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Best of Dr. Wesley Swift

Hour Of Peril And God's Deliverance, 6-2-63

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By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 6-2-63

With this subject we are turning to the discussion of the situations that relate to your security, to the conditions of peril that sweeps the world, and which also moves in this great Christian nation of yours, for perilous time have come. But there is an assurance of deliverance and even with the coming of these situations there is also evidence of demonstrations of mighty Spiritual force and power to be made manifest among those who constitute God’s household. If you think for one moment as we talk about dire perils for this time, that it is not biblical you will discover in the Book of Timothy these words which are important and we need to see the significance of these words:-----(II Tim:3)

“Know also that in the last days, perilous times shall come.” This is one of the statements that the Apostle Paul writes to the young preacher, and he tells him that in the last days there will be people who will be lovers of themselves, who will be covetous, boasters, pious, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful and unholy. Since they do not have natural affection, they will be truce breakers, false accusers, they will be traitors and despisers of those who do good. Also they will have a form of Godliness, but denying the power there of and from such turn away.

But the instance of this is that the vision of this was given unto the Apostle Paul and he tells you in the book of Corinthians how he was carried into the heavens, whether in the body or in the Spirit he could not tell, but there in the heavens he was given a vision of what was to occur in the last days, and he wrote of these things for our enlightment. He wrote of things that would come to pass, and of why they would happen. I don’t think we have to go very far this afternoon to establish that we have traitors in high places, who are heady and high minded. Who are covetous of power, and of wealth, and who would make a covenant with the devil and all of his forces if they though it would give unto them force of power, and to help build for them a dynasty.

We see the evidence of this when in a Great Christian Nation like this the leadership is selecting around it for advisors, the enemies of Christ who are working for the destruction of our country. Then we understand that the leadership is covetous of power, or it would not make such a strange alliance for power. There is no question but what this also reaches into the areas of the hierarchy of religion. Also the Apostle Paul was not the only one who was to receive this knowledge, for the Apostle John who was taught by Christ---in the majestic book of Revelations was to write these things for your instruction.-----And in the book of Revelations John saw that in this climactic hour when the evil Luciferian systems of Lucifers household was building their beast systems all over the earth, that they were producing the areas of Anti-Christ which would wage war with God’s Kingdom. That even in the ecclesiastical field we would find a battle against the true foundations of and principles of God’s Kingdom. All patterns of false instructions in the areas of ecclesiastical power are referred to as Harlotry daughters of Babylon. Then to Babylon is the mother of al false religions. Babylon is the symbol of false prophets and ecclesiastical power. In order to accomplish its objective against the Christian church an invasion of Satans Children took place, in the largest denominations and the largest churches on earth. They penetrated Protestantism to carry on these errors of theology. And in your day there has been a great penetration into the areas of the ecclesiastical hierarchies of the world which are carrying out the work of the enemy. There are supporting the spreading and building programs of Anti-Christ. They are waging war against the programs of God’s Kingdom and the institutions of God’s Kingdom. Thus they are referred to as the Harlotry daughters of Babylon. We point out today that Ecclesiastism is creating the climatic end of the denominations which is also prophetic. And in this hour in which we live, the mighty growing development of a great new vital living Christian church will make its appearance, for there shall be one Faith, One Lord, One baptism, and a show of all the standards of His Kingdom.

If you think that these statements can’t be substantiated then we will show you that even as Paul said:----that in these days we would see these perils. I point out to you that the perils of our times come from turning away from the proper instruction and the carrying out of the blue prints of the program of God’s Kingdom. That the failure came first from the religious hierarchies who took possession of the Christian Faith and its Churches, and then with the falling away from the instructions of God, which is Apostasy and the falling away lost the vision that was so essential in being translated into government, and into the building of the structure of government of the nations of God’s Kingdom.

