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Shaking Earth, 2-22-62

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The Shaking Earth
By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 2-22-62

As we turn in our discussion of ‘the Shaking Earth’, it is rather significant that we chose this subject and then announced it last week. Starting this morning with a whole series of articles by Dr. Richtor in the ‘Times,’ he is one of the foremost seismologists in the South land. And he measures these earthquakes and we well know that this scale is called the Richtor scale. Thus this morning, the L.A. Times comes out and it says, ‘Great quake overdue in the south land, says Dr. Richtor. And the article says that earthquakes have probably moved Los Angeles. And the impact these quakes have had upon the geology of our south land is not known. More importantly, is the fact that these seismologists talk about the fact that they anticipate that there is a big one about to take place. Of course, when they tell you that it is about to take place in the south land, the Chamber of Commerce is not very happy about that. If they would spread this word around Watts area, it might have a much more profitable advantage for us than just putting it in the general newspaper. Because there are some people who are already thinking of moving. Altho I do not know where you would move to. And some say how about the Pacific Northwest, or how about Idaho?

Let me tell you something just as a matter of course. But do you realize that only about two thousand years ago an earthquake moved over much of the area of Idaho and also flowing eruptions of lava? This was the seventh time it had moved in 12,000 years. And even now, the Snake River has just cut its way down thru seven layers of this lava. A short time ago in drilling a well in the area around Napa, they drilled down thru a cap of lava which is about 12,000 years old and they brought up a ceramic doll in perfect shape. That is just a little piece thrown in for someone who thinks that people have been on this earth for only about 6000 years. But about 14,000 years ago, here in North America before the start of these earthquakes and their eruptions, someone had a doll and they dropped it in the dirt then it was covered up with lava. And now they bring it up in the drilling of a well.

All of these are just little measures of antiquity, for far up in the Andes Mountains is a lake, Marocaibo. And in this lake there are sea shells. And it has a lot of shells. But one time this lake, now at 12,000 feet, was on the sea shore of the Pacific Coast. You say, ‘How long ago was that?’ Well, that particular raise of land was about 43,000 years ago. How do we know that? We can tell by radio carbon just how old some of the substances were that died and were buried in the upheaval. You see, some parts of the Andes Mountains went up about 12,000 years ago, and some went up about 43,000 years ago. But 75,000 years ago, there were no Andes Mountains. Thus when you talk about the everlasting hills, then they are only everlasting up to a certain point. They are there just as long as your Father wants them there. And anytime HE decides to lower them and make a plain out of them, HE will do that and not have to consult you at all.

The fact remains that people put their faith in an unchanging earth. But there is nothing about the earth that is unchanging. In fact, the site where the city of Los Angeles sits is now 100 miles away from the site where it once was. One thousand million years ago, they try to tell us that it was a lot further south than it is today. But we are not sure they have a thousand million years. But we do know that there has been 1 million seven hundred fifty thousand years in the history of the earth. And in those periods the mammals and men have existed in all that time contrary to what the evolutionists try to tell us. Thus we have at this point, a lot of things which are worth consideration. In the first place the one and important thing to the God who made the heavens and the earth, and established all that you and I see in the realms of creation, the one most important thing HE has in the earth today is you. This might not seem true, to the individual who has no knowledge of God’s purposes or plans, but if you are acquainted with history, and the things that God has done and used, the forces of nature in the earth, you will find that one of the most valuable things which God calls HIS treasure, that HE has hidden in the field, is you. HE said, ‘I will pay the price of My own embodied life.’ And HE said HE would thus pay the price of HIS own embodied life, and for the first time in history, God died in the earth. You might say, ‘How can that be?’ Well, when the fullness of God dwelt bodily in the earth, the spirit did not die, and the consciousness did not die. But God went thru the experience of dying once in the earth and HE purchased, by an agreement and the adjustment of Justice, all the demands that Lucifer made by the capture of your society. So God was willing to buy with everything HE possessed, to buy back a race and return to them their mental and spiritual freedom, by HIS own contact.

Then when I point out to you that you are the most valuable thing if I can turn to the scriptures and find that God says, ‘I would give Africa and I would give Asia for you. I would give Ethiopia for you and all the ends of the earth.’ Thus the most valuable thing in the earth to HIM is You. Oh, you say, ‘But that is not fair of God.’ Well, this is mighty fair of God for this is God’s Household and God’s children. HE sent you down here to put a world back in order which had succumbed to the powers of darkness which was aligned with evil in a planet which was against the whole Universe and the God which held it together.

Now, of course, there are a lot of things which have happened and you have no way to gain the tremendous amount of energy which can be catalyzed by a thinking consciousness, inside of a creation which when it gets adapted to evil when it is out of order with the purposes of God. Someone said, ‘Do you think that the attitude of people and the things which they do can have an effect upon the things upon the surface of the earth?’ Most assuredly. After all, the whole balance of the Universe is seated in the mind of the Eternal God. HE put it together and HE holds it together. More than that, we are aware that every atom exists because of HIS own will. Get down in the substance of that atom and to the solar system itself, and the units are held together by a mental thinking system which is in the heart of the nucleus of that atom. We call that a Mentoid and that Mentoid determines the electrodes around the unit. It is the nucleus cement which binds together the protons in the center and determines that they do not come apart. In fact, it even determines the number of the protons and the electrons in the mass. And the mind element determines whether it is going to be a Uranium 238 or whether it is going to be a Hydrogen of one electron and one proton. This is assembled out of the masses of the units of energy and the mass of nebulas clouds which the Eternal mind had put into operation and then located them where HE wanted to use them in the Universe.

