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Best of Dr. Wesley Swift

Help From Celestial Planes, 3-25-63

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by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 3-25-63

As we turn tonight to our subject help from Celestial plains--to the condition of the kingdom of God, to the nations, which sets the kingdom apart as the kingdom of God. Certainly there has been a condition which has developed in the last 35 years which would seem almost impossible to the average student of prophecy except that he has witnessed it, and watched it come to pass. For here we---a great nation and a powerful nation dedicated to the cause of carrying the Gospel of the kingdom to the ends of the earth, to lift up the standards of God and to carry forward the purposes of the Most High---we were a nations which under our operations had extended ourselves from one post to another. We had developed the patterns of raw materials and we were providing for the people. And as for the percentage of taxes which it took to run this nation, it was a very small part of our livelihood and of our income. In fact in this process the structure of the kingdom of God was growing, growing, growing. And it seemed that the end of the age was not so close at hand as people would have advocated it to be. Then changes came and we watched ourselves plunge into a depression, and from the depression we went into the patterns of a war. And from the war we emerged to find that overrunning our land were inassimilable people. Yes, we had them before, people that we could not recognize as American citizens, because actually, they should not be. But we had forgotten the advice of Benjamin Franklin as he was giving advice to the Continental congress, or we would not have let these people in. But at the same time they did come in. But never into the areas where we found them after WWII. Nor were we under the same circumstances as we are at this time. In fact at the end of WWII it was a fact. We had Income taxes now and they were higher than we had before. But still at the end of WWII they were still very small and they affected us very little. Even tho the amount of money raised by them during the war had been tremendous.

In this period of time we were engaged with an enemy, not a new enemy, but an old enemy. But we had shut our eyes to this enemy during the period of the war. And then again the aim of the Communist party became quite an impact upon the people of the world. In fact in the areas where we had opposed Communism and had stood out against these areas of Communism, we watched it develop and grow because of the apparent blindness of the Roosevelt Administration. In fact it was accepted that if Communism would stay within the areas of the Russias then we would accept them and exchange facts with them. But no sooner was the ink dry on the signed document than they took the paper into a hundred divisions. For they were sending out into American history the operation of the revolution. In fact all the time thru the depression they were working successfully thru their many unnamed organizations, and with people like the Rosenbergs and others, who were coming into American political life, and the processes of it was to develop areas of Socialism. But still at this time many people did not realize it. Then as WWII came along we were still very much against Communism, and it would seem natural that we should be against Communism. Then Russia signed a non-Aggression pact with Germany and then it was very, very clear that the enemy was very much the Russians as well as the Germans. However, at this time we were not involved in the areas of war. We were not engaged in this operation, and the President pledged that the United States would stay out of the areas of war, that was engulfing the nations of the world. He said, ‘I will not send your sons to foreign wars, I will not spill your blood, in this area of operation.’ But we had an unassimilatable people here in the United States United States and we had them surrounding the President. We had them gaining areas of influence and at the same time, we had investigations going on concerning the areas of Communism. But they were not as strong as they had been since the rise of the Revolution, and the persecution of Christians under the Soviet Union. But at the same time, we had the major areas of the F.B.I. who were investigating Communism. And in the Police Departments of our nation they were very, very active, and in their departments they were looking at the deeds of the Communists and they had photographs, and if they found the people they picked them up. And when there was no area of activity that they could pin upon them then they just watched and observed them but they were carefully watching this area of Communism. At the same time, we had Communism operating in the areas of affluence. But they were still being watched and we knew what was going on in the areas of Communism.

Well, when WWII broke into the division between Germany and Russia, then all of a sudden we were the ally of Russia. And this was a great thing. And this welcoming of Russia into the American way of life was starting to move in ----altho this being a good thing was a fallacy. The areas of the operation had been long and skillfully designed, but Russia pulled out exactly when she had planned to pull out. And as far as the invasion of Russia was concerned, this was a fallacy as far as Germany was concerned. Germany invaded Russia--but long after the non-aggression pact had been signed with Germany and they were not supposed to invade Russia. But remember this. That in the beginning of the war Russia invaded Finland and Finland was the one country which paid its debts to the United States. And was the one country that had held their Independence, but when Russia moved into Finland they moved into the one area which they thought would be to their advantage. And then when the time came little Finland asked these United States if we would give her the money for her war, or give her airplanes or equipment, we turned her down, because we did not want to get involved in war with Russia. So Finland turned to Germany. And Germany responded by giving little Finland all kinds of aide, even tho they had a non-Aggression pact with The Soviets. Thus Germany gave to Finland these things because Russia attacked Finland first.

