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Best of Dr. Wesley Swift

The Ten Virgins, 5-28-67

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By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 5-28-67

Our subject this afternoon is ‘The Ten Virgins’ of Matthew 25. The wise and the foolish virgins. ‘Then shall the Kingdom be likened unto the virgins, which took their lamps and went forth to meet the Bridegroom. And five were wise, and five were foolish. They that were foolish, took their lamps and took no oil with them. But the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps. While the Bridegroom tarried, they all slumbered and slept. And at midnight, there was a cry made. Behold, the Bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him.’

Before we go any further with this particular parable, we tell you that it is a peculiar parable which our LORD told, and we must find out this relationship or who these people are we are reading about. We want to know--rather--we want you to know that these virgins are by no means the Bride of the Scripture. For the Bride is well marked in scripture because God is married to Israel. God of the Old Testament---YAHWEH said, ‘I am married to Israel, and Ephraim is my first born.’ And thus, HE was married to Israel. And under the New covenant, HE is married to Israel. And will be rejoined with Israel, HIS wife, under the New Covenant, and under all the blessings of the New Covenant, in the hour of HIS return. If you turn to the book of Revelation 21:2, it makes this point clear. ‘I (John) saw the Holy city --New Jerusalem--coming down out of Heaven prepared as a Bride adorned for her husband.’ This is the descent of the House of Israel which God in a sense, declares HE is married to. And thus, we have the children of God descending--this seed of Adam--thru Seth, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, then into the great company of nations, with the mighty spreading out of the people of HIS Kingdom. Thus, Israel, is the Bride and this is the New Jerusalem which has been coming down out of Heaven. Some people seem to think it is a great city being let down on chains, to set it down here on earth. God isn’t talking about that at all. HE is talking about a people starting with Adam and ending up in the magnitude of the Israel race. This is the New Jerusalem, the New way of Life, a New world order, the Program of God’s Kingdom. This is the Bride. And more than this, it says in verse 9, ‘There came unto me one of the 7 Angels which had the 7 vials full of the 7 last plagues, and talked with me saying, come hither, I will show you the bride, the Lamb’s wife. And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain, and showed me that great city, the Holy Jerusalem descending out of Heaven from God, having the glory of God. And her light was like unto a stone most precious, even like a jasper stone, clear as crystal. And had a wall great and high, and had 12 gates. And at the gates 12 Angels, and names written thereon, which are the names of the 12 tribes of the children of Israel.’ This is the Bride--the Lamb’s wife--the continuing city coming down out of Heaven. This is the 12 openings thru which people enter into the Kingdom, and into the world as the Bride of Christ. So therefore, we find the book of Revelation talks of this great city, the continuing order--the city (people) coming down, as the Bride of Christ. Thus, we find that when the bridegroom comes to be joined with HIS Household, HIS wife, then this is not the 10 virgins, symbolically not in this instance--any part of Israel as such--tho they may be a part of Israel in testimony.

Now we turn to the parable of the Ten Virgins, which Christ gave. We find that these people had lamps, and they all had some of the trappings of some important responsibility such as lighting the way of the Bridegroom. Preparing the way for HIS coming. So actually, this deals with the Oracles of the Church. These symbolic wise and foolish virgins are the churches in the world today. They have the light, they have the rituals, and all the trappings to illuminate the way, to prepare the way for the Bridegroom. And the wise and the foolish make up the oracle which proclaim HIS coming and prepares the way. The Church is also symbolized by the Apostle Paul, as the body of Christ. This is another pattern where he is symbolizing that Christ is the head of the church, and as head of the church, he refers to the Majesty with which Christ illuminates the whole course of things, as the head of the church. And so in this, in the Epistles where he refers to Christ as the Head of the church, he said, ‘HE is setting it apart, and magnifying the church, and it will not have any spot or wrinkle, or blemish when HE comes. That is will be Holy and without blemish.’ And he also said, ‘we are members of HIS body, of HIS flesh and of HIS bones. This is the great mystery which I show of Christ and HIS Church.’ Members of HIS body, of HIS flesh and of HIS bones.