There is not a physicist today, who does not understand that no longer is there room for atheists and agnostics in science. For the mind of the Creator is to be found in all of the vastness of HIS Universe. We can talk well about the balancing of the heavens, and about the eternal plan of the MOST HIGH as it relates to HIS carrying out HIS program in the Universe. Talk about ‘time’ and you can have all that you want of it. For you cannot find a beginning for it. Because our Father never had a beginning and there is no point where you can point to and say this is where HE started HIS creation. As for you, we know that there was an hour when you were begotten in the spirit and this was in the antiquity of yesterday as it relates to the earth. And as we look out upon the earth, it is important that we understand these changes in the earth, some by the hands of the Creator, in order to prepare it for the habitation of man,--this placing of people upon the earth. There has been much migration and conformity to various panoramas of earth to topography, whether in the High Steppes of Asia, or in the lands now beneath the oceans. We know a lot more about the earth than the theologians 2000 years ago, or even in a period of a few centuries back. However, the great secrets have always been contained in the Scriptures. For they have told us much about the things of earth and all that dwell within and on it. We have also been told about the antiquities of things which have happened. I can show you the panorama of records that in the scriptures talks about ancient races, and talks about ancient civilizations. In fact, we have the words in the writings of Jeremiah and of Isaiah. For Jeremiah tells us:-- ‘I saw the earth and it became without form and void and darkness was on the face of the deep.’ The word void meaning after destruction by Divine hand. The 4th chapter of Jeremiah tells how whole areas of the earth became void with catastrophe. Tells us how the vastness of their civilizations were swept away by the overflowing of the land surfaces by the seas. The shaking of the earth, the moving of whole areas of it, the great chastising judgements which fell upon the earth at that time. Long before your race was in it in their time. And Jeremiah only beheld it from an assembly and in looking down upon it. And God brought it back to his memory in order that he might support the foundation in the writings of Moses, who in the 2nd verse of Genesis, chapter 1, after having said that ‘in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth,’ made a statement in the in the 2nd verse that would not have to be supported with facts. ‘And the earth was without form and void.’ But God never created anything that was void. And this word void is interpreted out of the Hebrew and used in many instances to record a catastrophe that negated something. Turn to Webster and he tells you that ‘void’ is the aftermath of a destroying climax. And again it tells you that void is an aftermath of judgement by Divine hand. Nothing else is totally void.

Thus the earth went thru catastrophes, but at no time was it a total end. You turn to the writings of the prophet Isaiah and he says that ‘he beheld and the earth turned clear upside down.’ Then along will come one of these theologians who are also astronomers and they will say that this could not have happened. But geology knows better, for they know that the earth at the present time, is rotating exactly opposite from what is did years ago. You say, ‘But how do you know this?’ Well, because we switched poles. Under the influence of a great astronomical object which moved across our horizon and caught the earth in a great slow pull, it switched the poles, and the northern end is now in the south. And as it now revolves to the East, a portion of the earth which used to revolve to the East is now on the West slope of our mountains. If you want proof of that, everytime you pass thru the tail of a comet, the great drift of that material is laid against the side of a mountain chain that turned into this event. Thus it is that on the earth, we have astronomical drift which has come out of a comet tail since we have been a planet, and since these mountains have been raised up to catch, there are more drifts on the Carpathians and on the Himalayas than there is on the Andes and on the High Sierras. And the High Sierras is one of the largest mountain ranges there is on the face of the earth. And it happens to be the highest one in continental North America. It is a matter of interest that we have this drift and the drift is always on the side of the earth which revolves in the direction of its sunrise. In otherwords, this portion of the earth changes as we go thru the tail of a comet, which is nothing but debris which was attracted to that comet, from great boulders, to fine dust far out in that tail. And they pass thru the earth like a bullet and they lose that material which we call drift. And geologists know what this drift is, from the smallest stones to the largest bodies that were in these tails. And they tell us these bodies will have marks on them where they strike together. And these marks will largely be laid out on the left, because rocks drawn after an astronomical body are drawn longitude and never are drawn forward. Thus all the strikes on rock astronomically laid down in this matter is always in one direction.

Now, this is not true of a glacier coming down in a valley from a high mountain. And as they score a piece of rock, which can be laying sideways or at an angle, the score marks are different. But the drift that comes from---after having shot thru the astronomical tail of a comet, is always a strike that runs longitudinally from the largest to the smallest piece. Also this drift material is generally very much alike. You see, we have had some things happen in our solar system that are quite unique. In the periods of Lucifer’s rebellion, he made another planet which used to exist in our solar system, his headquarters. And in the midst of the struggle that took place between Lucifer and Michael, who was at the command of the LORD’S hosts, Lucifer at one time tried to use his cunning and dissolve the fleets of Michael with nuclear weapons in a nuclear age. So you see there is nothing new in the Solar System let alone upon the earth. But when Michael got thru with this situation, there was not any planet and it became just debris. And it has become drift and has been floating around in your solar system for some time. In fact, the explosion of that planet is referred to by the ancients in their records. And it is something that the astronomers know took place.

We told you when we talked about the blueprint of world events, in 1962, about the transfiguration in the sky, and how this was of great significance, and how Enoch was told of God that this would be the sign of the great clash between the sons of light and the sons of darkness, this would be the time when the powers of darkness would seek to overrun your civilization. And that high in the heavens, would be marking signs when God would empower HIS sons. And HIS nations would become all powerful, when the forces of evil would be cast down, and HE would support this with assistance from the heavens. This when carried out, would be a victory for your race.

Someone always says, ‘But I don’t believe all that Enoch wrote. I don’t believe that it is translated right.’ Well, at least you will have to admit that he was a smarter observer and had greater powers of predictions than anyone that you know, because he said that when the hour came of this awakening, that it would carry your race, at the crucial time of this struggle and this is Armageddon, and it involves Asia and Africa and Communism. And it involves all of the Jewish conspiracy launched against you. And it would come at a time of great ferment and would come in the midst of a time when these five visible planets in the sign of Aquarius, the sign of the outpouring with the eclipse of the sun and would mark the year and the opposition out of the ruler. Alright, we have never had that before, as we have mentioned, as we come to February of this year.

Someone said, ‘Does that mean that we have come to the end of the age?’ No, that just means that you are in the end of the age, and this marks the terminal point around which spiritual powers are waking up the race. And you are once more going to reaffirm God’s Kingdom. And the powers of righteousness are going to turn against the forces of evil. This is why you have had this build up of the ‘right wing’ fighting Communism. And this is why you have watched the build up of the ‘Birch Society’ and the Patriots. And now this awakening starts to culminate and you see the rising ‘right wing’ attacking the powers of darkness. And this is only the beginning of what is going to crystallize your nation with the greatest wave of spiritual vibration of power and righteousness that the world has ever seen.

Out of America is going to come the repudiation of darkness until the enemy flees America on every boat going out. And what starts here is going to happen in England, France and in Germany. You know it cannot happen too soon for Germany, because they thought that they had gotten rid of the scourge before, but they have been coming back in with those peace treaties ever since. But they have not been making themselves---liked, anymore than they did before.

Now, we are faced with the fact that this is the hour of awakening form those many hours of darkness. If you will remember, we pointed out that this is a symbol of the measures of trouble in the Star Bible as you now continue. To begin with, we told you that Jupiter was the symbol of God’s power and that Venus was the ‘hammer’ of God. On the other side, is the symbol of Saturn, the symbol of Satanic power and Mars induced by Satanic operation.

Now, the fact that your symbol, the planet Mercury, happens to be on God’s side, this is where it belongs and where it is in these events marked by this sign in the sky under the sign of the outpouring sign which is the Aquarian sign of spiritual awakening. Let me tell you this. Why was it that Enoch and others of the ancients were told that Venus was the ‘hammer’ of God? Well, I think this is rather interesting because Venus was a visible and then invisible wanderer. And altho listed by Enoch and some of the others, it never stayed in one place. All of the other planets make their orbit and come back at more or less regular intervals. And as you see them in relation to your sun, they were reasonably sure as to where they would be. But they were not ever quite sure about Venus.

