remember the former things of old, for I AM GOD. And before they happen I declare them, from the beginning.

So it is that God called to his household, and he told them of the powers of darkness the forces of evil and the patterns of world conspiracy. This is why in the book of Enoch so much time is spent talking about the forces of evil, and the cities of darkness, and the battles between the sons of light and the sons of Darkness. And what eventually will come upon the face of the earth. These things were told unto Enoch and he was told to write these things in a book.

We want to point out to you, as we turn to the lips of the prophets, one like Daniel, who he told of the rise of Babylon, and Medea-Persia, of the priests and of Rome. And the design that God had for the Eternal victory of his kingdom. And he told him of the fact that after the rise of Rome would then come the hoards of Genghis Khan and this communist conspiracy which would be the last great kingdom to come against God's people until the end of the age when the deadly wound that came to the forces of Genghis Khan when their leader died. And then this wound would be healed and we would face the rising power of the communist philosophy, which was to rise up and seek to conquer the world. And all of these things were declared, from ancient times, by the Most High. There was no question of if that will happen, for God had declared, I will do all of my pleasure and this is the way it shall be. My council shall stand and I shall do all of my pleasure.

And thus he has declared that HIS household will build an immutable and powerful kingdom. That the transitional power of the kingdom of God would meet the powers of darkness, and the forces of evil, but they would never be destroyed. MY COUNCIL SHALL STAND.

We have watched the fall of old Babylon by the forces of Medea-Persia. And even today have seen come to pass the coming of the forces of Genghis Khan and then the last great power the Communist menace. And as this force of Communism spreads out the forces of the kingdom are still there, and God says:--MY COUNCIL WILL STAND. AND I SHALL DO ALL OF MY PLEASURE.

When one recognizes this then you must admit that there is no design here for us to make friends with the Soviet Union, when that Soviet Union is operating on a program of Antichrist. There is no design saying that we can bring Peace between us and the areas of Indo-China. There is no contract that we could enter into in this area but which would be appeasement. The Lord then said with this situation then we should be arming ourselves instead of disarming.

We are going to fight Armageddon, and there is no way that people can avoid Armageddon, or avoid the battles of Armageddon, by merely wishful thinking. Or by the design of diplomatic practices to avoid these situations. The powers of Antichrist are deceitful and they design to conquer the world.

About a week ago that which they call leadership psychiatry met in Bucharest. And they pointed out how successful they had been in carrying out their design against the nations of the west. And in this discussion they talked about how they had shipped into our colleges and our schools so many instructors, here in the United States. That these people had come in as refugees into the country, but they came in to carry out several programs and ideas. And they say that one of the most important programs that they have is political psychiatry. And this would be to destroy the strength of this great Christian nation. And they said that they thought that psychiatry was the strength of this great Christian nation. Thus they would have to start breaking it down and destroying the faith that people had in the background of their God. And in the structure of Christianity. They said that it had taken 30 to 40 years for the total infiltration into the Seminaries of America. But they had moved in so-called experts on translation, into the areas of the orbit of theology of America. And of course these are Jews who became translators of the scriptures. Of course the basic thing they do is to deny that Jesus is the Christ and make him just a man so as to destroy the faith of a great Christian nation, in the background of its God.

Turn to the denominations of America and it did not make any difference what your background was whether a Baptist, a Methodist, or a Presbyterian, in the days of the founding of our nation. This was a great common denominator anyhow. For everyone believed in the Virgin birth, the blood atonement of the scriptures, and the blessings of God was upon this nation as it grew and developed. And the church was a very important factor, in its organization.

Now we listen to the Communist as they talk about political psychiatry and they boast as to how they moved into the seminaries. And thru them they have achieved their goal as the students attack their schools and burned down buildings. And back there in Bucharest they have been gloating as to how they had been able to move in on the existing faith of a nation. And now they say they believe that 50% of the nation has now been destroyed.