No wonder in the areas of these operations we see that we were taken over by Stalin. But we see that Mr. Stalin was holding his alliances with Winston Churchill and Mr. Roosevelt and we were moving into to the area of the open betrayal of the Communist party in the areas of its commitment. In fact during the war it was always holding back until we had brought about a great area of victory then it would thrust in. Of course this was true in the areas of Japan and largely true in some areas of Europe. However the areas of this is a rather significant thing, for we were coming down a long and tiresome avenue of new developments. Perhaps in WWII, Russia was still a friendly country with which we thought to coexist with. However it was soon engaged in the program of Communism, and the finance behind it was still the same program. In fact when Kuhn Lobe and Company and Jacob Schiff had finance Communism, putting up the money that made possible the Red Revolution, and had skillfully financed Lenin and had carried forward the operation of the liquidation of the Czar and the liquidation of his family. This was a Jewish enterprise, make no mistake about that. In the United States of America it was Jewish banking systems and Jewish houses that was spreading the doctrine of Communism and carrying out their areas of subversion.

Well we discover that in the past as people spoke out against Communism, we discovered that they were listened to with some degree. Until the days when McCarthy was carrying on his investigations, and we were very much concerned because Russian Air power and Russian might was not good for these United States, and not good for the other countries. And then we discovered that she was reaching out into China and into Asia and participating in the program of World Conquest. She was moving down into the oil areas of the middle east, and then on down into Africa. And then as a nation we would speak out against this, but we did not speak out as far as we should have. When McCarthy came out with the facts that the Communist were moving into our line of defense and into our signal core and was exposing all of their operations, he was soon castigated by the Senate of the United States. And in the day when they castigated Senator Me Carthy, they committed an area of treason to these United States. For Senator McCarthy was right, and he was not a demagogue. And if any man ever told the truth, this man did concerning this hoard of communism.

But I want to point out that we have had quite a change in our relationship with this battle with Communism. In fact in this period of time in which we have been engaged in fighting communism, public speakers have been speaking out concerning the history of Communism. And they have been publishing papers and magazines, and there has been an increase in what has been called the 'right wing'. In fact we understand that the 'right' wing in these United States is made up of those who understand these forces of communism and its conspiracy. In fact the majority of the 'right wing' recognizes the fact that Communism is entirely financed by Jewry, and that Jewry is behind Communism all over the United states. More than this they are all over the world in the areas behind communism. At the same time with the apparent distrust going on between Israeli and the Soviet Union the world is prone to take a different view concerning this. They look toward Israeli while it is thought that the Soviets are helping the Arabs, but they overlook the fact that not so many years ago they were pushing and harassing the areas of the Middle East and the areas of Egypt when at that time Israeli had invaded Egypt and at that time then Egypt could not even get the firearms, or the material and ammunition for their guns they had purchased from the Soviets. In fact had it not been for the fact that the United States froze all of the assets of Israeli they might have stayed in Egypt. But we froze their assets in every bank in the United States and this was a problem for Israeli, and they retreated out of Egypt. But in the areas of its existence, today communism is Jewish. In Israeli their whole operation of their society is built around the operation of a communist state. Estatarat is an organization which is comprised of the different organizations of Jewry, and the B’nai B’rith' is an organization which supports the Estatarat, and Jewish synagogues collect money for this organization called Estatarat which mean Israel.

Now; the Estatarat controls the orchards and the wells, the drilling for water. It controls the areas of hospitals for Jewish laborers it is the operation to which all Jewish labor belongs --but Estatara is Israel. And the Estatarat is a collectivist organization, in fact the majority of people in this organization live in collectivist homes, and their children they are permitted to see for a few hours of the week, but actually they are the wards of the state. Except in Tel Aviv from which wealthy Jews come and go from all over the world. Some of them have their villas in Tel Aviv and they are there to stay and those are the ones who are putting their hands in your pockets, and are delivering to Israeli the gold and silver of the world. These are Satans children and they are at the very peak of their operation at this time.