You say, ‘Why is that?’ Well, if you go back to the ancient Inca and Mayan Calendars, I think you will find that there was a period of time when Venus did not stay in her present orbit. And they draw the picture of Venus going way out and getting smaller and further away. Then Venus would come back in again. And you have also the ancient Chinese records and they observed the heavens but never interpreted it. They had Venus moving out, then on way out. And even had it missing on some of their side charts. And then they had her coming back in.

Well, Venus was a wanderer and had a great tail like a Comet. And because of this, it was called the ‘Sword of the Lord.’ Because any time that any astronomical body or anything in our solar system had contact with Venus, and we passed thru the tail of Venus which was some 12 million miles long, the result was that this was one of the longest tails on a comet in history. And around the turn of the century, a comet which created so much excitement had a tail 3 million miles long. The largest comet tail reported by any of the ancients was this one on Venus which at that time was not a planet. Thus Venus was a wanderer. It came in and went out. And the type of its tail indicated this. And actually, it never came inside of your solar system, but moved on the perimeter at the outer edge. And fortunately, when it came in, then it was never close to Neptune, Uranus or Pluto. Had it been very close to them, they would have gone off with Venus and been absorbed by here attractive force. The fact that she moved out toward Orion and then back again, demonstrated that there was a pull that came out of that area to which she responded. And then came the great clash. The reason why she was called the ‘Sword of GOD,’ was because when judgements were pronounced upon the earth, it was Venus that came close enough to lash her great tail. And whose ice lay great boulders on the sides of the Carpathian Mountains. Twice it hit the Alps and once the High Sierras. And one time the Andes. And once we shot thru farther out in the tail and fallout almost like a clay hit the mountain sides. And you find this in the High Sierras. And you have not source for this, but it is called comet drift. Geologists understand this and astronomers know from whence it came.

Let me tell you a little bit about this earth’s history for it is significant when talking about this shaking earth. In the period of time when your race was in bondage in Egypt, when there came this Pharaoh ‘who knew not Joseph,’ and when they moved under the influence of these hook nosed priests who ran the hock shops in Egypt at that time, and they sought to put you in complete slavery, and remember that God raised up a man and that man was Moses. And remember that it was in his defense of an Egyptian, one of his own people, he had to leave, altho he was known as the son of Pharaoh’s daughter, and had been elevated to great power. Altho he had been trained in the wisdom of his race and had been educated with the knowledge from On. We are aware that he went out among the hosts of the Midians. And there remember that it was from Midian that God called him to go back into the land of Egypt and lead your race out of bondage. Remember that God told Moses to go down to Pharaoh and tell him that--’you better let my people go. --and if you do not let my people go, then this or that will happen to your land.’ I like the personal way of God saying, ‘Let My people go.’ And when you know the history of this book, and you know that the people of Israel are the White race, and up to date, they are the Anglo-Saxon, Germans, Scandinavians, and all of the people of the Western White world, I like to hear God say, ‘Let MY people go.’

I want you to know that in those days, God was not only looking after HIS people, but HE was close to them in a cloud, covered by Shekinah Glory, when they went across the Red Sea. And it says that ‘YAHWEH was in the cloud.’ And we are told that a pillar of illumination went over them at night and a cloud of Glory by day. But before that happened, there were meteorite showers from the sky. And a strange impact making it neither light nor dark. Dust and ashes fell out of the sky as these strange things fell out of the sky and every part of Egypt except the land of Goshen, was lashed with strange bombardments from the sky, itself.

Now, at that time, then all the records show that Venus came rocking into the picture, into all the positions it now holds, with just a slight variation of the solar system. And part of its tail was scattered across the solar system and took up orbits of debris, and this was one of the later passes.

Now, going back to the earlier writings that the Mayans had, and these were ancient calendars that they used. And one of the most important things that they had was calendar stones. And the Aztec had these also. But these stones had divisions marking the scourge of the tail of God. And they used the word the ‘Sword of God,’ even as the word is used in the Old Testament, used it as for chastisement upon your race. We can understand why the Mayans might have interpreted these things with this terminology.

A way back about 1400 B.C., a portion of the Anglo-Saxon people known as the people of Manasseh migrated across the ocean and landed at what we know today as Northern South America, or further, deeply into Central America. And from this landing is what was referred to as the coming of the White Gods. But was of course part of the history of some of the people of Manasseh. And they interpreted some of the things which had gone before in relationship to its faith and its religion. Therefore, that is the way the stories of the background and the history of the or our race and religion were transferred to the Western World. Thus from Adam’s day on down to Noah, and then from Noah on down to the contemporary events of the days when they arrived, you find this in the Mayan story.

The fact remains, that immediately, there was a new way of recording the things that they saw in the sky. And I want you to know that at approximately 1486 B.C., they record, this the time of the Exodus---as they tell of how Venus came in again, and they tell of other times when Venus lashed the earth. And how the earth was at one time caught in the tail of this comet. And how this gradually pulled and tugged at the earth, and in the end, it had turned the earth upside down. Isaiah said that he saw this happen from his advantage point as a son of God. In fact, he said that in that day that water moved and earth moved and land masses slipped. But God said, ‘I will not make a full end.’ But the catastrophe at that time was with the Master, so it was with the maid, and as it was with the rich, so it was with the poor. And this happened thousands of years before there was any White man upon the face of the earth. But the last lashing of this comet tail was in 1486 B.C. One of the lashings that preceded this, was responsible for what is termed the Ice Age, this attracting body lifted up water then turned it to ice. Where masses of it---freezing---fell back to the Tundras of the North. And this at that time, was a somewhat temperate zone. And mammals of the field were eating of the grasses that were grown in what is now still ice pack in the North. This is why today in the Siberian plains and in the upper parts of northern Alaska, we discover mammals in the ice standing upright where they were grazing on the food that was still in their stomachs which had not digested, right where it had been for thousands of years, as that ice and snow fell back upon them. It did not come slowly as the snow did this morning. It came masses of it all at once. For no animal would stand there and slowly be covered up. And no animal would have stayed there if it had taken thousands of years to do this either. No, it happened quickly, for at one moment they were eating and in the next moment, they were buried as the ice and snow fell back to the earth. This was the astronomical lashing of the earth by the tail of Venus.

