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Best of Dr. Wesley Swift

Household Of God In Tomorrow, 2-17-63

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By: Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 2-17-63

We turn in our discussions concerning the trend of this great house hold of the Eternal, and we have discussed before the origin of races whose antiquity stretches back into the ages of yesterday, reaching back over a period of a million and one-half years. The rediscovery of the content of the Scripture which tells us how God created, and recreated after the catastrophe of the great flood, and of the struggles going on in the Universe between the Kingdom of Darkness and the Kingdom of the Eternal God. We have talked about the defeat of the hosts of Lucifer and their being cast out of the heavens into this area of the Milky Way and into our Solar system where our earth exists. The catastrophe which overwhelmed Ancient races and the establishment of God's Household..His Kingdom..your race..all has been covered. We have followed the course of this race and we have discovered that this race came down out of the High Steppes of Asia where God has placed them in their beginning. We have traced this race as it went through their migrations and traveled through out the world and how some of its Savants and leaders were making their impact upon every branch of earth. How these people went through migrations in all directions, one however was down into the areas of Mesopotamia and then on into Ancient Palestine, the other at that time moving on into Europe. We have also discovered that the antiquity of this race is such that God Almighty made a covenant with them, especially as He called out the seed of Adam...through Seth. And then the seed through Shem after Noah, then confirmed these covenants with Abraham, and reconfirmed them with Isaac, and then with Jacob. Through this seed line, preserved in racial purity were to come the twelve sons of Jacob, from which would come forth for today..this white race..for our Christian Nations. This has all been fulfilled and those nations are in place today in our modern world.

We think it is very important that we understand this, and before we go into the identity of these nations tonight we should turn once more to the seventh chapter of the Book of Deuteronomy, to find God's declaration concerning your race. For we find that this Adamic race is the White race, the Shem race, the race of Heber a descendent of Shem. The true word..Hebrew...means the descendants of Heber, which includes every white man on the face of the earth and excludes all others who are not in any way the descendants of Israel. Deuteronomy 7:6., God says:..'Thou art a holy people unto YAHWEH thy God; YAHWEH thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself above all the people that are upon the face of the earth.' This means White Supremacy, white selection, a chosen race. There are some who say:..I don't like this idea of a chosen people. But that is because they see a Jew in this place in their mind..this is their blindness. But Jesus did not choose Jews, for He called His Sheep by name, and He led them out and then He said:..'Ye believe not because you are not my sheep.' (John 10-26) Jews are not the literal Israel of the Bible, and altho there are lots of Israeli today, this is well said because it is a is not true..those people are not the people of the Book. Then I turn once more to read:..'YAHWEH did not choose you because ye were more in number'. You were started by one man's family, now expanding in earth. 'Know therefore that YAHWEH thy God is a faithful GOD who keeps His covenants and has mercy with them...His children..for thousands of generations.' This thousands is only a symbolism, for this means times ten thousands and on and on. But in the original translations it was thousands of generations. Of course we have said before that the covenant with Abraham, it is was only a thousand generations, and a generation was only 30 years, then that would be 30,000 years from Abraham, thus there would be time still to run, as it is only about 7400 years back to the days of Adam. We are about to witness the destruction of the white race, altho as we read...the rate of immigration coming in that in 21 years all cities will be Negro cities, but there will come a great change in America before the before the destruction of this race occurs. If this were not true you have an ample description of what kind of world that would you look at your nations capital. The U.S. News and World Report tells of the blight which has hit Washington D.C. How that city has degenerated...becoming rather a depraved city of crime, violence, and death, with all kinds of evil in its school system, with all kinds of immorality, all kinds of sexually transmitted diseases, rape and so forth. This article tells us that it is not safe for a white woman to walk the streets, and then they tell you the cause, for your nations capital is now 87% Negro. When the Negroes came in to live the white inhabitants went out, and then crime and depravity took over this society. Some people say:..Dr. Swift you should not talk that way..but I am only reading to you from one of the National News Sources, and when I do that then I think it is time for the church to start to think, and to evaluate. If you want this kind of condition in California, and throughout all of your society, then permit this continual integration to take place. This is what will happen. If you find your status in relationship for divine and ordained purposes, then you are going to do everything that you can to keep this catastrophe away from your children, and from getting any areas of energy and power which would be conceived as getting control over you. Having be selection based on HIS Omniscient Wisdom, and the design of His own purpose..having established this Adamic Race as His Household..then made a covenant with them that you are the descendants, and inheritors of this covenant unto this day..this is exactly what HE said:..'I shall keep this covenant with thy seed, and their generations..unto a thousand generations.' This is only a small part of that covenant because He reaffirmed it as we showed you a week ago when we talked about the covenant race.

Now:..certainly if God has selected a people, and placed them above all the people of the earth, then we should have no problem in finding those people today. We have the history of these people, and where they have gone. We know where they are today, and we know that God called them...for this Book tells us that God called them 'ISRAEL'. Someone this British Israel belief? No, it is no more British than it is German Israel, or Spanish Israel, or Swedish Israel, or Scandinavian Israel. But it is white ... Adamic Israel, for every true white man on the face of the earth today is a part of this Household of Israel, and you find them mostly in the Western Nations. Israel means rulers with God..the Household of the MOST HIGH. You are Elohim, children of YAHWEH as declared in the 87th Psalm. You have been placed above the other people of the earth because God knows the energies of Spirit which exist in you, knows that His Spirit is within you, and that you are His offspring and you have not inherited the Spirit of the World. For as Paul said:..'you inherited the spirit of the Almighty God.'

