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The Light That Did Not Fail, 1-20-63

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by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-20-63

As we turn to the subject ‘The Light that did not Fail’, we would divide our subject into two parts because there is a full panorama of fulfilled prophecy of events which are challenging, and should be considered. And we would like to correlate these into your thinking before we go on with the area of our subject.

When we talk to you of the events that would occur in 1963, we discuss the fact that one of the events which we see would be of political significance and somewhat earth shaking unless God intervenes and slows it down. This would be if the Red Chinese explode an atom bomb. We have told you before that God has intervened to the extent of the explosion of cyclotrons, and the crushing of their plant. And that the Soviet designs, as well as those of Red China, had been seriously injured by---acts of God. But that the Red Chinese are, according to the underground, sometime in February or March, are to explode the Atom bomb. Just where she would set off this explosion, was somewhat of a speculation even by her enemy. I think this has been a prophetic week for the observer who is aware. For if you are aware of the inevitable climax of the prophetic cycle we are in, then you know that the powers of Christianity and righteousness are going to be locked into struggles with the hoards of anti-Christ and the powers of darkness. We are aware that Biblically, this has been prophesied from Old to New Testament. And we have told you that such a struggle will be a colossal struggle between the forces of Communism and world Socialism, and those who have created this political power in order to gain control over all the nations of the world, including the Christian society. That struggle can only reach its peak when the forces of righteousness of God’s Kingdom become locked in such struggle that transition takes place even in areas of leadership. When we the Western world, the Christian nations, stand and oppose Communism. We have apologists and appeasers who don’t show any power to resist the power of darkness outside of the area of talk.

Altho we have the prophetic assurance inside the word of God that the two wings of the outstretched Eagle shall be the great leadership which shall challenge the power of the dragon and the hoards which pour out of its mouth. In the 12th chapter of Revelation, this is made quite clear. We will have this transition kind of leadership which will force this kind of challenge. If Christianity does not take up arms against anti-Christ---no on else will. Anytime you think that the rest of the world would carry on the struggle against the powers of darkness for Christianity, that you are not seated in nations with resistance, then, my friends, you are very foolish. Because the devil does not fight himself in this strategy to conquer the world.

In this instance, then we are to discover that the inevitability of having to meet and defeat the powers of darkness and evil which are world Communism, Socialism, and their Jewish background which is quite evident, is an established fact. Today the great enemies of Christianity have this defeat in their master design. That is why we tell you that you have had a side-seat in the main circus tent as to what is going on in the areas of Eastern Berlin. And I want to make this clear. And this is not accepted by those who understand the relationship of world Communism to the whole master conspiracy. There is not in our thinking, an acceptance of the real break up the relationship between China and Russia. We point this out because if there was a real break neither Russia and China would take a chance on the injury or their prestige in a central field such as this conference which they are relaying all over the world. And they would not let this out, for Soviet Russia would not want to show any loss of prestige, or power in Asia, and neither would China, make this quite so open. There was a careful strategy---and it was not only hinted at,--but it leaked out several years ago, as to make the world think there was an approaching break between these two Asian powers. There is ambitions and there can be conflict of personality, but the real strategy is to make the world think that anything China does is done with the disapproval of Moscow. And that Moscow is not to be held responsible for any of the errors that would be committed by Red China.

The area also of this present supposed opposition is that Russia also wants to present a peace loving appearance to the world. This is a complete fulfillment of prophecy. For when they talk peace, there really isn’t any peace. More than that, the master trap which they intend to spring, and into which apparently the ‘Kingdom’ is walking, is for the Kingdom to be a part of this world picture.

This bill which was signed by President Kennedy was a start of the deliverance of our armed forces over to the U.N. And inside of it was the program for massive disarmament according to the State Department bulletin 7277. This was followed up by the 87297 Public Law. And now this strategy calls for, --first--the beginning of the surrender of all military control over to the United Nations. Then follow this up by the strategy of surrendering all of our armaments over to an international control inside of the U.N. So we have followed thru on the first part. And we were one of the first nations to do this. Now, the disarmament program which was called for in this 7277 plan called for Mr. Foster to be one of the officials in the area of disarmament. Now in this disarmament agency, which we have set up in our government, under the heads of these advisors, many of whom are socialists, and most of them are pro-world government, pro-internationalists, and pro-disarmament, and against our government, and the sovereignty of independence of our nation. And most all of them are also non-Christian and in the area of what the Jews call faith, and we call anti-Christ doctrine.