Now, we have this record that the last time this happened to your solar system was in 1486 B.C., and this was the time of the Exodus out of Egypt. Thus this was a Divine measure and God told Moses just when to say it, and when to go. And Moses would tell Pharaoh and he would say that he would to it and then he would back up. And the next day this astronomical cloud would hit. You see, it is important that you obey God and move on the right time schedule, the right time table. And fortunately, God selects the kind of leadership that does this.

We never want to forget the story of Joshua. For Joshua was the captain of the LORD’S hosts. He looked over the armies of your race and he knew that this land which he was re-claiming, belonged to your forefathers, that it had been taken from them by barbaric Asiatics led by Satanic and evil Priesthoods and by giants who had come from the lands and the times of the period of Noah. That is why if you would go to the British Museum, today you would discover that one of the mysteries in that museum are the heads of some of those kings that ruled in the city of Ai. And those heads measured from twenty-four to twenty-eight inches from the top of the head to the chin. And those heads were buried separately from their bodies. And this is an archaeological factor that archaeologists have proven. And thus, there were giants in the land of Ai as Joshua went in. And their bodies were found buried in the spot where they buried their kings. And today in the museum, are mummified heads of a giant people.

But when Joshua was about to move against these people who had slaughtered those of your race in earlier times, he said, ‘What can I do, look at the numbers of these people?’

Now, remember this. It may not be a contemporary experience for many people, but God used to come and talk with people. HE would materialize before them or step out and meet them in areas where they were challenged. Men would think that they were Angels, but before they were thru, they would know that they were talking to the Eternal, the MOST HIGH--talking to HIS own people. In this instance, then Joshua said, ‘Who is going before me?’ And this ONE said, ‘I am going before thee.’ And before this was all thru, we find that the captain of the hosts was YAHWEH, in a body, leading the Israelites under Joshua in this battle against the enemy. And I will tell you again who that was. It was Jesus the Christ. Oh, you say, ‘But that could not be.’ But yes, it was. Because remember HE said, ‘Before Abraham, was I AM.’ HE the Eternal had visited earth before and HE had a body. In fact, HE never had another. Another time Jacob wrestled with HIM and had his thigh put out of joint in his personal experience with his God.

The MOST HIGH then also visited Joshua and HE said, ‘You go on down there and sure, those armies are going to gather against you, but you just go so far, and don’t you march one foot further. Just go right to this point and no further. And when I tell you to stop, then you stop.’

Now, imagine when your race moves out with an army at that time of about 350,000 men. And this is the man power of your race. And now your race is on the move, but the manpower against you are all the hosts of a land which could count about seven million people. And therefore, could put into their armies the manpower that would outnumber you about four to one. And all of Joshua’s manpower were not warriors. But he did not doubt that God had spoken. Joshua moved out with his troops in a great line. The enemy was there. Their great war chariots were ready. Thousands of chariots with the men in them and the horses chomping at the bits, all ready to fight. And behind them, wave after wave of those chariots with their scythe cutting blades. Then behind them, wave after wave of warriors. And then behind them ready to move under that protection of the forward arrows, were men ready to move in with their spears. Thus here was this Asiatic army that had moved in under Jewish leadership, ready to attack your race. And at the same time, here was your race moving in to take back that which they had previously taken from you. So the point of measure was that day.

This great army moved forward and then Joshua, whose troops had been on the move---Joshua suddenly stopped and he said, ‘Stay and see the salvation of YAHWEH.’ Then there comes the roll of the drums and the sound of the bugles. And the charioteers start to move forward. This was one of the greatest of charges that your race had ever faced. Then suddenly, a great whistling sound comes out of the sky. And then the shriek as of a thousand banshees, and great boulders come out of the skies and struck that advancing army. And the scriptures say that on that day when the meteorites came out of the sky from the remaining tail of Venus, that the ‘Sword of the LORD’ struck again and leveled the armies of the city of Ai. And when it was over, the command was given to Joshua and he moved in and occupied the land. This was a terrible defeat to your enemy. But do you know that this was balanced by the fact that this was forty years after the time when in the beginning of the Exodus, that it had been neither light nor dark, except where your race was. And these great boulders and the hail had been in space reserved for this time as Joshua led your race back into this land of Palestine. You read in the Bible that it was neither light nor dark except around the camp of Israel. For the Glory of god shown round about. So light that Sanacharrib feared to move against Israel at night because of this light around Israel. And he would stand out against the darkness round about. It would be easier to sneak up in the day time, than to be silhouetted against God’s Glory.

Someone said, ‘Are these things true?’ Well, they are true enough that history writes them down. And they are true enough that Sanacharrib records it. Thus we go back to the fall of Ai, and you will ask, but what has this to do with the events of our time? Simply this. That the earth has been shaken everytime that God wanted to shake it. And HE shakes it in your behalf.

Remember, that over two years ago, we gave you an earthquake alignment. And for fifteen years, we have been giving you earthquake alignments based on sidereal calculations. These are based on how close together the major planets are on either side of the earth in our track around the sun. And when the alignments get within two degrees and the among of pressure is supplied, it is only a fraction of a degree on the circumference of the earth. But that is quite a few feet of movement if there is any give along the cracks or fault lines of the earth. And these alignments will set them off. It is only the last few years that the meteorologists have begun to recognize this. Fifteen years ago we called your attention to this because this was the wisdom given to Enoch. It was known by the wise Savants of our race. And the wisdom that belonged to the schools of Israel.

Thus it is that we have watched the sky with the same pattern as was given to Enoch, and to our forefathers. Modern science has now discovered that they were right and now they are doing it. The Meteorologists are measuring the possibility of earthquake stretch. Someone said the other day, ‘Don’t pay too much attention to this earthquake alignment, for it could not move the earth more than a few feet anyway.’ Well, I don’t know whether they realize this or not, but you only have to move it a few feet along these lines and you get what we call an earthquake. One person said that the total pressure on our earth would not be over a fraction of a degree. But if you divide up the circumference of the earth into 360 degrees and you only have to have a fraction of a degree to move the earth a quarter of a mile. Do you know that the biggest earthquake that California ever had was a twenty-six foot movement? That would be called a very small fraction of a degree.

Now, we are not worried about the earthquakes that will hit California, because I think they will move a lot of people out that you want to go. Someone said, ‘But that will break all of my ceramic and crack all of the plaster in my house.’ Well, you can smash up all of my treasures if these people will go. So you see, there is not anything which does not work out for your benefit, because if they do not go, you are not going to have anything. Remember that. Besides, I think God could bring down every house of Baal in this entire land and never let anything come nigh to you. Someone said, ‘But you should not put those words in God’s mouth.’ I don’t have to, because HE put it in our mouth. Because I can turn over here in the book of Revelation, and God in the visions which HE gave John, in the dimension of spirit, told him, that in the midst of these various events thru which you are passing, there is going to be an earthquake. And I read here in the scriptures what it says concerning this earthquake. It says that there is going to be an earthquake so mighty and so great like this---greater than anything since there has been a man upon the earth.