Since you are very real and very tangible and since you have been placed in a physical world, and the nations of God’s Kingdom have been placed in a physical world, then it is here that it shall be demonstrated. There fore the Church was a very special living mission----as it was an oracle of truth----”Thus saith the Lord.” To prepare the blueprint and foundation of civilization and a society in God’s Kingdom that was to occupy the earth, there has been no change in the program from the earliest perception of your race in earth. This was the household of God in the earth, and this was understood by the patriarch’s and your forefathers. The knowledge that they were to grow, from the status of family into cities, and into states, then into nations of God’s Kingdom was also understood. This knowledge is the foundation of covenants and blueprints of the Holy word. It was known and understood in the days of the ministry of Christ when he was recognized that here was the embodied Messiah, and his Kingdom was tangible and real. It was to spread first by the dynamic awakening of all the children of the Kingdom---the Adamic race. That the nations of that Kingdom would emerge with power and struggle against the forces of darkness. At no time has the program of God’s Kingdom been a pacifist movement. At no time have we had an easy time when we were not faced with enemies, and therefore we are not to back away from the program of resistance because it may bring a clash of arms, or because there may be violence involved. I want you to know that the powers of darkness have always used violence against God’s Kingdom. At the time of the ministry of Christ, when He walked the earth with his disciples, they were not immune to violence except by the intervention of his person had he so wished to use his power. I want you to remember that when Jesus sent forth his disciples at that time he said:-----You better buy a sword, even if you have to sell your coat. You may be cool but you will survive a little longer with a sword than without. Jesus meant a literal sword, and a sword is what his disciples bought. More than this in the instance of the message of declaration:---I want you to know that basically the children of Lucifer as identified by Christ were also identified as having their descent from Cain, and their pattern of Luciferian seduction and evil. Their identity is with the powers of darkness through out all ages, and thus they were made known by the words of Jesus. They were the enemies of Christ and his disciples and they have been the enemies of His Kingdom from the beginning. They used violence at every attempt and as such they harassed even the Great Apostles with their mighty power--- but they understood this. I point this out to you because ever once in a while I come upon a timid preacher who says he is afraid. The Apostle Paul tells us a little bit about this back in II Corinthians as Paul talks about something he knows and he says:-----I am a Hebrew----I am an Israelite and when it comes to being a minister I have had more experience in this than most of my critics. When it comes to being a minister I want to say this for my experience: (IICor.11:22) I have had abundant labor but I have been in prison more frequently, I have had many stripes. Of the Jews I have received 5 times I received forty lashes less one; thrice I have been flogged; once I have been stoned ----I speak as a Clergyman preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom. The Apostle Paul made it quite clear that this great dynamic following in the path laid down for him by Christ, had not only a life in which the powers of darkness abused him violently, but also kept him in constant peril. I talked to a person the other day who said:----Dr. Swift I would like to move with the right wing and take an active part, but I have my social status to maintain, and I feel that in accepting the following course of accepting the denominational theology of Christianity and moving in that course does not bring any danger to my social status, and one must keep intact that status, because we must get along with everyone. That is very Christian is it not?

I said:---Well Christ didn’t keep that status altho he was the very God, in the minds of the court and in the powers of the land where he carried out his ministry. They not only thought to deny and to destroy him, but there was not one evil think that they didn’t say about Christ, both in his life time and of his ministry, they always sought to destroy him. So I said to this minister:----While you are trying to keep this social status of yours & while trying to be a disciple of The Christ---be sure that you social status is not the status of the world order that is trying to destroy the Kingdom of God. It is important that you have the aprovation of the Kingdom of God, and that you have the approval of God, and not the status of the power of evil, that is trying to destroy you. As you are talking of accepted social status then let me tell you almost everyone of the disciples of Christ were thrown in jail numerous times for proclaiming the truth, because of the power of Jewry in those days.

We not also that the Apostle Paul was in jail many times and when some little preacher tried to criticize him because he did not think Paul had been active enough, when by that time the great Apostle had been in jail many times, had been beaten by the Jews by stripes, by rods, and he had been stoned, then 3 times shipwrecked and he said:---because of My Faith:--In journeys I have been imperiled by waters, by robbers, and by my own countrymen. Then you say how could he be imperiled by his own countrymen?---Well take a look around today at some of your countrymen. I tell you that if you proclaim:----”Thus saith the Lord”, that there is also some peril around here today. The Apostle Paul said:---I have been imperiled by the heathen. But you have that whether you are over in Kenya colony or in Birmingham, Ala. He said:---I have been in peril in the cities----and the Apostle Paul knew what he was talking about when he said:---Perilous times will come in the latter days.

