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The Four Wise Men, 01-06-70

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By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 01-06-70

(One of a double tape given as a Christmas sermon sometime during the Vietnam war.)

We turn tonight into the story of the four wise men, we would call your attention to the second chapter of St. Matthew. And we read: When Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea, there came wise men from the east saying, "where is HE who was born King in Judea, for we have seen his star in the east and we have come to worship HIM." Yes, they were wise men out of the east. And I want to call your attention to the fact that these Wise men were Aryans all. They were tall men, white men, and they might be bronzed by the sun, or by their traveling, but they were white men.

Notice as I see the wise men standing around the mangers on the lawns of the cities, that now they have a Negro there and a Chinaman there, and also a white man there. But I want to tell you that this was not the nature of the Wise men. Aryans all. They were, the sons of YAH, the Magi. And there were four master Magi at the time of the birth of Christ. And their order goes back unto ancient times. For Enoch, the seventh from Adam, was, remember, a holy man. He desired to serve the Most High God. A man of great riches, and his flocks were many and his strength was great. And his household was strong.

And God set for this man Enoch a great mission. A ship arrived outside of his house, one day, a Chariot of the Heavens. And there came men who knocked upon his door, Angelic hosts. And they said, "The LORD has summoned thee, and he would have thee come into HIS Presence. Tell thy family goodbye, close up thy shutters and come on board." And this is exactly what Enoch did. And in the course of the records and the time, and the tradition, we discover that Enoch went into the presence of THE MOST HIGH GOD. He was taught by Archangels. He was taught the mystery of the signs of the Zodiac, and the Gospel message of the stars, their formation and their meaning. He was taught the signs that would mark the incoming Christ, the Messiah himself, who would be joined, for HE was out of His household and out of His family, to redeem them from their transgressions and to prepare them for His kingdom.

He was told as to what they could look forward to. And in these things he was told that HE was to go back and write them in a Book. And so it was that Enoch wrote in "The mysteries of Enoch" the secrets and the mysteries of Heaven. He wrote of the signs that would come and how they would know them. He was told about the great and mighty wanderer who would stand for the strength and mighty of God, and how this one would be called Jupiter. And the one that would stand for the Satanic pattern, this one was Saturn. Thus, this would be the signs in the heavens. But even so this would not be enough. For out of the heavens which so far had not been visible, was a star which would take 120,000 years to arrive at the head of Virgo. And this star would come thru the head of Aquila. It would be beyond and behind Achillea. But Enoch was told that when this star looked as tho it was in the head of Achillea, then it would cross rapidly with great speed, into the head of Virgo. Thus during the nine month pregnancy of the Virgin Mary, the girl who would become the mother of God, it would pass from the head to the womb of Virgo. Thus in the picture in the heavens it would seem to cross the womb of Virgo and then go back out into space again. This was what was told to Enoch would be the sign of the coming of the 'Son of Man

And we find also in the book of Enoch the signs for the prophecy of our times. And so it was that Enoch taught the Savants the mysteries of the Gospel of the stars as it was then written by Enoch. And he was told that they would then build a pyramid to mark this pattern of wisdom. Thus, Enoch formed the Mystery School of Intense Wisdom. He found those who were wise and wanted to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of God. Thus the Magi were of the healing profession, and they were very wise, in the handling of life out of the Herbs and so forth.

And they were Astronomers, all. And in this they served the MOST HIGH GOD. And in this they served the MOST HIGH GOD. Thus they formed a school of light, and they were called MAGI. And as you hear of them today then they followed a Bright LIGHT. And their leaders of course had been rising under this same school of wisdom. Thus when Enoch and Job went down into the land of Egypt they build the temple of ON, and then the city of On. And later the Sphinx and the Pyramid. This pattern with these two, Enoch and Job thus was the great temple of Zendera. And all of the stars to the 7th magnitude stretched across the dome of its blue glory. Thus here was this great temple with across the top the stars in their positions, as we would see them as we took our position and traveled thru our earth pathway. Also, suspended was this movement of the planets. And all of the planets were there even tho it was not until 1932 that our astronomers found Pluto again in the sky. But there it was in the temple of Zendera because of the accuracy and the wisdom of Enoch, who had been taken in the course of his experience in this heavenly visit.