Now, in this process, I think it is important for you to understand that Mr. Foster went to Geneva before the Cuban Crisis developed. And also during the Cuban Crises, we were faced with the fact that actually there was engaged within this nation, thirteen personal of the Soviet Union, here in a peaceful environment, going over the program of disarmament and the creation of international authority in the United Nations. And they weren’t even bothered by the Cuban Crisis. Why? Because the Cuban Crisis was just a substitute and a real phoney. And it didn’t bother anyone of the real officials in the Soviet Union. So we point out to you, that while all this Cuban Crisis was going on, we were offering a complete program of disarmament. That for the means of propaganda and for the decisions that were resting upon the mind of Mr. Kennedy, this group of his advisors, pushed this program of disarmament even in the midst of this Cuban Crisis. And the Soviet Union decided not to take this program of disarmament now, because they were playing a bigger game. Mr. Khrushchev smilingly stepped into the arena this week and said, ‘We want the Communist world to know what a great victory we won in Cuba. We put our missiles into Cuba, where America said Communism would never be allowed.---in the Western Hemisphere. But we had a strategy and it worked. We put our missiles into Cuba and then America was so desirous of getting those missiles out of there, that we got together and made a deal. This is a better way to do things, so now our missiles are on the way home, but Communism won. And America permanently agrees that Communism can now remain in the Western world. So we won. And will enter the next step, because we do not want war, we just want to remove all the potentials of war. We will now meet in Geneva in February and accept the whole program of massive disarmament. This will take care of all heavy weapons, all missiles, all nuclear devices, all areas of naval power and air power. This will be a surrender of all, to the United Nations. And will set this disarmament program under the administration of the United Nations. We will now accept the disarmament program, on these terms.’

Of course, whether Russia has a change of strategy figured out for that time or not, it is generally understood by experts in this field what is in this picture. Red China chided Mr. Khrushchev for a co-existence polity for the West. But Mr. Khrushchev doesn’t get very mad because they know the story behind the scenes. Oh yes, it looks liked the Soviets are breaking in polity, while Red China wants war, while they--Red China--want an aggressive policy, a workers revolution. But let me point this out. The stage has been set. The propaganda released. The delegates voted---No--on Red China at the convention and Red China went home saying she would launch war in favor of the cause of workers, whether it fits her program and timing. More than that, Red China has been using billboards and using press and communications in the past few months, to step up, for an all out knockout American campaign. For just as China is the secret heart of all Communism inside Asia, with the extent of overlapping Steppes of Russia, so as America happens to be the heart center of the nerve system of resistance against Communism,--and Red China knows this,--thus America is her target.

Now it is well known by the Soviets that the red Chinese will have nuclear weapons, and they have contributed somewhat to this, so Red China is about to move into an area of war, if they can create the conditions. And in this situation she is not worrying about how much man power she will expend. She is willing to expend. She is willing to expend 30 million men, and even then another 30 million men because even if she lost them all, with here over-population, this would be no problem, and every foot of ground she gained would be an asset. She estimated that if she were to take over America, there were two avenues for such an attack. And she estimates that the Soviet Union would cooperate in those times of pressure. Just as when India called for help, China notified her that she was ideologically on the side of Red China, and could not intervene and fight against Red China altho she thought this was an unwise way to solve the problem. But actually the soviet Union did nothing for India, but line her up for Red China. But if was commenced and if we were in anyway tied up in war with Red China, then the Soviet Union then would be immune from a nuclear bombardment, that she was now lining up with peaceful nations, would set her free for this. The design however was first to get us to completely eliminate both---our military power, and all of our heavy weapons, so that when we have to resist these hoards out of the North, out of Asia, then we will be fighting with knives, swords, and rifles, which would be almost obsolete in comparison with what would be thrown against you. They could put wave after wave of Chinese like ants over any part of the earth. If those fighting them were fighting with swords and daggers and rifles, it would be as tho we were going back into primitive warfare. The only way you can meet such masses is with the technological superiority of the equipment that ingenuity and guidance can produce. And this which you have today in your war chest plus Divine intervention. This is the only solution of the matter.

But, I point out that the world order in its political designing and in its scheming, and its counter races is not thinking in terms of you being assisted by Divine power. So that is not in their picture. But we understand that this is true. And that God willing this to be, and that He will lift up men into patterns of leadership.

By looking at this thing coldly from their area of their planning and scheming, they are attempting to woo you into patterns of acceptance. So they have changed their ways, and put forth the idea that Red China is a little more militant than the Soviets, and is allowed to go her own way. But don’t worry about her, because without the support of the Soviets, she wouldn’t be able to do anything, but is just isolated over there inside the Asiatic field.

But, from that spot, she will launch her program of Communism inside the areas of Latin America in 1963. And then in 1964, she will start to turn the pressure against the United States. And at anytime, she may create a sudden and unusual catastrophe in order to gain the respect of her possible allies, then Red China will move. So we point this out. Watch for Red China to be the first to break the atom bomb, and then possibly because of her complete irresponsibility, be the first power to use it. And of course, here one target which she talks about all the time, is the Western world, and especially the United States.

So in this instance, Russia might claim complete immunity. And in the face of this, she would say we don’t need any 7277, or no public law 84198 or any thing like this. Instead, of surrendering our power to make war, instead of surrendering our major weapons into the hands of the United Nations, we should be making more, and retain complete sovereignty over the areas of our own military, and use them in our defense whenever it means the security of the Western world. So instead of walking along here and let them tie our hands behind our backs, like Sampson was tied after they removed his locks, we should retain complete sovereignty over the areas of our own military. And we should loose them in our defense whenever there is a question of the security of the Western world.

