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Best of Dr. Wesley Swift

America's Testing Time, 1-7-70

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by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-7-70

SWIFT SERMON - Ella R. Mast 1-7-70 (previous date 8-20-67 (In computer as 1-7-70))

As we come to this time for America's testing time, the most significant things for us to remember is the laws of nature. For they are the laws of God. For the Eternal God is the creator and the operator of all of the things we call natural and of nature's laws. For he has created all that you see and find out there in the Universe, from the vastness of His own intellect. Therefore we are forced to recognize that these laws of nature are God's laws, and what HE has established. There are many people who talk about the forces of nature and the laws of nature. But they do not attach them to the God of Nature all those things they call nature. So the laws of nature, which are the natural laws of reality will thus be marked also as the laws of God. When we look out over all the patterns of creation, it is well recognized that the human species is the highest creation on the face of the earth. That HE has a masterful control over the earth, and has set man higher than all other creatures. And this is because of the pattern of his brain. For the brain of man has extended itself into creating all of the same things that you may well see. At the same time, there are different types of men and different types of brain power. And these are natural and native laws. The evolutionists says, that having evolved, we are not at this time going to find fault with the evolutionists. But we are going to cite to you that how so ever man has obtained his position, and his place, the white man has obtained the highest position of any on earth, and has developed the highest development of the brain of all of the species on the earth. And we can well establish the reason for this. For there is a spiritual reason.

We can well establish that there are basis been standards accepted and placed on the sin of the earth. For spirit is the ruler over matter, and spirit has stimulated the brain. And the brain will not only breathe with its acquisition of knowledge, in patterns of heredity, in generations after generations, until each generation becomes smarter in the content of its brain in the previous generation. And this is a well established scientific fact. Now; since the brain remembers the experience of its forbears and remembers the experiences that it has had in this generation, then this adds additional knowledge to that brain. Now; there is one thing about this. When the Most High God established a household upon the face of the earth, he established this one quality that no other race can possess. They were begotten in the heavens by His Spirit. And that spirit remains an attached condition to the soul and the brain of the man. Thus the white race not only possesses an immortal soul, but this soul had an affinity with the dimensions of spirit. And spirit stimulates the brain, giving it concepts of knowledge and understanding. Now; then, it is a unique fact, a scientific fact, that the white race has the highest developed brain of any specie on the face of the earth. More than this, they are the only race that has by this spirit, the inspiration and vision. You must realize that the white race will create more in five years than all the other races create in a century. Because it is the highest developed of all the capacities of intellect. We must then be able to understand that the Negroid, and all of these other races will never be able to measure up to the brain power of your race. Thus your race must be systematically be destroyed. Therefore our God has made this quite clear, that this is something that HE made quite clear. In order to preserve the culture of the kingdom of God, which HE was planting in earth, in order for them to develop the highest responsibility and culture, HE therefore called for them to marry out of their own kind of people. Therefore as He speaks out in the book of Deuteronomy, he makes this quite clear. For he said, Ye shall not join the Hittites, the Amazorites‘, the Canaanites or and of these other people. But the LORD thy God will deliver into your hands these people.

For HE has given unto you the brain power, the knowledge, and the intelligence. Therefore, ye shall not make marriage with them. Neither shall thou give thy daughters to them, or let thy sons marry their daughters. For you are a holy people unto YAHWEH thy God. And this holy has a definite meaning as that you have descended out of God then when God says that you are holy, then when He says that you are a holy race, then you must remember that this white race has emerged from God. Now; this is a law of nature. And in this process we find that the mitosis takes place as you come out of Genesis. Thus the sum total of the experience of the father and the sum total of the experience of the mother, then this is the sum total of experiences that their child can possess, and the soul consciousness can support, in this one instrument which is a part of the physical body and this is the brain. Therefore when the Chromosomes line up for the sub division of the cells and the mitosis then all of these experiences of both the father and the mother are wrapped around the tiny brain cells of the next generation. This is why that with each generation there is far more brain tissue that is being used than in the past generation, for the child inherits everything that is in their background all of the way back to Adam. Now; altho we say that a person uses only a small part of his brain, still the brain can store up great quantities of wisdom and knowledge. This is true century after century. Thus the white man has more brain matter to use, and has more wisdom and knowledge to pass on to his children thru this adaptability all of these things. That is why a boy of today can repair his car and do lots of those things, which it took a trained mechanic to do generations ago. But he inherited these things from his father and from his race. He has an affinity for this and he can pass this down to the next generation.