Now; in the areas of World Communism we have discovered something rather different from that which existed even ten or twelve years ago. In this hour we discover that the 'right wing' became very active in the distribution of their literature. And during the last campaign they distributed it widely, and there has long been a Christian activity called the 'right wing'. This has brought us Gerald K. Smith, and there has been this Magazine called 'Common sense', and Merlin K. Hart with his 'Economic council letter', and we could go on and on as the literature and the documentation became well known in these United States. Of course there are masses of people in our lands who do not pay any attention to these things. They eat and sleep and they can get up and then they go back into their caves again until the morning and go back to work. But they do not do any thinking in the meantime. They do not reason, they do not study. And these people just want to be left alone. And as long a the government can promise them more and more then it is ready for the handout. But they do not realize that we are in the hands of an area of revolution. We point out to you that while this process has been going on that we as a nation have come to an area of grave and tremendous troubles. We are discovering that the average police department is harassing the right wing' and is doing nothing about the communists. In fact they are not interested in the communists they are only interested in the 'right wing'. In fact the Communists are on the radio and they are in our colleges and in our schools and even Senators speak with the voice of Communism. They are calling for the cessation of war and for the Ceasing of hostility in the areas of our attack on the Vietcong, and they are telling us not to stop the area of reinforcement of the communist out of China.

Well this is a strange situation indeed, but remember that we are in an hour of grave concern, and God speaks out to the nation and he says; --I have a remnant that have not bowed the knee to Baal and it is with this remnant and with this people that I shall deliver this nation.

Now; there is no question of the fact that the 'right wing' is a very effective and powerful institution. We have had in these United States many, many years of the history behind our freedoms, and people do not realize as yet that we have lost them. Nor do they realize that the creeping trend of the socialist state is quite in keeping with the pattern of the Soviet revolution. They are giving away the areas of their liberty, as they have offered people their housing and if they paid their rent they would not have to work, and then the government gives them all types of help but the whole program is that the money is all coming from the government. And then the people say ---Oh, we will get our share out of the government, for the government produces this and the government produces that. But they do not seem to realize that the government does not produce anything, the government is the medium by which we support the areas of society of those who are to have the administrative rule over us, and that from taxes comes the things given to them by the government. Then the masses say---we don't care about that for they tell us that they are going to tax the rich and give to us the poor. But the fact remains that it is the poor who are paying the taxes, and it is coming out of the areas of increased income, and government contracts and all of these so-called relief programs as such. However, the processes are rather strange. A nation that has produced more and distributed more than any country on the face of the earth, a nation which was the very arsenal during the periods of war, a nation which today is capable of producing more and distributing more than any nation on the face of the earth, suddenly its great rolling mills are coming to a halt. Its manufacturing areas are having to cut back because we have priced ourselves out of the market. And because of the increase of wages, now we are moving beyond any area of sensibility. But behind it all are the International Bankers, the International Jewish bankers who financed and control your federal reserve system. Today these bankers are setting up their banks in Saigon, and such places and are working to get America to destroy its ability to produce, and to become a second or third rate nation.

Under this area of strategy we discover that when the 'right wing' speaks out they are looked upon as tho they are crazy or paranoid. Thus, they create the semantics of the war to fight the 'right wing'. The policies of this are rehearsed in our Colleges, and the psychologists who are speaking their talk about the irresponsibility of the 'right wing' and how they must be looked upon with Askance, But who are these psychologists? --Predominately they are Jews brought in from Eastern Europe, they are called exchange professors and they have had such influence in our Colleges, our High Schools and our Junior Colleges, until today here in the united States our Colleges and schools have a bend to the left. More than this we are discovering that they are affecting the whole structure of our lives.

We are importing in the areas of entertainment, this flooding into our country of the beatnik music of the Negro which comes out of the jungle itself. The twisting and the vibrations are affecting the youth of our society, altho it is only a minority. But it is the minority which is on Television. It is the minority you are hearing when you turn on radio. It is the minority who are keeping this ---beat, beat into the brain of nation. All of this is a very careful extended by-product of a revolution. In fact in those countries behind the iron curtain they will not permit some of these entertainers to come in but they are very skillfully sending them in on you.