However, this is a spiritual church. And symbolic to this spiritual church, this is the status in which it stands, the body of Christ in the world today proclaiming HIS way, and HIS Truths which HE had expressed. But--moving into the Parable by Christ, remember that at the time of this parable there still existed the continuing congregations of Israel, the Ecclesia, and then this moves into the Church Age which is coming---the hour of the declarations of the Church which is of course, concerning the Will of God.

Now, it says five were wise, and five were foolish. And there was one thing the five wise virgins had that the others did not. And that was oil for their lamps. And oil is always symbolic of Holy Spirit of God. And therefore, the message which they had to give and the rituals, and the functions, and their rights, and their processes, all that went into the wise virgins was guided by the Spirit of God which was oil in their lamps, and their lamps were burning. Even in the latter period of time as they were slumbering and sleeping, their lamps were burning. Even when they had gone into a status of ministry when it was not widely observed as it had been in the beginning of the church.

In the beginning of the Church Age we can well see that the power of God’s Holy Spirit would descend upon the spiritual center of HIS Kingdom (the Church) and it would perform great works. Before HIS ascension, Jesus told HIS Disciples to tarry in Jerusalem until they be endued with power from on High. And the Disciples went back to Jerusalem as HE ascended into Heaven and waited there, the women with them, until they were endued with power from on High. And when the day of Pentecost had come, there was a noise like unto a mighty rushing of wind. And the administering power of God’s Holy Spirit descended upon the church and HE empowered it with the Holy Spirit of HIS Kingdom. Therefore, the fire was the tremendous energies of God’s Spirit which came upon the church. We can see as Peter and Paul went out in their ministries to preach, that they spoke with the power of the Holy Spirit. Even prior to this, Peter and John had spoke to those gathered around to hear what they would say, and who came in to see the mysteries of these peculiarly empowered Disciples, and three to five thousand were added to the church daily. Each day thousands were added to the church who were persuaded by the ministry as they spoke with power, and they performed great miracles, and the church started with great miracle experiences. Now only were the sick healed, and the dead raised in the New Church, but the Gospel of the Kingdom was proclaimed unto the children of Israel, and they received it with gladness and great joy.

Of course, we know that the Disciples were sent out to the ‘Lost sheep’ of Israel---this ‘Lost House of Israel’ which were the ten tribed Kingdom of Israel. And most every one of the Disciples went over to Europe and to Britain to the Anglo-Saxons and the Scandinavian people. And they preached the Gospel in Europe and in Rome. Wherever they preached that Gospel, it was received with gladness. And out of it came the tremendous and vast nucleus of the Christian church. There is one thing that we point out to you. That the church is basically the church of Western Europe and the Western World. And the place where you will find the Christian Church speaking with power and fervor, where you will discover that it existed even unto the dark ages, and then came back to life again as it was spiritually reactivated by the awakening of God’s Spirit upon it, has been with the Western nations of the Western World. The Apostle Paul said that the spirit of God expressly forbade him to go into Asia. So he didn’t go to Asia. But we find that the Apostle Paul did go to Britain and to Europe and to Rome. But these are only the experiences of the early church.

Now, we want you to remember that the oil of the lamps, was the Holy Spirit. In the latter days the oil of the Holy Spirit will be in the Church once again. We have the prophecies of the Prophet Joel about the ‘former rain’ and how it came forth moderately. And then he talks about the ‘latter rain’ which comes forth without measure as God with HIS Holy Spirit, moves to activate the spiritual center of HIS Kingdom, called HIS Church, to proclaim that the Bridegroom cometh. And to proclaim the Gospel of HIS Kingdom.

Now, of course, by this process again, there would be areas of Divine healing and areas of miracles which would occur in the church, but that church is to preach the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. ‘Behold the Bridegroom cometh.’ To illuminate the avenues of that approach, to call attention to the policies and the strategies that are taking place. And more than this, as they do this, even tho they are somewhat asleep in the areas which led up to it, still, in the book of Romans, we discover that now it is high time to awake out of thy sleep. ‘Now is your salvation nearer than you believed.’ (Romans 13:11). ‘The night is far spent and the day is at hand, therefore cast off all works of darkness and let us put on the armor of light.’