We are thus in a technological age, and in the pattern of remembrance. This is why the psychologist is so interested and the pathologist has been measuring the brain, and they find that in remembrance, we remember our Aryan forbears even tho we are not conscious of it. And the artists when setting a scene can come out and say that they recognize this pattern, and they come out and say there is a key to all of this. And the Psychiatrists have been working on this. And they are discovering that the brain has remembrance patterns and inheritance patterns, and a language and knowledge which relates to the experience of his parents. No wonder then that the strongest status of society is its culture. For the culture of a society is the things that it has been by experience and remembrance, and knowledge unseen. Thus education is the sum total of adding to our brain factor the material we have seen with our eyes and heard with our ears. And in the mechanical process of this, in mathematics all of this, is stored around the tendrils of the brain. And people who are more mathematically aware, and thru the generations, they become mathematically superior. This is why the Negro is not a mathematician. Because there has never been any mathematicians in his background. And besides this area of vision, is an area of greatness. God bestowed upon you the area of spirit and inspiration and this is the highest gift a God could bestow upon his people. For this is knowledge, and foreknowledge out of the heavens. Now he says that if you are to join this other race, whose background and Chromosome is so different, and does not carry this pattern of background then do not mix with these other races for my Spirit will not cohabit with another race and you cannot pass this on to your offspring. Thus the child will get noting out of the spirit for this spirit will not be given He will not inherit and of the mystery for he will have the teaching of known parent and an unknown parent and the two cannot mix. With this method then you have already started the degeneration of your society.

Now these are simple truths which are basically the laws of nature, the laws of heredity. THEY ARE THE LAWS THAT GOD HAS CLEARLY INSTALLED IN HIS WORD THAT THE PEOPLE OF HIS HOUSEHOLD ARE NOT TO INTERMARRY WITH THESE OTHER RACES. For these other races, are not given this knowledge. For HE says:I have given you the most. And this knowledge and truth is to expand in the earth, so that you will be the masters over the earth. This is the reason why as we stand here on the edge of the 21st‘ century that the technology of earth is in the hands of the white race. More than that, but as we expand in earth, we find that the spirit and the technology of this white race, and that they possess all of the spiritual technology that the laws of nature held. Now let me point out to you that we have the races that are older than ours. We have the Egyptians who came from ancient Atlantis. And we have the Hindu's of India. And they go back thousands of years before you do. Then we can go back with the Chinese, and we find that they go back, way, way back. But we find that they have been influenced by the experiences of their forbears. And as Lucifer took them over he locked into their minds strange and forceful ideas, and the areas of their philosophy as they adopted it over the generations, until they became the rubber stamp of his teaching. And he gave them areas of their ambitions. As you look back over the areas of the development of China, you see that they have managed to retain their studies of art and policies of architecture and so forth. But when it comes to their philosophies, it is these thoughts of philosophies which holds these people back.

However make no mistake about it for the Chinese have continued to produce a very hardy race And the one thing that is about to destroy their race, the one that the Chinese absorbed all people, for they had such a magnitude of people, so anyone in China remained a Chinaman anyhow. So the race remains strong, but in vision and mentally, it is not strong in this extending of the philosophy of life and living. This is also true of the Hindu. Actually the Hindu has been so endued by the memory patterns of his ancestry, that he has not been able to produce the people known as Hindu, because of the false doctrines of Lucifer and the strange doctrine of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Until basically the Hindu and the Indians are a religious mess. This is not their true religion. This is a false religion that they are now enveloped in. You can take them into a University and you can train him and then he will go out, and he is still a communist and still follows Kali. This is the thing that has caused so much frustration upon the part of the nations in their four point programs, as they tried to teach them something. They found that after all of the patterns of liberation and truth stamped in his mind generation, after generation, that he still does not have the liberation of truth still worships Demon gods, and serves devils. And in the meantime, you never get them any farther than this.