My friends, I can tell you that when they continue to remove the identity of God from your schools thru the areas of prayer, and from your public recognition of your great Christmas and Christian holidays, if they can remove Christ out of this part of your life, they can assure your lot. But let me assure you that God is waking His people now, to challenge this entire disintegration program. But this is a part of prophecy. And it makes this presentation before the world, quite clear. When one of these chief minions of the forces of darkness is talking Peace. And now admits that they would go out into a program to disarm the world, including themselves, which we realize is also a part of prophecies trap. Now, within the area of this, we point out to you that you are arriving more and more into the area of the ‘final challenge.’

You heard Mr. Stevenson this morning supporting the crushing of Katanga Provence and pointing out that this is the best think that could have happened, because we should use all the power of the U.N. to emancipate the entire world, and give all men, all countries, units---regardless of size or strength, the kind of equality, to the weak man as you would give to the strong. Again, don’t forget little Grundie. It is only the size of one and one half townships, and has only 28,000 cannibals, and has one vote not in the U.N.---the same as we do. Remember that. No wonder God says, ‘Come out of her O My people.’

Turning to the subject of today, ‘the light that never fails, if there is anything that is important for you to know this afternoon, it is that everything that has related to the purposes of God, to the medium of HIS Spirit and the essence of HIS being, is being carried out according to His purpose. We listen to the down grading of the Christian program, and we listen as the Justices of the Supreme Court talk about the failure of Christianity, because we have not acknowledged all gods and shown respect for all religions, and are trying to cram our Christian ideas down the throat of everybody. This is a Justice of the Court speaking. But I am going to tell you that we have not failed. There has not been a failure upon the part of Christianity as it relates to the conversion of India, or China, or Africa. Because the principal by which they are making these measures are not built upon soundness or reality.

There is a difference between them and you. And there is a vast difference between the program of God and that which is ascribed to the Church. The Church is an invisible institution, in that the actual force of that church is not made up by the visible body that you see as you look out over the collection of Churches, Cathedrals, and denominations. These are all a part of the great physical body of what we call the Church. But the Church is a great invisible body, made up of every man who is a believing offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD. Every last one of your race, who perceives, understands, and knows, worships and carries out the spiritual responsibility of this Ecclesia,---this spiritual center of the Kingdom---makes up the Church. And this institution, this spiritual institution that God has established as such, has never been destroyed, cannot be destroyed and never will fail. The only thing that fails is the hierarchies of human organizations which limits the wisdom and knowledge of God as to its dispersion as far as their own orbit of influence is concerned. They have accepted a pattern of creed in which they may embrace in each one of these denominations a certain area of truth. They have walled up the truth around just these area, they have been willing to accept. Then they have operated on human ingenuity without Divine guidance in areas of what they hope to attain.

If the concept of the Church was that they are going out over the world and tell the people of Africa, and other places of the world, and tell all people that an angry God is going to consume and destroy them in flaming perdition unless they turned around and followed and stated, and said certain paragraphs and requirements of the Church, and unless they recognized that Jesus was the Christ who came to earth as God, they were going into this terrible destruction when they die. Therefore, they must accept this. Be Baptized, in water, join the Church, and then they were equal brothers and there was no limit on the acceptance and absorption of the people into a common society.

Many say, ‘Is this what the Church teaches?’ I have an affidavit which we have been gathering that demonstrates that the Presbyterian Church, the Baptist Convention, the Methodist Church in its branches, and also high areas of the Episcopal Church, have given their advocacy that the acceptance and the integration into the Church of people of all races, gathered by missionary activity, makes all people jointly equal, and exactly the same as any other Christian, including those without knowledge, and suddenly bestows upon them full Sonship, full brotherhood, in this brotherhood of God. And in those same institutions, they will make affidavits in their leading seminaries that they do not actually believe in the personal deity of Jesus the Christ. That does not include them all, but a large number of them are setting up these policies. Therefore, we are not going to charge the Church with any area of activities which denies the process of its existence. But we are going to point this out. Denomanationalism as such, has become very faulty in the last four or five decades, until they actually look like some of the daughters referred to in Revelation. But do not say that Christianity has failed, for Christianity did send witnesses out to the end of the earth. And the destiny of God’s witnessing program thru His Kingdom was that they were to tell the world who God was.

As we cited to you last Sunday, as we talked about ‘The Great Commission,’ which we could not consummate in one Sunday, that the great commission was, ‘To occupy until I come.’ The great commission are not the words that are told to you in the book of Mark, ‘to go out to preach to every creature and they who were baptised would be saved, and those who were not baptized would be damned.’ We told you that this is a lie, as it did not exist in the original text. Not at all. And if you will turn to your Scofield Bible and look at the end of the book of Mark, then he tells you that from verse 9 thru verse 20, the end of the chapter, did not exist in any of the earlier translations. And it was three hundred years after Christ before those verses were put in the book of Mark. When you read the proper record in the book of Matthew, then Jesus says, ‘You go unto My kinsmen and give them the ‘good tidings,’ and baptize them in My name.’ (Matt. 28:19) There is a lot of difference in going to ‘My kinsmen’ and going out to the ends of the earth and preaching to every creature. And in no place in the scriptures, did it say that ‘they that believe and are baptized shall be saved, and those that do not believe shall be damned.’ There was not one word that Christ said to that effect. This is an utter fraudulent add-on to the scriptures by hierarchy somewhere who thought that it would increase their prestige and power and give them a stronger control over the people.