We want to call your attention to the fact that these Magi were, thus, students of the Stars, and of the natural scientists. They made up the great Wisdom Schools in the household of the MOST HIGH. Later then Job would become the head of the Masonic order, and Enoch the head of the ROSE CROSS. These men were out of these mighty schools of wisdom the highest wisdom that existed in the earth. And they were brilliant men and they had descended out of a long line of Priests of Magi. And they came from foreign places.

We are to discover that in the areas of time that the Aryans had come down from the High Steppes and crossed India, virtually dominating India at one time. And High up in the mountains of Burma, one of the great plateaus of the Himalaya mountains, they established an observatory. And in this observatory there weregreat rings of golden stones, which had been placed with accuracy and precision, to mark the equinoxes. And to mark also the rise of Virgo. And they were watching of course for the sign of Aquila, and for the sign of a Star that would arise in Virgo's head.

This then was a school of the Magi, and the head of this organization of Magi would elect their head out of this group. And some of them would remain in this spot over the years, even as they spread their wisdom over the Aryans, these children of YAHWEH, THE ONE AND ONLY GOD, as they spread out from that area of India. But they marked the course of this people as they moved out from that area, and this observatory was to operate continually as a witness for them, as the people migrated. And later as they migrated out of the captivity of the Medes and the Persian, they would move back into the land of Britain and there they would find the course of those who had gone before. For established there was what was called Stonehenge. And here the stones were in circles, and they measured the equinox, and the rise and fall of the moon. And there also they had sighting planes that measured the rise and fall of Virgo, which today is only a few degrees off. For today Virgo falls into this sighting plane about three days late. But it was used for the sign of the crossing of the star from the head of Virgo.

This was the reason that Stonehenge was in place. Thus this ancient school of wisdom would remain and be found in Britain. For they recognized the school of the Magi, for a school of Priests, and in Britain they would be the Druids. In fact we would point out that many are the stories from Britain of the work of this school.

And we would point out the story of King Arthur, for he was of the Magi. And so it was that in ancient Britain, there was this Stonehenge and outside of this was the Magi, and they were led by one who was the keeper of that hour. We recall that as these Aryans came to the west they were in Persia. And there we see that they followed the teaching of Zoroaster, who was one of these Priests. And he taught of ONE God. And he spoke to these sons of YAH, these men of the white race. For there were at that time in the land of the Persians, people of tremendous strength. And these people out of this white race, had the 'Winged Orb” as their symbol of "Rise and shine for thy light has come. And we turn to the prophet Magi, and they talk about the symbol of the "Winged Orb" which is the symbol of Messiah who comes to rule the kingdom and the world. And Zorah brought forth much teaching of the LIGHT.

And the Magi recognized that in his lifetime that Zoroaster was one of the highest Magi's in the land of Persia. And if you were to go down in that land then you would find another ring of stone like Stonehenge in England. Thus the people who had built that mystery of Stonehenge in Britain had also built the Doring of stones in Persia. And they had established high up in the Himalayas that great observatory. And they had in those days of Enoch prepared these things, and when they built the Temple of Zendera, here also was this Magi school of wisdom. For as they established this Temple of Zendera they had established the line of Magi who would watch the course of the heavens.

And even the pyramid and its course of measure was to ascertain when the rising of this certain Star would occur. Thus it was there were four high priests of the Magi, out of the great school of wisdom of your race. And now they had come all of the way from the east, and from the Temple in Burma. One had come from the isle of Britain, from this spot where in we find Stonehenge. One was in Egypt, and these were men who had been watching and waiting then saw that this Star was approaching the head of Virgo. Thus they waited although runners had been sent to each of the Magi. And as this star continued on its course, then at the rising of Virgo, at the course of their planning, they were to leave at once, and gather at the temple of Zendera in Egypt.

From there they would make their way into the land of Palestine. For they felt that somewhere in Palestine would be born this KING, who was their Messiah Israel. But they were all Israelites, all Aryans, all descendants of Adam. Every one of them out of the house of Seth, and out of the house of Enoch. These men realized that they were out of this lineage of Adam. Realized that they were Aryans all, Masters of Wisdom, and they were coming to worship THE KING.