Now, the true church and the wise virgins preach the activation of God’s Spirit, it power to transform men, its power to effect their lives, its power to win over the darkness. And there is preaches. Be not conformed to this world, be transformed by the renewing of your mind. That ye may be able to prove that which is good and perfectly acceptable as the Will of God. It teaches therefore the regeneration, the reactivation of the children of the MOST HIGH.

Now, what about the foolish virgins? Well, it says, ‘Woe unto he who calls his brother a fool.’ (Matthew 5:22) But---you don’t have to worry about this, for this symbol of virginity here in Matthew 25, of the foolish and wise virgins, is only the symbol applied here to religious activities in which the wise virgins believe in those things which are good and hold them up as good. But the foolish virgins have no oil in their lamps. They do not have the Holy Spirit of God. Thus, they possess none of the ministry of God. In fact, if anything, they are teaching the world today the things which God’s Kingdom is against. They are teaching the gathering of Ecumenical Conferences, and the gathering together of all religions. And they are going beyond the structure of Christianity and bringing in the Buddhist and the Hindu and all pagans. There is no spirit of life in their message. Oh, they will talk about a great day, and the ultimate revelation of God, but they never talk about who HE is. They are never to sure, or what HE is. Today they are actually propounding the doctrines of Socialism and Communism, and preaching that there should be no separation of people, or of nation, that they should all flow together, or all run together, and somehow they are going to find God out there somewhere. Well, this is the work of the foolish virgins, for they absolutely had no oil in their lamps.

God’s Spirit says to the True Church, ‘be ye separate and segregated and touch not the unclean things.’ ‘What fellowship hath light with darkness?’ ‘What fellowship hath the believer with the unbeliever?’ We can well establish that these are unbelievers. These we can establish--these foolish virgins, are unbelievers because---not this--In the hour when the Bridegroom comes, the wise virgins just trimmed their lamps and went on. Then the foolish virgins tried to get oil and then they went away. The Bridegroom came and the wise virgins entered into the feast.

Then the foolish virgins came and they knocked on the door and said, ‘Lord, Lord, open up unto us. But YAHWEH-God said, ‘Depart from me, I know you not.’ Now, God at no time, in any age, in any condition, with any believer, ever said, ‘I don’t know you.’ In fact, even in the Scofield Bible, Scofield admits he doesn’t understand. He said, ‘we know who the foolish virgins are because they are unbelievers, how could the LORD say to any believer, no--no matter how unspiritual, ‘I know ye not’???

Well, of course, we recognize that the foolish virgins are the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches with all the symbols and all the rituals to go with it. But not one single ritual or iota of the spirit of the Living God is in their message.

As we approach the midnight hour, which is between 11 and 12 o’clock, this midnight hour back in 1917---altho a lot of people didn’t realize that it was such an hour, but it was the 24th day in the 9th month when the midnight hour struck in the Kingdom of the MOST HIGH. In fact, if you go back to the Prophet Haggai, there are many times that God makes this quite clear. For on the 24th day of the 9th month,----now---therefore, I want you to consider the day, the month, and the year in the 2nd chapter of Haggai. God said, ‘I want you to consider the 24th day of the 9th month and therefore at this time comes a climax. HE said, ‘I will overthrow the throne of kingdoms, and will destroy the strength of the kingdoms of the heathens. And I want you to consider (vs. 18) in that day (1917), I shall have chosen My people Israel.---it shall be the 24th day of the 9th month.