Even the Egyptians who received their knowledge from Enoch and Job, who went down into Egypt, and gave them the rudiments of mathematics, and architecture in the Great Pyramid and the Temples of Karnac. For that architecture was the development of your race upon them. Now when you look out over your race today in the world, then you see that the world is heavily populated with these other races, and we are a minority race on the face of the earth. And yet as a minority race we are technologically the great achievers, because we have expanded the areas of our technology and our understanding, and our achievements, because of an Act of God. Now the white race therefore stands at the head of humanity, and in five years creates more ideas and visions than any other race on the face of the earth. At the same time, then God planted us here with spiritual vision. He gave us a religion also. But it is the highest religion that the earth has ever saw. If it had not been the highest religion, it would have brought you down to the structure of the other societies. Not only were you told that the most important thing was for you to maintain a policy of segregation, and maintaining the fact that these should be your own kind, so that you could increase the knowledge of the race, and the concept of THE MOST HIGH GOD, BUT IN ALL OF THESE THINGS as God established his patriarchs and established his laws with them . . . He told them not to violate these laws and they could develop in HIM. For then he said, here is the battle. One of my ancient enemies in wars, is Lucifer who fought in the wars against Michael. And he is continuing his battle here in earth. He has scattered his forces, and he is mongrelizing men. He is seeking to violate my laws, and to violate them in earth. But you, my offspring, are going to arise in the earth and you are going to conquer Lucifer. You are going to establish the power of the white race over all of the powers of fallen angels, and all of those in the society. And I am going to see that God comes in to help. This is the story of the Old Testament. And it is still the story in the New Testament, and it is the story of all of ministers and the teachers who teach the pattern of the scriptures, and cannot gain say.

Now I want you to realize, and I think this becomes an important thing, because if you are listening today, then our minister says that we should not talk about race, because that makes you a racist. And if you are a racist, then this is a sad situation. Because we do not care where men come from or who they marry, for they are going to come out on the heavenly plane anyhow. Now they tell you today that one of the worst circumstances you can find in Democracy today and I don't have any use for democracy anyhow for democracy is mob rule. I appreciate a Republic and the concept that people are choosing those who are representing them, but this is not a Democracy, this is a Republic form of government. Therefore they tell you that we have all kinds of people, all races of people, and we emerge into one great race and God smiles on it. But God does not smile on this idea, because God is a racists. Oh, you say I do not like this. But I want you to know that God is a God who has established a fact, that this white race is his people, and he has raised them to the same power as nature, the same force as nature, to the highest status on the face of the earth. Now then let me point out to you one of the strange situations,‘ that we have here, is the fact that the Jews, who we understand by their civilian work and by their conduct, that they are Luciferian children.

When Jesus makes this clear HE points out the fact that they are of their father the devil. He points out that they have no capacity to understand any of the mysteries. Do you know why? It is because Christ is the embodiment of God's mind. And there is not any portion of spiritual information, that is understandable to the Jews, from the beginning. So they have no capacity to understand God's mind. Therefore they have only the capacity that they received from their father and they have thus evil concepts and strange ideas of Luciferianism. Jesus marked this for you very clear. Now as Lucifer wants to wage war on the kingdom of God, then he wants to wage war on those things that are most important to the Highest. So how does he do this? You discover that the areas of Luciferianism has supported Bolshevism and they started Bolshevik out as a great destructor of society. More than this as it entered the areas of the church out of the countries in which it started, it has waged war on the church and carried out this negative attitude.

And more than this . . . but more than this, behind the Luciferian disciples, with their areas of darkness, they have also gained this one area of economic affinity. They moved out to control the economy, realizing that money is the basis of all evil. And they thus work to gain control of a society by the manipulation of the money. Now we note therefore, knowing that men require a rise in their economic support, they rise to conquer the white race by putting them at war with each other, until they think that as they run the white race down. Then it can be taken over by the pagan countries, where in they have spread the patterns of idolatry. I want you to know that Communism, and, yes, Hinduism, was established by Jewry. And it is controlled today by Jewish priest, even in this hour. They are not only at war with the white race and with Christian civilization, but their design was to involve you in as many wars as possible. While at the same time claiming that they are philosophers, they moved into your Colleges, and institutions such as Universities, so as to teach. So what do they teach but the idea that all men are equal, and all men should be mongrelized, that God is a God of love, and thus a Jew God of course. That he wants to mix them all up, and this is where you will get your place. But if you protest, then you are a rightwinger and you lose every ones respect.