These men were out of the school of wisdom that had been taught by Enoch. And the realization came that this Messiah would fulfill in his life span a tremendous mission. That he would somehow require a redemption that would require strange and peculiar symbols to understand HIM. For he would require, out of the heavens His majesty and Glory. For HE was King of Kings and LORD of LORD's. They understood this, and they set out to gather at the temple of Zendera, when they saw, each one from their position saw the signs coming. But high up in the heights of the Himalayas, they saw first this famous star, which was locking into the head of Virgo. Thus one Magi took a horse from the stable of the Magi and with his servants accompanying him he rode to the Temple of Zendera.

Then out of Britain, as they watched they saw the star drop into its course and they were ready to ride, following a prophecy that had been made 5000 years before, and which they had learned from the lips of Enoch. Thus from Britain then came the Magi as fast as possible, to the Temple of Zendera in Egypt. And here at the Temple of Zendera they were filled with expectation, for the Priests of On were still there to help guide their thoughts.

Remember that this city of ON was the Divine Light. For the Priests of On and this temple of Zendera held the Mysteries of God. Remember that Joseph was taken then into Egypt and still in that same position in Egypt would be Potifer the Priest of On, He was a priest of the race, a Priest of tradition and background. And then you remember that Joseph married Ashneth‘ the daughter of this Priest of On. And when this occurred the Jacob took the two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, these two sons of Joseph and Ashneth, and gave them the name of Israel. For they had been born out of the purity of the Adamic race. Thus Jacob could say let My name be named on these two sons for they are out of the very highest of the House of Israel. Thus the Priests of On were still there in Egypt, having come down from the days of Noah, unto this time of Joseph.

But here was a Priesthood of great wisdom, and they were teaching the wisdom and the knowledge of the MOST HIGH. They had taught that the master of Life and death would arise, and would assemble, before the people of earth, his kingdom of earth; and how HE had established it. So it is that we see Osiris, the Ka of Ra, the sons of righteousness, was spoken of by these Priests of ON, who had continued teaching here from the days of Enoch, down to the days of Joseph. And from that time on they would continue in place even to the time of Christ, and now this hour of his birth.

Yes, this was a tremendous development. But there was also a wise man who came out of Persia. He came also, and his name was Autoban. And he was the fourth wise man. Now; of course it does not tell you how many wise men there were that came out of the east. But there was a given number who had been chosen for this mission as each was bringing something for the King. They had been taught that they must gather at the Temple of Zendera and then all would go together to worship the King, born as a babe somewhere in the land of Palestine. These gifts we were told by the scriptures were gold, frankincense, and Myrrh.

Thus, out of the land of India rich in spices and rich in all of the areas of the sweet oils came the frankincense. Thus this Magi who came from the mountains of Burma then brought this Frankincense. And from the bank of Israel, and from the great circle of Stones, called "Stonehenge" came the gold, from the coffers of the mystery school of Israel. From this lineage of Magi who had waited so long for this mysterious ONE who would be born. Then out of Egypt, where they had learned, taught by the white man, how to preserve the body, for the hour of resurrection, from Egypt then came the Myrrh. Thus there was designed for the KING, frankincense for the anointing of HIM for the beginning of His ministry, And there was the gold that would accompany HIM and his disciples, and would pay all of the necessary expenses of HIS ministry. And there was the Myrrh to anoint his body in that hour of His crucifixion.

The fourth wise man was bringing the great robe, which had been skillfully woven by the Persians, and also the Jewels that would accompany the robe on the day of the Coronation of the King. Thus as this fourth Wise man saw the star then he left also on his journey accompanied by his followers. And as this company rode, on their mission they experienced tremendous storms that held them up. And they were not too far from the temple of Zendera where the Wise men were to meet. And they came upon a man laying by the side of the road. This man was very, very ill. And as this sick man called for his help then this Wise man who was also a Magi, and also a great physician, and he could not turn aside from the call of one who needed him. He has taken an oath that he would always use the healing arts of his wisdom to help his fellowman. Thus it was that he stopped by the side of this man. And as he cared for this man then this held him up in his journey for approximately three days, as he worked with this man and his illness. And then he said to the sick man, I must go on and join my companions and then on to Palestine. And the sick man then asked as to why he must go? And he replied: "Because we must find the king who is to be born in Israel. We have seen his star in the east, and I must join my companions if they have not as yet left Egypt." You see this sick man was a prophet or a priest of the race. And he said, I can help you in this for you will not find the KING of Israel in Jerusalem. You will find him in Bethlehem, for it has been recorded by our ancient prophets that "OUT OF BETHLEHEM WILL BE BORN YAHSHUA, A SAVIOR WHO IS CHRIST THE LORD.