Now: I point out that the Kingdom of God is inheritance, and it is Administration, therefore the history of 'Israel' is history of this race. We are primarily concerned now with the development of the history of this race which took place when 'Israel' was divided into two camps in the days of Rehoboam, when God for David's sake left one tribe..the tribe of Benjamin with the tribe of Judah. When this split occurred then the ten Northern tribes of Israel went forth to form what was known as the Kingdom of Israel, and the Kingdom of Judah thus consisted of the two tribes of Judah and Benjamin. We know from history that the hoards of Assyria eventually captured this Northern Kingdom of Israel, because of their certain violations of Divine Law, and the weakening of the areas of their defenses. We know that these armies that warred against Israel finally carried them away captive and had them for a period of time in Ancient Assyria. Then we also know that under Shalmaneser the King of Assyria the House of Israel was given its liberty for this king felt that he could no longer hold a society with such technological and spiritual wisdom. He saw that these great colonizers should not be held down. Thus King Shalamaneser gave them their liberty, and this people migrated out of Assyria thru the Caucasian pass and came into Europe. With this entrance into Europe they became known as Caucasians because they came thru that certain Pass in the mountains. At that time we would divide the races of the world into three categories. There was this Caucasian race, the Asiatic or Mongol race, and the Negroid race. These were the people resident in the earth with the intermixture of all as well. As we have told you before, Anthropology will prove and history will establish that we have thousands upon thousands of years of Asiatic history. We have 243,000 years in Ancient Sumerian history, and we have 600,000 years of the Turanian history. Such men as Ivor Lissner have them listed in their records of anthropology. We know that Negroes have been here for at least 73,000 years, and this dates one of the first invasions by Lucifer, because Negroes have been buried that long in the caves of Killimajaro, in Africa. We know that the white race has been here for only a little over 7,400 years, and now you type the name which has been applied to the white race as Caucasian Pass, but this was not the first coming into Europe of the white man. From the earliest period of this tribe of Dan..these people had also gone to sea in their ships, and had traveled in all directions, as had part of the tribe of Manasseh. The descendants of Enoch known as Pho-Enoch, and were the builders of the great Wisdom Schools in Egypt and were well known as having come down from the Upper Tarim Basin down into Mesopotamia and then to old Palestine and on down into Egypt. Their descendants were known as Phoenicians, and they were already at sea. The people of Ancient Greek were of this Aryan race, and had settled there, coming out of earlier migrations of Israel. Some moved and settled along with those called the Dani who were also out of Israel, in the area called Greece and they were also called Sythians and Dani. The tribe of Dan was not to much involved with the Assyrian captivity because this tribe of Dan had gone out as traders, colonizers, and as seamen before this time. So in the days of the periods of this reign of the Kings of Israel, they had merchant ships and the course of their fleets was the ships of Dan. If you look at the may of Europe you see how far this tribe of Dan had wandered. You will see the marks of Dan by the names of the rivers named for see the Danube and the Deniper, both great rivers, and then there is Dan's land...Denmark and so forth.