I point out to you that the Kingdom of God operates on power, life and truth. And operates with a dynamic and Divine force that men cannot destroy, and will never crush. It does not operate on this other pattern of believe and be baptized, or be damned. That is why we are trying to show you that one must ‘study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.’ (II Timothy 2:15) You have not failed. If the program was to go out to the ends of the earth and baptize the Africans, and Asians, then my friends, you haven’t baptized them all and we have less of them today who make a confession of Christianity than we had fifty years ago. In China they have---except for the isle of Formosa, where great numbers of them accept that Christ was the embodiment of God, they accept this in the fullest capacity they are capable of, and they identify themselves as Christian. But the majority of those in China have retreated into the areas of darkness. They were ‘rice’ Christians as long as you were feeding them rice, and you were giving them things. They they made a firs committment. But when something else came along, the Christianity went out with the rice barrel. This is true all over Africa. And today, we are watching the replacement of areas, which people thought were Christians, by the Mohammed X movememt, and the Mau Mau organization, and then people say, ‘See. Christianity is failing.’ But Christianity is not failing. The power of Christianity and the whole force dynamic of it for the area which you have been living in, has been religated to the one instruction Christ did give, which is, ‘Go out unto the KINSMEN and give them the ‘Glad Tidings’ and baptize them in My name.’

I want you to know that instead of assuming that we have failed, that the thought trend has been generally taught that all these people, the pagans of the world who ae under the bondage of the Luciferian deception must converted by you.

This bondage dates back to the anteduluvian days, in the pre-Adamic period of the rebellion of Lucifer, and the capture of the earth before the Adamic race was even placed here. When we consider these facts, we see that we are to accept and believe what was put forward for dogma for sometime. And this is that every last one of these heathens that didn’t hear the truth of the Gospel, those who died without hearing, are doomed to everlasting perdition. Therefore we should be working incessively night and day to be sure everyone of the has heard it, or they will be doomed forever. This, my friends, would not only have been a pattern of tremendous injustice in the perogative of God, but it would look as tho God had failed, that His people had failed, that the light had failed, and they couldn’t do this job. But I tell you that there was no plan or design that this was to be carried out by religious hierarchy. There was no plan or design that this was to happen in this era which you are about to see climaxing now. This was the great hour of the development of the Church, and the nations of God’s Kingdom, and the message was sent out to the kinsmen.

Now, I want you to remember these words of Jesus, ‘I have come for the Lost Sheep of the house of Israel.’ (Matt. 15:24) Then when He sent His disciples out HE said, ‘I send you out to the House of the Lost Sheep and of the House of Israel.’ (Matt. 5:6) Then turning ot the Jews on Solomon’s porch, Jesus said, ‘Ye believe me not. Ye are not MY Sheep.’ (John 10:31) And then to the Jews, He said, ‘I know how you think, and I know why you act this way, for you are the opposition.’

The Apostle Paul said, ‘The spirit expressly forbade me to go to Asia.’ So Paul went to Britain, to Rome, into the heart of Europe and there he preached the Gospel in the areas where the children of the Kingdom were. Because it was the essence of Divine purpose to quicken, and awaken, and develop this people who were HIS household, and to bring the Kingdom in thru them and by them, for the ultimate deliverance of the peoples of the world. By the same conscious token, that there was no place that any conciousness, nor spirit, or soul, out of all ages, that God could not find. Nor was there any condition that could occur in that HE the Eternal God, would not save--unto the uttermost. I want you to remember these words, ‘Save to the uttermost.’ (Hebrews 7:25)

Now, let us take a pattern of what we mean as we talk about the light. For the Light did not fail. I turn over to the declaration of Christ that we are acquainted with in the book of John, and it tells us concerning Jesus, that HE, Jesus, is the true light and He lighteth every man who cometh into the world. (John 1:19) Now there isn’t any question about this, because ‘all things were made by Him.’ There isn’t anything made that was not made by the Eternal God, who was embodied as the man Christ Jesus. He was light and the light of men. A light can shine in darkness, and the darkness can not comprehend it, but the light is still there. I want to talk to you about yourself. There is nothing as important for you, yourself, to know, than for you to know about your relationship with God. There is nothing more important concerning Bible mystery than to know what the scripture says, what it intended to convey, how it was understood as the early Church discussed it, and how Jesus expressed it. My, how it can be changed and warmed over and represented until it has no resemblance as to what God said. But in these purposes, God wanted them to know certain things. The Apostle Paul was taken into a heavenly experience to give him Divine knowledge and wisdom. We can turn then to I Corinthians 2:6, and we find these words concerning the truths and mysteries, ‘Now, we speak wisdom among them that are perfect; yet not the wisdom of this world; for the princes of this world would not understand it. We speak wisdom of God.’ We aren’t trying to give you the general words of religion, or the words of the so called Christian heirarchies. There is only one thing that is true. So we speak---the wisdom of God, even the hidden wisdom which God ordained before this world order, unto our Glory. Now I like everything God has ordained before His sons and His daughters, for His household, which goes back before the foundations of this world as it is destined for you, for your Glory, for Light.