When I was a young boy I walked the streets of Washington D.C. and I had the thrill that belongs to Americans when I saw the beautiful buildings, and that Capital. I would think---how wonderful to be an American. Most people that you saw on the streets were white people, and didn’t pay any attention to the negroes because nothing stirred them up, and you didn’t worry about them. More than that a woman could walk on the streets and be safe, and it never dawned on me that in this great capital of ours it would ever be unsafe for people to walk the streets---or for that matter than it would be unsafe in any of our cities, because I thought as a boy that this country would be secure. Many, many Americans just never thought but what this great country of our would always be secure and sound and that no dangers would ever come upon it, and we could continue to live in our structure of home and family life, and seek to gather the substance of security and pay little attention to what went on in the civic life of your society, while you as a people and a nation have been paying little attention to the things going on in the years gone by the rascles came in. Then they continued to pay little attention to what was going on as they worked the strategy of Anti-Christ, and introduced these last days to you in which they are trying to take over your government and your society and wipe out the Church of Jesus Christ.

Oh, you say it hasn’t reached that far yet. Well you are just a year this side of more attempts by this power to accomplish their objective. I am holding in my hands---the Look Magazine, and I’m not a salesman for this publication but once in a while you find an article worthwhile in it. But in this edition is the picture and the story of Washington D.C.----A Portrait of a Sick City.

(10 years later they removed the president in that sick city)

The article tells of gang warfare----muggins ---robberies---rapes,----gang attacks and the fact that a woman would be unsafe to walk the streets of Washington D.C. even in the afternoon. This is our great country, the most powerful country in the world. Don’t tell me from any blind position of Ecclesiastical thinking that perilous times have not come to America. What do you call it when you can’t walk down the streets in our National Capital and not feel secure.

In a great Christian nation like this, when any segment of our society can create such a condition of catastrophe that you cannot walk the streets of any city in the nation, then its time to change that situation, then its time to change that situation.----You cannot walk the streets of L.A. either and that was proved when a great number of people could not come out to our meetings when we held them downtown in L.A. because they were afraid to go out of an evening. If you think that is far fetched then I can tell you that we have correspondence from many cities as to this situation. In the city of Oakland, we have over half our former members of our congregation who are unable to attend because they have no one to accompany them to the meeting or because there is no security down town because their cars are molested while in a meeting or they are assaulted while on the streets.----Why is this occurring?----We have a vast dark wave of pagan forces and animal ferocity that has had the veneer and leadership pulled back, by powers of darkness in these last days.

Now---If you think we are secure and not in perilous times---here is another story this time from---Life Magazine. Here is a direct threat for the Negroes:---This headline says:--that the days of the white devil are almost over. Who make up those called white devils?----The White Christians.----This tells you how they are going to beat in your heads because your skulls are thinner. They show how they are going to battle the police to attain this goal. This is not a critical article at all---it is just telling you to measure up to their demands or this is going to happen to you. This is what I mean when I tell you that perilous times have come to us.

Then you say:----Oh, but this is only in the south, and far away from us. But I have here a statement that the biggest demonstration for total integration and total acceptance and a rise to administrative power will take place in L.S. (Well that happened in 1965 and L.A. then obtained a black mayor of the city and now the city administration in the city is in shambles)

What is the alternative if the great bulk of the Christian people still believe in maintaining their great white Christian society according to the laws of God, and who want to see that their children are instructed without the socialist environment that leads to Mongrelization and violations of divine law? What is the Alternative if they live up to the standards of---”Thus saith the Lord”, or follow Biblical instructions?----What is to happen?

Then we are threatened by these evil powers that brought on these conditions of these perilous days. I can tell you this afternoon that we will not be crushed by the evil powers that threaten the security of God’s Kingdom.

When I talk to you of the teaching of the Apostle Paul I remind you that he made it quite clear that one of these great areas of breakdown would be in the ecclesiastical leadership. That is very true for we told you the other day that we thought the Presbyterian church was resigning from the Christian Faith. It would not take upon itself the militancy to combat sex teaching that violates the standards of morality and ethics with an advocacy of promiscuous relations. They would take a position against prayer in schools or any moral ethical instruction of religious nature which were tied to a recognition of God. There would be some very depressing factors if one didn’t reach back once in a while and reassure oneself that what was heard was based on something not sound.