As the Apostle Paul stood on Mars Hill and talked to the people of Greece we see that there were Israelites here as well, altho they did not seem to remember just who they were until he reminded them that they were also a part of Israel..the children of YAHWEH..'In whom we live and breathe and have our being.' The Apostle Paul then went on to certain of your philosophers and poets have taught, so I teach also...that you have descended from a people who traveled through the Red Sea, and have partaken of the Manna from Heaven, at the time when God sent the Manna to Israel. These words to the Greeks by the Apostle Paul proved unconditionally that these were Israelites, and part of the Israelite community had settled in Greece and were to build the people we know today as Greeks. Some of them were Sythians and some were of the Dani and some of them were descendants of these people who moved clear across continents but still Greece was established. This proved true also of Rome for a large number of the migrating Aryans settled there, and Israelites after their liberation also came to settle in what would become the Roman Empire. As to how they traveled and as to where they were to settle, there were certain things in the records of Israel, and in the plans and purposes of God that sent them out and ordered their locations, which was still as though around a Tabernacle. It was symbolic of the areas where they would be found...east, west, north, and south. When the Tabernacle was erected in the Wilderness, Moses was commanded to number the children of Israel, and in the Book of Numbers we are told that under their banners, and by their standards they camped around their Tabernacle. It is still by those standards that Israel today can be located..generally in the same geographical location in relationship to one another..east, west, north, and south as they were in those early days around the Tabernacle before their divisions and before their captivity. We will now point out to you where you can find these nations today by their Heraldry, their marks, their covenant, and their destiny. We can establish these facts as resting upon them until this time. But we must turn back to the Book of Numbers in chapter two and there we will read:...'And YAHWEH spake unto Moses and unto Aaron saying, every man of the children of Israel shall pitch by his own standard, with the ensign of their father's house; far off from the Tabernacle shall they pitch.' 'And on the east side toward the rising of the sun shall they of the standard of Judah be pitched, with their hosts and their armies.' Today we tell you that these are the Germanic people..they are on the east side as they were supposed to be. And with them on the east was to be the tribe of Issachar and today these people are also on the east and to the north of Germany and they are the people of Finland. The House of Judah was to be a powerful House as was the House of Joseph, each would have certain of the tribes of Israel with them and would represent together the whole House of Israel and great leadership would be found in both those Houses. The people of Judah were to be a great and powerful people, and they were to have great strength, and this is also a matter of history. The people of Issachar were to be on the east and to the north but still with the people of Judah, and there you find them today. We cannot ever forget the day when the Russian army struck deep into little Finland, and we remember the words of Count Mannerheim as the Russians moved by air and struck deep into the Finish Woods. He said:...'Men of Issachar stand and be ready to die, and let nothing but scorched earth cursed by God fall into the Russians hands.' Yes, little Finland fulfills the symbolism of 'the patient Ass between two Staves'. This is a symbol of a nation caught between the eastern and the western world. They symbol of Issachar as a part of the House of Israel is carried by a valiant people, a courageous people, a diligent people in their work, and in their thrift, and in the harmony and intensity of their worship of God. A strong and powerful member of the white race is little Finland, long on strength yet so little in size, and the first of Israel to lock horns with modern day Gog and Magog since the days of Genghis Khan. Little Finland today is now behind the Iron Curtain, and under the hand of the Russian Bear. One of the first great responsibilities that the nations of God's Kingdom will have is to drive the Communist Russian Bear out of the lands of Israel, for the liberation of this great nation. On the day of that invasion by Russia, Franklin Delano Roosevelt spoke these words:..'One of the things about Russia is that although it struck like a tiger, it cannot change its stripes, for Red is Russia's stripes and we promise we will give all assistance to honest little Finland.' But the words of his mouth were forked because he had behind him men like Baruch, and Frankfurter and all the forces of Jewry who wanted the conflict of the world to further Communism. We never gave any assistance to little Finland in her hour of need. The only country which tried to help little Finland in her fight was Germany. We point out that by Germany stood Zebulun, and in the Book of Numbers Zebulun, stood on the east to the south of Judah. The people of Zebulun are the people of Hungary and Romania, those who make up the white Slavic people of that area. Some are in Yugoslavia. And remember that Germany, Judah, includes Austria as well, you also remember that it was Romania and Hungary and all that area was involved in the struggle in the last World War. Then as Finland went to war with Russia, then Germany became involved and Romania and Hungary stood with Germany (Judah) in this struggle. These three Houses of Israel make up the Eastern encampment even today. On the south shall be the tribe of Reuben, and also the standards to be pitched on the south with Reuben are the tribe of Simeon and the tribe of Gad. Later Reuben was to migrate northward after first being located in the Pyrenees, and northward and then they moved into the lowlands of Europe. A large part of the people of Belgium and of Holland today are actually the House of Reuben. In fact they not only knew this at one time, but the Ancient pattern of the House of Orange shows that way back in the background of this House it shows that they were the House of Reuben. In fact, it carried with it significant covenants, and promises, and then one of their own songs entitled:..'Reuben and Rachel' was their acknowledgment of identity. Later classics were made of this Identity song..and people were singing...'Reuben, Reuben I've been thinking'...thus this is Reuben and it was in the beginning located to the south side. With the House of Reuben was to stand Simeon which is Spain. God's prophecies as to Simeon was that some would consider him cruel as he was to be irresistible as an expander, and colonizer, and was to go out to the ends of the earth to colonize, but also he would carry the standards of God. We may disallow a lot of the contention raised in modern times against Spain, but remember that the House of Simeon are the Basque of Spain...thus the people of Spain were the Simeon of the Book. Remember that as the Conquistadors came to this continent in the explorations of Columbus as he thought he had landed in the Indies, they carried a standard..two-fold in its purpose. One was to carry the sign of the Cross, to carry forward the measure of their Faith, and secondly to come to this land where the great treasures existed of which records had been brought back. For the story had been well spread that there had been earlier migrations into South America who were received by those people as the Children of God...white men. And under their leadership seven great golden cities had been built somewhere to the westward. And because of this and their desire to carry out 100% Evangelization, we see the armies of the Conquistadores arriving, and they did not treat with cruelty or hostility the people they dealt with until the attempted assassinations both in Florida and Mexico. Go back and read the record of those who traveled with them. Some of these traveling Priests had a complete panorama of the history that took place at that time. Of course we do not condone all that took place under this forceful drive by Spain, but remember that Spain reached the west coast, and was colonizing southern portions of this continent. It was driving Colonists deep down into South America and all over areas of Central America. Just remember that one of the marked patterns of this one on the south, Simeon or Spain..was a part of the House of Israel. A colonizer of the white race carrying the testimony of their God. Implacable when betrayed, unrelenting in carrying forward their purposes. The tribe of Italy is also on the south. The Lombards made up the white Italian strain who were blue eyed and fair of hair, but there were other branches of the tribe of Gad who have dark hair and dark eyes. This is an old pattern, and the record of Gad shows that this was a common factor among them. As far as the people of Italy are concerned the white Italians, the people that made up Rome, were the reason that the Apostle wrote to them when writing to the Romans:..'The elect of God, according to foreknowledge.' This proved that they were Divine sons, that they had come from heaven to earth. Proved that they were 'Israel' as he tells them of all the things that relate to Israel, and do not relate to anyone else. Tells them about their redemption as the children...the sons of God, and their part which they play in these prophecies. No one can study the Book of Romans and not know that the Apostle Paul with all the spiritual revelations which he had knew that these white people of the boot of Italy were a part of Israel, that they were a part of the heritage, and he addressed the Epistles to them because of this. We point out that the symbols of Gad are to be found in Italy.