Now, the Apostle Paul says, ‘None of the Princes of this world knew, none of the Luciferian forces understand, none of Lucifer’s children had the capacity to understand, because if they had understood the great mystery, and the mystery and power involved in this they would have never been foolish enough to have crucified the LORD of Glory, and shaken their Kingdom. This is what the Apostle Paul is telling you.

I want to bring this important fact to your attention. The most important area of living in existence, is in the essence of your Eternal nature,--that you are children of Spirit, that you have a Celestial body of Light which was begotten by the Father before the world was framed. That you have that body of light and it is with you today. You are the children of Light, not the children of darkness. And HE who is Light, has begotten you. The Apostle Paul as well as Peter, tells us we have incorruptable seed, and I read the words here and over in I Peter 1:23, ‘We have not been born of corruptable seed, but of incorruptable seed which liveth and abides forever.’ Now, if you have been begotten of incorruptable seed, that part which is begotten of God is Eternal. We point out these words. John, in his writings, said that Peter is born of God and cannot sin, for His seed remaineth in him. We look out over the conduct of individuals, and we see violations of principals and laws and they say there has been evidence of transgression of law and sin, for all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. But the part of you that was begotten of God in Light, which is your spirit, is incorruptable seed. And you cannlt corrupt incorruptable seed. You cannot destroy that which possessed eternal qualities of light and life, and the spirit never sinned.

There is transgression that exists in the activist physical body, and in the errors which the soul can embrace. This physical body is your house, and there are some important things to understand concerning the light, for this light is the very life of men. Everything you can see around you is falling apart. You go out here and even tho you possess a creative mind and you put together things, and make things that are superior because you have the vision to do that, you make finer houses, and architecture may be even improving,---but you go out and look at a house. A man makes it out of things which are solid. Maybe it is made out of stone, concrete, or even woor, and you say, ‘This is pretty solid, it will last quite a while.’ Then you look at things which you have put together, things which you have made, and you know and so do I, that they are held together by a force of organization and energy that makes up the existence of most inner substances. They are made by what they do not appear, even these solid things. They are held together by a law of organized electronics and by the mentoid mind of God. For we are aware that there is a law which operates in the molecular masses, that disentegrates, that dows open chemical changes. So you watch the things around you disintegrate. You watch metal rust, you see other metals oxidize, and yousee paint chip. You say, ‘that paint had a lead base and it should have lasted a long time.’ You watch plaster crack with the little quakes you do not see and hear, as well as those you do see and hear. So what do you do about it? Well, since this is your house, and you live in it, then you keep reparing it. And it may be getting better and better all the time because you are replacing thta part which is wearing out. You get a new car, andif you say, ‘It’s bettern than the old one.’ Yet you will probably be ready soon to turn it back in for the old one. In years later when it is on some old pile of rock, you don’t think of it as that proud beauty that came out of the show room that day. Yes, things are falling apart. So what’s it all about? Houses may last longer because some one lives in them and works in them. This may not be understandable, but there is a wave length of energy that moves out from light, that keeps things moving. And a house that man lives in, unless it suffers injuries, get better as they are fixed up. They may be thirty years old, but they keep fixing them and keeping them in repair and they go better and better. Also there is something else. Some one is living in those houses. A house with no one living in it falls apart real fast. If something goes wrong with it, then it goes to pieces real fast. If you walked out of a town, and took every person with you, at the end of two years when you returned, you would find that over 30% of the buildings were in heavy deteriation, and some in less, even tho vandals didn’t come along and smash and rip things apart. So things lose their value unless there is life in them. And unless there is life capable of fixing them up, and keeping them fixd up they go to pieces fast.

Now, there is nothing in the physical house that isn’t deteriating unless the design is to fix it, giving it vitality, and building it up. You have a body, a physical body made up of these elements used in other things. You say, ‘But these are organic, they have life pulsing in them.’ Yes, this is a rather minute factor, for the life is in them and it goes along in its course, and for sometime as it wears out, it replaces itself. Then gradually it stops replacing itself. Dr. Alexis Carroll who wrote ‘Man the Unknown,’ says there are lots of things man does not understand. Altho the body replaces its tissue every seven years, and ther shouldn’t be anything in the instance, but that which replace itself right. But the funny thing is that this replacement is as the electronic image of what it was as it deteriorated. He said that you can replace face tissue seemingly as smooth as a child, but then it replaces itself with the same wrinkles that were there before. In fact, the pattern of remembrance and memories is a very vital part in the areas of the organic replacement of things.

There is nothing more important than conscious and subconscious patterns of thinking that relate to anything, but you are doing things to keep this house you live in alive. You say as you walk down the street, this is you, but you just live in this house. And you repair this house like the material house you live in. If your eyes get weak, then you add lenses. And people keep adding most anything. And some people walking down the street are more synthetic than others. The most important thing is to keep this house of yours going. Because ther eis something you are to do, and you can’t do it unlessl you reside here. This is called tabernacling in the world. The body of God is said to have tabernacled with us.