Now let me point something out to you. We did not have any of this Jew propaganda here in our society, to this extent, until the last 75 years. But now it is making headway by leaps and bounds. And it is destroying the white race. With their patterns of drugs, and their pattern of attack upon your religion, with their attack upon your morals, and your segregation, and your religion, they are starting the process of a useless society with this Hippie generation, which is a lost generation, by their use of alcohol, which reduces men from the path set out by the laws of God. Now, let me point this out to you. We have demonstrated the superiority of the white man. And by selective breeding we have improved the breeds of our horses and our cows. You can get more milk out of a cow bread by careful selection, than ever before on the face of the earth. We not only have the best cows and horses on the face of the earth, but we are also breading up the best dogs and the finest poultry than of any other time in the past. One of the most important things is that we have followed the laws of God in this selection of our dogs, our cows and our poultry and horses. But we have been careless in the selection of our children as we followed the path of our destroyer.

The ministers then get up and say, God swears on this program, and they knocked down all of the laws so that we can marry within the Negro race. You can join your children to the beasts of the field, and they can have the finest of animals. This, my friends, is one of the most strange procedures of time. The testing time is there here for America. America can only survived by returning to the laws of God, even to the destruction of the destroyers. Yet the destroyer says that man will become so interested in the breeding of his cattle and his horses and his chickens, that it will not matter what happens to his children. Let me point out to you that if they can destroy by economic processes or by different designs and procedures that will involve the white man in wars then they will make tremendous profits from this and will gain control over his goods. And then he has specifically designed to destroy the white race. When World War 1 came upon us, by the direct actions of organized Jewry, then also World WAR II was also from their directed actions. In World War 1, when we began to select our boys, who were to fight and the Germans began to select theirs, and the English selected theirs, did you know that we had to turn down 22% of the boys of America because they were not physically fit. So as we entered into this war, then we killed off the finest and the best of our young men and we left at home that 22% of the young men to breed the next generation. So with this program of war, they were building up the misfits that were to make the population of America.

Now, do not think that there will not be times when there are conditions pressed up this race, when we will have to fight, do not think that we are forgetting the program of Communism and how it fulfills the purpose of the Jews. Do not think that we do not have to fight this by a pattern of war. But let me cite this. That you are not to forget that the Jews created Bolshevism‘ and they have created Communism as well. Now, I think that as long as the soldier is capable of walking, he should go to the front. I do not think that as we move into the Great Kingdom that 21% of our men will not fight. I do not think that we should move the Hippies to the top of our Society. But by this same token the design of the Jew has always been to destroy the white race. When we look at the stock of the white race, we look for the stock that came out of the lineage of Jacob. We recognize that Anglo Saxon, Scandinavian, Lombard, Germanic, and such are out of the household of the white race. We may see that there has been tremendous achievements. That we live in the best part of the world. That we find that the normal temperatures are not too hot. We have found that we have provided more food for our people than any other part of the world. We found that the people must have protein, and green vegetables, if they are to develop and achieve the highest status of society.

The areas of the Scandinavian and the Nordic may have been very well chosen. For remember in World War I, only 70 million Germans held the entire world off. And this entire heart of Europe was able to hold off the entire world as it demonstrated the tremendous ability of the white race. Therefore what ability the white race would have is demonstrated. But it always brings destruction on itself. As I say that we are in a testing time, then I will tell you why. From the pulpits of our churches, ignoramuses who are not Clergy, are seeking the processes of Integration, and denominations are voting for integration in their society. They are teaching their children the patterns of integration and with this pattern of Integration. We are going to lose our citizenship, our intellect, and our inventiveness, apart from the fact that this is a violation of divine law.

Therefore, it affects the spiritual quality of our offspring. We look out over the world and we see a nation like Japan, and Japan has no area of background in the areas of vision that comes with inspiration. But in the eyes of ability, they can recall, produce and manufacture it. More than this they are intermarrying with their own kind. She became a strong nation and almost defeated the rest of the world, altho she did not realize that she had become such a great power. If there is any threat to your society it comes from such a country which can take on everything that you have invented, and manufacture them. They do not improve them, but they make them. (Today, then we face China and Clinton is giving them all of the things which Japan picked up because they followed our lead, and learned to manufacture them, even tho they cannot improve them.) But then Japan also established one factor . . . that they married within their own kind.

