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Janus 911

100 Marks of Israel..

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become many nations Gen 17:4
a company or a commonweath of nations Gen 35:11
land of Canaan theirs for an everlasting possession Gen 17:8
mark of circumcision Gen 17: 10 & 11
kept the way of the Lord, do justice and judgement Gen 18 :19
keeping the Sabbath a sign forever Ex 31:13
possess the gates of our enemies Gen 22:17
Israel chief among nations Jer 31 :7
only Israel is custodian of God's word Ps 147:19 Is 59: 21
Possess God's law Deut 33:4
blessed above all people when obedient to the law Deut 28
judged for disobeying Deut 28: 15-68 Amos 3 :1&2

More to come...
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