Now, that does not mean there has not been such an earthquake since people who walk upright, have been here. But this means since your race has been here. Since Adamites have been on this earth, there has never been an earthquake like this one that is to be. And is there any more information about this? Yes. I turn over to the book of Hebrews, and I read these words:-- ‘Moses said, you have come to Mount Zion, the Kingdom of God, and you have come unto the Living God, and to the heavenly Jerusalem, this New World Order of God, and before a great and innumerable company of living spirits (angels), you have come to the general assembly of the Church of the first born, which are written heaven.’ So this tells you where your church was born, doesn’t it? For your church was formed in the heavens and your name was written up there. ‘And therefore, you have come to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men now made perfect.’ And you have come to ‘YAHSHUA’ the mediator of HIS New Covenant (Heb. 12:24) and now see that you do not refute HIM when HE speaks. For if they escaped not, who refused HIM on earth, much more will we not escape if HE speaketh from the Heavens. Whose voice then shook the earth, but now HE hath promised not only to shake the earth, but the heavens also. And this WORD once more signifies the removing of those things which are shaken, and those things which cannot be shaken shall remain. For we have received a Kingdom which cannot be moved; and therefore, let us have Grace wherefore we may serve God with reverence and with love, for this is our Father and HE shakes the earth for you. And your Kingdom and you and your household, shall not be moved.’

Someone says, ‘What does that mean?’ It has a three fold meaning. It is a political shakeup in the World Order. And it is an actual shakeup geophysically in the earth to bring to pass the things which the Father has Willed. I point out to you that there is some great significance in these events.

In the ages past, a great continent stretched out where now our Pacific Ocean now is. This continent has been called by various names, and it has also ben given some shorter names in our own period of time. And gradually, there has become rather a universal naming of this continent and its various areas that once covered our great Pacific. You can go to any individual, whether he knows anything about these things or not, and if you talk about the land of Mu, then he knows that you are talking about land that is beneath the Pacific Ocean. He may or may not believe it, but he knows about it. He may say, well, this is what Colonel Church was writing about or someone else, but he knows that there was something about a continent of Mu. If he has read the books which came out like Kon-Tiki or others that came out, he would know that Easter Island was the last of the land that went beneath the waters. He would know that great walls, something like the wall of China, goes out on the floor of the ocean. He would know that it was our own government with its topographical survey of the ocean, has been down with deep sea divers and has been moving across that subcontinent floor, and that they found remnants of walls and houses and cities on the floor of the ocean. And we know that there are areas of mountains on the floor of the ocean with long lava scarfs which were once above the surface of the water. Lava does not run under water, it just builds up. But when you find miles of lava flow, then that means that this land was once above the water. And do you know that from Borneo to Hawaii, was once a high mountain mass. These were the high mountains, and then some of these mountains rose after the great mass went beneath the waters.

Some students are aware that around Japan, the whole area was once just high mountains. And only plateaus and high peaks are what was left above the water. This is why the word Samurai means people from the highlands of ancient Japan. And Sumari is the word from where we get summit, and Sumar from the Latin. And this is a part of the semantics of words. And the people of Japan then turned to the worship of the god Pan. Ya-Pan. And YAH is the oldest name for YAHWEH. And YAH is an impersonal name when identifying HIM. But when they served the god Pan, instead of YAHWEH, it started a monstrosity of Satanic origin, of people who had not kept their first estate and gave themselves over to the Priestcraft of Asiatic bestiality. And YaPan became the Minitar goat-god, Pan. And some of the Sumari race are some of the oldest people who have had a continuity of existence in one spot on the face of the earth today. Then of course, there were changes made when people were exiled upon the Isle of Japan and of the Chinese in the past. And lots of circumstances have changed the background of the people. But there are various kinds of people and there are also some Ainu people on the Isle of Japan.

These Ainu on the Isle of Japan, were in their beginning, White men, and they have records that go back to similar things in your teachings. And if you want to know where they came from, they are descendants of Ammon, as his tribe wandered over toward China. And you will remember that Ammon was the offspring of Lot and his daughter. And he was cast out because he did not stay with the instructions which God had given him. Thus the Ammon people went over into Asia and the Chinese captured them and put them over on the Isle of Japan. This is why you had White people out there as well. They were soon mongrelized, but some of them retained their identity and they are the result---the high Ainu who exist in some of the high mountains of Japan.

But we only want to point out that this is the last of an area that was once above the waters. And all went down except these island outposts. The history of the people of China and from the Steppes of Asia, and from the old lands of the upper Indus, talk about how they came from the lands that went down beneath the waters. They say that they came from Mu, the motherland, but which is now beneath the waters. And the people today who live in most of the civilized area of Asia, tell about how they came from the land beneath the waters, where as the oldest people of the Steppes live out in the great Siberian forests and in the upper Steppes. And these people are from the ancient reindeer people and they go back to a period of time now almost 600,000 years ago. But they never had a part in any great civilization at any time, whereas the other people of ancient China, remember their ancestors and forefathers. They tell about battles and struggles in the earth, and sweeping situation s which changed the earth. They tell about how great crafts came form outer space, and how their dragon god, their god, the Serpent, fought with this God far out in space who was supposedly the Master God, and how in that war, he and his people came to earth. And they tell about how after coming into earth, that some of those with their Dragon god warred with him for control of the earth. They tell about the great fire which swept thru the sky and the great sweeping sound that filled the heavens, and how there were explosions and there were earthquakes, and how the earth shook. And this all ends up with the whole continent going beneath the waters. And their migrations are found in China’s history. It is also to be found, my friends, in the history of the people who were also left form the sinking of land in the Atlantic Ocean, and how they moved into Egypt, and the last of Atlantas on the east, or how the Egyptian people came into being. Egypt today is a land mixed up and is not of the strain of their earlier history.

So we point out to you that in this history, there has been some changes made. And we have in history the story of mountains coming up. In the days of the Indians who lived here on the North American continent, we have stories of just a few hundred years ago of volcanic eruptions that cut off the whole flow of water. Within the last 600 years, the Owens River was cut off by volcanic eruptions and it used to flow all the way to the Sultan Sea. So you see, this is not too long ago. But the geology of the whole State is changed and things turn into new positions. It was during the Lewis and Clark Expedition when they were coming out to re-settle the New England States and to make their way out to the Mississippi and to explore the great plains and were trying to encourage men to come out and settle. But there was a great earthquake out there. And this one has been recorded. Whole hills disappeared. Go back and read that report. I have a bound copy of it. And it says that the Indians told them that whole mountain range had been swallowed up. And they said that---’as we approached these areas, there was evidence of a great shaking. Some remnants of trees showed the disaster. And there were areas of where once there had been mountains. And we were told that something terrible had happened here.’ Thus since your colonists reached this country, a mountain range which ran all the way from the Great Lakes on down to where Oklahoma City is today, disappeared.

