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They Who Rule One Hour With The Beast, 7-4-67

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By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 7-4-67


Christ promised His disciples that by the consecration of the bread and the wine that He would transfer the flowing power and Grace of His Spirit from heaven to earth, that when men assimilated them thru the process of digestion He would charge their bodies with the processes of His Spirit. That His Spirit would purify the ailments of their bodies. That His Spirit would clear the areas of the errors from their minds. That it would permit the Spirit to gain major control over the thinking and over the life, and the actions of His people. Therefore there was a nourishment in the table set of God. This table He told us, never to leave off assembling of this supper. He said many of us would not understand this, and because of not understanding, do not realize that here is the Lord's body and the blood of the Lord in the transference of this Mystery of the Communion. We urge you to come to the full understanding and to recognize that the communion as it is consecrated for its use becomes as the blood and body of Christ. You become joined with Him in the hour of His atonement, so that you may know the power of His Resurrection, while we live. We acknowledge that this was a Holy program instituted by Christ....for His Church.

It is a most significant thing that in the areas of supposedly great statesmanship, that there is such a lack of knowledge of the Word of God. You sometimes think that the powers and forces of darkness who seek to get their hands on the political affairs of all nations.... select these men so that when you elect and choose these men then they will have little knowledge of the Word of God. They are well satisfied that they have the average Church minister either ignoring all the problems that the world is to face, or else falsely interpreting the word as they pick a text then straight way depart from the text as soon as it is quoted. Thus it is that the church will receive the praise of the world and receive great advertising as long as they do nothing to stir up the people.

People say:...I would like to join a church where I would have Peace. Well, if you join a church where you will have only peace it isn't going to be worth anything to you, because God is not at Peace with the world, nor with the world order, and He is not at Peace with the anti-Christ, for God said:..."I have a war with Amelek in all generations." So do not think that you are going to find any nitch of worship here....where there will be no problems. No nitch were there will be no trouble, no discussions and that you will not hear any thing about the world's situations as they arise. If that is what you are looking for then you are in the wrong church with me as the Pastor. Why? God is going to give unto this hour... the message His people are supposed to hear. More than this as we look out over the developments we well understand that the Church is the Spiritual Center of God's Kingdom. As such it becomes the responsibility of the church, using the Word of God...and the knowledge of God, and the knowledge of God's purposes to talk about the things that have come to pass, the things that are to come to pass and about the tremendous periods of time that we have been through.

As we passed through 1962 we passed through the beginning of the Sign of the Son of Man in the heavens. As we came through the years that followed this then we passed thru a year ago...the beginning of the Sign of the Taking out of the Tares. The taking out of the tares has started, and there will be a tremendous taking out of the tares, out of the field, which is the world. We have passed that date and this is one of the events of great significance and importance. One must recognize that God sowed the children of the Kingdom who are the good seed, and Satan sowed the evil seed who are the tares, and are of the evil one. God makes it very clear that there will be a great deliverance for His Kingdom, because He is going to take the tares out of the way. One of these days there will be a great massive deliverance as all the tares are reaped out of the field and taken away.

We discover that this is one of the situations where the tares in their removal shall be cast into outer darkness, into one of those areas of distant space, where they will have a hard time living with one another, after they have lived with so many areas, and for such a long period of time. We must recognize that Satan has children. He has Satanic people, and he has Beast people, and he has organizations that are compatible with him.

You as children of the Kingdom, you as the Household of His Israel, ruling with Him, you who are named as His sons and daughters, are the Household of His Kingdom, to bring righteousness and Peace to the earth, with victory over the power of darkness. God placed you here to be at war with the devil. Make no mistake about that, for this was planned by the Most High and He said you were strangers and pilgrims in the earth. Hebrew 11:13.

Now you will say:....Oh, I didn't come from any where else, for I was born here on earth. That is true, but you came from heaven to earth to be twice born, so God has placed a forgetfulness over the pattern of your antiquity and remembrance. The pattern remains that you are a twice born people having been spiritually begotten in the heavens, then having been begotten by the breaking of water, or by the Adamic pattern of birth in the earth. You, who are the Household of the Adamic Race, the Israel of God, are God's Household, God's strategy, God's Kingdom for victory in the earth. God is not deceived, His is not mocked, nor is He going to be taken by surprise by any of the programs of the enemy. He knows all these things. In fact He has warned His Church as these perilous times come into view, and He has warned us concerning the great areas of catastrophe, He has told us as to the patterns of earth, in the hours of His coming. He has told us as that it will be as Sodom and Gomorrah. He has told us that it would be as in the days of Noah, in which the pattern of Satan was to mongrelize your race, have you marry outside your race, then turn with degeneration into the strange and wild patterns of the orgies of sex. Now God told you that all these things would happen before He returns.