Now; we have Finland, Germany, Romania, and Hungry and their associates of nations on the east, and we have Reuben, Simeon and Gad that make up the southern block altho some of Reuben went north later. We then turn again to the Book of Numbers to find other branches of God's House. And we discover these words:..'On the west side shall be the standards of Ephraim, and with Ephraim shall be the tribe of Manasseh, and the tribe of Benjamin.' This is also a rather significant thing...we are able rather easily to recognize the House of Joseph, this is well known, but God gave the tribe of Levi for the Priesthood and you also find scattered among these other tribes such as Ephraim, Manasseh, and Benjamin some of the tribe of Levi. Thus Levi will be found also among the Anglo-Saxons, the Scandinavians, the Lombards, the Basque, the Germanic and kindred people, until they would be absorbed among all their people. But still they carried the spiritual seed of a spiritual specially called ministry. That is why we contend that all ministers 'Called' of God to the work of the ministry are of the House of Levi unto whom this commitment has been made. They may be Germans or Anglo-Saxons but still Levi among all the tribes. However the naming of the House of Joseph is the name of the two sons of Joseph...Ephraim and Manasseh. Remember that Joseph married Asenath, daughter of Potipherah, the Priest of the great city of ON. This was a Sethite city built by Enoch in Egypt, and remember that God accepted this marriage as a continuity of perfect race seed because the House of Seth and the House of Enoch were of white race purity out of the seed of the generations of Adam through Seth. You will remember that when Jacob gave his blessing he said:..'Let my name Israel be named on these two lads.' Then God called Ephraim his first born and numbers Ephraim and Manasseh as His Household. There is not one place in the Bible where God changes the party line. I feel sorry for some of these people that vacillate according to pressure, but the Word of God always fits this one perfect Mosaic and never changes. Let me point this out to you...The people of the House of Joseph were to be a great nation, and a company of nations. The House of Joseph as in the Book of Deuteronomy were to have the symbols of the Bull, and the Unicorn. Also to be planted in the House of Joseph was this relationship of the House of David, and this would carry the symbol of the Lion. The House of Ephraim was to be a great company of nations, and the House of Manasseh was to become in her national destiny this last, great, nation of the Kingdom and be in place even before the Empire of Ephraim was titularly formed after the U.S. became a colony. I tell you that these great colonies were under the protection of the Great Eagle with Outstretched Wings.

The U.S. today is virtually an Anglo-Saxon nation, pre-eminently we are out of the area of the Anglos, and we carry the tribal pattern of the House of Manasseh, and according to destiny this great nation was to be a gathering place of all the people of Israel. Thus today we are truly one nation out of many. We point out to you that the U.S. is Manasseh, and the British Empire is Ephraim..and there they stand today westward of the other nations. Benjamin makes up the people we know as the Normans, and the people of Iceland are almost pure Normans. Benjamin carries its traditions and its pattern also to the westward. Inside of France, the part France played in Biblical history of Israel is strictly related to the Normans that make up that portion of France which today is a part of Israel stock, and there is also other unassimilatable people in France, and the Moors who came in to France in those periods of upheaval are also there as others who came later.

Now; we look to the North and we read:..'And the standard of the camp of Dan shall be on the North side, and those who encamp by him shall be the tribe of Asher and the tribe of Naphtali.' The tribe of Asher today are the Swedish people, and they know of this relationship. The tribe of Naphtali are Norwegian although there is a little of Benjamin and some of Norman blood in them, but Norway is largely Naphtali, and these two tribes of Asher and Naphtali went out together in their migrations. They marched together and there was some intermarriage between, and they just split into these two political divisions, but actually they are two distinct branches of Israel. Ask any Swede and he will tell you that he surely is not the same as a Norwegian, and you get the same answer from a man of Norway. They used to sing some rather uncomplimentary songs, as the Norwegians tried to always lord it over the Swedes, saying they were more powerful as Warriors, which was not always necessarily so, but they did this because there was one crippled Norwegian a great battle that even tho he was crippled in the battle still chased the Swedes in that battle. But the important thing to remember is that the Kings who ruled over Scandinavia all came from the House of Dan. Because Dan's land or Denmark first provided the Royal line of both Norway and Sweden, and then they intermarried with other Royal Houses of Israel. And the stock of the Royal Houses of Scandinavia as well as that of Denmark were related to the Seed of the House of David which was located in Britain. I can show you where the rulers of the House of Britain in early history provided warrior leaders who went across into Denmark, and led the Danes in struggles against Barbarians coming out of the Steppes of Asia and drove them back. The King of Denmark was descended from the same household as the King line of Britain, and their inter marriage relationships went on between the people of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark and Britain. As today you probably know that the House of David King line is found in every white race kingdom, even tho their King line may no longer be held as a Throne. For instance in Germany as well as with Czar Nicholas' government inside of Russia...for Czar Nicholas and Kaiser Wilhelm and King George of Britain were cousins.