For your information there was an earthquake back there several years ago. And three geologists said this is the sunken mountain moving. And this was told in Oklahoma City just a few years ago. I think it is interesting to know just when the upheavals did occur.

Back in the days when the earth was moved by the planet Venus, being rocked into position, casualties in the West were racked by sinking continents, and then later nuclear wars were involved. And before that cycle was over, two millenniums had passed and the Eastern continent had also sunk.

The fact remains, that we do not have the time to go into all of the measures on this subject. But I want you to know that shaking the earth, or moving the earth, or changing of the surface of the earth, is part of the way God changes the positions of men. And makes them do the things that HE wants them to do whether they want to do it or not. So when people put their confidence in ‘mother earth’, just remember that the only way you can have confidence in it because this is your Father’s world. And HE gave it to you for an inheritance. HE said, ‘You ask me and I will give you the ends of the earth, and I will give you the heathen for an inheritance and the ends of the earth for thy possession.’

Now we point out to you that Venus has always been known, from the days of Enoch, as the ‘Sword of the LORD,’ the ‘Hammer of God.’ In fact, in the days of the Scandinavians, Venus was called ‘Thor’s Hammer.’ Remember that now for Venus was ‘Thor’s Hammer.’ I can show you in the early history of the Anglo-Saxons that they also referred to Venus as the ‘Hammer of Thor.’ Because Scandinavian words and influence were also used among the Anglo-Saxons and these noted the power of God and of HIS Archangels. And more than that, great numbers of the figures from which they got the names were men of their race, Princes born to their kings, names known to these people. They were not pagan as you have been told to believe. And they knew that they were the children of the MOST HIGH, and the sons of God in the earth. And all that they waited for was the coming of the Messiah to set them free and for the spirit to bring them back to the knowledge of all truth and to renew their minds. And this God has done with your race.

Now, we point this out to you. These signs in the heavens show that God is going to use the earth to fight for you again. And the ‘Sword of God,’ Venus the Hammer of God’ is an indication of this measure. Someone said, ‘This cannot be.’ Oh, yes, it can. Just as on the earth on numerous occasions, there have been lots of strange phenomena. Do you know that at numerous times, we run into great masses of ice and blocks of ice over the earth? Not just hail, but masses of ice. In fact, some of these blocks of ice have fallen on fields and in plants. And right here on the North American continent, many blocks of ice have fallen on the city of Long Beach. And we have been fortunate in the last few years, that it has not hit anyone. And now here is something amazing. You remember that a great storm hit in the Mohave Desert about nine years ago, and after that storm which was accompanied with great blocks of ice and some smaller blocks of ice, dry lake beds north of Mohave were filled with water. And when geologists and other students of nature went out there, they found prehistoric shrimp swimming around in these waters. Shrimp which had not been on the earth for thousands of years. And we only find their fossils in some of the structures and some of the lines dating back to the Mesozoic Sea.

So you say, ‘Where did they come from?’ Well, the went up in the tail of Venus and were frozen in the ice while traveling in space round about and we then ran back into some of this mass. And as it hit our atmosphere and was reduced to falling ice, it melted and formed the lake and then restored the waters with the prehistoric shrimp. And there was not anything like this before in the desert, for these would have not stayed alive in the dried up sand of the desert. They had to come in from suspended animation out of the cold of outer space. Not too long ago, there fell in southern Italy, great masses of flesh and blood. In fact, as it fell on the streets, the sun came and the stench was terrible. And when they analyzed this, they found that this was the blood of reptiles and fish and animals which had somehow fallen out of the sky.

The leading geologists, as well as the students of chemistry, and biologists got together and they said, ‘without a doubt, this is an element of space, taken into space in the antiquity of time, or from some other planet long since gone. And we have run into this mass and as it hit our atmosphere and ran into the heat of this earth, then it has been once more reduced to water and rain and such, and the blood of these species.’

Now, we point out to you that there are still great masses of debris out in space. And if God wants to bring in a meteorite shower, HE can easily do it.

I was high up in the High Sierras about eleven years ago, and I heard one of the greatest shrieking and whistling sounds of my life. The four companions with me came out of their tents to see what it was all about. And we saw a great meteorite shower hurtling thru the sky--a tremendous one. And you may remember those meteorite showers were happening about eight of ten years ago. High up there in those mountains, at about 9,000 feet elevation, we could not only hear the whistle, but we could also see them more clearly, not hindered by city lights or fog or anything like that. And it was an eerie sound as you watched them maneuvering so close to the earth in the upper stratus.

Listen. They did not come on down. Every once in a while they come down into your solar system. Thus God has an ample reservoir to hit the earth with the ‘hammer of Venus’ if HE wants to. Two years ago, we measured the alignment and we told you that the Russian defeat was obvious. And we also told you that very near Christmas time there would be a great earthquake in the Soviet Union. That earthquake came on time and in the hour when it was anticipated. And it destroyed a large part of the stockpile of the Russian missiles and the rocket factory where the missiles were being made. And this year, God did it again. Since you have been in this year, great earthquakes came all of the way down to the edge of Europe and the Adriatic Sea. They had a great earthquake in Yugoslavia, and I am not one who moans for these people because we are told that they are not in Moscow’s orbit. Don’t you believe it. Those Communists are in Moscow’s camp. These Communists are just getting all of the bombers and all of the money that you will give them. And again, I say that Mr. Tito will stand with whoever rules Russia. Of course, there might not be any Yugoslavia, because there might not be any to stand with Mr. Tito. For woe unto them that stand against the MOST HIGH GOD. I am going to tell you that the judgement is going to be greater than you think.

Back in 1887, there was an earthquake, one of the strongest in California history. And it went right up thru Owens Valley. And there were only fifty-nine buildings in the little town of Lone Pine. But when the earthquake was over, there were only seven of them left. One-third of the people of Long Pine had been killed. Many of them were just swallowed up as the Main Street of Lone Pine just opened up and they closed before some of the horses and wagons could fall thru the cracks. And some of the horses tails were still waving and parts of their bodies still above the crack as the earth came together. At that time, this was a very wild border frontier town. The fact remains, that this is where a lot of history took place in the background of California’s history. And when that earthquake hit that town, it was one of the largest quakes to hit California.

They built back the town and they paved the streets. And now they drive a little faster. I suppose they think that if the street starts to quiver, they can get off the street a little faster. But you see, we had an earthquake like that where the ground opened up and then came back together. Most of the earthquakes that you get are the rolling type. You feel it start, you hear a roar, and the building shakes a little bit, and then it stops.