I reread the articles of Confederation, and the constitution last night. The men who prepared them said that they had all come together and unanimously agreed where they stood in this year of Our Lord. They stated where they stood:---and then out of your federal papers which lead up to this came the great declaration of the religious vision of everyone of the officials of your colonies. This was a white Christian society, a bringing together of peoples from the various portions of western civilization, but it was dedicated to something which would grow big in destiny and never go down. When I thought upon these things and saw how the early Episcopal Church and the Presbyterians and the Puritans, and the Congregationalists were virtually concerned in seeing how their young people were properly schooled in their responsibilities in service to God, how they were to understand the patterns of moral laws, then I realized that only with authority and understanding their relationship to their environment as a responsible people before God do they grow up to be useful citizens. Therefore in every private or in every public school it was the rule that the young people were instructed for their life as citizens of this great country.

I happened to notice in Life Magazine an article by the B’ani B’rith and the A.D.L. whom I consider to be Satans own Gestapo, and they were telling how they are making war on Christianity and Christian Civilization. This article boasts of how many detectives it has and how many lawyers they have and how much money they are using to take everything Christian out of our national life. How they use the press, and how it engages in smears and criticism but seeks to protect its own kind as it engages in this operation. I point out to you what I mean when I say:---There are those in religious hierarchies that think they have the prestige and power for the building of an Ecclesiastical showcase that has no power.

From the Episcopal Cathedral of Washington D.C.----from the Episcopal church men of America came a letter which is to be read today in all the Episcopal Churches of America. The Right Reverend Wittenberger warned of the catastrophe unless people followed his instructions.

The Episcopal Church wants it made very clear----that now it has convictions against all racial discriminations and it hereby states:---That segregation is a violation to all the teachings of Christ. It ordains a complete absorption of all people, irrespective of their race, their color or their creed. It makes an advocacy then of the admission and the bringing in to the Communion of every race, color or creed. No barrier against intermarriage, no barrier to the lines God had delineated to the difference in people. I tell you that it is urgent that the Church join the negroes or any group which is demonstrating for freedom, to show that the church will fight for any victim of oppression.

I tell you that the negroes are not fighting oppression, for they have been better off in these United States than any place in the whole world. Thus I read in the L.A. Times that this city is to be the battleground for total integration. While you were in this assembly last Friday night they were hatching a strategy to destroy you and your society. The Episcopal Church, the Methodist Church, The Presbyterian Church take the brainwashing propaganda of the enemy, moving against the foundations of your society, and offer the degeneration of America.-----What do you think the people ought to do?----I think that they should leave every avenues of it, for we are a great believer in ----- the invisible church. We believe that --- “The Invisible Church”---consists of every Adamite who believes that “Jesus is The Christ.” That every Adamite with this concept makes up a Great Invisible Church. That the Church is also a visible instrument and institution and as such therefore when hierarchies resign from their Faith by advocacy of an Anti-God teaching----then the people should repudiate the hierarchy, and join in the vast company of the Invisible Church. I tell you today that these hierarchies can be members of your race but when they, as great leaders fall from the Faith, then they need to be removed from those positions of leadership. When they become an unprofitable servant, they should be pruned and taken out of the way. This does not mean their souls are lost, this doesn’t mean that the superstitions of Africa and China are to take over our theology, but something can be taken out of the way very quickly when it takes the cause-----that hinders. It doesn’t give immunity to anyone. You may have an area of operation by an Episcopal Bishop, you may have a whole conference of Presbyterian Bishops who resigned from the advocacy of their faith, and the carrying forward militantly the impact of the Gospel, and still not have as much impact as you might have if an authoritarian branch with in the Church which has one voice speaks out with great authority and with great power....

We point out to you that since the Pope blessed the U.N. and called for all Christian nations to embrace it, and cross all barriers of race, color and creed to create----one world brotherhood. Tho he may have been motivated by misguided ideals and thought to make the world a better place to live, tho he may have been consciousness in this-----remember that the one who speaks with authority for his Church should have had the guidance of God and not spoken out of any human area of error. And therefore because of the intensity of such error, do not think that error like this can be continued, can be carried on. I noticed that immediately after this, the popes health deteriorated with great speed. Now this is not an attack upon his person, but upon his thinking. I tell you this, that this is no time for any individual caring any responsibility in the pulpits of the churches of the Kingdom of God to advocate anything that supports the program of Anti-Christ, for they can be the result of judgment irrespective of how high they obtain in the positions of Churchcraft. In fact I think the Kingdom of God will find more zealous action in this area than most any other.