He told you that the Beast System is the Political strategy referred to as Mystery Babylon sometimes, but it is also the political strategy of Lucifer and his household of the children of evil and of the anti-Christ. Therefore He makes it known unto you of the things which will happen, the things which will come to pass. It would be a wonderful thing to be able to elect a president who would turn to the scriptures for his advice, then we might come out on top once in awhile. If we had a president who knew what to do he wouldn't have been meeting with Mr. Kosegin (?) last week. Nor would he have boasted that the meeting was a wonderful success altho we didn't agree on any single thing.

As we look out over the world tonight we see the build up of the strategy of the forces of evil, for their victory over the Kingdom, and the destruction of the Kingdom by the designs of Luciferianism. God says:....Now I know this....I have restrained them, I have held them back.

We have come through 3 great periods of history. We have passed thru the beginning of the sign of the son of man in the heavens. This sign covers the covers the climax of this age. This sign is one of the great portent signs as the astronomical patterns aligned up in the great sign of Aquarius...the outpouring. And we find that the Illuminaries of the heavens and earth gave the sign of the son of man in the heavens. Enoch even knew that when we had this line-up of the Solar Systems in February 1962., across a single line, that this would be the sign of the son of man in the heavens. And we knew that it would only be a short time from then until the starting of the time for the taking out of the tares as to that beginning.

Now; someone will say....but I don't see any tares gone??? Oh! Barney Baruch is gone. Whole numbers of powerful Jewish conspirators have been taken out of the way. Now this is just the beginning. One thing that has blinded people to this is the silly story many ministers have been telling their people. The story that one of these days, suddenly, God is going to descend and take the Church out of the way. The Church has been surprised that they have seen as much of the development of evil design as they have. Well the church is the spiritual center of His Kingdom, the heart and center of His Nation...His Israel, if He came and took the true church away then there wouldn't be one person here who would put up one iota of a battle against the anti-Christ. There is not one thing in the scripture that says he is going to grab the Church and take it out of the way. A mistranslation in the King James Version is their basis for this idea. It says in correct translation: WE WHO ARE ALIVE AND REMAIN UNTO THE COMING OF OUR LORD, JESUS THE CHRIST, ARE GOING TO BE TRANSFORMED, CHANGED IN A MOMENT, WE ARE GOING TO MEET THE LORD IN THESE ATMOSPHERIC BREATHING BODIES. But these bodies shall be transformed and changed. We are not going to be 'caught up' into the air somewhere and the world turned over to the Devil. God established the world but He never established the world for the devil or for you to turn it over to him.

In fact one of the greatest areas of the mistakes of great Christendom is that they have said:..Politics is an evil thing and we don't want to have anything to do with it. They have tried to get off in a corner somewhere and close their eyes. But they are still the children of the Kingdom, and they are responsible for the victory of the Kingdom over the powers of darkness. They are standing over in a corner because their ministers have not told them the truth, rather has told them they are going to get grabbed up into the air some place where they are going to sit down and eat turkey for 3 ˝ years. You don't believe that??? But they are looking for some kind of a feast up in the sky, while here on the earth the devil takes over everything. There are some people who aren't even concerned about any of these things. They just say....we don't worry cause these are just temporary things for soon we are going to be swept up into the sky and will come back after all these problems are solved.

Let me tell you this. God's program is an intense, constant, and continuing program. Don't for one moment think that the spiritual awakening that has been going on in your nation since the sign of the son of man in the heavens is for naught. Don't think that in these days when we passed through the beginning of the taking out of the tares that there hasn't been something going on in our nation and every Christian Nation in the western world.

From where do you think came the sudden stimulation to the thinking of men and women as they are driven to study the patterns of History, and the great rewards that God had bestowed upon their forbearers, including this great nation you are a part of? Where do you think this great concept of constitutional law and the realization of the great values of our society and culture have come that has moved people to stand? Where do you think the drive came from that moved people to stand out and to say:...we are tired of the U.N. We are tired of bowing to the Jew's, we are tired of bowing and turning over everything to the Negroes? Where do you think all this movement came from? Where do you think the Right Wing came from? God has sounded the alarm, He is calling out His sons and His daughters and they are awakening and then they start to study, they start to plan, and they start to fight, and they start to look for someone who thinks like they do. Then the enemy comes along and they say....this is the Right Wing. Alright, then you are the Right Wing and I can assure you of are going to be the triumphant Right Wing and before you are through you will realize that God has not changed His plans or the amount of authority or power He has thrust into this situation.