That is the lesson for you today. In Japan the people are told that they must NOT marry with the Negroes. Whereas they look upon the fact that if they marry with the white man, then they have brought intelligence into their society. And as far as this is concerned, then with the children of the world, then intermarriage only causes those races to be built up at your expense. Now remember that China which has been intermingling for year sand years has the greatest manpower ever witnessed for centuries. And it is pitted against the white race. More than this you will find that because of propaganda the Chinese in their hearts fear the white man as their enemy. And the conquest of America is one of the most important steps that they can take. As you turn to the Negroid world, you have an area that is ruled by Bestiality, in the theology of the Witch doctors. And only when he was in slavery in the U.S., did the Negro rise to his best days, and he developed as we did not obey and send them out of the nation. Now as we freed the slaves, many of them were very happy in their status and were only wanting to stay as servants of the white man.

And I am going to cite this to you whether you like it or not. But the Negro was better off when he served the white man than he is if he tries to serve his own kind. He is better off under the values and rules of the white man, for the betterment of his own life, than he is when he tries to develop under the rule of his own people. For they make war on each other indirectly, and tear each other up with savagery. (Look what happened to Clarence Thomas) Let me point out this to you. The Negro will never build a great society. Some say that he will conquer the world. But no. He will never conquer the world, and he will never conquer you. But I will say this. That if you turn your back on the laws of God, then I say that the Negro will rise up and he will conquer, not by intelligence, but by an accumulation of mass power. Do you know why this is true? The Negro, by the time he is 10 years old, his cranium is already sutured up. There is no Negro on the face of the earth who does not have less brain capacity than the white man. There is no Negro on the face of the earth who can measure up to the creative ability of the white man. Because his brain is already sutured up by the time, he is 10 years old. Thus the most he can learn is what a ten year old body is capable of.

Oh, you say that is not true, Dr. Swift, for we can make attorneys out of them, and Doctors out of them. That is true. But who taught them? And the average white man is only using about 14% of his brain power. You find that you can train them, but on their own, they never get beyond the capacity of an 11yearold white boy. For the Cranium of a Negro sutures up at ten years of age. This is just a fact. And it indicates that God never intended to establish their greatness of ability. They were best when under the servitude of the white man. But Lucifer is the one who sowed them into all of the races of the world and in the process produced in some cases Bestiality. I point out to you that when you look at a Negro you may see some friendly ones, and some who laugh. And‘ you may remember some from your childhood. But you are then taught that this is the results of the white man who has been holding them in that position. But now with the role of Communism, we look at the Negro and to the areas of his behavior. You‘ are finding the Savage showing his face, more and more in America. The enemy has not reached the great majority of Negroes, but there is a fighting majority who are doing the enemy's work. And this group of the Negroes are coming out and burning down the cities because they lack the brain of higher intellect. And they think that the voices that they hear are voices of constructive leadership.

I want you to know that this is America's testing time. And it is time for us to analyze the situation. We discover that the enemy has bred into our society the Asiatic and the Negroids. They have gathered the Negroes out of Africa, and out of Jamaica and other places, and the Asiatic‘ out of Asia, and we are going to have to come to this stand. Are we going to stand firm on our policies of America or are we going to fall because of Integration? Now; people are waking up and they are called the 'Right wing'. But their number is well over 50% today. They are not only waking up but when they look back into their genealogy they can proudly say yes, we know we are part German, part Scandinavian and part English, but we are also White Men. We come out of one family. And amalgamation of that stock does not make it less. This is just a pattern of the mixing of this white race of which we are a part. And I want you to know that today when they tell you that the entire race is corroded that everyone has a mixture of blood, that they have Negro blood or Asiatic blood in all of the white race but when they tell you this, they do lie. For from the beginning there has been born in this race a feeling for selective breeding.

In fact up unto the last 20 years you used to say that one of the finest men in your society was a discriminating man or a discriminating woman, and you sought their company. And you sought their company, and the company of discriminating people. Today you are told that these type of people are those that do not want to embrace the world democracy, and they are looked down upon. Well thank God, I do not want to embrace world democracy. The mark of leadership is the mark of a discriminating age. This is actually the work of Communism. And‘ thus we saw the elimination of our families, and our marriages which became the majority of thought in our nation. And yet we recognize that the greatness of this nation comes directly from the patterns of God's law, and the patterns of His inspiration. And you are going to see in the next few years the destruction of the greatness of your society. But we know that God says that he is going to raise the voice of the anger of his people. He is going to do this until anger rises up in their faces, and he is going to stand them up as his army and there will not be a Canaanite left in the house of God. And there will not be so many Beasts of the field here either. And this is a fact that if this trend is stopped then you have to get to the bottom of it and find out who is making money out of it and you will find that it is the Jew. And if the army does not take care of the head of this, then the people are going to have to take care of him. For these are the head of this masked conspiracy.