Now:---Openly, no theologian would support the program of Anti-Christ if he understood it, but it is possible for people to be so bracketed by false advisors, to be so identified with world thinking and lack of spiritual guidance which is one of the prime requisite of the Church of Christ that they move with error. Thus we warn that with this error has come one of the prime movers to bring about the perilous times which we perceive. There has never been a more important time for your race to understand that---you---posses the capacities and qualities which God almighty ordained when he begat you in Celestial planes. As he planted you in the earth as the Adamic race, as his household you had the capacity to think his thoughts, to be influenced by his guidance and his purpose. If you had not been brought under submission by your own acceptance of the lie and error of Lucifer you would have possessed great power. This power is still yours and it is still a resident power that God has been restoring back to your race---that which has been lost, while at the same time you were still superior at all times---to all races round about you.

In Hamburg Germany a few weeks ago were gathered a great group of Geologists, archaeologists, scientists, anthropologists, bito-chemists, neurologists and Medical scientists, and I was greatly interested in their statements:-----They were discussing patterns of life and they were gaging and establishing the status of the latter of intelligence. They said that if we are to find the pattern of intelligence we must reach out to what we know of it through the patterns of anatomy. Too many people today are saying the only difference in people is the pigmentation of their skin, thus to transfer them to another area of the world will make them evolve into some thing quite different. In their study they cited that for this to take place then if you transferred a male and female negro from Africa to Alaska they would have to bleach out in color until they produced---bleached out negroes. They said if they died off it wouldn’t make any difference, if it hadn’t effected their posterity, and if there hadn’t been anything genetically established. In this instance:----these scientists said that nothing has longevity enough to mark any evidence since we have begun to study the reaction of environment upon people to establish----one mutative change. Then when 23,000 scientists were asked:----Do you believe in Evolution?----Not one raised their hand.

What I want to point out to you is that they established that a white man can get pretty brown in the African sun, but when he takes off his shirt then he is pretty white underneath that shirt. It doesn’t effect his posterist for white men have been in Africa for over 100 years and they are still breeding just as white babies as ever before. We have had negroes in this country since 1680 and they are still just as dark and some even darker in their family lines than some who have come over recently.----I want to give you this little measure of the results of that meeting of those scientists:-----The white man had the highest capacity, intelligence and was at the top of the intellectual level. Now the Asiatic was somewhat beneath this from the evidence of; abilities, apicites, mental energies applied to problems etc. The negro was placed below the tan or brown of the island people that they had selected from the Pacific Island groups of Malaya. The strangest thing that the scientists discovered was the emanation of energy, the ability to teach or train that can move into any area of consciousness that emanates from the white man. They proved that they could go right down the scale of the species of creatures, and the functioning of their brain in the areas of their ability to reason and work out their little problems even through out the animal Kingdom, and they set their scale by the intelligence level. They found that the Orangutang and the Chimpanzee and even the Great Ape were pretty intelligent, but they were able to loose quickly what they were thinking about, even their anger. They discovered that the horse was very intelligent as well as the dog, and even cats were very intelligent, and very much indifferent to people round about. They mentioned in their study something I thought was very unique:----Dogs that are in the homes of white people become more intelligent and more animated than dogs that live in the huts and villages of Africa, where the people have not only an abstract relationship to life, but apparently no interest in them. They pointed out that negroes can be taught and instructed by white men. They can learn and be trained and develop under that leadership where in they have no initiative on their own. They discovered that they can even be trained to do surgery by white doctors, but when trained by their own kind are unable to get across to them the scope of the ideas like the white can. they cited this:----Just as a dog does better under a white household so also does a Negro when the white man---guides, directs and rules. They demonstrated that where people of a lesser mental capacity are left to their own, that their progress goes down hill fast. Now this was the finding of a group of scientists who were not interested in this philosophy of races, or the racial upheaval. They were interested in the fact that there might be a wrong turn in our society if the leadership and intelligence of society was submerged, mutated and its strain wiped out.