Now, of course, remember that even the symbols of measures---and that is actually what it is good for, because the New Jerusalem isn’t as concerned with the old city of Jerusalem as such, as it is with the great continuing development of God’s Kingdom. However, many dates of measure do surround things which transpired at Old Jerusalem. And remember that the time of the Gentiles, in the time of Jerusalem lasted from the siege of 586--586 B.C. until 1917 A.D. This was 2520 years of Gentile rule over the old city of Jerusalem in that land of Palestine. It happens of course, that General Allenby’s troops were surrounding Jerusalem at that time. And inside of Jerusalem at that time were the Turkish army and some of the Turkish officers who were in charge in W.W. I. And they had to bring the water from the Nile River around the top of the mountains of that city. And the heat expansion was not accounted for properly, and the water from the Nile River burst the pipes and ran down thru that city. It did this on the 24th day of the 9th month of the Hebrew calendar exactly as God had called it out, again and again. The 24th day of the 9th month the water of the Nile River rushed thru the streets of Jerusalem and the Church of the Mohammedism said, ‘What has happened, where is this water coming from?’ The Germans said, ‘Pay no attention. This is just the water they piped from the Nile River and a pipe has broken and the water is rushing down. So now they will be without water.’ But the Turks all laid down their swords and rushed out of the city. The Mohammadans said, ‘Even the Koran is fulfilled.’ And they marched out of the city of Old Jerusalem on the 24th day of the 9th month. And to make it more clear, that it was the beginning of the midnight hour. It was the climax of events and conditions. World crisis which would end with the return of Christ. The re-entrance of the Bridegroom and HIS re-joining with HIS Kingdom. Of course, this was again the hour which was marked.

As we turn to the end of Daniel, as God tells Daniel, ‘Go thy way ans shut the book for the words are closed up and sealed until the end of the age.’ Then--- ‘Blessed is the man that cometh to the 1335 days.’ From what?

Now, we want to point out to you that altho we were in the time of the ‘powers’ of the pagan nations, you remember that the old city of Jerusalem was occupied during the days of the rise and fall of Rome, and the powers which existed after the crucifixion of Christ and after HIS ascension. For Jewry made war on the Christian Church. They made war strongly against the Christian Church. They sent out armies on the road to Damascus to kill Christians. And they even went into the Roman Empire and withdrew their gold and their silver from the expeditions and enterprises of Rome--unless--they would persecute Christians and Christianity. And the Christians were hard pressed. In fact, most of the people of Galilee became Christians in that time. And they were also persecuted. In a few years after Christ’s ascension, we find great missionary fervor in Galilee. But these people in Galilee--and the people of true Judah, in Judea, were won to Christianity, and thus, faced the persecution of the Jews. So people of Judah and Benjamin were active and the people of Rome then permitted them to migrate out of Palestine. The time had come when it was not longer safe for them to be in this land. The riots, the violence, were getting so bad, that they appealed to Rome for permission to migrate into Gaul. And Rome gave the permission for them to leave and they migrated peacefully and in majestic caravans. They moved out of that old land, and came on thru Greece. And some of them even went north thru the Caucasus Pass and on into the center of Europe. This was the coming of the Vis-Goth and the Normans marking this last migration.---but coming with permission of Caesar the father of Titus, just a few years before 70 A.D.

Thus, it is true that most of the people of Galilee being Christian, were granted permission to move into the heart of Europe. But this is a part of the history of the Roman Empire. And the history of the records you will find in Palestine and in Jerusalem.

Now, the Jews stayed and were happy to have the city of Jerusalem all to themselves. But they had pushed Rome too far. They refused to pay their taxes to Rome and thus, in anger of this, there was to be a siege laid to the city of Jerusalem. And Titus the Roman in 70 A.D., was besieging that city. The Jews held out for about seven months. And then their food ran out. And finally, they ate their own children rather than to pay their taxes to Rome. These things are rather typical of Jewry, however. For you never know just how you will find them or what mood they will be in. But they didn’t consider their own children in the same value as their gold and silver.

Remember that Christ said the Temple would be broken down, and not one stone remain upon another. And concerning this generation which would accept others--but not HIM---they would accept pagan gods, but not HIM. So it would be others. I want to point out to you that this power in Jerusalem was smashed by Titus the Roman. But some of the Jews went to the hills and then came back in to dwell in the ruins of Old Jerusalem.

Then when Mohammed came along, much later--and as he came to the city, there went out to meet him, Jewish priests, out of the ruins. They came out to see Mohammed and they said, ‘Hail Messiah--Hail Messiah’ as they greeted Mohammed. So Mohammed cane into the city and they made a great feast. And of course, in the feast, they tried to poison Mohammed. But he made the priests drink what they offered him, before he drank. And in the process, the Jewish priests fell dead. But the Mohammadans took the site where the old temple once stood and they built the Mosque of Omar on that spot. And then Mohammed pronounced this year One, Mohammed time---as they broke the soil for the building of the Mosque of Omar.