The white race must determine that it will never fight another war against white men. You say, oh, we cannot‘ do this for the Jew has captured our nation and turned the leaders against this to our disadvantage. But I think that the people of Germany and the people of America do not want to fight another war to fatten the Jew. I do not believe that the people of Britain want to fight another war with Germany. Nor do the Germans want to fight another war with the Scandinavians to fatten the Jew. In fact now as the Jews are again taking over Germany, it is making the people more angry than at any time in history. As they get together to talk about the things of God they have to get together in their basements so that no one can overhear them. That is the power of the Jew. In fact if one speaks out against the Jew then that is Antisemitism and it is now a crime, even inside of Germany. In fact, my friends, as they try for control over Germany, they are saying they will not make any mistakes next time.

Now; this will not be an acceptable message to the people who are in the Jew payroll. And in government they will say this is a terrible message. But it is a message that is ascribe to the content of the WORD. The greatest pattern of discrimination,‘ was when God in a body walked the earth. When the man, Christ Jesus said unto the Jew:you cannot hear my words, for you cannot come unto me, for you are of your father the devil, and I am not a blood brother to any of them. So where I am going you cannot come, for I am not going to take any of them to heaven. Then over here in the book of John, Jesus said: I call my sheep by name, I lead them out. I give them Eternal life,‘ they shall never perish. They are the children of the Kingdom. I didn't call anyone else, I am not caring for the world at this time, I am only interested in the children of the kingdom. You belong to the devil. The children of the kingdom are mine. I want you to know, that when he talked to the Apostle Paul the most positive of the Apostles, in the New Testament, that HE said:I want you to come out from among them and be ye separate. And‘ I want you to tell the people this same message, to come out from among them, and be separate, and touch not the unclean things. For what do you have to do with the temple of idols, I say that your bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Thus what would you have in common with the Jew? ‘Come out from among them, and I will be a Father unto thee and they children after thee, in all generations. This is the law of God, and strangely enough it is the law of nature. This is the law that raises you up to the highest level, but strangely enough, the law of Lucifer is trying to mongrelize you and bring you down to their society, in their drive to conquer the Kingdom. Now remember that the Kingdom is in the minority in the earth. But to obtain superiority, which God has ordained, it must come out from among them and be ye separate,‘ and segregated, and not brought down to this degeneration of the societies that are being forced upon you here in this universe.

You are going to have to recognize the laws of God. You do not leave this pattern of degeneracy of the Negro, and their raids on our homes, and our stores, and the burning down of our society. For they are saying Burn Baby, Burn, and we will keep doing it until they give us a man of our own as president, and give us part of the land. But I tell you that we are not going to have any of them for president, and we are not going to give them any of the land. And‘ if one of them gets in there, he won't be there very long.

This, my friends, is the testing time of America. Either‘ we will be guided by the laws of God, which has guided us to the highest technological point in any society, which started you in agriculture and to the highest skill in that area of any society. But if you start putting more Negroes into such points in your society, then you are going to go down hill fast. If you think that the highest point of progress, is for you to employ more Negroes even if you have to make jobs for them, this will bring you down. For‘ they do not have the capacity to make and to create. If the Negro has no job, then it means that he does not have the creative ability that warrants it in a white society. Therefore he had better take the job for his ability or go back to his own country. Because I can assure you that he has no future here, in the land of the white man without the ability to create. You are going to find in the next few years that the white man is going to say that they are not going to give up their jobs to the Negro who are burning down our society. And‘ as this happens, you will find that they have destroyed themselves with their own wickedness. And‘ the ministers who have marched with them in the south is going to be numbered with them. And I tell you this. That‘ in the end, we will exterminate these people who are violating the patterns of God's law. For in my eyes a policeman who would shoot at a white man who is defending his home is no different. And the white Priests must become aware that they are dependent on the white man who is behind them, for they are very much outnumbered. And the whole position of the Jew, who is behind this, is to destroy the policeman, and who resists them. For‘ that is their objective. And if they will not recognize the laws of God and the white race, then, my friends, they are not worth saving. Yes, there is a lot to be said in this subject. But‘ we repeat, that this is America's testing point. But we will go back to the laws of God, and they will call you a racists. But‘ the racists are going to be victorious.

End of message.

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