The great and mighty purposes of God was to build His Kindom on earth by transferring the inhabitants from heaven to earth and they had to live in these bodies. So He begat the issue of the Adamic race. And when brought forth, Adam was perfect. Perfect physically, and enveloped in light. That which was begotten of God, physically, was also perfect. But in the areas of the soul consciousness, it did not retain the instruction as the Master director of the House. It violated the Divine Law with the seduction of Eve in the interference of Lucifer, and lost the Aura or the Light. It no longer surrounder every atom of the being. And it no longer preserved what we call the pattern of immortality, and death came upon your race. This is why the general acceptance of death---as thru the Adamic fall, ‘And death from Adam falls on all men.’

Let’s take quick look at this panorama. God Almight began to put this thing in light and in order because He was the Father. And because He told you about these things before the world was framed. He said, ‘I am thy Savior, thy Redeemer. I will renew, I will regenerate.’ Even to the capacities of reativatinc the physical. So our race has come down from Adam to now, but out of the seed of Seth, who was accepted carrier of the household of God. Thus you have come from the accepted seed of Seth, the son of Adam. Today we look out over our history and we see that we are but one-sixth of the world’s population. But we of this seed, this one man’s family, make up the great White Christian nations of the Western world. Now, there is a quality in you and that quality is a light of life. It is an incorruptable seed. And I want to say concerning this pattern that relates to light, that the Celestial body that you have, that Celestial light being, is the Spirit being. This is the essence of God’s nature and light and life. And you are thus His offspring. There is a Celestial mind and this is the mind of the spirit. This is the mind of light. It is one with the ability to think the thoughts of God because the Father begat it. Therefore spirit of His Spirit, and light of His Light. You carry with you the Celestial beam, the Celestial mind, and your resident consciousness which egos you, and this Celestial beam is a part of you also.

This physical body is a parat of you also, which unfortunately you find out about some times as you receive the pains of it. But this physical body is operating in the field of the senses. It is picking up all the patterns of the senses, the sense patterns, and desires of the physical structure of this physical body. And your soul evaluates these senses. Your soul never denies your body what you desire to eat, or any of the other desires. And as far as capable, it goes along with your desires. The soul in many instances, does not deny the body anything. The sould uses the body as the resident vehicle which it carries around and according to how it thinks, and how it feels, the body is instructed by the soul to do these things. The mind of the spirit is with you. And it moves to give the soul guidance. But at times the soul does not take time to think out this guidance. The spirit is perfect, and the sould can evaluate with error, can be influenced by the sense patterns, and this is part of the warfare for the human being. But the light that never failed is the light of the spirit. This is the illumination of the individual. This is where the great vision and initiative comes from.

Let me point out to you that the whole process of life and living is in the area of consciousness and remembrance, and experience. Therefore, your occupation of the earth, and the implementation of even the construction of things to help implement this is, to establish the administration of God’s Kingdom and your race over the earth and to bring in the purposes of God.

In order to legally fulfill the responsibilites which God had---HE had to buy the whole world to redeem you. And this is the emancipation of the world from their errors, but they have to be told. This does not make you and the world the same. It does not make you and the world order, and the Kingdom of God synonymous. It does not make them kin to you. And there is not kinship between you and they of the world. This is one thing which is becoming more and more important. Last week the director of the President’s remedy--the Peace Corps--went out to say that now the Churches must assume their full responsibility and tithe their time as Christians by bringing about rapid racial integration. This is an official statement by the President’s family.

I want you to know that you cannot tithe your time to God and work for the devil with that time. God does not want this. No one has a better plan for the world by which to lift it, to develop it, to assist it, to set it free---to break the powers of bondage, than God Himself. And we can’t add anything to that plan. And you can’t do it any other way. When we point this out to you, I want you to see that the light has not failed. That Celestial, spiritual consciousness, that light beam which is carried with you, is the secret of the light and life. Just as we cite to you that the human structure is retained and kept alive by the process of spirit, it is spirit, not only in the individual that is resident in the house, but its connection to the Father is in Light.

Today they are picking up the expectencies and they are beginning to tell us of the discoveries in medicine and nutritian as to the replaceing of things that the body needs, that life expectancies can be pushed up close to 100 years or 110 years. That we will see a great increase in life expectancies. Let me tell you this. There is nothing wrong in man reaching out to try to do these things, for they want to repair the house, they want to stay. But they are a part of something that is Eterna, that possesses Eternal Life. This Celestial being is attached to this soul consciousness and the soul consciousness wants to stay. It wants to abide here, and this is true of those who know what they are here for, and those who don’t.

In the area in which men think, in the areas in which they are inspired, in these areas only can they achieve the success they have applied themselves to attain. A lot of people say they could never make a success of anything. But they never applied themselves either.---’Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.’ There isn’t any doubt now that we are watching as men think to prolong life, and prolong longevity, and they are beginning to do this. But I can assure you that there is a law of life. It can add longevitity, and it can climax with Immortality. God understands this law, and has ordained how He is going to put it to use. How He is going to bring it in suddenly enveloping Glory upon His household in th earth. Let me tellyou that within these patterns of the law of life, and the great work of the Eternal, whatsoever a man applies himself todo as he resides in this house, this becomes the area of their patternizaiton. When we preceive the patterns of Spirit, you are going to discover that the relation of these light systems to the central nervous system, the abilities of the soul consciousness to draw energies out of the plain of spirit and apply them, are one of the great healing forces that can cooperate with ll the processes of repairing the body.