Thus the fourth wise man sped on and as he came to the Temple of Zendera he found that the other wise men had gone on as he had anticipated. They had left the day before, and he was to follow them as they were going to Jerusalem, for they were going to find the KING. Thus it is that we have the record here in the book of Matthew, concerning the wisdom of this, saying that the Magi came out of the east. And they said to Herod there in Jerusalem "where is HE born king in Judea?" And Herod the king heard these things, and all Jerusalem with him, for these wise men came to the palace of the king. Of course this is where they should come looking for the birth of the King. But when they came here they were astonished to find a Jew on the throne here in Judea. For they knew that Christ was not a Jew, that HE was the king of the Universe.

So they said, "Where is HE that is born king in Israel?" And of course Herod said there is no baby born here, for I am king here in Jerusalem. And of course this is an erroneous translation here in the King James for they said, "Where is HE born King here in Judea?" Thus Herod called in the scribes, and the savants and he asked, Is it true that there is to be one born King, or Messiah? And they gathered the chief Priests and the scribes and they demanded to know where Christ was to be born And they were told that: HE IS TO BE BORN IN BETHLEHEM OF JUDEA, FOR SO SAYS THE PROPHETS OF ISRAEL. There was to be a savior and a king and HE would be born in Bethlehem of Judea. So Herod turned to the wise men and said, You go down to Bethlehem, and when you see the king then you return and tell us where he lays so that we may go to worship HIM. The troubled wise men left Jerusalem, here in the land of Judea.

And as they left a strange phenomena occurred, again this strange light came down over them and led them to the spot where this child of the manger lay. This was a tremendous chariot of the MOST HIGH, A SPACE VEHICLE. For stars do not come down and lead men around on the earth. Any star that you can see is ten times bigger than this planet and there is no possibility that it could have come close enough to have led these wise men. This was the same kind of craft that brought the angels down to announce the coming of the LORD to the shepherds. For that night then a heavenly choir had sung of the coming miracle of the birth of the KING. This was a space ship as great as the one that led them out of Egypt and when they crossed the Red Sea, then HE was in the cloud above them. And it was there by day, and at night there was a great illumination which surrounded this vehicle of the MOST HIGH.

This past week in the papers, from this so called Blue Book they were talking about the clouds that cover these ships. And they move east and west, north and south, for many of them are contained in these clouds. Thus it is again, we have the mystery of this hour. And the Wise men now followed this heavenly craft and it went before them to Bethlehem. And it stood over the spot where Mary and the Christ child rested. And they then presented their gifts to the babe, of the gold, the frankincense, and the Myrrh.

But what of this fourth wise man who had exchanged his horse for a racing camel? For as he left the man who had been ill he had said, I must leave you for I must now go where the Christ child lays. This man also passed thru Jerusalem, but he saw a strange sight. He saw horsemen getting ready to mount, going out on some mission. Thus he swept thru this area and on to Bethlehem. He had no star before him, but he did have this word of the Priest whose life he had saved. For this man had thus told him that there would be born in Bethlehem a savior who would be Christ the LORD. Thus there was no star, no shinning light but when he came to Bethlehem, he went to the temple there in that city. And here in that local Temple was the priest Zachariah. He was the husband of Elizabeth, who was a cousin of Mary. Here in this temple a miracle had occurred. For an Archangel had come to this priest telling him that he and his wife would have a child, and he was to call this child by the name of JOHN.

Now he was past the age when normally people would have children. Thus this priest of Israel said, oh, I am too old to accomplish this task. Surely, there is some mistake. And Gabriel said, Because you did not believe men when I first told you, then you will be stricken dumb. You will not be able to say a word until this child is born and you have confirmed that his name is JOHN. Thus there had been born there in Palestine six months earlier than the birth of Christ, this child JOHN had been born. And when John was born, then relatives came to Elizabeth and said, What will you call this child? And she said, he is to be called John. They said, no you cannot call him John. He should be called by his father's name Zachariah. No one names his children out of the family name. So they turned to Zacharias, and they said, what is going to be the name of your child? And he said, his name shall be John. And as he said these words, then immediately he could speak. For this man who had come in the spirit of Elijah this was a tremendous miracle, and he was John the Baptist. This was one child, by the way, who sang the praises of God, from the hour of his birth. Thus, this fourth wise man came to the house of the Tribal Priest of the house of Zacharias and Elisabeth. And they said, we know whom you seek, but they have left. But they had been warned by the spirit to go down into Egypt. Thus Joseph took Mary and the child and went down into Egypt as he has been guided to do. For the wise men who had come had also warned of danger, and that the Christ Child should be taken down into Egypt for safe keeping. As the fourth wise man was talking to Zacharias, they heard the screams of the women of Bethlehem, because the soldiers of the Jewish army of Herod were in the city and were murdering all of the boy children up to two years of age, so as to be sure to KILL THE CHRIST CHILD.