We have moved into a very climactic historical point. We have seen the abomination of the desolator move into the Holy area. Christ pointed out that this is one of the great climactic signs for the end of the age. It is to mark tremendous developments throughout the ends of the world, whole-sale wars will start all over and commence from this hour when they moved into the Holy place. They moved into the area of the Holy place 4 weeks ago last Wednesday, so you may be a month or more into this strategy and it is building up fast. Now they have claimed that they are going to tear down the Mosque of Omar and this may be the sign of the moving of the abomination of the desolator into the Holy Place. The literal translation is....."The abomination of the destroyer, moving into the Holy Place."

We are in this period of climax as powers of darkness or forces of evil are operating with their strategy. The fact remains that there are still so many people who are completely blind to the strategy of the enemy and to the fact that the program of Mystery Babylon is the program of world socialism which promises something to everybody but giving nothing to anyone except the ruling masses of world Jewry who have gained control of your economy. They hold and seem to be reaping the success of their strategy. They are seeking the minds of your youth and taking their minds off the programs of society while they tune them in to all areas of depravity through the motion picture industry. In fact the motion picture industry has been brought to the brink of total destruction. Then thru the excessive use of drugs they are taking your youth into the escape route pattern of Satanic hallucination. Thus it is that they move into revolt of everything that is good and sound. As you see them today and some of their activities then we have the appearance of Sodom and Gomorrah. You have the government pushing in every way they can, the practice of mongrelization and integration. This is the condition as it was in the days of Noah.

On the other hand you have the true church speaking out on these things and calling attention to time. As we see these things developing you see the strategy of the enemy advancing. If you go thru the staffs of your colleges you find that we have imported eastern European Jew's and given them professorships in the best of our places of higher learning. They are teaching our youth that the only way to handle so intricate a society is to have socialism and its massive government control, from the cradle to the grave. Thus every one will get their proper amount. They promise that there will be social security when they retire, and Medicaid and Medicare, and all these are necessary for a socialist society. When you reach out for these you are reaching out for the mark of the beast, even tho you have been trapped into this situation. This is their procedure for getting you to surrender a little of your power.

Now we have Communism all over the world, but their goal is still to conquer the Christian Nations of the world. They want to rule their hour with the beast, all these small nations are falling for that wish. When Jesus talks about the Beast then He is talking about the political strategy of Lucifer and the political strategy of his children. Therefore as their Kings rule the hour with the Beast then this is the hour when the Beast thinks his power is coming to its fullness. He thinks he is going to get the U.S. and the western nations so far out extended in the programs of war that which the people and the resources of 5/6 of the world that you can be crushed, then at that time they move in to strike...."My Holy Mountain saith the Lord."

These are the areas of the strategies of the Beast. We look out over the world today and we find our President is talking to the Russian leader here in this country, and in the background we hear Russia say....'you destroy your nuclear armament and we will then be able to trust you and the President seems to agree. Someone would have to be far gone to trust the devil.

Someone said....what do you think we should do? Well, I think we should be preparing more bombs and more armament. Now you say....Dr. Swift, that would be suicide. You will discover that you lack of them and your ability to deliver them will be suicide unless we get an act of God. You saw what happened to our troops in Korea? We have spent more money in Korea than we spent in W.W.II., and all we have is a truce and we meet each day to talk.....about nothing. This is how this system of Lucifer works. Keep the cost of production high through the cost of labor so that it takes more money and more money to support the Beast system that brings on your wars.

If you were a student of the Bible you would know that the enemy will smile at you while they get ready to jump on you from every front. You should understand that this 8th., beast which came out of the 7th., is going to have a lot of Mongolians in its army that comes against you. Those are from the Steppes of Asia and are the most to be feared, for they have been still for a few hundred years, so now they are ready to try once again. Germany understands this better than any one else. The nations of Asia intend to rule their hour with the beast, and even India will be in on this. They plan to turn against the white man even tho he has fed them for years. Still they will rise to stand with the beast as they come against you. You would think that the President would tell the American people and prepare for the ending of the Viet Nam war and bringing our soldiers home, and building up our Armed forces.