Now, year One Mohammed time, was to be the final administration over a portion of Palestine until the day when the British would come back in, or Palestine be given back to Israel rule. Now it does not say that a temple was going to be built or that they were going to tear down something at that time. But it was called year One Mohammed. And Mohammedism ruled Palestine with an iron hand for 1335 years. The 24th day of the 9th month in 1917, marked 1335 years to the day, as it was established when the city of Jerusalem was turned over to the British of the House of Joseph, as their troops surrounded the city and planes flying over it fulfilled prophecy--- ‘Passing over it will I preserve it said the LORD OF HOSTS.’ And the British assured the Turks that they would not damage any buildings. But they were to come out and surrender. And it was on that day when the ‘waters of the river Nile ran’ thru the city of Old Jerusalem, that city was delivered.

Now we come to these two important dates of the Prophet Haggai--(9-24-1917)--and Daniel-- ‘Blessed is the man who lives to the end of the 1335 days.’ With this, now we move into the ‘midnight hour,’ and this struck the midnight hour because as the 11 o’clock hour struck, we were now in the time of the midnight hour. And with this, the church became aware and Israelites became aware that the mandate of the League of Nations gave the right to hold this land to the British from this time onward. Of course, we have seen a lot of strange things happen. For instance, in 1948, there came the recognition of the State of Israeli which was a very abortive move. But of course, Mr. Truman recognized the State of Israeli under the pressure of David Horowitz. And this was a scheming pattern of Zionistic Jews. Not one nation of the world was willing to recognize this State of Israeli because of the murders and bombing and so forth which had been done by the Jews at this time. In fact, over the years, the Jews had always acted with violence on this nation, which they wanted. They wanted this nation of Palestine because they wanted to operate as a nation out of Palestine. But they also wanted to operate as free citizens all over the world, but with extra status of a homeland to which they owe allegiance. Today, the Jews of the world hold dual allegiance. First to Palestine, and the other nations, secondary.

Well, as we came into this midnight hour, the cry came ‘The Bridegroom cometh.’ And we have watched this as the TRUE CHURCH realized that we were in the climactic last hours. We have had more ministers preaching the Second Coming of Christ, and looking for HIS appearing, and looking for things coming upon the earth. And more preaching of the signs of the times started with 1917. And as we get closer to the markers which demonstrate that we are at the end of the age, then the TRUE CHURCH is proclaiming Christs return, is proclaiming the power of HIS Kingdom. While the powers of darkness are working with the false church as they say all things continue as they have been from the beginning. And, then of course, the false church tells us that everyone must not stand behind the program of the establishment of God’s Kingdom, but all are to join in one with their beliefs, their faith, their apostasy, with their origin, and their violence. In fact, today we discover that as the TRUE CHURCH lights its lamp, and is guided by the Holy Spirit of God, that not only does the false church not have any oil, but everywhere you look, all they have is apostate, and everything they advocate is evil. They scratch off all God’s Moral Laws out of the land. They work in Britain and they work in this land to recognize all patterns of immorality and degeneration and depravity as tho these were the normal things to do. They fight to take all areas of perversion into the church and take in the perverts and make those things legal. They seek to stop the areas of segregation and seek to teach the areas of integration. And follow the apostate policies of administrators in your government who are not serving God, but are serving the policies of evil. They have no spirit in this, and yet they advocate the mongrelization of and the integration of your society.

Yes, they move in all these ways, as they recognize the procedure of the Hippies. And they move out in a strange and peculiar policy. In fact, one of the heads of the Presbyterian church---and here we are not speaking out against the many good Presbyterians in that church---but we do say that there are many foolish virgins in that church,---for instance, one of the heads of this Presbyterian church says, ‘From the Hippies, we get the lessons of early Christianity. They are just in revolt against the status quo. And all they want to do is love everybody and love everything.’ While they announce their ‘love-ins’ in various cities, the church goes along with this. The leader of this Presbyterian church says we should all be ‘hippies.’ They talk about the integration and mongrelization of our society and they work to bring it to pass. And all move in a strange and peculiar philosophy. The Methodist church as such, does not stand in the areas of its hierarchies as a TRUE CHURCH altho the Christians who are a part of this church stand with the teaching of the ‘wise virgins’ as a part of the TRUE CHURCH OF GOD.