Thus it was that the streets of Bethlehem were running with blood, and the women were crying for they were killing their children. Thus these Jews of Herod's army proved they were not Israelites, for if they had been, they would not have killed the babes of Israelites. Thus they proved that they were the sons of Satan, and the powers of Lucifer were the dominant force in the land at this time. Thus, this fourth wise man looking down the street saw this Jewish army coming toward this Temple here in Bethlehem. And he turned and quickly unfolded the great Robe which he had brought and threw it around his shoulders. And everywhere there was an area of great distinction upon the Magi and with the great robe around his shoulders he hoped to impress these soldiers. For even Rome had given orders to respect these Magi because of their great wisdom. For these Magi were a wealthy and powerful force, for God was blessing this house of the Magi.

As this captain of Herod's army came up the steps of the Temple, the fourth wise man, this Magi, was standing at the top of the steps with his arms folded under the great and tremendous symbolic robe he had brought. And he reached into his pocket and brought forth the great jewel, the Ruby which he had also brought. And turning to the Captain he said, surely you will not bother my place of rest, for there is nothing here for which you search. But I have here for this wise Captain this most beautiful Ruby. And with greed on his face the Captain reached out his hand for the Ruby, and then turning to his soldiers he said, go on, for there is nothing here for us to do. Then the fourth Wise man turned back to the Temple and place the babe, John the Baptist, back into the hands of his parents, for all of this time this babe had been under the great robe for protection. And this is the story of how the life of John the Baptist was saved.

This coming of the fourth wise man with the great robe, had been by the Grace of God, managed all of the way so that he would be in the right place at the right time for the rescue of this one who came as John the Baptist. For he was to prepare the way of the MOST HIGH. And so it is, that we have the story of the saving of John the Baptist and we have the story of the murdering of the babes of Bethlehem by the Jews, guided by their father, this Satanic power which was so against the House of Israel, and its cause.

Thus it was that YAHSHUA, Jesus was taken down into the land of Egypt, and to the Temple in the city of ON. And there he was cared for, and his family also. And at times we see that HE was also protected there, between the paws of the Sphinx. You often used to see Christmas cards with this picture of Mary and the babe between the paws of the Sphinx. This had its significance for they were heralded by this group, who had great wisdom, and had been able to measure the sky, and for the counseling of God's Kingdom, ISRAEL. Yes, we have the story which appears to us from the book of Matthew, saying that Wise men came out of the East, saying, "we have seen HIS Star, and we have come to worship HIM." For 125,000 years this star had been coming in before it made its elliptic. Thus you see once again that this was God's perception, his balance of measure. His control of the universe, as the sky was measuring this coming of the KING.

Thus I can assure you that, yes, we had those signs of the coming of the King. And the sign of the coming of the man of the heavens has already made its appearance. And the time of the taking out of the tares has now come into its measure. And we are now looking at the last moment for the coming of the KING who shall come in with HIS Majestic army. With the giant space craft. With the thousands, times ten thousands times thousands of the Hosts of Heaven. And I will tell you that when this hour is turned, his awaiting children, now guided by the spirit of God, who are quickened, and looking for HIS appearing, no longer do they need the guidance of the Magi for now the bible has become an open book. The Spirit of God is now poured out upon his holy children, so that they might know and might understand, and be filled with the fullness of prophecy, that they might be filled with expectations, and lifting up their heads for whence comes their strength. I can assure you that at this time Communism will fall, and the powers of darkness will be broken. And every knee shall bow and every tongue shall proclaim, that 'YAHSHUA,‘ The CHRIST HAS AGAIN REJOINED HIS KINGDOM. And all of the sons and daughters of God will know as HE is known. And then they shall be the Magi of the Great Light, and the world shall know that you are the children of God, and that HE has loved You.

End of message.

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