Now we do not think they are successful in this 50% of the faith of a nation is destroyed. But in the areas of our colleges it might be 80%. And in the areas of our churches as it effects the denominations they may have been quite successful in destroying the fundamentals of the Great Christian faith. However God has pointed these things out, and he says, no wonder. For Satan's ministers have been transformed as Angels of light, super deceivers on the world's horizon. Those who move in to destroy the faith of a people.

But God speaks out and talks about the power of His Spirit, and how his council will stand. He will do all of his pleasure, an the spiritual power of righteousness will descend again upon the household of a nation.

There is no question upon the part of this design by the Soviet Union. When they come out to admit that their great design was to destroy a Christian faith, so as to spread the doctrine of liberalism, and socialism and communism. And they also talked about the fact that Christianity was one of the most discriminatory religions, of all religions. Discriminatory, as far as God is concerned, and as discriminatory as far as the people were concerned round about, and that they would have to bring about a program of reorganization of Christian thinking. So that the people would be willing to adopt the programs of mongrelization and absorption of all the pagan philosophies so they would be willing to surrender their nation to a One World program, in which all religions would have an equal share. And of course Christianity would be blotted out. This then is the design of socialism and communism in this world conference in Bucharest.

We wonder then at Enoch who could see the strategies way back there in the beginning, of the sons of Light and the sons of darkness. And recognize that in this battle then the major attempt would be a battle for the mind of a people. If they could capture the mind, and take over the center of learning, then they would be able to take over society. No wonder the scripture says: "Be ye not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” The intellect of the household of God is now descending upon the white race. And they have the capacity to produce, as God has established here the great production of our nation, with the wisdom and the guidance of the Most High.

We have become the technological masters of all times. Yet at the way they are destroying our technology today, the way they are destroying the learning capacity of our colleges, today we will not very long hold the technological mastery of the world. We will soon be going retrograde, back into a status like that of Africa, or some of the other countries. So again if we are to remain a great and powerful society it will have to be because we repudiate the powers of darkness the forces of evil, and take a stand. It means that we will have to raise up principal men, and cleanse the seat of our government. But these things are going to transpire. People everywhere are rising up and this is starting to transpire, for you can hardly go into a community to talk now but these conditions are brought up and talked about. And then God declares that these things will happen, things that have not been done thru out ancient times, but MY COUNCIL SHALL STAND.

Thus, the power of the Most High God has always declared the end from the beginning. We are already rise to the destiny that God has already declared, for his household and for his kingdom. We are not as yet working it out but we are arising as to the problem. And God is speaking out as to the reaction, for his household and his race, which he has promised and declared HE will bring to pass. And as these things come to pass, a great spiritual reawakening is going to come upon his race and his kingdom. The powers of darkness are going to be repudiated. The day is going to come, when instead of Jewry advising the President in the taking over or our economy. And instead of using the controls of Mystery Babylon to destroy our nation, Instead there will not be one single Canaanite in the House of God. The scripture tells us this in the book of Zachariah. Wrath will rise up in the countenance of my people and there shall not be one single Canaanite in the House of God. So if these things are going to develop there is no question but that we should depend on the council of God. For we can depend on all of His pleasure being literally fulfilled. And we need not fear that the powers of darkness will destroy the kingdom.

In every generation when they have sought to destroy the kingdom, God has stepped in and with miracles and results the kingdom is still there. In fact as we turn to the Book of Daniel, today we read as to how the Saints of the Most High God, the believing offspring shall take possession of the Kingdom. So many times in the book of Daniel, we read as to how we shall take possession of the kingdom, and rule over the kingdom forever and forever. For the powers of darkness, and of evil are not able to destroy the purposes of the Most High.

The fact remains that the battleground is still the battleground is still the battleground of the mind. This is where they battle first to carry out their battle of destruction, and this is where they must be defeated. So as they sought to destroy the pattern of our faith it is time that we rise up and destroy out of the heart of our seminaries these who would change the doctrines of the Christian Faith. Those who deny that Jesus is the Christ should not be permitted in our teaching facilities. We should not permit them to be in our nation or in our society according to the word of God, let alone in our seminaries, where they are called on to interpret your scriptures, as they deny that Jesus is the Christ and then carry out their patterns of darkness against us. But they have accomplished this to such a degree that they are boasting about it this week in Bucharest, in the great Communist political psychiatry convention. They claim this is one of the Great weapons of Communism against the free world.