Do you know that there is such a charge of spiritual vision, and capacity that God talks about this age ending, and that He is going to renew your youth? He is going to renew youth until wrinkles and blemishes pass away. Instead of tissue replacing itself with the last remembrance of its condition in its policy which is slow, it is going to replace itself with standards and symbols of the height of maturity. How do I know? This is the way God has willed it. Everything has its form today in the Universe, as the will and the energy of the law that holds it together, and determined it.

You reach back into the files of your memory which are the temporary storage places of these electronic cycles of experience around the never tendrils, and you reach back into anyone of them and restore the scene in the seat of your consciousness. A lot of those scenes are made of, perhaps---or error and mistakes. And you wish you could block them out. But we are also aware that there is a guiding factor, and this is the Light that never fails. We have what we call conscience and that is nothing but the mind of the Spirit coming thru upon the soul and directing it to the fact that the thing which it is thinking is not proper according to the divine standarad, and that Celestial consciousness---this spirit mind in you---is exactly the wave length of tha twhich is in the Father. “This mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus.” (Phillippians 2:5) This is the reason why, if men are guided by their spiritual instinct and intuition, they don’t violate Divine law. They move in proper relationship to the Father. So we point out to you that in violation of this law of live---there is in this violation---this disintegrating process. There is in its obediences a sustaining force. Therefore this mind of the Spirit which is perfect and is in you, is a perfect guide and possesses perfect knowledge.

Let me tell you what it does. Did you know that the Spirit in you is in communion with the Eternal Father, being of the same wavelength of reception. And He is vibrating these same wavelengths to convey to you knowledge and truth, and to effect your subconscious mind. When even in the patterns of conscious thought, it does not always know what it is doing, and prays for things, or is in communion to bring about the transition of energy, wisdom and knowledge which you don’t even know you have need of. Still that is from the wavelength of reception.

Over here in the book of Romans, we are told that the spirit helps us in our infirmities. For we don’t know what we should pray for. We are not even conscious at times of our need. But the ‘Spirit, it makes intercessions with vibrations. It says with groanings that cannot be uttered, with vibraitons that cannot be preceived. I point out to you that the Apostle Paul tells you something about yourself. He says these things God reveals unto us, these things that make our race, different. That reveals unto us---technology, mystery, and wisdom. God hath revealed them unto us by His Spirit, for the Spirit searches all the deep things of God. (I Corinthians 2:10)

Someone says, ‘But that’s only the Spirit of God that it is talking about here.’ Well, ‘it is the Christ in you which is the hope of Glory. Hear O Israel, the LORD thy God, is one LORD.’ He is not a handful of spirits. HE is one Eternal God. But the essence of His consciousness and yours, are thus connected. Now, listen to what it says. ‘What man knoweth the things of a man, save the spirit of man which is in him?’ There are natural rem all around who do not understand this because the natural spirit does not understand . But ‘We have received the Spirit which is out of God.’ So the Apostle Paul, when he speaks says, ‘We did not receive the spirit of the world order, we received the Spirit which is of God.’ The Holy Spirit teacheth spiritual things which compare with spiritual thins, and because we possess the Spirit of God, it keeps us in consciousness of the awareness of God’s purposes.

This is why I again call your attention back unto the 14th chapter of John, when Jesus talked to you about the Paraclete. What Jesus is saying here is, ‘I am going to send the essence of my own conscious understanding upon you.’ The word in Greek is Paraclete. ‘Even the spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive.’ Long wavelengths, vibrations, different values. Then the Apostle Paul after his heavenly experience said, ‘this is the spirit in you, not the spirit that is in the world order. But you are the living spirit, the offspring of God.’ You are ‘Spirit of His Spirit,’ bearing witness to our spirit that we are the offspring of God.----Because of this, you can vibrate to this, you can respond to it, and the result is that it is the great guiding influence.

You know the problem that we have today, but there are some people who never utilize their heritage, or seek the guidance, or advice of God. They don’t take God into pardnership in their busines, or their affairs. You then wonder why they are in trouble since they are sons and daughters of God. Yes, they have a spirit in them and it can be activated. But whatever has been most important to them is the area of their greatness. Conscious perception in the area where they have their greatest success is the results. We know that whatsoeven you think on, whatsoever you make yourself an expert in, then it isn’t long before people consult you on those things, and whatsoever you apply as you become an expert, you seem to attract more of this unto yourself. This shows up in men’s hobbies, and there is nothing wrond with hobbies, in a proper relationship. It doesn’t matter what you become an expert in, or what you collect as a hobby. As you move in this field, you talk to people and it isn’t long before people know that you collect things. And before long they gravitate to you, and then you become well known in their field. But the most important thing is occupying, living and obeyint themselves, within this household. They have never become experts in knowing themselves or their relaitonship to God, or knowing what they are here for.