For instance, a church of San Francisco has opened itself up to a great inter-related communion. It says with the perverts of the city, to sexual perversion, to homosexuality, and it opens up the church and takes them in--joins with them---takes them in. But this, my friends, is not the work of the TRUE CHURCH. There is very little mention of the Spirit of God in that church. The Second Coming of Christ is never mentioned in that church. The establishment of God’s Kingdom is never advocated in this church. Someone said, ‘But we cannot be against the church.’ Well, my friends, we are not against the TRUE CHURCH OF CHRIST. But we are opposed to the foolish virgins who today, in the sudden hour of the appearing of Christ, will then try to switch over. But then it will be too late.

There is no question about the strange pattern of our times. Never have we lived in a day quite like this one. I think we are in one of the most fantastic periods of disintegration which is possible for an administration, or a nation to go into. Yet, it will be one of the most regenerating periods in the history of your nation as God’s great Christian Majority---HIS TRUE CHURCH OF THE RIGHT WING, ---stands up to deliver in the name of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA.

For instance, let me point this out to you. What is so foolish after the massive burning of Watts, after the catastrophe involved there? After the Negro riots with their second class capacity for citizenship, and their peculiar and twisted mental attitudes as they fired on policemen and firemen, and ---they torched their OWN CITY, AND BURNED IT DOWN.

Now, out of all this mess, we see the apologizers who say these people weren’t treated right. And they find all avenues to explain away their conduct. But I think we had one of the most vicious occurrences this week in this city when out of the Health and Welfare Department of the U.S. Government, a cabinet post--with a Negro at the head of that department, they gave $383,000.00 to establish an alert patrol inside of Watts. A Police Department, my friends, armed with rifles and shotguns, pistols, and automatic carbines. Why? To go between the people of Watts and the Police Department of your own city. And there they were to observe the CRUELTY OF THE POLICE DEPARTMENT AND TAKE CARE OF JUVENILE DELINQUENCY. But the main thing is that they are to go between Watts and the Police Department. But who are they to turn their guns on? You and I know. The Police Department and the righteous people. Who ever heard of anything as fantastic as that? They have far too much money, my friends, if they have $383,000.00 for a group of Negroes when almost every last one of them is a convicted felon, or was up for delinquency as a juvenile, and is now in his later years. These are the people who will move into this ‘Alert Core.’ So you have these areas of fantasy reaching out for you.

Do you know, my friends, what the issues really are right now? Do you know that what the Negroes are waiting for in Watts? They are waiting for the grass which has grown after these tremendous rains we have had, to get thoroughly dry around your city, where the forests come down to the city, and where many places the grass grows all around your home sites. They are only waiting for June or July, and then the Negroes, under Communist influence, and under this organization which the Police Department is watching---they are going to torch this grass and start a fire storm and turn your city into a holocaust. And as firemen rush out to put out the fires in your foothills and forests, they then are going to---while using gas cans--start torching the areas of San Marino and Burbank and Glendale and Beverly Hills. They have even laid out the areas. And as the police rush into the areas where the fires have started, they are going to machine gun down the policemen of Los Angeles. Three quarters of the policemen of L.A. have been marked for death, in this orgy set for next month. If you don’t think this is true, ---I have a police department memo which says it is true. Not only is it true, but they plan on liquidating your Police Department. They plan on burning down the White industries of the city. They have maps to identify the industries. And Mayor Yorty went up to the Legislature in Sacramento to try to see if there wasn’t something they could do, because of all these markings against the major industries on their map, as they were going to move to destroy. Of course, they said at the Legislature that they couldn’t do anything UNTIL THEY DID IT. This is the policy of these strange appeasers, as they move into the policies of Communism. It is a Negro--Communist revolution, using the Negroes as the shock troops.