I want you to know that over all the white nations and over some of the areas of Asia was this King line that God established in Israel, and of that King line He said:..'there would always be someone of this king line to sit upon the throne until Christ Himself came to reign.' We point out to you that God made a covenant with David and it concerns the 89th Psalm He said:..'That as long as the sun, moon, and stars were in the sky there would never be a lack of one of David's seed to sit upon the throne.' I want you also to remember that in talking about the people of Israel...your race..that in the days when the coronation of David took place it this promise that God made to David (II Samuel 7:8)..'I took thee from following the sheep to be a ruler over my people Israel.' And then He tells of what is to happen:...'I will appoint a place for my people Israel, and I will plant them that they may dwell in a place of their own, and move no more. Neither shall the children of wickedness afflict them as in the past.' In the instance of this He also said:..'And when thy days are fulfilled and thou shalt sleep with thy fathers, I will set up thy seed after thee, which shall proceed out of thy bowels, and I will establish the throne of His Kingdom forever, My mercy shall not depart from him.' In this always God kept His word, and in the day of the Coronation of David we read:..'And the king stood by his pillar.' And David called upon God as to this promise, and the promise was reaffirmed of a great new land which would eventually be given to this seed which would be of great and vital potential in the climactic days.

My friends, this great and vital land was not in Jerusalem because King David was there in Jerusalem when he was crowned. This was to be a great land far away, as well as the Isles of the Sea which was to be a part of this prophecy. We call this to your attention because of the Biblical content thereof. We now want to go over a pattern of history which we think is of great importance. Remember that the people of Judah and Benjamin made up an important portion of the House of Israel because they were the two tribed nation of the House of Judah. They were not Jews, and the throne over them was a Davidic throne. You will remember that the other ten tribes were eventually relocated and settled down before the final overthrow of Judah and Benjamin...they were already settled in Europe and the British Isles It was 586 B.C., when Nebuchadnezzar mounted his final siege, and in the fall of Jerusalem then Zedekiah the King in Jerusalem and his sons were taken captive. Jeremiah was the prophet and had warned them this would happen because of their disobedience. They were carried away captive to Babylon, and there the king saw the execution of his sons. Then his eyes were put out as a sign that he had been subordinated as far as Babylon was concerned. Then Jeremiah took the scribe Baruch (no relationship to the Jews who have taken the name of Baruch today), but Jeremiah took this scribe and he took the Princess Tea Tephi, the daughter of Zedekiah and carefully removed her out of the land so that she would not fall captive. Went down into Egypt with her, and then from there they sailed around and came into the British Isles. For Tea Tephi was married to the King of Ireland, and from Ireland to Scotland to Wales...the genealogy from that time on carries the Royal throne line of the people in Britain back to direct descendance of the House of David. In the days when Jeroboam and his people departed the king line had been maintained there as well, for there was also Davidic seed among Israel in the north where they were in rebellion. It is a matter of interest then that in the 34th., chapter of Jeremiah that we are told in his prophecies given to him and to others how..God calls Jeremiah a prophet from his MOTHERS WOMB and he is to do for God.. to do certain things such as:...'to transplant, pull down, and build up.' One of his jobs was thus the transplanting of the Empire. Then over in the Book of Ezekiel (chapter 17) we read:...'A great eagle with many feathers and divers colored, comes and tops off the top of the cedar tree, and carries it away into the city of merchants.' And He (God) also took of the seed of the land and planted it in a fruitful field by great waters where it became a great tree. It was planted in good soil by these waters, and its branches brought forth good fruit. Therefore the Scripture says:..'Being planted it shall prosper.' The seventh verse says:..'this tender branch planted by the great waters is turned toward YAHWEH and her land and plantations shall become many.' Thus identifying the seed of this particular household now being transplanted as a WOMAN.

If you turn inside the book of Ezekiel to the 17th chapter you will have an interpretation of this prophecy. Ezekiel says:..'Behold know you not what this means? The king of Babylon came to Jerusalem, and hath taken the king and the Princes, and taken them to Babylon. There he has taken of the kinds seed and made a covenant with them, and taken an oath with him as he has taken the mighty of the land.' Then we discover that there was a design of rebellion on the part of this king and his sons, and then the sons are killed and the Kings eyes are put out, and eventually the King is also killed. But in verse 22:..'Thus saith YAHWEH, I God will also take of the highest branch of the Cedar and I will crop off from the top..this young twig...a tender twig (a woman) and I will plant it upon a high mountain (or in a great kingdom in Israel) high and eminent, in the lands of the Kingdom of Israel, in the height of the nation of Israel I will plant it. And it shall be a great tree whose bows shall bear fruit, a goodly cedar, and under it shall dwell the fowl of every wing; in the shadow of the branches thereof shall they dwell.' Alright:...all the people of the nations shall eventually dwell under the branches of this tree. Remember how one time we read to you the 31st., chapter of Ezekiel to show you how God pointed back to the days of Eden and He talked about how the Assyrian Empire was a great tree, and under its branches dwelt all the fowls of the earth, and all the nations?