If ever this type of earthquake strikes a great city where great caverns open up, and everything around it drops in such as in a Mall, and then sometimes comes together that is just plain terror. In 1952, you will remember, you that were in the congregation in downtown L.A.---we told you that before morning an earthquake would come. Some people thought that we were way out on a limb with that one. But we not only knew this, for we had been watching the seismograph and studying the measures, and the step up tempo had been increasing for four days. We had called the spot for the earthquake since the beginning of the year. So we called it to the attention of the congregation saying that before morning, a major earthquake would strike. And between four and five in the morning, it came along the Bear Mountain Fault, and the Fisher Fault, and run across the San Andreas Fault. There were quite a few lives lost that day as the buildings crumbled and fell in Tahapacha. And while the ground was still shaking, we took pictures of the earthquake which hit that town and the devastation which occurred. And this was also one of those type of earthquakes, but not in Bakersfield. But a few miles out in the mountains, the earth opened up and those fissures in the earth have never closed unto this day. In fact, I know of where a boats man’s chair has been lowered down into the rock for almost a quarter of a mile and there is not sounding of the bottom of this hole that goes down into the earth. Men have been down in there looking at this great crack. And you can go up there and look at it and see all the formations. You can go on down for a mile and still this crack has not closed.

Now fortunately, we have not had a telutonic earthquake in this country which has swallowed up great masses of people. But you go back in the Bible and see how the ‘shaking earth’ was used by God. In one instance, the whole army of your attackers were swallowed up as the earth shook and opened up and then closed. The earth did this also down in Palestine in the days of King Hosea. And I want you to know that the land of Palestine is on one of the most active earthquake faults in the world. But the largest is your Andreas Fault which comes up out of the Gulf of California and ends somewhere over near Japan. It disappears into the sea after it has crossed a good part of your state. The Palestinian Fault moves every once in a while and it runs clear up under the Mediterranean Sea and into the areas around and into Greece. Then one fissure fault moves off toward Turkey and the other moves up along the Caucasus Mountain range, joining the great fault of these mountains.

Now the scripture tells you about this land of Palestine. The scripture tells you that the abomination of the desolator have gone down there. And Jesus calls this the Abomination of the Desolator. The Jews are in Palestine today, and God called the enemies of HIS Kingdom, the enemy of humanity, the desolators, the war makers, the sons of evil. And HE says we have a reception coming down there. Look at Tel Aviv. There is one of the fanciest cities. All the money that the world could give has built it. Here is where the politicians rule as they come and go from America where they make their speeches in the Statler Hotel or back in Washington, D.C., in one of the major hotels there. This is where they have their palaces from which to collect money from you, the Goyim, to support their programs. Oh, yes, they think that Palestine is going to be the headquarters of the earth. And in ‘LOOK Magazine, just a few weeks ago, Ben Gurian made this statement, that we are going to rule the world with the United Nations headquartered in Palestine. ‘This is our destiny,’ he said, ‘and we are going to rule the world.’

Well, I have some news for Mr. Ben Gurian, for the Bible says that the time is about to come for the evil of their world Communism, their Beast System, is going to bring a chastisement upon them. And you turn over to the book of Zechariah to see what God is going to do to the Holy Land. Oh, you say that God doesn’t like the Holy Land? Well, HE owns the earth and if HE wants to renovate the earth and plow it under. HE can do that if that is the way to get rid of the weeds. Just remember, that God said that you were to get rid of the weeds. Just remember that god said that you were the Seed of the children of the Kingdom. These are the Seed that HE planted and HE says that the tares are the seed of the ‘evil one.’

Do you know that one day, Jesus said, ‘Every plant that My Father (Spirit) did not plant, I am going to pluck it up by the roots.’ Know what HE meant by that? Every created race, that MY Father did not create, I am going to pluck it up by the roots. In other words, all that the Spirit did not plant then HE will pluck it up by the roots. That means every unassimilatable people who are a mongrel offspring, that doesn’t belong in the earth are going to be taken out of the earth and put where they belong.

Now, the scripture tells me that there is going to be a great earthquake in the day. You can read this in the book of Zachariah, and it says that this old land of Palestine is going to split in half right thru the Mount of Olives, and that Tel Aviv is going to be beneath the waters. It says that the Red Sea and the mountain where Jerusalem is are going to sink. And it says that a fresh water stream is going to break out where the hill of Jerusalem is, and the sea will be at the back door and a fresh water stream will be from the front door. And it tells us that land masses are going to rise and there will not be a Dead Sea anymore for this will be a fresh water lake.

Oh, you say, ‘What about the ‘chosen people’ living down there?’ I am going to tell you that you can personally have my share of that land until it is all over. You say, ‘What do you mean your share?’ That does not belong to the Jews. That belongs to us. You can make a great ‘world park’ of the Kingdom out of it some day, but it belongs to you. That land belongs to the twelve tribes of Israel and that means that every White Christian nation had a title right to a great memorial to the experiences which were wrought that your Father brought you thru, and for the life of HIS own incarnate form, which took place in the land of Palestine. You own that land. And in fact, that title deed right now is still in the hands of the British Empire, for Great Britain has had that title ever since the days of Jeremiah. The Jews do not have a title to it. And there will not be too much left of it because everything invested, built and drilled in the land of Palestine is going to be destroyed by a great earthquake. Not 100 years from now, but anytime now. It is going to sheer off every water well and whole masses of earth. And it is going to take some of the most profligate people on the earth and dump them into the Red Sea. That is just some of what is coming to the Red Sea.

You know the best way would be for us to subsidize these people to leave. And the best way to do that would be to let them know about some of the things we are thinking about. So I think that the enemy is always thinking about what God is stirring up in HIS people. I think that they sense it already. They are starting to call names and to strike back before they even know what it is all about. But they know what they have had in their hearts. Ben Gurian said the Soviet Union will democratize more--the effect of our people on Asia and on Europe, and this will lead into a great democratic rule of the world from Jerusalem. But what he does not know is that God is not going to use Old Jerusalem. But there is a New Jerusalem. And it is right here in the United States. For you cannot take USA out of the heart of Jerusalem and have anything left.