As we see all these things it then tells you in the scriptures what is to come to pass. In the Book of Esdras it tells you that these of Asia rule their hour with the Beast (the Cainanite International Bankers). They are partakers of this hour with Mystery Babylon. They are laying back very cunningly thinking they have taken you in...and it sure looks like it, but God says:...."O my people hear my words. I will make you ready to battle, and in these evils you are as even pilgrims in the earth, but you shall battle these powers as they come against you. O my people hear my words and get ready." Then in the Book of Hebrews it talks of you being strangers and pilgrims in the earth. But it also tells you that you are the Household of the Most High God. You have seen these things as tho a long way off, but by your Faith you have confessed that you are my Household, and thus strangers and pilgrims in the earth. You are going to rise and you are going to fight, even tho this does not answer the prayer of the church which says:...'Oh Lord, come and take us out of the way of all this trouble.' What the Christian should be praying is :...Lord, make me ready to defeat thy enemy. You shouldn't even want to run off like a coward, and you shouldn't think that the Lord is going to invite all His Kingdom into the heavens and turn the earth over to the devil. God does not say that.

In the Book of Jeremiah God says that as the enemy comes in on you like a flood, that the spirit of God will lift up a standard against the enemy as He moves against His people in the west. Now;...."Thou art my battle ax and my weapons of war and with thee will I break in pieces the Kingdoms and the horse and his rider, the chariot and its rider, and all these things." Then the Lord says:..."The time will come when there will be no transgressions found on the house of Judah, and the house of Israel, and when they rise up to battle against all of Mystery Babylon, the great, with her will be the emblem of the hammer, as her symbol and her mark." Jeremiah 50:23.

Then in the Book of Esdras God has warned them by saying....'before the declaration tells of how the cities of Asia have ruled their hour with the Beast and how judgment is going to fall upon these cities of Asia. "Hear my words O my people, prepare for battle." II Esdras 16:40.

The Star spoken of to hit their cities is the Atomic bomb with the clouds over them, but this is not for you because you have the promise that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. Where the bombs do drop then the cities will be turned to ashes and dust, and with that comes the fire and the hail and the flying swords. Do you know what the flying swords are? Most of your aircrafts are so named. Thus, as you start to deliver the bombs with your flying swords, it says that as this star falls on the enemy then all those about her shall bewail her, and then they shall do service to those who have put fear upon them. For the cities of Asia shall become powder and dust under the stars and the hailstones of...My people Israel.

You say it looks like we are a long way from friends, they are going to force you into this but just remember, at that time you have tremendous resources coming from the heavens above. For the Host's of the heavens will turn the missiles back from the Russian launching pads and they will fall on their own cities, and America will be saved from Atomic destruction. Someone do you know this? Well I believe the Word of God. Besides if you don't believe the Word of God you won't know it anyhow. But God says:...I will never permit the devil to take over the world and I take His word for the truth.

Peter says....what kind of person ought you to be when the world order is taken away by fire? At the time of the flood of Noah the corrupt world order of Lucifer was ruler of that area and God destroyed that area by water. This time He has reserved the Judgment... by Fire.

As we see the plans of these who rule their hour with the Beast, as they come up with program after program for your destruction then you remember this:...God said...'they will never put my people back into captivity. They have come as close to captivity with their economic measures as they will ever be able to come. I want you to know that you have a war ahead of you, but the procedure is one of awakening, and to stand off the enemy, then suddenly destroying him. Now you are going to do this whether you want to or not and when Michael comes into the picture then your commanding officers are going to take their orders from Michael instead of Washington D.C., and then we move into the cleanup operation. God Almighty has declared this.

When is this to happen? When the abomination of the desolator stands in the Holy Place and all this starts to wind up. You have had 3 important dates, the 4th., may already have happened and one of these will bury all the Jew's in Jerusalem. The children of Anti-Christ are going to get what they wanted when they went into the City of Jerusalem and said they would keep it...tho they died. You have reached a period in the historic patterns of time. We know we are in the period of time when these things shall come to pass. As you see the encirclement of this country by the Soviet Union always remember that the Tents of Judah shall be saved first. I know that you cannot use man power to fight Asia and the 3rd., wold so you will have to use Atomic power. When we see these things come to pass the lift up your head from whence comes our strength. This land of America is the safest and best place to be this time of peril. So we lift our head and we know that it is the Asian cities that are to be turned to powder and dust.

( end of message )

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    I truly love Dr. Swift. Thanks for your diligence in posting these transcripts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe
    I truly love Dr. Swift. Thanks for your diligence in posting these transcripts.
    No problem! God bless.