Even tho they didn’t realize it, they were following the blueprints of God’s Kingdom from the beginning. Because you were not to mingle or mutate your race. You are the light of the world and the salt of the earth and neither of these was to be mutated. The process is not one which Lucifer has looked upon with pleasure, for he dislikes the fact that the Children of God are here in the flesh. He dislikes the fact that his policy of superstition and darkness and error are to fall before the illumination of that light. There was something he sought from the very beginning, and that was the defusing of that light which surrounds you.

We tell you that your race had an emanation of vibratory force, and this was an illumination that broke, in the proton field, into the light ray capacity to be received even in the video capacity. If you go back to the ancient Sumerians you find that these ancient people said that your forefathers were enveloped in light. In Ancient Egypt they said you were the children of the Ka of Rah, with the illumination like the sun, and that this strange emanation had power. This was demonstrated when Christ wanted the disciples to see what kind of power belonged to him and to them as his kinsmen. On the mount of transfiguration they say the light and the Glory, and it charged and thrilled them so much that they wanted to stay on that mount of transfiguration. They saw the light and the Glory and strangely enough this developing energy and this affinity between the dimensions of light and the dimensions of electronics are the difference between a spiritual plane and a physical one. But charges as the embodiments of the spirits of God’s Family can be-----this race is a race of light and of power, and in it is a tremendous secret in what God is going to do in this generation. We point out to you that the design to turn out this light is in the records all the way back through your race. And your race submitting itself to Luciferian domination lost that Glory and that aura of power. But it didn’t lose it completely because there is a development of light element that exists in the being. It forms an aura around an individual whether it is visible or not. It is not yet being perceived until it breaks into the video plane, except at times of great concentration or when a group are concentrating and medicating on the purposes of God and catching a wave of guidance, then their radiance can be seen upon them. There is a perception that is given to these individuals so that they may be able to see the radiance of light and the glory that rests upon people. There is a perception that is give to these individuals so that they may be able to see the radiance of light and the glory that rests upon people. There is not one of the Adamic race who does not have this wave length of divine energy. There is not a person of this race who before this generation is out of the passage of history, who is not going to have this radiance. We are not talking about a radiant countenance, we are talking about a glowing emanation of Glory.

We point out to you that the Book of Isaiah in the 60th., chapter says this about the climax of this age.

“Arise and shine for thy light has come and the Glory of Yahweh is risen upon thee.”

This sounds like something God has planned. If it has risen upon thee it was inside of you waiting to come forth. And the tempo in the areas of spiritual light and power is to be made manifest upon the children of God.

In the book of Romans it says that the whole creation vibrates with you, waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God. Then----The only thing that Jesus ever said that was missing as he dwelt here in earth in this physical body like yours, was the light and glory he had in the planes of Spirit where he was clothed with it.----He said:------Give me back that Glory I had before this era.

We are told of the perils of this time in the book of Joel the prophet. He told us that everyone whose name is written in the book of life is going to be delivered, and we tell you that----the book of life was written before the foundation of the world and you are never going to change it. We point out that God has a plan for this earth and he hasn’t abandoned it. This plan calls for empowered sons. In this hour when you see the greatest challenge to your society that has ever been produced----you are also promised deliverance. I am going to tell you that some of you seated here are going to be empowered with this light and Glory before the advent of Christ for intervention, and it could happen at anytime.

I want you to know that the catalyzing strength of those who believe in----”Thus saith the Lord”---and move with determination to carry it out is increasing until the invisible area of that aura is sometimes made visible to those who have the capacity to perceive it, this is already being demonstrated to be increasing.

I know that a great charge OF DYNAMIC FORCE IS MOVING THROUGH THOSE EAR-MOSTLY SEEKING TRUTH. And I know that the power of this truth is more powerful than any power turned loose against you in the earth today.

We do not have the time----but we wish we had more time to tell you what was discovered by these scientists who thought they were just discovering things of a material nature, but were producing more evidence of superiority, of spiritual capacity, of divine quality that God has placed in your race and is now bringing out of any possibility of dormancy. As the spirit restores to you in this climactic hour all the things you lost by submission to error. We have mentioned before that Lucifer was to capture the mind and bring submission by leading falsely and he thought that he could buy----even Christ. The power of darkness and of Jewry is that there is no God but Gold, and their savior is a bribe.