We are in a time of trouble. We are in the time of Jacob's trouble and we discover that they have taken away our gold and our silver, and we are above all people without any money of our own and without any in our pockets that belongs to us. And there are very few pieces of money that you will ever see again saying this is a United States note, or that this is the money of the United States government. We are doing business on borrowed money and at the expense of our society.

Well the areas of this are not looking so good, altho we are providing armies, altho we are sending our sons to the hostile outposts, and carrying on our war against communism. And yet the communists are throwing up revolutions and false patterns of theology, and Buddhism is helping the communists. And Hinduism is helping the Communists and making inroads as a second front into the areas where we are raising our resistance to Communism. This is occurring in India and all parts of the earth where there are pagan philosophies and pagan theologies, and even the Witchdoctors move toward Communism.

Well, it will be only a short period of time before we shall behold the end of the age. And we point out to you that under the cover of this operation we are discovering that more and more district Attorneys and assistant district Attorneys are Jews. More and more of them are settling into positions of Judgeship, and it is more and more becoming harder and harder to get justice in a court in the united States, and you can no longer say that justice is blind. And you can no longer say that the law will defend us, because they do not pay any attention to the law anymore. And they say well we will just set the law aside in this matter and we will make a new law, and they quote some area of irresponsibility Justice is not blind. But justice has become in these United States a very obscure factor, for what we are witnessing in our supreme Court, and in our State courts, we discover that as Jews go on the court then the court becomes corrupt. As the areas of Justice are supplanted by the areas of invasion, you of all people are the most undone.

Jesus when asked what the signs would be -----tells them that this is what they are going to do---they will deliver you up to the synagogues and then to prison. And there is little question of this for the masters of the synagogues will turn you over to the judges and they will put you in prison if they can.

However God does speak out and he does speak concerning this operation. For he does say that they shall lay hands on you and they shall deliver you up and they shall imprison you, and you will be brought before kings and rulers FOR MY NAME SAKE. And it shall return to you for a testimony, settle it therefore in your hearts not to meditate upon what you are gong to answer, because you can come out and you can answer and you can declare the truth. And when they move in on you the best defense is an attack. Thus, in the areas of this he says;---settle it not, mediate not as to what you shall answer --for I shall give you a mouth and I shall give you wisdom, of which your adversary will not be able to gainsay or dismiss. More than this you shall be betrayed even by some whom you thought were your kinsmen and some you thought were your friends, and some of you they may put to death. Ye shall be hated of all men for My Name's sake but there shall not a hair of your head perish, and your patience will possess your souls if you will speak out, and you will continue your attack and you will move out in my name. Thus we tell you that this shall be a very short period of time, and then we shall see the deliverance for this is God's day.

Now; there are many who say--but what is the deliverance sign, what will it be --this deliverance by the Most High God. Well, God has spoken out about this area of time and in the book of Joel he has talked about this area of time. He has told us about the signs in the heavens of the wonders, the floods, and the fire, the pillars of fire and smoke---the atomic bomb, and its discoloration of the sky and of all of the things which shall happen. And he says that in this period of time then you will know that you are in this Great and terrible day of the LORD. And it shall come to pass that all who call on the name of the LORD shall be delivered. This is not an if or an and but an assurance that if we call on the name of God, Faith believing, we shall be delivered.

It says in the 18th Psalm---'The Lord is my rock, he is my fortress, he is my deliverer and my God. My strength in whom I will trust, my buffer, horn of my salvation and my high tower. And I shall call upon the LORD who is worthy of being praised, and so shall I be saved from my enemies. So the Most High answers in this area and he says;---I shall deliver thee, saith the LORD, and thou shalt not be given into the hands of the men of whom thou art afraid. And I shall deliver thee and thou shalt not fall by the sword, and I shall deliver thee for thou hast put thy trust in ME--saith the LORD.

And they---now that is a very interesting word and we use it, for did you know that Esquire magazine had an article on ---'They'--and a complete exposure of --they---the Jews of everything they have ever done, right on down from Fluorine in the water, to the financing of the areas of Communism in banking and in every factor that they have been involved in. This is all on the front of the magazine this month which has this article in it, and there is no name signed to it, but nevertheless they have the article in the magazine. So when the 'right wing' talks about ---they ---it is these Jews who they are talking about. Then on the other side --they --are the 'right wingers' and those who oppose communism and they are in the right spot.