So as we listen to these things, such as this report that a huge Russian ship is cruising right now off California waters. She is just outside of the area where it is legal for her to move, but she is spying on these United States, with all kinds of spy equipment. 4 Russian submarines have been seen to come up to her sides and they seem to exchange material and take on supplies and then disappear again on their many patrols off our shores. This does not sound like Peace, it sounds like preparations for a surprise attack which the Russians are so noted for. We see the military crying out to the government to give them a free hand to take on the reality of the situations in our nation. And yet we have seen the appointments of leadership by Mr. Nixon, who seems to have been taken over by left wing advisors to government. We are appointing men to all positions who are appeasers, in various areas of our services. They are appeasers to the Soviet Union and to the disarmament factors, even in our military. Those in the military who are involved in this battle are calling for the Congress to once more use a firm hand to reestablish our military, and give the authority to our military leadership instead of taking on so much of this left wing mentality. And no where is this so well marked as when they have been forced to take in so many Negroes who lift their hands in a clenched fist salute like the Soviet salute. All of these things are breaking down the moral of the Marine Corps, and in the military and the leaders are speaking out against this. Many of the Military are resigning so that they can speak out and attack this structure of the darkness.

So as we see these things come to pass we realize that we do not have a lot of time, for we are going to see God's hand move in for the deliverance. But we do know that His Council will Stand and HE will do all of his pleasure. And we do know that he declared the end, from the beginning. And when he talked to Enoch way back there, about 5000 years before the coming of The Christ, He told him about these things which would come to pass and these conditions that we are having as a nation today. Then he talked about the awakening of that society, and the utter cleansing of that society, and the liquidation of the powers of darkness and the achievements of God's kingdom. Thus as we see the one factor, we can also see the other as God carries out His design.

There is no question that we are in the climactic pattern of the latter days. And we should take careful note of how the Soviets in their Bucharest convention have boasted about how they are bringing about revolution in America. Setting us up for the final state when they think, they are going to take over. It is time we alert a nation that just because some have been able to control the areas of communication that they do not represent the great majority of our society, which shall rise up in the name of God, in the name of Christ and drive out these powers of darkness.

There is no room in the program of God's kingdom for mongrelization, and appeasement. For God says that you are to come out and be ye separate and touch not the unclean things so that I can be a father unto thee, and to thy children after thee, in all of their generations. There is no room for the moralities and the patterns of ignoring the laws of God, or the background of the scriptures, or the most important thing, the identity of his Deity. Upon the deity of the Christ, the arch and keystone of the Christian faith hangs the entire structure of the Christian church.


If we deny the background and the deity of the Christ, then we have no relationship that belongs to the Eternal Savior the God of the Household of Israel. So as we see these things come to pass there is no question but that we will see a spiritual awakening coming and as we send out our tapes we find interest in all denominations, in this areas of truth. And we find people in organizations and places where you would never have thought you would find interest, but now they are looking for biblical answers to these many questions. So as we see these things come to pass we turn to our faith and lift up our heads, and we say: Lord Jesus come quickly.

There is no question that Michael is standing by with superior forces, and the intent of God is to bring about a tremendous victory for the nations of his household.

So - MY COUNCIL WILL STAND, AND I WILL DO ALL OF MY PLEASURE. And we who are of his household are to remember that he foreknew us before the foundation of the world. HE predestined us with the sovereignty of Will, the absolute sovereignty of Divine will that cannot be shaken, to conform to His own image. And those he called he hath already justified in the vast pattern of time and history to purpose these things.

We have already been blessed with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places, and HE promises once more to pour out his blessings upon his household. Thus we lift up our faces and we pray for the speed and the experiences of this time. For we remember how he said that when he comes he will separate the sheep and the goat nations and will say to the sheep nations--RECEIVE THE KINGDOM PREPARED FOR YOU BEFORE THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD.


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