Now; concerning this woman transplanted out of the land of Palestine, and into a new spot, that she was to be a part of the great Kingdom of Israel? That the Empires coming from this seed were going to spread all over all parts of the earth, and that people of the earth were going to dwell at sometime under this Empire? Jeremiah said in verse 24., that all the trees of the field (all the people of the world) shall know that 'I YAHWEH have brought down the high tree (Jerusalem) and I have exalted the low tree, and I have raised it up as a Kingdom and have transplanted the seed in it.' These are the prophecies of purpose. Of course the story is of how Jeremiah took this Princess down to Ireland, and today you will find in Ireland, the tomb of Jeremiah. And how the great King line came out of Britain from that day on which were to produce some of the great Viking leaders, the great warriors, the great builders of civilization, and culture which existed in Britain and in Scandinavian countries. In fact some of the descendants of the throne became such leaders and Norsemen battling warriors fighting the forces of Darkness, that they have been sung about by the Bards, and exalted as the sons of God into the great domain of the heavens. The cry of Wooton Wooton as some the gods of Norway was actually Wooton a son of this King line who they said was now like his German cousin and was now riding with the Falconry. Out of the winds and the storm came this abiding presence, of this son of the Eternal ..thus they called him Wooton.

We want you to realize that out of this history...Ezekiel brings us a little further in this declaration, remember that David was out of a measure lifted up to be the throne line of the House of David, and identified as the throne line of the King by the symbol of the Lion. We point out to you that this David..Lion..was transplanted into the symbol of the Bull and the Unicorn country, thus the sign of the Lion was then found in the west called the DRY TREE. And today the sign of the Lion is shown on all symbols of the British seal, with the colonies shown as young lions..this is just a symbol of the throne of the king.

Now; let us notice the 19th., chapter of Ezekiel it says:..'Now moreover take thou up a lamentation for the Princes of Israel and her young lions, she nourished her young lions...the nation. She brought up one of her young lions to become great and powerful and to enclose many people. The nations heard of him because he was taken in a pit.' This shows that this is the House of Joseph because he was the one in the pit, then taken out of that pit, and in chains was taken into Egypt, where he was elevated to be the father of these two sons, out of whom would come these great nations of Anglo-Saxondom.

We point out that the identity which is given here by Ezekiel of this throne line of the House of Joseph and its Empire, has again..the symbol of the Lion, and the statement that all the Princes and rulers of these nations of Israel would look back to Britain and say:..'see there is our mother..the Lioness.' I tell you today that practically every white king line going, even down to Spain, and down into Italy, and up into Scandinavian countries, and all over where there is any of the Royal seed left of the natural king line of your race traces back to this House of David back in Britain. Even tho some nations are in captivity or are today Republics, still that king line seed is of the House of David. There has never been a period in history in which these nations have not been the great contributors to civilization, and to culture. The subject of America and its part in its destiny, and its symbols, and its mark that can never be reputed are so many but that is a subject for another lesson of it self. But we tell you that we know where each and every one of these nations of God's Kingdom are to be found tonight. We know that they together were to produce two great wings now brought together of a mighty civilization. We know that in the 37th., chapter of Ezekiel that the prophecy is given unto Ezekiel concerning the fact..'thus saith the LORD. I have certain things I want you to prophecy about. Write thou, son of man, upon one stick for Judah and the children of Israel his companions, and for Joseph and his companions of the House of Israel...then join them all together one with another, and they shall become one mighty stick in my hands.' Why? What for? Because I (God), in the latter days, am joining the House of Judah and his companions and the House of Joseph and his companions into one mighty striking force against My enemies!

Now; this means the Anglo-Saxons, the Scandinavians and kindred people will stand together, with Germany which is the House of Judah, and all the Germanic people which includes Austria and others in Central Europe, each other, we are going to turn and stand together irrespective of any one who tries to hinder, and we will stand as one GREAT HOST. We will turn the Hosts of the Soviet Union because this is a part of your destiny for tomorrow. As the 37th., chapter of Ezekiel warns...this is God's purpose, as all Israel is joined together not as one nation, but as a mighty striking force, a mighty striking power, no longer will we be battling each other of the race, but now battling the enemy of the race, and of Christian civilization.