Now; in this instance we talk a lot about --they--- because they seem to have a lot of influence, and a lot of areas of operation, but I am going to tell you that the 'right wing' possesses its soul as it continues to point out who --they---are. I would like to tell you that we are never going to stop pointing them out. They say we should stop it because it is --hate--, but it is not hate. It is hatred concerning what they do, essentially this is necessary for people to understand. If we were to hold back on the truth then it would be a disaster because even more people would be swept down the road to socialism and Communism, without knowing what it is all about. But today even Labor is beginning to flare up, and as they begin to see the trouble which is upon them and the money which has been withdrawn from the areas of their finance, and the operations which have cost them more and more taxes, while at the same time they have echeloned themselves out of the areas of production, they are now ready to call for a new status of survival. And of course this area will be one of greatness.

Now; it says---that they who call upon the name of the LORD shall be delivered. And it declares that in this instance because they have taken my silver and my gold I and they have taken the goodly things from you, thus I am going to move on them. Thus we site that the deliverance of God is an hour when the people of the Most High call for deliverance. In the book of Malachi we discover that God speaks out again, and it says that ---They who love the LORD spake one to another, and he harken and he heard and a book of remembrance was made for HIM of whom love God and thought upon his name. And they shall be mine said the Lord of Hosts in the day when I make up my jewels, and I shall spare them as I would my own sons for these are my household and these are my children and I shall spare them. Then shall ye return and discern between the righteous and the wicked, between them that love and serve God and him that serveth not. Behold the day cometh and shall burn as an oven, and the proud and all who do wickedly shall be as stubble for that day shall burn them up saith the LORD of hosts and shall leave them neither root nor branch.

Now this area of operation is talking about the intenseness of this hour. For unto you who fear my name shall the 'Son of righteousness arise with healing in his wings, and ye shall go forth and grow up as calves in the stalls, and ye shall tread down the wicked.---Now; hear this;----"ye shall tread down the wicked." We then point out to you that under this hour that God calls upon his sons and his daughters to stand up and be counted. We of course have had areas of freedom and liberty in this nation On July 4, 1776 we were 2520 years from the time that Manasseh went into Captivity, and this was the day we came out captivity as a nation, and we have had areas of liberty and areas of freedom, and we have had areas when we guaranteed ourselves under our bill of rights and our constitution. We had the right to remain armed, and the right to remain in our own households, and this was of course a traditional American right Altho they try to tell us today that we are a sick nation, and we do not have any wild beasts to look after and we therefore don't need any arms to defend ourselves.

Let me tell you something. There are more wild beasts walking the streets of Los Angeles than ever walked the forests of our nation. Thus the area is that the 'right wing' says now we must be able to protect our households, and we urge you to get weapons and we urge you to practice and learn how to use these weapons and become efficient with them because this is an American heritage which should not be permitted to die down, since you may have to defend your home and Your nation. Communists may come in out of the sky, Communists may come, landing on our shores, and Communists can rise up inside of our nation Well this becoming aware of the use of weapons should be heralded as a fine thing, because for years and years no one thought anything about this When Mr. DuPugh formed the ‘minute men' and other forms of defense were formed by Patriots. Then hue and cry was raised against them. Oh, not the people, but they listened as officials cried out against them. Attorney Generals and others talked about the fallacious pattern of these people saying they have cannons and antitank weapons and so forth. Well, this is sort of a fallacy because Very few people have antitank guns and cannons. And even if they did have them it is not against the law to have them. And if they want to keep them they have as much right to keep them as they do an old automobile. But the fact remains that this is what they said, and they urged that these dangerous weapons be taken from these people. Who says this---it is a 'left winger'--whether he be an Attorney General or any law official, or an investigator in a city, or any rank of law officials---for when they are in the ranks of those who deny an American citizen the things which are his right, and they work to take it away from him, with disarmament conferences and such areas of division then these people are a hazard to these United States.

Now;---why are they worried? Well, they say they are worried because these 'right wingers' may explode some time they might decide that the time is now, or the next day. Maybe some leader will rise up and say the day is NOW, and the 'right wingers' will move out. And then they tell us that the 'right wingers' are going to seize, they are going to arrest and to overthrow the Communist. Isn't that a terrible thing? I am going to tell you my friends that if Chinese paratroopers start coming down they will be met with such a hail of fire they never dreamed of. And if the Negro population of Watts rises up and moves out into the civilian population, they will also be met with a hail of fire from those areas which are non-Negro. So they are speaking out and they say---Oh, my, this is something which we must not have happen. But God says that 'Ye shall tread down the wicked, they shall be as ashes under thy feet for I SHALL DO THIS SAITH THE LORD OF HOSTS. For I shall make amends. A thousand shall fall at thy right side and ten thousand at that right hand but no harm shall come nigh you.