When Christ walked this earth they thought they could buy him, if Christ would worship Lucifer he was promised that they could co-exist and Lucifer would give Christ the Kingdom of this world, with their riches, their power and glory.----Now, you know that Christ refused, but I wouldn’t want to offer that to a lot of ecclesiastical leaders of today.----But Lucifer made a mistake and thought he could buy Christ----Jesus said:---”Thou shall worship the Lord thy God and him only shalt thou serve.”

In this instance:----The Adamic race made a bad error, but then Lucifer has through all times seduced people by error, and when they accept they discover he never pays off. There are those today who think the Church can make an agreement with Anti-Christ, the U.N., the world order and non-Christianity, but they are not producing brotherhood which they think----rather they are producing catastrophe. In this instance we point out that your race lost that light and that aura. God has however been restoring intelligence, and guidance and spiritual illumination. He has led you---line on line, and precept on precept until your science and your technology surpasses any other people on the face of the earth. He has restored back to you many things you have lost and you have learned to harness the elements and to take the burden of heavy labor off your shoulders that transgression produced. One of the things to be restored is the mighty Glory and power of the Sons of God.

Some say----What we really need is a re-adjustment in our society. We surely do need that, and we will need every spiritual force to bring it to pass. Let me assure you of this:---When Christ walked the earth they could not put their hands on him if he didn’t want them to, and he said all he missed was that light----that is all you need. This is the day of restoration:----The Apostle Paul said:----You are going to be changed with light unto Glory, with understanding and with wisdom-----”Thus saith the Lord”-----in the seat of your consciousness, and your determination to carry out this blueprint will bring on the others areas of development that we are waiting for.

I want you to know that the powers of divine deliverance have never been shortened. Tho the enemy plans mass assaults on those who resist the darkness, still you are not to fear, you are not to appease, you are to stand firm. For God has promised that in the great hour of turmoil that deliverance will come. More than that, you are going to see miracles, and people will run in fear before the demonstration of spiritual force.

Instead of developing an area of complete Christian understanding, instead of the denominational hierarchies saying:---we must stand as white Christians for the preservation of our society-----we are willing to help the world, we are willing to help feed the hungry, but we will not permit the power of God’s Kingdom by the violation of his laws to be broken. Instead of saying that the hierarchy of the denominations----to many of them are surrendering to join the mob.

I tell you this:-----Little Flock it is your Fathers good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.

It is only truth that makes you free. It takes divine understanding which you are capable of receiving to know these things, and you can do anything you know how to do.

Yes these are perilous times but those who seek to avoid these perilous times----only expose themselves to greater danger. Those who are willing to stand firm in the face of what you might consider great peril will find God has a covenant for their security and their protection. He has called you to come out and be separate and not be associated in a temple of idols, with the witch doctors and the darkness. The Church, Christianity and your nation has never taken a view of opposition against the people of the world because of their color. Rather has sought to help them all---to guide them all, sought to create for them areas of achievement, was not responsible for how they exist or how they were made, but did not ever hate them. But there is hatred now against you. ----- I am going to quote from a Jewish newspaper:----Christianity, and down in Israeli, they hate it with all their heart.

Well they hate it here also, make no mistake about that. For they hate Christ and the purposes of God, they serve their Father the devil and they are of the forces of Lucifer. In Israeli today, an Atheist is well received, an agnostic is accepted, but a Christian is hated.

I think it is time in this great nation when we say enough, to helping people who hate our Savior, a people with dual allegiance, a people who vote here and also vote in the elections of another country through their synagogues.

Let us remember we have not resigned from the fight, and God didn’t ask His Church to resign from the fight---rather talked about the climax of this hour with HIS EMPOWERED SONS----- with a new challenging Faith. Write the climax of this Church age as we move into a new age as one of Light and Glory and not of defeat. And this my friend comes right in the midst of all the attempts of the forces of Anti-Christ to destroy us.

I never want you to leave this congregation with the idea that the Anti-Christ is going to take over the Kingdom. It is the world order that he takes over, and he is taking it over and he now rules over the world order, but he is not to rule the Kingdom. Oh, he has bombarded it an he has fifth columned it, but the Christian nations of God’s Kingdom---in this hour----are going to awaken and they are going to eliminate Anti-Christ from your society-----for this is your Destiny.

( End of message )

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