Thus in the 37th., chapter of Ezekiel God then warns:..'I am against thee of Gog, chief ruler of the Russias. I am against thee chief ruler of Moscow and Tubal.' For out of the Asias now comes this unassimilated seed, these forces of darkness, and you are told that they are going to gather forces of Africa and the people of Asia. They will move with all their armies across Persia and these areas, and out of the north they come, moving across Poland and into Europe, and as they come their aircraft will come like a flight of a storm from the north. Their hoards in great numbers will come...where? Not Palestine, but against the great nations of Israel. At this time they will also move like a great pincher movement to involve all of the Middle-east. They will move as of now to envelope Egypt, and eventually all of North Africa and Ethiopia which they have already infiltrated. They will try to drive their great pinchers movement against you. The MOST HIGH GOD says that in this time they will come against you, Israel, in the land of 'UN-WALLED CITIES'. This is not talking about the Jews down in Palestine because they build walls around everything...but they are coming against you to take a 'spoil'. This is talking about you....but the MOST HIGH GOD says..this is your destiny..and at this time you are to stand up..Israel arise..there will be a great shaking in the land of Israel. There has been going on a great shaking in the land of Israel and it causes them to move, to wake, and whether the movement is out of Cuba, or Moscow, the sights of an awakening Israel are lining up against this Northern army. There will then be a great shaking in the land of Israel and when it is over there will be a lot of missing people. I would advise that this is the time for them to go to their destiny which is down in Israeli. Thus saith the MOST HIGH GOD...'I am going to call for a sword thru out all of my nations, against this enemy and every one of Israel will be a part of this before it is all over.'

Then as we read this:...'I am going to rain pestilence and blood, great hailstones of fire, and death upon mine enemies.' How long will it take? Before this prophecy is all through there will be judgment and fire (Shekinah Glory) almost like a nuclear holocaust that will hit the Soviet Union and all the enemies of the Kingdom. Prophecy says that it will take 7 months to bury the dead. This is seven months to bury the enemy of God. We do not have time to go into all the areas of this prophecy concerning the great nations of Israel and their destiny, but it says that out of your land goes those fiery swords...against this enemy who thinks to bury you, when God said that every weapon the enemy turns against you He will DESTROY. Your destiny is not in the weeks ahead..with a Peace with the Soviet Union, it is 'defeat of World Communism.' Instead of being able to accomplish in your midst the absorption of everything which is evil, everything which is Anti-Christ...America and all the Christian nations are going to wake up and sweep it clean with a clean broom. Your tomorrows are linked with the victories of God. They are a part of a great pattern of Divine Destiny. We want you to know that when HE said:...'I have set above all the people of the earth, and my covenants are to last thousands of generations'...this my friends is all true. We would point out to you the location of all these nations that the Apostle Paul in all his Epistles identified..which prove all these things are true. We find that the Apostle Paul said:..'The spirit forbade me to go to Asia.' He was sent instead especially to the administrations of the people of Europe. He went to Britain and he went to Rome, and you can identify out of the Epistles of Paul all these people and some of whom were of the Royal lines but associated with Anglo-Saxondom and Western Europe... he sent his Epistles to Galatia as well and all those people. The history of the city of Rome is very complete concerning all of these people, and the things that transpired and can be proved by the records still available today that the Apostle Paul wrote even to Royalty in Britain. He was a house guest of Royal representatives of Britain who were in Rome, down there as representatives of the British Empire. We can prove to you that when St. Augustine went northward when he was told that he could Evangelize the barbarians, but accompanying him would be the Roman legions, thus when he went to Britain he found he could travel freely among the people. When he got back to Rome he said:..I did not find any heathen or barbarians, but I found culture, I found churches, I found civilization built around the faith in the same God. I found that they believed in the Virgin Mary, that they believed in the embodiment of The Christ as Messiah, and their churches and their rituals were similar to ours. Go read the writings of St. Augustine concerning Britain and you will find that instead of finding barbarians whom they called Huns, in the heart of Europe...he found the Germanic people and they were not savages. He said that when he traveled there that he found ‘Evangel' was in Germany, and in the Mountains of France. He found that the rulers not only believed, but were trusting in the Christ, and the blessed Virgin. He was amazed to find that these people had built stone houses, and castles of great strength. He saw that they were building churches of worship, and he wanted to write of these things lest the people of Rome think that a barbarian is ignorant.