Someone always says---but that cannot be true. Yes ---it can be true --remember the courage of Sergeant York in WWI ---well my friends this shall be a small thing when we move out against our enemy. The structure of this is ---"Thou shall tread down the wicked, for they shall be as ashes under thy feet in that day, and I shall do this saith the LORD of Hosts. Remember ye the law of Moses my servant behold I shall send the spirit of Elijah the Prophet before the coming of that Great and dreadful day of the Lord. He is going to turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to the fathers lest I come and smite the earth with a curse. For if the house of Israel does not become aware of the evil being sowed into our Colleges and our Universities to capture our youth, to turn them and pervert them and twist them into the total objectives of the enemy, with its mongrelization and its intermarriage into our society and our race then this will mean the destruction of the culture of God's kingdom. But he says I am going to turn the hearts of the fathers to their sons and they will speak out and get rid of these professors, and teachers. I want to say that it is a shame here in these United States that we have any 'left wing' professors on the staff of an College. And when we turn to the areas of operation, we discover that the ADL and the B’nai' B’rith' is one of the most serious offenders. When it comes to speaking out against the operation of Negro violence, they even site that we have earned every thing we get from the Negroes, and more. That we should surrender to them our finances and our money. That we should house them and we should restore every thing they have burned up and then get ready to burn them down again. They tell us that we will have a long hot summer because we have it coming. Well then let us note that if it is a long hot summer that it is the Jews that made it this long hot summer. Because it is the Jews who have stirred up these Negroes and encouraged them in the areas of their destruction.

Now; the nations of God's kingdom have given to the world we have developed the areas of its industry We have developed areas of its industry, we have created payrolls in Africa, and we have created payrolls in Asia and we have created the provisions that a people can provide for themselves when they have wisdom and knowledge and intelligence, but it is evident today that this wisdom, and knowledge and intelligence happens to belong to the white man. When the white man pulls out, they do not know how to operate. They do not have enough food to feed 1/3 of India r they increase beyond their ability to feed themselves, and they end up without food, but they tell us that they have an ancient culture which is better than ours. They embrace areas of Communism among the masses and their leaders try to tell us that they are faced with the problem of war on two fronts.

By the way, there was an earthquake in the Congo, and we are just beginning to find out that it was pretty bad, about 90 people were killed, but the earth opened and closed, then opened and closed in the Congo. It did not hurt the areas of the white southern parts of the Congo but it did hurt other areas of the Congo. We point this out to you showing this is just again a different measure. And out in the Steppes of Asia there was also a great shaking, and we told you to look for it in the Asiatic areas by April, and it did hit and wiped out part of that city located there that made missiles and loaded them with poison gas, they were actually engaged in preparing for the war that they planned to spring on you. Then last Tuesday that area shook again, and all that was not shaken down in the first shaking came down last Tuesday. The earth just opened up and swallowed this factory and some homes and other buildings. Then they have had 300 earthquakes between last Tuesday and the one they had yesterday. So there is practically nothing left of the cities which were carrying on a warfare against you. No wonder ---God said the earth shall fight for you as it did in the days of the past as it fought for Israel. So we see the natural forces of nature used as he declared they would be in that time.