The light has never failed. They just don’t turn it on. And what they don’t know is that in their subconscious patterns, the light has been maintaining what light they have.

I tell you there is nothing which falls apart quite like the house that is not lived in. While the Celestial spirit abides, there is nothing which will sustain life and nothing that will give strength and power, quite like the conscious perception of this Eternal abiding Spirit. Listen. We talk to you of God’s great plan and mighty purposes of that plan. He was he light that was the life of men, and that Light did not fail. The light is not going to fail you, for in Him was the fullness of Glory. We have mentioned before, how this was shown on the Mount of Transfiguration, and how His enemies hated Him, and how they Crucified. But HE knew all about this, being God. And as we have said before, He assumed all the guilt of all His creation, upon Himself. He took all of the guilt that of the world order, as well as that of His sons and daughters while they were occupying in this physical world. He did this to lift this complex of guilt, and to pay this price which automatically could be assumed by, only a perfect being. Thus HE being perfect, the only perfect son out of our race,--having designed to come this way by birth, only HE could pay this price. Paul said, ‘If the Princes of this world had understood wht they were doing, they wouldn’t have crucified HIM, and then lost control.’

The light was in HIM. He was conscious in His soul consciousness of evrything HE had known and the Omniscience was resident. After they crucified HIM, the Gospel of Nicodemus and some of the older records give you a vast light of what happened. He entered the Netherworld, and they didn’t want Him in there. The princes of the Netherworld didn’t want Him in there and the powers of darkness didn’t want Him in there. But HE said, ‘Open up ye gates, I am coming into this area where the conscious presence of every son of Adam down to this time was being held, until HE came. They said, ‘You can’t come in---who is this that is trying to come in?’

‘The King of Glory is at the gates, the LORD strong and Mighty. Open up these gates, for I am coming in.’

These words are in the prophecies of David, back in the days when he wrote the Psalms. These are the revelations that were given to the two sons of the High Priest, who were sent out early to walk the streets of Jerusalem and they told what had happened. How in the majesty of His power, the sould consciousness of the Eternal Christ and His abiding Spirit, passed into the dimensions of the Netherworld. But the light and the power they could not hold, and the light was not only not going to fail, but it was a light which was dynamic, unequaled. And when Christ came out of the Netherworld, He brought every living spirit of every son of Adam with Him, and set them free, and they came forth in a blaze of Glory, as darkness couldn’t hold them.

The resurrection of Christ was to prove that the light does not fail, and the secret in that resurrection still lies in that Celestial consciousness, and you carry it with you even today. The same power that can resurrect you can transform you, right now. The same power that can resurrect you can synthesize areas of energy and power. It can heal the physical body. It can give a great help to the work of the physician. It can do anything that is essential, that is constructive. I want you to know that you are moving into the age of light. We are told that at the Advent of Christ among His household, that we are going to be changed, in a moment and the twinkling of an eye. We will be enveloped in His Glory. It says that we will see as He sees, and know as He knows, because there is going to be a synthisis of the spirit and soul with light. And I am going to tell you that every single son which you think has been a defeat, and everyone who has gone into the grave to take that route back to where they came from, is going to be re-synthesized in the power of light and resurrection.

Turn over to the book of Corinthians and we are told, ‘It is sown in weakness, and raised in power and light. There is one light of the sun, another of the moon, and another glory of the stars, one star is different from another in Glory, so also is the resurrection of the dead. The light and Glory with which it shall be raised shall be the beauty of the Majesty of the living son of God, that never dies, the Glory of the daughter of God dwells in these bodies.’ When you understand that, then you will know why there is not a brotherhood that exists, which can intermarry, inter-relate, or identify itself with the pagan races and people of the world, and it has not failed because we have not absorbed them. It has not failed because we have not integrated with them. And it has not failed because we have not made them all Christians and baptized them all in the general sense of the world.

Before you have finished the task you were sent here to do, evry knee is going to bow, and every tongue is going to proclaim that Christ is God, in the heavens above, on earth, and even down in the Netherworld. And there will be nothing left that has not acknowledged that the Christ is God.

No, the light hasn’t failed, you are just on the road. The omniscience of God, the patterns of fore knowledge proves this. We don’t have the time today to finish this subject. We will speak next Sunday afternoon on the subject, ‘To be Remembered Against You---no more.’ This is a very important subject and we will show you what light and electronics and the part it plays even from the standpoint of memory in the patterns of God’s purpose.

Because your race has a light in them that has not failed, that will not fail, and this is only your hope that will rise you from the dead. The power of illumination, the power of guidance and understanding, the soul consciousness that discovers this, can add unlimited capacities to its knowledge, its greatness, and to its power. And it must possess a reason for living and being which will be discovered. We urge you to remember the continuation of this subject, as we go with this relationship of Spirit. You are the children of Spirit, the spirit in you is different than the spirit of the world.

So come out as we talk about the Grace of God’s patterns and His Glory and the Glory of His Kingdom. And how you are going to win the battle for His Kingdom. Don’t think we are taking you out of this body that God put you in, for the Kingdom is going to stay here until the Kingdom of this world becomes the Kingdom of Righteousness.

( End of Sermon )

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