There is nothing wrong with the word Jerusalem. For I like the sound. But I like it identified with the children of God and not the enemy who has been stealing our birthright. Let me tell you something. It is going to shake and not too long off. And that ‘shaking earth’ will effect many of the cities on the coasts of the earth. It will have great impact upon some of these areas. Did you know that in 1812, there was an earthquake that hit San Francisco that had another name at that time, and the city of Monterey, which was then the capital of California? Did you know that the earthquake at that time rolled a wall of water fifty feet high into Monterey Bay, and a thirty-five foot wall of water hit the ancient Mission which was at Santa Barbara? When that wall of water hit, it also broke down walls at Capistrano. And some of them have never been rebuilt. Other earthquakes have hit in California, but that one was one that hit as the San Andreas Fault made a great shifting move and left those rolls of land which can be seen as you go toward Salinas and you go toward King City and as you move on up on Highway 99, toward the Bay area. The fact remains that all of these changes have come in a period of a century and a half or a little more of your history.

Now, God has not only declared that these judgements are going to swallow up the enemy, but HE tells me, in Revelation, that as the enemy--the hoards out of the Dragon seed out of Asia, goes to make war against you and all the children of God, or your race, against all of you who have the Commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus the Christ,----that the earth is going to fight for you as it has before. The earth will swallow up numbers of these people just as tho it opened up and then closed around them.

You know in the scriptures, one time the earth opened up and swallowed up the people who were opposing one of the prophets of God. Let me tell you that you have nothing to fear. You resist the enemy, and you fight at times against appalling odds, but one man with God’s ‘will’ can change the world. I want you to know that you have the power to call on the forces of heaven to move the earth for you. If you had the faith of a grain of mustard seed you would say unto yonder mountain, ‘get thee into the sea,’ and it would be so. And that mountain, as Jesus pointed out, in that day was this mountain of International Jewry, controlling the Temple, and running the Roman Empire, and fighting HIS Kingdom. Someday, my friends, you will say, ‘Get thee into the sea and it will be so.’

Yes, it is a shaking earth and we do not have the time tonight to go into all of the secrets of these changes, the mystery of rising mountains, and the shifting of the earth, and the sinking of whole continents. But we have more to say on that subject from time to time, for the geology of it and the movements of the earth’s surface, we understand. But I want you to hold this in your mind tonight. God may renew your spiritual wisdom and teach you technical greatness. HE may adjust you to the things that HE intends to do in the earth, for HE still controls it. Men may say this is just nature, but it is more than coincidence when it works in your behalf. God has rolled back the fog into the sky to clear the air for your aircraft so your men can retreat before the Chinese hoards at the at the Yellow River line. God has cleared the atmosphere and made it possible for air cover to guide the retreat of your people. God has used the forces of nature, and HE wittingly blew the ships of Columbus down into the area where HE knew he would land, and thus Columbus would not be the man to settle the North American Continent. HE wittingly guided the ships of your forefathers who settled on this North American Continent.

You say, ‘Well what was the matter with Columbus?’ Well, it was not that this was not among the people of Israel, but the fact remains that God intended that North America be developed under a great guiding spiritual destiny with religions liberty and freedom. Therefore, this great White Christian nation would be moved by Nordic and Anglo-Saxon culture out of your race rather than be raised by the culture out of Southern Europe, and was under the influence of much more Jewry. And the area of what we might call the Mediterranean people which not in all have had racial purity. So there is great significance in this and we could point out one hundred things that God has done in preserving your nation and your civilization. And want you to know tonight, that God still shakes the earth. And HE said that HE would once more shake the heavens and the earth. Do you know that the power of the heavens is shaking right now?

This will be one of the most terrific years as to weather and as to geological impact. This unbalancing of the sky by direct movement has effected the weather cycle all over your nation. Do you know that the ice has been freezing in the rivers of your nation to a greater thickness than for a great many years? Thus the cycle of snow and cold that is striking America goes back into the 1880's. That the upheaval and what is happening in your nation is only a small part of what is happening all over the world. But it is geared to the events that are to happen this year. I have noticed how cagey some of these seismologists are. For as they tell you about the earthquakes, they hint that the pressure of configuration might do it, but they back off from saying that it will shake, in case it doesn’t shake until the week after. That doesn’t make any difference because these forces can set in motion forces that may take a week to move, but I am going to tell you that move they will. Unfortunately as we measure the pressure line as this eclipse moves to where the degree point finds its closest affinity, the major point is barely 800 miles to your Westward. That does not mean that it cannot trigger faults here, and that does not mean that there cannot be earthquakes. And is the 800 miles alignment holds true, you may see tidal waves that will move into Alaska and the Aleutian Islands. And it will hit in Japan, and even more into the Himalaya Mountains and strike twice in Asia in the areas of the Soviet Union. And it could move once in Southern Europe and even hit somewhere in Mid-Continent United States. If this alignment hits the San Andreas Fault, then you will know that this configuration has hit a tremendous area of upheaval. But there is no doubt that you are in the hour when God is shaking the earth. And HE could even hit that Palestine fault. For if that alignment is 800 miles out, and you run 2300 cycles around the world, then, my friends, the Mount of Olives could get one of the greatest shaking it has ever had and Tel Aviv could drop right now. The question is how far will it hold up in this alignment, for we know that by June, there will be an alignment for political as well as earth movement in the Himalayas. This is the hour of the shaking earth. Remember what Jesus said as Matthew asked HIM what would be the sign of the end of the age, what would be the sing of HIS returning. And HE told them about the wars that were coming and that there would be great, great earthquakes in diverse parts of the earth. And HE said earthquakes that would stand out as greater earthquakes than in the past, or since there were Adamites upon it.

And there is a great political earthquake coming for the city of Babylon, political and economical. And false religion is going to crumble in a great shaking among the cities of the world. I think it is time for economic Babylon to crumble. And this may cause an awakening in your nation and in your Congress, for when Babylon starts to fall in America, it is falling in Christian civilization everywhere. And what started in Judea, in Judah of the Bible, (not the Jews), and they (Judah) are your kin---brothers)--and in this hour, God said HE would take the ‘Stick of Judah’ and all of his companions and the ‘Stick of Joseph,’ the Anglo-Saxons and all of their companions, and HE will make the Germanic household in Central Europe, and the strength of the Anglo-Saxon civilization, strong and tall as ‘one mighty club in MY hands.’ And with that club, we are going to smash the powers of Communism and evil from the face of the earth.

Don’t be surprised if the earth shakes. Don’t worry if you are going to survive. Just turn to the Father and say that we are in the ‘hollow of YOUR hands.’ YOU have put a wall about me, but YOU promised also to sustain me, so let the judgements fall.’ You will go to sleep with the serenity of Spirit, but your curiosity will have you out taking pictures. I know. But you do not have to worry, for you can step to the edge of the crevice, but God said that it was not made for you. I am not going to weep because the earth swallows some of them up. I am going to say ‘Thank YOU, YAHWEH’ for the deliverance YOU promised YOUR Kingdom. Shake the earth all you want to, and give us the New Heaven and the New Earth, in which THY GLORY is revealed.

( End of message )

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