We are in the hour when God is sending the spirit of Elijah and it is moving out over ministers, moving out over leaders in these United States and over the 'right wing' and we are not ashamed to site that we are 'right wingers' Because we are aware and we do know that this fits the pattern of God's declaration. How are we going to get out of this hour? The day of deliverance is coming upon us. How will we know when it has arrived. Well--you are very close to it, and when the mighty trumpet sounds you will know, it is just as simple as that. When we turn to the book of Revelation we discover that it will be in this way.--"And I heard an Angel sounding forth the voice of the Everlasting gospel and he said in a loud voice-- Fear God for the hour of his judgment is come Worship HIM that made the heavens, the sea, and the fountains of waters. And it is the children of the kingdom who are intent upon worshiping HIM, the only true God who exists upon the face of the earth. And so by this Declaration it says 'Another Angel speaks and he says Babylon is fallen, that great city which made all nations drink of the wrath of her fornications. 'Then the third Angel said;--if any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead and in his hand the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God. For it is poured out without measure in the cup of his indignation, and that one shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the lamb. And the smoke of torment ascended up and they have no rest who worship the beast or who so ever receiveth the mark of his name. Here is the patience of the saints, here are those who keep the commandments of God. Here are they who have faith in Jesus the Christ. I heard a voice saying;---blessed are the dead who die in the LORD hence forth and ye said the spirit, shall rest upon their labors, and their works shall follow them. And thensay. Then and cast it into the winepress of the wrath of God. And the winepress was trodden outside the city (outside of Zion-Israel) and the blood came out of the winepress, even to the horse bridles, by the space of a thousands and six hundred furlongs.

Now; this is the story of the climax of an age --the day of the deliverance in the name of the Most High God. And I am going to site to you that while the forces of darkness are engaged in the conflict of the hosts of the Most High God, then this in symbolism is the coming in of the Hosts of the Most High God from heaven. And we are told that in this hour it shall be the hosts of darkness which will be picked up. In fact Tare time is like that, for the Tares are taken out first. There will be a lot of missing people and you are not even going to miss them We wouldn't miss them anyhow for He is going to take out the Tares first. He is going to gather them up first, with his administering spirits and his Angelic hosts and the sons and daughters will help all, but the tares go out first. WE site unto you that you do not need to be ashamed to be a 'right winger' But all of these patterns are the beginning of an end of the age. Thus, again we say; do not be ashamed to be a 'right winger' For in this instance they have created the semantics themselves for they say a person who is a conservative is antisocial they are against Communism---and that we are. So they say you should not be on the extreme right or on the extreme left, but you should be in the middle. I am going to tell you that it will be the extreme right that saves anything. So the area of extremism is a significant thing.

We turn to Barry Goldwater who gave a very good definition for extremism, and he sited that when it was on the right it was a virtue. We point out to you that you cannot be to right against the battle and the policies of destruction. They would destroy your youth, they would destroy your production, they would destroy your military, and your air fleet without a battle, and then deliver you by a pacifist surrender into the hands of the enemy. In fact we have committees that are taking thousands of dollars out of the treasury of the United States who are making all kinds of plans on how to disarm you. Actually we should fold that up for the next 25 years for we do not need an organization to tell us how to disarm. We need someone to tell us how to beat our ploughshares back into swords and our pruning hooks into spears because we are going to have to stand off a northern army. This is the declaration of the Most High God.

Now; we are not afraid for we speak the word of God. And we know that God will have to defend his word, and we know that in the hour when the enemy rises, that the judgment of God will come in and move. In fact in this hour we recognize that the judgments of God are going to come in, and the head of the enemy is going to be totally and completely destroyed. In fact in this nation you will see one of the greatest scourges destroyed from out of this great nation of God's kingdom. They are moving down to Rio de Janeiro and to Mexico City. They have a lot of our gold and silver down in Tel Aviv but one of these days they will discover that all of the paper that they hold thinking it is wealth, will not be worth much for we are going to set up new paper, and it will be United States money again here to contribute.

And so we stand at the crisis of the hour. Congress is now thinking twice before it goes ahead with new projects, because of the disturbance of the people. And as people are disturbed they are speaking out against this area of fallacy, and this design to give away our strength, and our greatness which is being absorbed by the world. We are being told that this is a great thing, we must be absorbed by the world, become a part of the One world. I am going to tell you that this is not our destiny. We are a part of God's kingdom not a part of the world and this is the important thing for it is the kingdom of God which is going to inherit the earth. And the saints of that kingdom are going to take possession of that kingdom and they will reign forever and forever.