Professors out of Harvard University and other Negroes said last week, ‘We had 30,000 people who set off the Soviet Revolution. We have 2 and 1/2 to 3 million Negroes armed and ready out of the 21 million Negroes in the United States. Well, three million Negroes may be the understatement. For he said that there would be 1000 Watts in the L.A. area turned loose at once. And one thing they are counting on is that they will not be able to send the National Guard in to Los Angeles, because Oakland and San Francisco will be hit within the hour of the second Watts in this city. The thing is, this is not going to be in Watts, this time, but all over the city. Everywhere in this city.

Last week about a million people went out of this city on a holiday. You never saw so many campers and trailers trying to get out of this city. They were practicing. In fact, one of them said, ‘I was just trying to find what route to take to get out of the city with my family. This is the reason we bought the camper.’ So all of these people, when you check--were practicing on how to go about getting out of the city. But, my friends, you aren’t going to get out of the city. For they are planning on setting gasoline fires on highways to block the highways. And traffic will be blocked for miles and miles. It isn’t a matter of getting in or out of the city. It is just that you are in the latter days and the Communist revolution is upon you.

But the foolish virgins are saying, ‘Now listen, these are your brothers and you are just going to have to learn to love them, that is all there is to it.’ More than this, my friends, we are in the hour (15 years ?)--when the areas of tremendous catastrophe will descend upon whole areas which think they are quite safe. They move into the Police Department and into their intelligence divisions and they say, ‘We must disarm the citizens. There can’t be any trouble, if we just disarm all the citizens.’ But they know that the Negroes have machine guns, and have lots of money which they gained from selling the loot after the Watts riots and they have been buying and shipping in machine guns. Yet, the police are to disarm everyone but---those Negroes who have the arsenals. They say they don’t know where these arsenals are, but they also don’t want any of the Whites to be armed, or there will be a terrible catastrophe. But you just think of the catastrophe, if the Negroes take over. But we do have this peculiar policy of Federal and Administrative Officers in this situation. We see that they want to fight crime, but they don’t want to get to the bottom of it.

We understand that the same power of organized Jewry which has always set the world in chaos is at the head of the dope racket in the United States. And they know that in Texas and in L.A. or in San Francisco, powerful and financially wealthy Jews with tremendous resources are pouring the dope and LSD into your high schools and colleges. Then instead of the church coming out and denouncing these things, they are silent. They say they want to fight crime, but they stay far from it. They could pick up everyone of these racketeering Jewish drug gangsters, if they wanted to. If they want to talk about fighting crime, let’s see some activity out of Federal Police Departments.

Yes, we are in the midst of these peculiar situations. The strange thing is that there is an apology from the foolish virgins, but the parable is rather short. The Midnight hour is come, and then the TRUE CHURCH is speaking out against the policies of evil, and the policies of darkness. It is advocating that the return of Christ is going to occur and this will have a mighty impact and influence upon the affairs of the world.

Do you realize that Russia sort of calls the turn. You have been fighting very hard in Vietnam. And they say you need to send more troops until there are as many troops there as we had on some of the fronts in W.W. II. We are fighting Communism and this is understandable because Armageddon fights Communism. But the Administration is not permitted to win. Because it is twisted up by the responsibility of the ‘foolish virgins’ in their drive to help the enemy. Whole areas of the church are calling on the President all the time. Not to bomb the Vietcong, but let our men go in there to fight and die. Let the Reds have their areas of escape in Cambodia and Laos. It’s alright for them to have these sanctuaries, just send our men over. But don’t fight the war to win. These policies seem to be followed very well by this administration.

