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Janus 911

100 Marks of Israel..

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A missionary nation Is 49:6 & 66:19
Will possess God's Holy Spirit Is 44:3 & 59:21
God's servant race Is 41:18
control of the Sea's Num 24:7 Ps 89:25
A great and mighty nation Gen 12:2y
named great Gen:12:2
be blessed of God Gen 12:2
will be a blessing among other nations Gen 12 :2&3
other nations affected depending on how they deal with Israel Gen 12:3
a great multitude Gen 13:16 & 22:17
Egyptian slavement & deliverance Gen 15:13&14
given land in the Middle east Gen 15 :18

I have more to come, this is a work in progress. I'll continue to mark the signs of Israel.

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