And the Ancient of days, the one who is Alpha and Omega, the LORD God Almighty has said;---"It is enough.”---and when he calls for this climax view, he has given us signs in the sky, the measures of view and I am going to tell you that it is later than you think. Even now the summer drums of the Congo Mau Mau beat out in the streets of California. Even from Baltimore, to Philadelphia, to Chicago, to Detroit, to Los Angeles, to Oakland, to Richland, these are the declarations of war from our enemy. And when this happens, you will be on the road to finality, plus the fact that we are in an area of great decisions. And it is one that we should be very, very cautious about. In fact I think it is a goad time for the United States to look with tremendous thought as to our relationship with Israeli,

Today we note that in the Newspaper Tommy Gatt speaks out and he says he is sure glad that Roosevelt is not alive, the government would never have recognized Israeli. He said that Roosevelt was waking up on this subject as to Israeli. Ibn Saud had told Roosevelt who Israel was, and he told him who the Jews were, and for the first time in his life he found out that the white nations were the Israel of the book, and Roosevelt believed him. And Roosevelt gave to Ibn Saud a beautifully engraved dagger, plus a rifle and on those he had engraved ---'To a Prince of Israel' from the President of the United States--the house of Manasseh.

All right we don't have too much to say about Roosevelt except he got smart when he got too old. But we point out that they used the little habidasher who is still alive --and this was Harry Truman, and he did not know too much, so when the jews came in and told him that they were the chosen people, and the Baptist minister didn't help because he didn't know anything else either. So when they told him that 'Those who bless us will be blessed, and those who do not will be curse' if you do not recognize Israeli. So they were so persuasive that Truman without telling the State Department or anyone else, suddenly recognized the little abortive state of Israeli. And we were committed to the little state of Israeli. Do you know that even now this little state is working now and planning for the seizure of the Mosque of Omar and the erection of the Holy Temple? Thus they claim they are going to build a temple unto the Most High God.

Well, God is going to have a temple all right but it will be in the New Jerusalem, in the heart of the United States. It will not be down there in Israeli. But there will always be a historical memorial after HE has leveled the land, and sent a great earthquake upon it, and destroyed most of it and wiped it out, and removed the people, because now the Abomination of the desolator is down there in that holy place.

We are now going to sell fighter aircraft to Israeli, but we should be selling them to Israeli even tho they claim they need them for defense. This is no time to be selling such aircrafts to Israeli for Israeli is planning an invasion on the Arab states. Thus we are in the time of the end, we are in the day of the LORD. We are in the hour when you will see these things come to pass and you will know that when these things happen, it is upon you. And when the summer gets warm here, it is being planned by Israel to be warm against her neighbors. The Arab states are alert, and then Soviet Russia comes into the picture and she says I will back the Arab states. Israel will move against the Arabs and then we will cut them short and then they will not have anything. So the Arab states will be betrayed in this hour, because the Jewish banks run Russia and they run the banks thru out the world. They are handling your money, they are handling the money of Europe and they are handling the money of the United Nations, and the world bank and they are the perpetrators of this great evil.

Our deliverance is what we should be praying for. Do you realize that every white man in these united States should be praying for deliverance? It says that they who call upon the name of the LORD for deliverance. We should be calling upon the name of the LORD for deliverance and we should name our enemy. And we should call for judgment to fall upon them and we should call for deliverance in a mighty way. After all these devils do no belong here anyway and God can deal with their spirits much better when he gets them back in their own dimension. For they have wrought havoc against the nations of God's kingdom. For he sites that in this hour you will arise and take a stand in God's kingdom. And in this hour shall you crush down the wicked, this enemy who are among you.

This is not an area that we describe with too much description other than to say that when The Day of the LORD comes --they are coming down from above and coming up from beneath, and the war is on. Make no mistake about it the day of deliverance is close at hand. They will deliver you to the synagogues and the prisons, but God says if you will speak out with the things which I put in your mouth, and you are not trying to hide it or cover it up, and will denounce the areas of evil they will not even touch a hair of your head. But I am going to tell you that it will be a day of courage, but also a day of deliverance for God's kingdom. For if we do not have deliverance, and it were not forthcoming that an awakening people do not throw off the whole yoke which comes out of Babylon, this enemy of the kingdom, then we would be long gone down this road to Darkness. For today we are going down this road at a terrific pace, even tho the majority of our nation moves into the avenues of the ‘right wing', they do not have the press, they do not have the T.V. or the communications, and always they listen to the voice of the minority which sounds as tho it has all of the power, but we tell you that it does not have all of the power, and God will awaken those who sleep in your midst as well as bring forth those who understand and know in THAT DAY. So let us call upon the name of God for deliverance, Yea---upon the name of YAHWEH who is the deliverer.

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