Here is one thing that is rather strange. The Peace Nix’s marched 65,000 strong in San Francisco, and 125,000 in New York, saying, ‘No war. Love everybody.’ All the Jewish organizations say, ‘We don’t want war.’ Then Soviet Russian decided to open up a second front, to extend our lines thinner, and it put us in a rather strange position. So Israeli moves and opens up a front by invading Syria, and eleven people died. This is the usual type of raid with the sporadic type of Israeli warfare and their abortive operation. They may accuse Egypt or the other Arab States, but Israeli has been killing Christians and Arabs alike. And they put Arabs into the Negev desert by the thousands. And now Israeli starts this kind of strange crisis because she and Russia thought this would be wise. And the United Nations troops are caught in the middle. As Mr. Nassar brings up 200 tanks to his borders, and 125,000 men come forward in Syria, the United Nations is told to get out, so they don’t get hurt as the Arabs plan to push the Israeli’s into the sea. So---where are all the Peace-Nix now? They held a meeting here in Los Angeles yesterday. And they claimed there were 500,000 Jews saying we must get into the war, we must save Israel. But just last week, they were saying ‘no war’ against the Vietcong, love everybody, don’t kill anyone.’ They sold bonds like they were popcorn here, to raise money for Israel. The Beatniks now want to get the United States into this war in the Mid-East. But I don’t thing anyone ought to go over there and fight for the Jews. But we should look maybe at this situation in another light. For if these people who must be American citizens, now want to go fight, we should give them a special status of volunteers and cheer as we let them go. I think that it would be one of the greater areas of deliverance in America from all the Peace-Nix who have now turned to birds of prey, and now want to go over and fight for the Jews. Let’s help them get there. 500,000 Jews here in L.A. may not be the right number, maybe it is one million. But it would help if they all go.

Now, let me point this out. If these Jews now want war, but don’t want to do any fighting, then they can’t blame the rest of the country for not wanting to go fight for them. You know Senator Settenius, head of the Senate Committee which has to do with Foreign Affairs, and sending our troops and so forth, said, ‘We should never adopt a unilateral policy. We have heard all about the United Nations, how it wants to rush into things, and how it got out of this situation, and now we don’t want to go in and fight for the Jews, against the Arabs, if the U.N. doesn’t want to go---we don’t want to do.’

Someone said, ‘what does it all mean?’ Well, we don’t have time to finish this subject, but you are in the Midnight hour. When you see armies encompassing Jerusalem, and armies inside of Jerusalem, you are seeing the armies in Jerusalem ready to pounce on Jordan, to try to get the site where the Mosque of Omar stands. Right now, the Mohammadans are one-third of the world population. From Pakistan their leaders speak out, and from Saudi-Arabia, from Iraq, from Iran, and from Jordan, and even Yemen,----and even tho they are battling with Egypt, they are saying, ‘Well, we will put our soldiers in to stop the Israeli---let us have a Jihad.’ All over the Mohammadan world this means a Holy War.

Just think. You are fighting Communism and all the powers of anti-Christ and all the powers of Darkness. Do you want to take on all the Mohammadans as well?---one-third of the world population?---No, I guess not.

In fact, the Mohammadans were walking toward Christianity. The Arab states were walking toward us. And if it had not been for the deception of our foreign policy in the areas of supplying them with material, the Arabs would not be in the plight they are in.

While this is going on, Russia wants to grab up the oil and the Jews want to put a squeeze on the Arabs, until they are in the nutcracker.

But the world will know that they can move into W.W. III---for if could well have started in the areas of the Vietcong. And the world 3/5 of it under Communism will turn on you---the Western nations.

Again, we are waiting on something. The coming of the Bridegroom. HE has assured us that HE will come. HE said however, something concerning these pastors--the false virgins. ‘My pastors have destroyed MY vineyards.’ (Jeremiah 12:8-10)

‘My heritage is unto me as birds round about, al are against her (Israel). All beasts have come, have assembled--to devour. Many pastors---carrying the doctrine of ‘foolish virgins’ have destroyed my vineyard. They have trodden my portion under foot. They have made my pleasant and beautiful land a wilderness.’

Yes, these ‘foolish pastors’ are advocating the plans of the World Order and the Anti-Christ.

God said, ‘I am going to step in and destroy this.’ But in that hour of HIS coming, it will be the church which denounces this evil, the church that stands against this evil, the church that stands for the TRUTH OF GOD, and is calling for the Regeneration of men. Calling for the renewing of their minds. Who are siting that it is high time to wake out of our sleep, to realize your salvation is nearer than you think. That you will enter in, as they illuminate the way for the remarriage of God and HIS bride in this pattern of prophecy and the scripture.

We don’t have time to finish this subject, but as we look up and look around, we are well aware that we are in the Midnight hour, the climactic hour.

(End of sermon)

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