Today we have people telling us that the heart of Europe was peopled by these terrible Huns. Well that is alright for these motion picture stories, but don't think that because you are a successful warrior that makes you a barbarian. In the background of the Great European history, remember that your early Sethite brothers coming from the High Steppes, wandering across Tibet, leaving there great Do-rings of stone...then in Persia, in Avebury and Stonehenge...modern science is today finding that as they check back on tradition then they come upon this word...Manu, or Aryan..white man or Sethite way back in the first millennium of the coming of your Adamic race into existence, and they find that these are the people who built those great Astronomical patterns of measure. Some of these people were also resident when the Israelites came into view, but they were one and the same stock of people. As you see white men upon the face of the earth you are looking at the Household of the MOST HIGH are looking at a people from whom God expects better things. You are looking at a people whom God had ordained to rule the earth, from one end to the other, with righteousness and justice. You are to set people free from the darkness of fear and superstition, and place them under the regulation's of God's kingdom. We have a clipping which says that the National Council of Churches is very disturbed. The fact that they are disturbed does not disturb us for we are just interested in reporting why they are disturbed. Feb. 1, 1963...The National Council of Churches says:..'Racism is now sweeping America. This Racism is built on this image that the white race and Christianity are somehow being...listed as carrying a racist destiny for the ruling of the earth by the white Christians. We warn all churches to stop this or it will bring great disgrace on Christianity, and end with doom and oblivion as it brought catastrophe upon Germany.' Well! Do you know what brought catastrophe on Germany? In the first place the Jews were allowed to get a good foothold in Germany. Then when the law caused them to run out of Germany because they could not live as parasites under the new laws that the Reich formed, they ran into other countries and started an encirclement of Germany. They came over here and from here and from England they turned one House of Israel against another and then the House of Joseph and the House of Judah fought one of the most fearsome wars of all history. Someone said:..but it was because of the persecution of the Jews that brought down Germany. Tonight I am going to say that I believe that Germany never persecuted the Jews, but that the Jews just received justice for their deeds. We want you to know that when America wakes up and moves against Communist and conspirators that they will go into concentration camps or be deported, or even executed for their crimes. We also tell you that when these things transpire here that somewhere else they will cry:..atrocities. You will hear how the United States of America cooked them in ovens. I listened the other day to a very unique narrative by a brilliant high officer who talked about the Jews who went back and confiscated land under tribunal decrees which followed the war, and these were Jews who were previously reported to have been killed in the gas ovens, but they went back ..from the U.S. after the war to confiscate property in Germany. We pray for an hour when an awakening comes in our society, and all dual-allegiance will be banned from this nation. These are the patterns of your destiny just as sure as tomorrows sunrise. The nations of God's Kingdom are going to be led in a most unique way by the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle. What is transpiring on the world scene is the pulling together of the branches of the House of Joseph. And in turn also Belgium, Holland and Germany move this way, and France would like to move this way as does Spain. Then Denmark, Norway and Sweden feel that their survival depends on the strength of the Western Christian Nations, under the leadership of America. Thus Westward you have proceeded, a great and mighty society, the Household of God. And when the time comes you will be awakened and quickened to your spiritual and social responsibilities...when this lesson is learned by your nation as God spreads this truth from one end of your nation to the other, then never again will the enemy be able to take away the knowledge of God's Grace, and His covenants, or even the great instrument in His hands...His People..Israel, led by this great nation. The reason for the worry as felt by the National Council of Churches is that they have not been teaching the Gospel of the Kingdom..this Gospel that Jesus taught. They have been teaching the Doctrine passed on to them by the enemies of The Christ, which is communism and Jewry.

We would tell you this:...inside of these organizations which are members of this brainwashed group, are thousands, yes even millions of Christians. It is your job and mine to wake them up and to say:..'Come out of her O My people.' Christians are going to have to take over under the standards of God's Truth. We think there is going to be ONE FAITH, ONE LORD, AND ONE BAPTISM AS THE TRUE CHRISTIAN CHURCH IN A MIGHTY FLAME ENVELOPES YOUR COUNTRY WITH TRUTH. This is your Destiny, and as we look at this pattern of the words of Jeremiah, and Ezekiel..and promises to all looks good. There is nothing more important than for people to wake up as to who are the people of this BOOK. A lot of people say they do not like the Old Testament, but that is because they do not realize who the people of this Book really are. As they say that the Jews are the people here, there is an animosity produced that they do not understand, and yet they do not realize that the Jews are trying to usurp your place, and you are thus getting only a distorted view of this Old Testament. But this is your BOOK, and this is our Father, and our covenants, and when you find out that the Jew has nothing to do with it then it is your duty to make known to your fellow Christians that the Jews are not the chosen people. But in the Adamic, Sethite, Heber, Abraham...this race which makes up the great white race stock, which makes up your nation..these are the people of the Book, and they came out of your racial stream, and this is what has made your nation grow. The enemy is the one who calls for Peace..Peace..put hour head on the block, and we will give you Peace, but under that type of Peace you support the whole world. When the Kingdom is consummated, and you have overcome the last hammer and sickle then you are going to lead the world, guide the world, and they are going to pay for it, support it out of their taxes. If people only knew today what Jesus said about the Jew, and add to that a knowledge of who they are, and what God said He would do with them, and what age of blessing, achievements and leadership is ahead, then my friends, you couldn't stop this country or the people of the country with any kind of propaganda. And woe to him who sought by propaganda to stop you in your destiny. In the ages ahead in comparison to the journeys you have made, your burden is going to be light. We want you to know that you are on the edge of the greatest day in human history. We have come a long way in 7400 years, but so short a route when we compare it with the history of the earth. And knowing that not one tribe of Israel is lost, not one branch of the House of God is non-existent, for the enemy has not been able to destroy all...we fight on. The Anti-Christ only rules over the World Order, not the Kingdom of God. When people tell you that..the Anti-Christ is going to sweep the world, and rule over it...remember that the Anti-Christ moves over the World Order..the Beast System..not the Kingdom of the Almighty God. When the Scripture talks about the rise of Anti-Christ and the mark of the Beast all over the world, this is not talking about the Kingdom of God. This Household of God in Tomorrow is not a part of the Anti-Christ we are a part of God's Household, and never will we strike the banners of God's Kingdom before the Anti-Christ. When Christ joins us in mighty victory, then every knee will bow and every sword of opposition shall be broken. There will be no more of our young and women marching and then falling in a war, before this is all over, there will be no weapon which can destroy one of this race. When God puts His protecting wall around them, this will be over....and remember that the day is coming.

( End of Message )

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